Muscle Man Opens Me Up Pt 5

His hips gyrated in circles around my mouth. The bottom of his balls bounced against my chin. Pools of saliva lubricated the in-between. Tony’s groans were growing louder and more savage by the moment, which just encouraged me to lick more.

Part 4


When you’re working day in and day out of a restaurant, there is a certain sacrifice that you have to make. Not only do you have to become thick-skinned and let certain imbeciles talk down on you, but your physical aura gets damaged.

I typically do my job in the same uniform every day of a workweek. Then the following week will consist of a different set of a black shirt and black pants combo. This cycle will continue to repeat itself until my laundry day arrives.

Certain smells of frying oil, raw meat, and alcohol are ingrained in the fibers of your clothes as you walk around for several hours each shift. One may ascertain that your clothes are then imposed to collect a week’s worth of horrid smells. And unfortunately for Tony, this day was the culmination of that pent-up stink.

“Are you nervous about me seeing you naked?” Tony asked.

In no way was I nervous of him seeing me naked. His endearing demeanor flattered me to the core. I desired to be naked with Tony. I desired to enhance the energy that we’ve created.

“No that’s not it,” I cringed. “I just kind of…?”

“Have a gut?” Tony was treading lightly. I could sense that he genuinely did not want to ruin the moment. “‘Cause if you do then there’s absolutely no issue with that.”

“It’s not that,” I explained smiling and lowering my voice in shame, “I just kind of stink?”

He let out a slight chuckle and breathed heavily over my face. My hands remained resting on the curvature of his plump muscled ass. He brought me in closer to his concrete chest, allowing me to bask in the sweaty scent emanating from his skin.

“Well, I guess we’ll just need to take a shower then, won’t we?” He cheekily muttered.

He picked up the bathrobe belt from the floor, undid the loops, and wrapped it around my neck, lassoing me into his embrace. Like a leashed dog he escorted me upstairs toward the second floor.

The water pressure punched the bathroom floor powerfully. A warm steam began to douse the room, slowly fogging up the mirror by the sink. The reflection in the mirror catches my attention.

It changes your definition of “big” to be standing next to Tony, a towering mountain of muscle. I’m the tallest of all my coworkers, which says a lot because I’m about as tall as a refrigerator.

Tony smiles as he peers at me through the mirror. His massive frame is far larger than mine. As he puts his arms around me and runs his kisses over my neck, the buttons on my shirt come loose.

He groaned, “You see that, Danny? You see all of this muscle?” I let out a deep groan as his pecs started to bounce and press against my upper back.

We stood shirtless next to each other, a distinct tone between his caramel skin and my dull complexion that did not receive any sunlight. His shredded stout was brilliantly accentuated by the steam in the air.

His abs were all shiny and looked like they had just come out of the oven. The veins in his arms were all glittering with vascularity. His teardrop-shaped quads seemed three times larger due to their roundness. He bounced his nipples teasingly, his thick chest dripping water from them.

“Flex for me Danny,” he said.

I laughed nervously not even trying to raise my arms.

“C’mon!” He sneered.

My biceps curled to the best of my ability. Tony then flexed his biceps letting out a large sound.

“Yeah, baby!” He clamored. “Look at this shit!”

I turn to feast my eyes on his biceps only to realize that they perfectly encircled the size of my face. Up, down, side to side, all I saw was impenetrable muscle. As a bead of water skittered over his peak, my mouth dropped open in delight.

“Go ahead,” he said, “lick it.”

Without hesitation, I ravaged his skin with my tongue. Like a dog that was excited to see you, an endless lather of saliva spewed on his skin. I was elated.

“Fuuuuuuck yes Danny worship my shit!”

Tony moaned. Taking control of my head, he grasped the back of my hair like Remi from Ratatouille while I dragged my tongue back and forth across his arm. I had no idea who I was. Just tasting the dewy sweat off his skin was sending me into an out-of-body experience.

