Muscle Bear And His Student Pt 3

His hand felt so small that my cock began to strain against my trousers till I thought it might rip them. “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” I asked him.

Part 1 | Part 2

As I drove us back to my room I scanned my memory for any time I could recall being someone’s first experience. I was drawing a blank.

As many encounters as I’d had in nearly thirty years I was sure I must have been. I guess they handled themselves well enough to hide that knowledge from me.

I started putting myself in Mike’s shoes to formulate an approach that would let him experience the thrill of his first acts of male intimacy without overwhelming him. It had been a long time ago.

“You’re awfully quiet,” he nervously spoke.

“I’m sorry, Mike,” I said with a smile, “I’m fine. I just suddenly feel a little weight of responsibility.”

“What do you mean?” he asked

“Well, I was trying to recall a time I could remember being somebody’s first…I can’t come up with one,” I confessed, “So I was running through my memories of mine.”

“I trust you completely, Mr. Adams…Matt,” he said.

The calmness in his voice was betrayed by how tightly his hands were clutched together in his lap.

“I’m glad. That makes me feel better,” I said.

I patted his thigh to put him at ease.

He laid a hand on top of mine and studied the differences between them. After a minute he ran his up onto my forearm and gave it a squeeze.

“Your arms are so big and muscley,” he quietly observed.

I chuckled at the childlike descriptor ‘muscley’ in place of ‘muscular’. It was the second time I’d heard it from him that night.

It gave me insight into exactly how young this young adult was that I would be introducing to the brave new world of man sex he so desperately wanted admittance to.

“Did I say something wrong?” he asked as he stroked my arm.

“Not at all,” I assured him, “and thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he replied with a smile.

As the Stonehill came into view I settled on simply allowing him to explore me to ease him into it. My first encounter had been with a man who was both older and larger than me, not to mention vastly more experienced.

I was a good bit older than Mike, being thirty three or four at the time. It was everything I’d been waiting for my entire life, and yet I was just as scared as he no doubt was as the reality of it began to unfold.

The gentleman clearly picked up on me. I remembered how, after his initial flurry of aggressive kisses, I just wanted to feel and assess and appreciate the bigness, for lack of a better word, of him.

I was not nearly so small in comparison as Mike was to me, but once our clothes were off he still settled back and allowed me to satisfy my curiosity. He gave me time to indulge my fascination with his body and draw myself out of my shell before asserting himself with me any further.

It seemed like a good model and I began to feel more confident that I could do this for Mike. I pulled in and turned the car off.

“Shall we go up to my office?” I asked with a wink.

“Yes, sir,” he said putting on his brave face.

I led us upstairs and unlocked my door, then ushered him inside. He was understandably nervous.

I opened my arms and invited him in for another hug. He nearly squeezed the breath out of me.

“You smell like a man,” he sighed as he pressed his cheek to my shoulder.

“You, too,” I said.

He broke from our hug and smiled as he stared into my eyes. He had clearly liked me referring to him as a man.

My confidence rose and we kicked off our shoes.

“Let’s sit down,” I suggested, indicating the sofa.

He sat first and stared up at me. I moved the coffee table out of the way so we’d be able to stretch our legs out.

Pulling my shirttail out, I sat beside him.

He didn’t look as nervous as before, but he did still seem uncertain about what to do next. I leaned back and stretched my right arm out behind him on the sofa.

“I’m all yours tonight,” I told him, “We’ll do anything you like. Don’t feel you have to rush. The pace is yours to set.”

He studied our size differential.

“I want to feel your belly again…I mean…not through the shirt this time?” he said.

I smiled and lifted my shirttail for him.

He slipped his hand up under it and set off on his journey of discovery. The warmth of his hand felt good as he caressed it.

“It’s warm, and the hair’s so soft. It feels good,” he said, looking up at me as he worked his fingers into it.

“Thank you,” I said, “Your hand feels nice, too.”

He got a little bolder and I felt it search on up to my left pec for my nipple.

He found it and traced his finger around its perimeter. It began to dimple from his tentative manipulation and my cock stirred.

“They’re big,” he observed, “May I see?”

I slid my arm off the sofa and onto his back.

“It’s as easy as unbuttoning my shirt,” I told him.

He slid his hand out from under it and sat up sporting a big smile. He started with the top button and worked his way down.

When he brought the patch of chest hair at the nexus of my pecs and belly into view he stopped and sunk his fingers into it. I heard his breath catch as he got ever closer to fulfilling his desire.

