Muscle Man Opens Me Up Pt 3

There’s no way someone like me can say “I’ve felt up a bodybuilding competitor.” Even if I were to verbalize the thought, imposter syndrome was seeping through intensely. Nonetheless, I was running late and I will not let this opportunity pass.

Part 2


In no way would I be able to convince the version of me from this morning that his day would end like this. A chain of events that is so unprecedented not even Tony saw coming. I woke up to practically bend over backward so rich people would give me a tip. Tony woke up to win first place at a bodybuilding show…and hopefully to also bend me over backward.

But was this going to happen?

So much doubt clouded my mind.

There’s just absolutely no way a regular shmegular waiter gets this chance. There’s no way someone like me can say “I’ve felt up a bodybuilding competitor.” Even if I were to verbalize the thought, imposter syndrome was seeping through intensely. Nonetheless, I was running late and I will not let this opportunity pass.

10:47 p.m.

1422 Allendale Ave was inscribed at the top of my receipt. I used the look-around function on my phone to see where I was headed.

I’ll be darned. His address was less than ten minutes away from my job but headed opposite the direction I drive home to.

The object-permanence of it all always fascinated me. The fact that these muscular men can probably live minutes away from me and I would not even know is wild. The urge to even speak to them falls short at the stutter though, that is if I would swallow my pride and say something to them anyway. How I got away with THIS whole ordeal is beyond me.

I start the route on my map and begin to drive down the expressway pensively. The sweat on my palms dampened the steering wheel making a squeaky sound chafing against its rubber. My free leg shook with jitters. My car’s engine resounding only added more uneasiness to the mixture of the rattling within every bone in my body.

My race against the clock and my deep desire to remain punctual came to an abrupt halt and was interrupted by the oh-so-magical red and blue lights flickering through my car’s rear.


I pull over to the emergency lane as does the cop car. Quickly, I pull out my phone to open my messages with Tony and snap a pic of my rearview mirror with the police and lights in the frame captioning it:

‘Running late. I’ll be there as soon as this is over with!’

What was taking this cop so fucking long?

Minutes, or so it felt like, passed before he finally decided to stroll out of his vehicle. An average-sized man with wide hips swayed side to side as he wobbled towards my car ever so slowly taking his sweet ass time. Hopelessness overcame me along with the pent-up aggression of the day but I had to be ready to comply just to get him off my hair.

The cop finally arrived next to my window and gave me a sign to roll it down. His bodycam honed in my direction and dangled next to a silver name tag engraving:

L. Cooper.

“Do you know why I pulled you over sir?” Officer Cooper asked.

“No, not really,” I confessed.

“Well,” he began, “you were driving way over the speed limit.”

He puckered his lips inward into an awkward shrug. I knew I was tense but how fast could I have been going?

“Was I?” I asked.

“Yep, a whopping 20 miles-per-hour over the 65 miles-per-hour speed limit,” he said.

Fuuuuuck me.

The palms of my hands clenched together over my lap. It is impossible to have a win at this point. Not only do I have to risk my job to put together something like this but now I face the likelihood of having to pay off a costly speeding ticket. Karma really can be a bitch.

My phone buzzed in my pocket but sounded off several notifications that were connected to my car’s Bluetooth. My eyes drew to the screen in my navigation pane. The messages icon appeared and Tony’s contact name was next to it. The time was now five minutes ’til 11 p.m. and yet here I was not even halfway to his place.

“Was there a reason you were going so fast tonight sir?” Officer Cooper asked.

“I uh,” I stuttered, “I’m just making my way over to a friend’s place?”

Another notification from Tony.

Officer Cooper glanced over at my navigation pane.

“A friend’s?” He asked.

“Yep,” I said nimbly.

“And is this friend in some sort of trouble?” He probed.

I did not have the time nor the patience to deal with being asked incredibly specific questions. First, the vegan Pepsi fiasco, and now I’m being catechized by a man who has the thickest pair of man legs I have ever seen. How does he have a curvier lower body than my coworkers? The ass on this man was goon worthy.

“No sir we were just planning on meeting up,” I responded.

“Meeting up?” He raised an eyebrow.


“To do what?”

“Well I haven’t seen him in a while,” I lied, “he’s an old friend of mine.”

“May I see your license and registration please?”

