Muscle Man Opens Me Up Pt 4

“Yeah?” He licked his lips. “No part of me is soft brother.” We both look down at his solid cock in admiration. All 8 inches of him were pointing up in my direction.

Part 3


“Come on, sit your ass right here!”

His monstrous hand clawed me like an eagle, clutching its prey. I could feel his knuckles rubbing against my sternum as he hoisted me off my feet. Tony released me from his clutches, and I crashed heavily on his black leather couch.

Immediately, he encroached on my personal space, placing his body on my lap and trapping me between his torso and the wall. We were both layered by his crimson bathrobe, insulating our sexual energy. Our heavy breaths grew louder, echoing throughout the room.

“You’ve been waiting all night for this huh?” Tony asked ardently.

I nodded, completely mesmerized at the sight before me. His clabbered pecs danced to the rhythm of his panting. The ridges of his abdominals soldered themselves against his tan. Each of them looked like one Hawaiian bread roll, only in a rock-solid state of course.

“Has this been your dream babe?” Tony taunts. “You’ve been waiting to be smothered by these pecs?”

Each slab of muscle on his chest striated with each bounce. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Similar to an intense ping-pong match that you don’t want to see the end of.

“You can’t imagine how much pussy has been offered to me today. How many admirers practically undressed me with their eyes as I prepped for this competition? I’ve been sowing for months on end,” he smirked, “but you’re the one who gets to reap all of my hard work!”

I sulked with desire.

He took hold of my wrists and positioned my hands over his unflexed stomach. He lets out a heavy hiss as he exhales, deflating the skin around his abdomen. My fingers fastened between each crevice as he flexed.

Tony gave out a big arrogant grunt, “fuck yeah baby!”

He could have crushed pecan shells with his abs in just one exhale. My hands lounged around every ribbon of ripped muscle. His obliques accentuated the texture of his lats. Both of his lats were thick enough to clutch onto. Muscled love handles.

Tony moved my hands aside and our gaze met. He slowly peeled off the crimson robe and let it drop on the floor, leaving himself au naturel.

“How does this body feel?”

“Phenomenal I-I,” the stuttering returns, “It’s so fucking dense?”

“Yeah?” He licked his lips. “No part of me is soft brother.” We both look down at his solid cock in admiration. All 8 inches of him were pointing up in my direction. My dick was being compressed by the seams of my pants.

“Who would’ve known you’d goon through the screen only to be so lucky as to get to goon in person?” He scoffs. “And I gotta say, many soft boys like you puss out when confronted with their desires but you’ve become the exception.”

The top of his fingers tilted my chin upward to look at him. Both of the pupils in his eyes bore into my soul.

“No, you doubled down and stood on business huh babe?” He gloated. “Yeah, you know what’s fucking good! You know where to talk your shit and go for what you want. And how to go for WHO you want.”

He let out a deep sigh as his face lingered over mine. His breath was minty fresh. He came prepared. Prepared for me.

“Do you want me babe?” He teased.

I nodded.


He moaned as his lips devoured mine. Our tongues wrestled playfully against each other inside our chamber of flesh. And even in this regard, he dominated.

He guided the back of my head towards the nape of his neck. I lathered it up with every fluid within me in pure greed. It’s as if my mouth was my G-spot, every time it made contact with his body it brought tingles that shot straight to my dick.

“Fuuuuck your tongue is so good!” He moaned. “You know how to fucking use it that’s for sure.”

My ear pressed against his chest as I continued licking and I was comforted by the vibration of his moaning. His racing heartbeat played to the cadence of passion.

I followed the trails of sweat exuding from his glistening neck down to the cliff that is his pec shelf. The insertions of his chest dwarfed the side of my head as I beamed up from below to get a full view.

Getting the nod of approval from Tony, my lips latched on to his teat. I nursed as if I was completely deprived of any form of hydration. This was the rebirth of a sexually deprived whore for muscle.

“Oh fuck yeah Danny,” Tony whimpered, “keep milking my tits! Swirl your hot ass tongue around them”

I licked around and around his nipples liberally. His pecs bounced rapidly across my face. His gargantuan hands clasped the back of my head and suffocated me into his mass.

True delirium surmounted my sense of self. Right now I am just Tony’s toy.

My hands freely roamed the rest of his body eventually laying their touch upon his cobra back. Tony let out a menacing chuckle as he turned his body facing away from me and raised his arms to his sides. He brought his fists to a close and puckered his power.

Pinching his spine with his skin, he then proceeded to slowly move his lats opposite to each other and flex every fiber of his back muscles. A bellowing huff was released.

“You like that shit baby?” He growled.

“Yes sir,” I yelled.

“Fuck yeah,” he huffed, “get up off your ass and come worship my back!”

I quickly stood up and planted kisses all over the cut muscles. Every single one of them was deeply carved and gave his back the apparition of a reptile’s skin. No matter what angle you looked from, muscle was everywhere in sight.

“Knead my muscles deep Danny,” Tony sighed, “I’ve been working way too hard for way too long.”

Rubbing his back was like kneading dough for flour tortillas. Except dough did not hold a candle to the voluminous mounds of mass that his back contained. His hypnotic scent of sweat and competition tan inundated my senses and furthering my trance, causing me to start dripping drool out of my mouth.

“Holy shit!” Tony laughed. “Are you fucking drooling back there?” His eyes veered in my direction through his peripherals.

I stood in embarrassment not knowing what to say.

“No go ahead,” he assured, “as a matter of fact I want you to trace your tongue from the top of my ass crack all the way up top to the back of my neck, Danny.”

“Yes sir!”

I held on to his lats for balance and crouched to his waist level. I stuck out my tongue and vanquished his sweaty skin and followed the grooves of his spine like a vinyl record player, only the music was the moans coming out of his mouth.

“Keep going Danny,” Tony heaved, “juuuuuust like that. Shit!”

Once I reached the top, the bulge in my pants was wedged between the two mountains of muscles in his ass cheeks. Both boulders began to bounce around my dick playfully. Cheeky fucker(no pun intended).

“Is that dick rock hard for me you little slut?” He jibed. “Yeah? I bet you can’t wait to get your hands around my cock too.”

He turns toward me and pulls me closer as he places my hands on both of his ass cheeks. He lures me into his command by bouncing his pecs then leans over my shoulder.

His deep baritone voice resounded in my ear once more. “Let’s get you undressed and show you what you truly came here to bargain for shall we?”

Muscle Man Opens Me Up Pt 5

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