“It’s handsome…sexy,” he sighed

“Thank you,” I said as I gently ran my hand up and down his back.

Once he’d satisfied his curiosity about that he resumed undoing the buttons that still hid my belly.

When he finished he spread my unbuttoned shirt for his first unobstructed view of my torso. His eyes fairly popped out of their sockets.

He looked at me as if asking permission. I smiled and nodded. He reached out with both hands and ran them over my ball-shaped gut, giggling at his freedom of access to it.

“It’s so…perfect!” he exclaimed.

He then stared back and forth at my nipples. Very slowly his right hand crept up onto my left pec and he took the erect nub between his thumb and the first knuckle of his index finger.

He broke into a grin as he savored the tactile treat. I chuckled at his innocent curiosity. He blushed.

“They’re dark…like Dad’s…maybe even bigger,” he observed.

He continued playing his fingers over it, looking as though he had something to add.

“What’s on your mind, Mike?” I asked, unable to read him.

After some silence he confessed, “I want to taste them.”

“Like I said, all yours…all evening,” I reminded him.

With a smile he leaned in toward my right one and took it in his mouth. My cock began to stiffen.

“M-m-m-m-m-m-m-h-h-h-h!” he let out a long sigh as he nursed it.

“You like your dad an awful lot,” I said.

“Mmmm-hmmm,” he said without interrupting himself.

“It’s perfectly natural,” I assured him, “A lot of us develop our first crush on our dad, if we’re lucky enough to have him around while we’re growing up. He’s usually the first adult man we see fully naked, the one we first base our masculine ideals on. I remember picturing mine and thinking I’ll never be as big as him when I first discovered the thrill of jacking off.”

He raised up and smiled at me, looking almost grateful. Clearly he’d done the same thing and, as so many of us do, probably wondered if it was wrong. I saw him adjust to the idea that he’d just been behaving as a normal gay boy.

Looking back down he saw my right nipple framed in the swirls of hair he’d matted with his saliva. He dove back onto it.

With my body as the catalyst, he seemed to be drawing himself out as I’d hoped.

When he released it he rested his head on my pec and reached over to play with the left one. He giggled as he tugged at it.

Blissfully unconcerned with the obvious hard-on straining inside his jeans, he came up on one knee and leaned across my belly to nurse it as well.

After a few minutes he put both feet back on the floor and sat upright beside me.

“You taste good,” he told me.

“I’m glad,” I said.

I smiled and slid my hand down his back, boldly squeezing his right butt cheek. It was firm and filled my hand. My cock erected some more.

He looked surprised at first and then his expression seemed to say he understood the level of freedom he had in his exploration of me. Looking down at my lap, he caught his first glimpse of my hard dick straining at my trousers.

Skipping the “May I?” look, he simply reached down and ran his open palm over its length.

He looked at me as he pressed his hand to its hardness and asked, “When can I see it?”

“Soon,” I assured him, “Unzip me.”

I straightened my legs out in front of me to make it easy for him. His hands began to tremble as he reached for my zipper.

When he was done I held it open, inviting him in for more exploration.

He reached across with his right hand, slipping it into my trousers. He found the snap in the fly of my boxers and undid it.

Easing his hand into that he quickly wrapped it around the base of my hard cock.

“What a handful,” he almost whispered.

He began fishing farther down and I spread my thighs to accommodate him. I felt his fingers crawl down onto my scrotum and instinctively start kneading it. His breath quickened.

“Your bag’s so…big…soft…warm,” he said, reporting each revelation as it occurred to him.

He ran his fingers over my testicles and rested his head on my chest. I draped my right arm over him and hugged him to me.

His hand felt so small that my cock began to strain against my trousers till I thought it might rip them.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” I asked him.

“For as long as I can remember,” he sighed.

I took him by the wrist and pulled his hand from my fly.

“Then I’d say you’ve waited long enough. Let’s give you a look,” I told him.

I rose to my feet and turned to face him.

Peeling my opened shirt off, I pitched it in the chair by the door. There was another catch in his breath as my full torso came into view for him.

The grin that overtook his face could’ve lit up the small town he once called home.

He ran his hand over the length of my cock again as it strained at my slacks. His hands began trembling worse than they had at any other point of the evening.

He burrowed them under my belly and cautiously unfastened my belt, trying his best not to pull at the hair that spilled over it…but it was unavoidable. I hid my discomfort.