For Pete’s sake. I might as well not even go and take the loss. In no way was Tony messaging me any “it’s okay” or “drive safely.” He was probably bothered by me wasting his time as it was now nearing 11 p.m.

“Sit tight I’ll just go run this through our system,” he said.

Officer Cooper headed back to his cop car and I reached for my phone. I opened the messages tab to two worded memos from Tony with two photo attachments added to them.

Holy fuuuuuuuuuck.

In the first picture, a shredded Tony stood tall whilst flexing his left bicep in front of a bathroom mirror. Each vein on his tensed-up arm trailed like rivers on maps just outlining ridges of dense mass. A cocky grin situated itself from ear to ear as he captioned it:

‘I’ll be here waiting brother! Don’t you be long…’

Another attachment is loaded below his previous text.

One thick vein blistered against thin glossy skin. A hedge of hair, neatly trimmed, lies upon its base. All of these beautiful delicacies upheld an eight-inch gem leading to a juicy thick nub at the tip. My jaw dropped in pure prurience as I beheld this image.

The image of Tony’s cock giving me a regal welcome with its caption resuming the sentence:

‘…but you know I will be ;)’

My phallic hypnosis was quickly broken by the knock on the side of my door. A look of dismay formed on Officer Cooper’s face. His eyes followed in the direction of my phone screen where Tony’s veiny dick-pic was in full frame.

I hurriedly put my phone away. An awkward silence irritated the moment. My throat went numb and my tongue swelled in panic. Officer Cooper fidgeted with his clipboard and pen in hand.

“So uh,” he spoke with difficulty, “I-I’m just letting you off with a warning.” He hands me back my registration fumblingly.

A breath of relief emanated at the news. The burden was lifted off of my shoulders but was overwhelmed with the embarrassment of exposure. The navigation pane sounded off another notification. Another text message from Tony.

Officer Cooper let out a slight chuckle, “You look like you have places to be, please drive with more precaution alright?”

“Thank you so much, officer!” I lauded.

“And please DO NOT text and drive,” He winked as he let go of the door frame.

My car engine rumbled in mercy. The Sweet Escape was all mine for the taking. The voyage continued. I swiftly drew my hands to my phone and opened up Tony’s text message.

‘What’s your ETA looking like brother?’

Thank goodness he isn’t pissed! Although I was still about five minutes away. But his patience was growing thin by the minute.

I lied.

‘Give me one minute, sir ;)”

As soon as the cop car was out of sight I floored it towards the exit ramp. As fate would have it, every single stop light was green. Eventually, the map ushered me into Tony’s neighborhood of townhomes. Each of the little shits looked the same. I just had to zone in on finding number 1422 through all of these dimmed streetlights.

Each townhome made me feel as if I was stuck in a simulation. Driving past duplicate after duplicate, smart car after smart car, to no avail. Despite the delay, a red-hot Ford Mustang beetled, interrupting the pattern of smart cars. In front of it was a porch light beaming as bright as the sun, shining boldly over silver lacerations marking the door: 1442.

This was it.

This was his.

I was his.

The leprechaun has found his pot of gold lying at the end of a rainbow.

Like a moth to a flame, I stepped out of my car and sped-walk up the porch steps towards the light. My knuckles hovered over the silver numbers. Yet before I could build up the courage to knock on the door, it rapidly opened and unveiled Tony.

Tony leaned against the door frame casually. His body was concealed inside of a red fluffy bathrobe with golden embroidery.

“You’re late,” a vain look sat on his face.

“I-I know sir I was just unexpectedly pulled over by the police,” I chattered nervously, “then I opened the pictures you sent me as soon as the stupid cop was about to give me a ticket and it was downright uncomfortable to have to expl-“

Tony nodded smiling as I was talking but knowingly ignored every word I said. His hand reached for the knot of his bathrobe and it came undone revealing an olive-skinned Tony going commando under his robe.

“Oh were you still talking?” Tony asked amorously. “‘Cause I can let you finish unless you want to save face and put your money where your mouth is.”

My eyes were fixed on his body. My mouth remained open in awe, catching the drool at my lips.

Tony smiled slyly, “Didn’t think so…”

His fist clenched around my work uniform and he yanked me like a lawnmower cord inside his home.

“Come here,” he growled.

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