“That’s it, baby, clean my armpits with your hot fucking tongue!” he growled.

Before I had a chance to contest he buried my face deep into his musky armpit. The strong odor pierced through my nostrils and permeated my brain. A smell so potent yet so carnal it begged to be adored.

I swiveled my head deep into his pungent pit, lapping it up with my tongue. The taste was bitter, but the instinctive desire to do as he says charged blood that shot straight to my dick.

“Hell yes,” Tony moaned thunderously, “suck on my tit baby!”

My lips guzzled his bust. Every time my tongue touched the tip of his nipple, muscles stiffened in ripples. I enjoyed playing with his senses. I kept sucking as my hands tightened around his pecs. Not even both of my hands were able to fully clench one of his pectorals!

He took off my pants and guided us into the water stream. Rivers of Tony’s competition tan began to wash off, leaving us standing on top of murky water.

“Grab the bar soap behind you,” he said.

The soap frothed between my fingers after a few seconds of rubbing. My hands squeezed deep into each ridge of his body. Even lathered in soap, the creases of his muscles were still seen.

“Fuck,” I let out.

“You like that shit?” He smiled.

“Fuck yeah!” I gawked.

“Don’t forget my back,” he turned around.

The water spurted out his upside-down Dorito-shaped back and splattered off his round ass like a cascade. I press in and out while stroking his ass cheeks.

My fingertips just touched the edge of his hole. All of a sudden, he playfully compresses his muscular ass, closing down on my fingers much like a Venus fly trap.

“Careful,” Tony laughed menacingly,” I may not let you go!”

I ran my fingertips around the edge of his scabious hole. He was completely unpigmented. This man was flawless, even when it came to the shitter.

“You ever eaten ass before?” He asked.

“Never,” I said.

“Go ahead,” he assured.

I was inches away, just pondering. I was unsure of what to think. What happens if I decide against this and the moment is ruined? What happens if he gets turned off by my reaction? There was only one way to find out.

I gave his raunchy asshole a good whiff. The smell was peculiar, but the scent etched inches from his ball sweat, blending into an aroma that was so distinct yet so sensual. Impulsively, my tongue rolled out of my mouth.

Every drop of dank, the ridges of its circumference, and every hair brushed against my tongue. Very quickly, my brain turned to mush, inhibiting all of my senses. My entire body was in a place so sublime, the addicting flavor fusing inside of my mouth discharged the sweetest hypnotic taste.

“Fuck yes, Danny!” Tony elated. “Keep licking my hole just like that baby!”

My tongue swiveled side to side in every shape of the matter. It shoveled through the entry up and down, in and out. Its only use was to please.

Tony began to stroke his cock and said, “Your tongue is so fucking magical babe, keep that shit going and I might let you lick something else.”

His hips gyrated in circles around my mouth. The bottom of his balls bounced against my chin. Pools of saliva lubricated the in-between. Tony’s groans were growing louder and more savage by the moment, which just encouraged me to lick more.

Our moans were singing in unison with each graze of my tongue. This symphony of desire was abruptly interrupted by a loud knocking at the door.

Damn it.

“Let me go check it out,” Tony said as he turned the water off.

The knocking continued habitually. With a towel wrapped around his waist, he made his way downstairs, leaving a trail of drops on the ground.

The front door creaked open followed by a slight mumbling then…laughing?

Tony laughed, but why?

After toweling myself dry, I tippy-toed up close to the door frame’s edge. I gave the entrance door a quick glimpse of my head. Tony opened the door and turned to face me.

“Danny, look who happened to drop by!” He grinned.

Two bulky boots cuffed over a midnight blue uniform as he waddled in. His blue eyes were laser-focused on me, and in shock, they peeled back to disclose the white around them. Both of us stood dumbfounded.

Because who might be entering Tony’s house? That’s right–it was none other than Officer Cooper.

Muscle Man Opens Me Up Pt 6

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