He then unhooked my pants at the waist and they tumbled down around my feet. I smiled down at him and saw it sink in that only my tented shorts were between him and the prize that was partially revealed in the gape of the fly.

I encouraged him with a smile.

He hooked his fingers in the waistband at my hips and began slowly pulling them down. My bush came into view and he leaned in, deeply inhaling its scent.

His eyes met mine over my belly and his anxious expression made my cock flex beneath the fabric. I chuckled at its impatience and he laughed too.

He worked his fingers around front under my paunch to ease the elastic over my fully erected phallus and then yanked them down till they joined my slacks. My erection sprang out toward his face in full bloom and bobbed to his delighted giggles.

He quickly wrapped a hand around my glans as I stepped out of the pile of clothing around my feet.

“Let me get these out of the way,” I said.

He let go and I turned my back to him. I bent over to pick them up and he saw my balls sway beneath my parted glutes. He couldn’t resist running his fingertips down my scrotum.

I pitched the clothes on top of my shirt in the chair and turned to face him again. In only my stocking feet, with my fists resting on my hips, I let him get a solid feel of the goods finally on display for him.

His hand wrapped around my cock and gently stroked it, pressing back into my pad to assess its full length. Next he slid his grip out to mid-shaft to feel its girth while he weighed my balls in his other hand.

With his initial curiosity satisfied he sat back looking me up and down and said, “I can’t believe this is really happening to me!”

“Believe it,” I said, “How about letting me get a look at you now? I’ll get us a couple of towels to sit on.”

I went to the bathroom and grabbed two of the biggest ones. As I walked back into the room he stared dumbstruck at the shifting of my cock and balls.

“You’re so comfortable being naked,” he observed.

“I was self-conscious at first,” I assured him, “We all are. It doesn’t take long to get over it.”

He started to unbutton his shirt just as I pitched him the towels.

“I’d like to do that if you can wait,” I told him, “Mind spreading one of those out for me?”

“No, sir,” he said.

He stopped what he was doing to oblige my request.

I sat on my towel with my balls draped over the edge of the cushion and my cock peeking out from under my belly. He nervously stepped in front of me.

“Relax,” I told him with a smile, “The idea is to have fun.”

He seemed fearful that I might find him disappointing. He closed his eyes and let his arms hang at his sides.

I slowly undid the buttons of his shirt and peeled it back off his shoulders. It dropped to the floor.

He stood about five feet ten inches and I was surprised at the build he displayed. For its narrowness it was quite solid looking, and his musculature was nicely rounded.

There looked to be probably 180 or so pounds of him. His nipples were bright pink against his otherwise tanned skin but they were a nice size, though noticeably smaller than mine.

I ran my hands over his smooth, defined chest.

“You’re kind of muscley, too,” I acknowledged with a grin.

He blushed, I guess recalling his earlier comments.

“Muscley…it sounds funny now that I hear it from you,” he said.

“Let’s see the rest of you,” I proposed.

He stood silent, clearly relaxing into the process. I began unfastening his button-fly jeans, pressing the knuckles of my right hand to his hard-on as I worked my way down.

“He sure feels like a sturdy fellow,” I said as I smiled up at him.

He seemed pleased with my assessment.

Once his fly was open I tugged his jeans down until they fell around his ankles.

The brown skin of his legs stretched tightly over long sinews and was almost hairless below the hems of his gray boxer briefs. I ran my hands over it as I eyed his rigid prick.

It was between five and six inches I guessed and strained fiercely against the cotton fabric that concealed it.

“Nice!” I said.

I pulled his underwear down onto his thighs and it sprang out. Like me he was circumcised.

It was fairly slender, but beautifully shaped. His balls nicely filled the youthfully plump scrotum that hugged its base.

I tickled them with my fingertips. He tensed up as he laughed.

Placing my hands on his waist I slid my chin over his cock as I drew him in and pecked his taut lower abdomen with a kiss.

“Your beard tickles,” he said with a giggle.

“Did you like it?,” I asked as I sat back and smiled.

He nodded, standing before me fully exposed. I saw his cock flex a few times while he stared at the heaving of my chest from the purposely deep breaths I drew.

“Finish getting out of your clothes and come sit beside me,” I told him while spreading his towel out.

He slipped his underwear on down till they fell and then bent forward as he worked his feet free. Pitching the pile in the chair on top of mine he then braced himself on my thigh and stripped his socks off.

He started to sit. I pointed down to my toes wiggling in my black nylon socks.

Grinning broadly, he knelt at my feet and watched my dick flop up onto my belly as I rested back.

“You’re legs look so strong!” he exclaimed as he peeled my socks off and pitched them in the chair.

I patted his cushion indicating he should sit after he stood. He did and immediately tried to encircle my right bicep in both his hands.

“It’s huge!” he exclaimed in admiration.

I flexed it for him and he squeezed in vain trying to get them to meet. He then rested back, rubbing shoulders with me as he grinned and gazed into my eyes.

“You have such big muscles,” he sighed.

I knew I was long past my prime, but the words still had a lovely ring to them. And there was no doubt in my mind he was genuinely impressed.

“Kiss me,” I said.

He leaned in and began peppering my lips and cheeks with dry, boyish kisses.

“Mmmmm…those are sweet,” I encouraged him.

I cupped his chin in my left hand when he stopped and pinched his lower lip between mine. I then pulled away till his slipped free of them.

He looked surprised.

I did it again, except I took his lower lip between my teeth that time and roughly swabbed it with my tongue. I let it go only when it was sopping wet.

He looked shocked as he ran his tongue over it, but his eyes were beginning to smolder. He opened his mouth.

I slipped my hand up onto the back of his head and pressed his face to mine. Stuffing his mouth with my tongue, I felt him start grinding his hard cock against my hip.

I kept at him until I thought he might come if I let it drag on any longer. I pulled away and slipped the middle finger of my left hand in his mouth to the first knuckle.

He closed his lips around it and ran his tongue over it. I withdrew it and slowly traced the wet digit from his lips all the way down to his bush, at which point I wrapped my hand around his cock.

I dove down on his right nipple and began teasing it in my teeth. He helplessly writhed beneath me, moaning to high heaven.

I let him up and he stared into my eyes with his first look of genuine passion and not mere hero worship.

He fought me back into my rear cushion and dove in for a kiss that rivaled mine, swabbing my mouth with his tongue and roaming my belly with his hand till he located my dick to squeeze. He pulled away and looked down at what filled his hand.

He turned his gaze back up to mine. I smiled my approval.

Diving back in, he lightly chewed my lower lip for good measure. The kid had my cock harder than it had been at any other point in that wholly unusual day.

I placed my much bigger hand over his around my hard-on and said, “See? You’re a natural.”

He beamed with pride and nestled against my rotund bulk.

I let go of his hand and it slid back up onto my chest. He cinched the hair up in his fingers as he kneaded the pec upon which it lay.

“I keep thinking maybe this is a dream and I’ll wake up all alone at some point,” he faintly said.

“It’s no dream,” I whispered in his ear.

I slid my right hand down his back and lightly traced my middle finger up the length of his butt crack to prove my point. He shivered in my arms and laughed from the total release he felt in his newfound freedom to be himself.

“Now that we’re properly acquainted, what would you like to do?” I softly asked.

He lay silently against me for the longest time, mulling his options over while I rubbed his back in a circular motion.

“Oh, Matt…fuck me…please?” he begged.

I gently pushed him off and slowly rose to my feet. Extending my hand to him, I smiled and helped him to his.

“Grab those towels and follow me,” I told him.

I led him to the bed.

“Straighten the covers out and spread the towels for us, please. I’ll be right back,” I said.

I went to fetch some lube and condoms from my travel pouch in the bathroom.

When I got back he was already stretched out on the side nearer the wall, gently stroking his cock. He watched me come around to the other side and stretch out beside him.

Clamoring on top of me he gave me another deep kiss and groped my balls with his left hand. I moaned in approval while he asserted himself.

When he released me I handed him a condom, explaining how to open it and roll it on while pinching the reservoir tip. He struggled to get it over my cock head.

“You’re so big. You need those Magnusons,” he said admiringly.

I chuckled beneath him as he toiled, “I think you mean Magnums.”

He looked over his shoulder and blushed at his error.

“They do roll over the head easier,” I continued, “but I find they start to slip on my shaft after a while. I like a rubber with a solid grip so I can focus my full attention on you, not the condom.”


“I know I’m in good hands,” he bragged as he finished the job and pressed my sheathed cock head to his lips.

“Is there a particular position you want me to take you in?” I asked when he turned to face me again.

“You have all the experience. I trust your judgment,” he said.

I could see the reality of getting fucked for the first time beginning to register on him.

“Lube me up, then, and let me think on it,” I said handing him the gel, “Use as much as you want or think you need. Anal doesn’t have to be painful…and shouldn’t be…especially with this being your first experience.”

I watched him carry out my instruction. I could see he was nervous as he assessed the size of what I would be fitting into him.

“I promise to make you feel good,” I bolstered him as I stroked his back.

“I believe you,” he assured me.

“I think the best position for your first time would be to lie on your left side and draw your right knee up toward your chest,” I guided him.

He got in the position I’d described and asked, “Like this?”

“Perfect,” I confirmed.

I squirted a liberal dollop of lube in his parted crack and began working it in.

He sighed as he discovered how pleasurable the pressure of a finger gliding over his pucker could feel.

“That’s nice,” he said.

“Good, it should be. Now, at this point I want to work it up inside you. It will feel best for you if you push down on your rectum for me,” I instructed him further.

“Okay, I’m ready,” he nervously told me.

“Push down harder,” I said, still feeling some resistance to penetration.

When I felt his ring give I quickly inserted my middle finger to the first knuckle. He gasped and tightened up on it.

“Relax and keep pushing,” I told him as I barely twisted my finger around.

When I felt his hole relax I began gently stretching it with a circular motion.

“Oh, Matt! That’s fantastic!” he sighed.

I watched all the tension in his body fall away.

From there my much thicker thumb went in easily. I pumped it in and out a few times and then switched to two fingers.

By the time I succeeded in getting three in to the first knuckle I could see he was ready to receive me.

I straddled his left leg and mounted him with my right fist on the bed at his chest and my left behind his head, the crook of his neck curled against it.

“Your belly feels good,” he sighed as I leaned in.

I slid my generously lubed cock head into his slick crack, quickly locating his sphincter and gently pressing for entry. He was still resistant.

“Push down,” I reminded him.

I felt his ring push out toward me and quickly pried him open on my glans. He groaned as I pushed it through past the corona and then I felt a flurry of clenches that were likely painful for him.

“Steady, Mike, steady,” I coached him, “I’m not going any deeper until you tell me you’re ready. Remember to push down.”

I couldn’t recall when I’d been in someone so tight. It was all I could do to fight the temptation of just digging on in.

I steeled myself to the urge.

He wrapped both arms around my right one, upon which I braced myself most heavily, and clung to it tightly. He whimpered as he bravely tried to bear down on his tightly stretched orifice.

I finally felt it give a bit and he said, “Okay, more.”

I pushed a couple more inches up into him. He groaned again, but almost immediately managed to relax around me.

“That’s good…stay relaxed like that. Here comes the rest,” I warned him.

I pressed on in till my balls nestled into the backs of his thighs. Air rushed out of his lungs in a pained groan.

“That’s all…I’m in…you okay?” I asked, huffing from my restraint.

“Yes, sir,” he responded, “Your balls feel nice.”

“Good, focus on that…I’m going to start fucking you now,” I told him.

“Yes, sir, I will,” he affirmed.

His tightness already had me unbelievably close to another climax. With deliberately slow strokes I worked my cock in and out of him until I was able to utilize all the shaft behind the head I could reach up into him with.

My experience was almost working against me. The instinct for self-fulfillment had me craving the sensation I knew was available by bloating my cock to its maximum girth and cutting loose in him.

Again I fought it back.

He began pressing his ass back against my loins at my deepest penetrations and singing out his lust in impassioned moans. I began to reap the rewards of focusing on his pleasure and fulfillment.

His anus milked me like crazy as his chute formed to my probing phallus. Its velvety softness drew me into its tight fit like a magnet. I praised him for it.

Before long I felt the onset of what I knew would be my final orgasm of the day. I let my weight rest on him more completely than I had at any other point in our coupling and tucked him back against me with my right arm as I succumbed to it.

He ground against me as I spilled my load and I saw him press his lips to my right arm while he clung to it. I sank down and thrilled to his fervent writhing on my flexing member.

At last I slowly withdrew and sat back, peeling my condom and its modest catch off my dick and pitching it in the trash can.

I reached across him for a wash cloth and wiped my deflating organ clean. I let it go and it plopped down onto the back of his left thigh.

I triumphantly studied his motionless form.

Refolding my wash cloth, I tenderly swabbed his ass clean of the copious amounts of lube we’d used, and the deep anal juice I’d dragged from his chute with the churning of my cock.

“Oh-h-h-h-h-h, Matt!” he sighed, “What an incredible feeling!”

I rolled over and stretched out behind him, placing my hands behind my head and smiling up toward the heavens from my sense of accomplishment.

He turned and cuddled up to my side, alternately stroking my belly and fondling my spent genitals.

“Thank you!” he said in a breathy moan, “You were magnificent…so gentle!”

“I tried to be,” I assured him.

I placed my left hand on his back and pressed him against me. He rested his head on my shoulder, fairly purring as he continued groping me.

“I’ve never felt so…safe…so…secure…with anyone,” he enthused, “So full of cock…while you cradled me with your balls and belly…it was…I can’t even find words.”

“You don’t have to,” I told him as I stroked his back and kissed the top of his head.

Once I saw that he was coming down from his high I asked, “Anything else you’d like us to cover?”

He thought for a couple of minutes.

“Would it be asking too much for you to teach me how to give a blow job?” he meekly asked.

“I’d say you’re primed for one,” I replied with a laugh, “Stack the pillows so you can watch and I’ll explain what I’m doing and why as I go.”

“Unbelievable!” he almost shouted, “You mean I’m getting a blow job from you?”

“I don’t think you’ll ever get to sleep tonight otherwise,” I said, “You’re hard as steel.”

I rolled a condom on him and he inspected it.

“It’s still rolled up at the bottom on me,” he said sounding disappointed, “Yours rolled all the way out way above the base.”

I got in position between his legs and thumped his tasty looking morsel on my outstretched tongue to his amused giggles.

“This isn’t a contest, Mike,” I assured him, “Trust me…you’ve got plenty. And by the time I’m done with it you’re going to know without a doubt it’s all any man needs.”

He was beaming with pride as I went to work on him. I paused in a few strategic places to explain what I feel are the key elements of my technique. He watched and listened intently.

As charged up as he was to begin with, I quickly had him squirming and filling his condom with the biggest spurter he’d probably shot in his young life.

He fell back into the pillows exhausted and pulled his condom off, then pitched it in the trash to join mine.

I crawled up and stretched out beside him on my back. I asked him to dispose of our used condoms in the toilet to spare the cleaning crew the indignity.

He fished them out and did as I asked, pausing to clean his cock with another wash rag before rejoining me.

“Can I try giving you one?” he pleaded as he stretched out beside me and ran his hands over my chest and belly.

“I don’t think I have another hard-on in me tonight, Mike,” I confessed.

I was almost unable to believe it myself after the day I’d had.

“I understand,” he said, running his hand up onto my beard.

The disappointment in his voice was obvious and, again, I found him tugging at my heart strings.

If I’m honest my judgment was probably more than a little clouded by his worshipful gaze. I’m not above a good ego stroking.

But beyond that, this was no ordinary chance encounter. He was a good and sweet boy; handsome and eager to learn about himself.

He obviously saw me as a mentor and I felt imbued with a sense of responsibility to finish the job he’d asked of me.

I thought a minute longer and then said, “It’s getting late. If you’d like you can stay the night here and take a swing at it in the morning.”

“You’re the best!” he gushed.

“Let’s trade places,” I said, “I’ll probably have to get up at some point in the night.”

He slipped a pillow out from behind him and pushed it toward me. Rolling out of bed he allowed me to scoot over and then crawled back up between me and the wall.

“Thank you SO much!” he said as he fondled my cock and balls again.

I turned out the bed lamp and felt his hand creep up onto my chest. He rested his head against my shoulder.

“You’ve definitely earned an A+ for our little independent study course here,” I praised him.

He chuckled as I laid my hand on his and we drifted off.


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Muscle Bear And His Student Pt 4

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    Well like Dennis above, I was not able to download and read todays stories. It would not give me the choice. Every time I tried, up came the page to Join Chat, which I do not wish to do. See what happens tomorrow but, might me my last on here too!

    • Jerry G. says:

      I will not use Udatz anymore either. I loves the stories and I bought some things here too I cannot open my stories. Who’s “wonderful Idea this was. Congrats for locking m out of one of my favorite Gay/Bi places to read good stories and buy good products. If I wanted a chat app I woould be on one. Why fix a good thing whenit is not broken.

    • HelloSir says:

      Well bummer, I was enjoying the stories and co.ments bur no more. Now where will I find such sexual fantasy to stroke my cock too?

  5. Dennis says:

    I will no longer be using Udatz since I cannot read the stories – even after I was forced to join them, I still couldn’t read the stories. Going forward, I will delete all e-mails from Udatz like I do other spam.

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