Muscle Man Shooting On My Lips

I was blessed to rent the apartment upstairs in his old house. When I knocked on the door answering his ad for an apartment for rent, I almost creamed in my jeans when he came to the door.


Dirk performed his dumbbell curls deliberately and methodically while he stood next to the mirror. He closely watched the way his chiseled biceps strained against his tanned skin. The veins in his arms stood out conspicuously, as he continued to pump blood, into his muscular arms. I could see droplets of sweat trickle down his massive pecs and then slide down his perfect abs, ultimately disappearing into his shorts. The bulge in his shorts stretched the nylon material, threatening to rip through if he got any stiffer. Looking in the mirror, while working out, always made Dirk hard. It always made me hard as well. He looked good and he knew it!

Dirk craved the rush he got whenever his muscles burned from his intense workout. To him it was pure animal aggression. He was proud and oh so hot! His shirts would barely contain his nicely developed arms. He displayed his massive chest by keeping the top three buttons undone. He knew that all the squats he did made his pants look like they were glued to his beefy legs. But, what he really appreciated was the way the ladies commented on his butt. He could hear them whispering as he walked by, “Look at that guy’s butt. I’d bet he would look good with his pants beside my bed!”

Dirk took one last look in the mirror before getting ready for his monthly ritual. Dirk is 6′ 3″, dark hair, and 210 pounds of pure sexual magnetism. He is twenty nine years old and gets more handsome every year. He couldn’t wait to get to the bar and decide who would be lucky enough to get his big dick tonight. Dirk thought he was God’s gift to women. He was right. He looked good enough to eat.

Dirk went into the bathroom to take a shower. He pulled off his shorts and turned on the water. His dick was beautiful. It still was engorged, but no longer hard from the workout. His balls hung loose and low. He looked closely into the mirror and decided that the dark stubble on his face still looked good. He smiled and displayed the whitest teeth I had ever seen. The guy was flawless.

Dirk struck a couple bodybuilder poses and his dick began to thicken, and, I began to drool. Man, I would love to worship that body, especially his dick. The way his foreskin hid the head of dick made me want to lick the inside of his sensitive skin. I wanted to pull the skin up over my nose and breathe in his male musk. Dirk stepped into the shower and I no longer had the privilege of ogling that muscled ass. I knew I would catch him later when he brought home the next lucky chick from the bar. Dirk considered himself straight, but, if the situation arose, he would let a guy blow him. Occasionally he would bring home a couple when the man wanted “to watch” as he fucked his wife. No matter what the sex his conquests were; if he was feared and his body worshiped by the end of the night, he had done his job.

Dirk has a special way of dominating others through his physical appearance and his too cocky, alpha male attitude. His self-assured command of any situation made him a natural leader. Or, should I say, his self-assured command made others submissive followers. By the time they were in his apartment, they were already subservient to Dirk.

I was blessed to rent the apartment upstairs in his old house. When I knocked on the door answering his ad for an apartment for rent, I almost creamed in my jeans when he came to the door. Dirk was wearing a pair of jeans and nothing else. His wide shoulders, narrow waist, and incredibly handsome face, had me intimidated instantly. The bulge in his pants seemed to hypnotize me and made it difficult to concentrate. I was having trouble keeping up my end of the conversation. Dirk got a little pissed that I was taking up his time. He reached forward and unexpectedly gave me a shove. The heel of my shoe caught on the doormat, I lost balance and fell backward. I landed on my butt. Dirk took a step forward so that he was straddling my legs. His crotch just inches away from my face. He reached down to help me up and said, “If you are done staring at me and want the apartment you got it, but I want the money up front.”

I took out the $500 and handed it to him. I would have paid more. He turned me around and told me to leave. He wanted me to meet him the next day for the apartment key. He had things to do. I decided right then and there that I would spy on this macho hunk any chance I got. I wanted to see as much of him as possible.

In the next few days, I managed to locate spaces in the floor boards that I cold peek through, without being seen. I noticed his blinds didn’t always close all the way, leaving enough of a gap, for me to spy through. I even found that I could watch him in his basement by, hiding in the bushes and, peeping in the low windows.

I even slipped into his house when he was in the bathroom and hid in an adjoining closet. There I could watch Dirk through a space in the wall. Of course this was dangerous, but, being this close to him sent an electric charge through my body directly to my dick. When it came to Dirk, I had no common sense. I was a slave to his masculinity, even at my own peril.

Later that night Dirk returned with a beautiful blond in her early twenties. I couldn’t wait to see what method he would use to get himself off. In the past he would get his date turned on while getting a little more rough with her as the night went on. The women never seemed to mind. They liked being controlled by a strappingly big man who was confident and good looking to boot!

I heard Dirk demand, “Denise, come over here and take off your blouse. I want to see those beautiful tits.”

Denise did what she was told and I watched as Dirk kissed and sucked on her nipples. Just watching that beautiful face, with those wet lips and long tongue kiss her tits got me hard. I wanted to feel his lips on me. Dirk swatted her tits. Then he sucked on them more. Then he swatted her tits a little harder and I could see they were getting red as he swatted each breast a couple more times. I could tell Denise was getting more and more turned on by the whimpering sounds that were coming out of her throat.

Dirk sat her down on a high back chair and told her to sit there and not move. He took his shirt off, then his belt and slowly began to pull down his pants. To my surprise, he had went to the bar commando! His beautiful cock popped out of his tight jeans already thick and hard. Denise and I both gasped! Hopefully he didn’t hear me.

Dirk stood in front of her with his uncut cock near her face. He leaned over to give her a deep soulful kiss and then stood up again and moved his dick closer to her lips. He said, “Open your mouth and suck my dick.”

Denise did as she was told and Dirk pushed his cock into her mouth. All he got into her mouth was the head of his dick. Her mouth seemed full, but we all knew she could take more. “Lick the head,” he said, “Now, open your mouth as wide as you can and take more of my cock.”

I could see Denise stretch her mouth wider as Dirk slid in a couple inches. “Is that the best you can do?” he said loudly. “Open wider!”

He sounded like he was getting angry with her. “I want you to take more!” he said forcefully.

This time he grabbed her hair and forcefully pushed his dick into her mouth. She began to struggle; he slapped her face. He roared, “Open your fucking mouth.”

She opened her mouth as wide as she could. “Open more!” He slapped her in the face again. He shoved his thick cock deeper into her mouth and I heard a “pop” as the head of his dick slipped into her throat. My dick was as hard as a rock. I could see she was having trouble breathing. Her face was turning blue; then, Dirk pulled his cock out of her mouth. Denise gasped as she finally got some air. He put his big hands around her neck and moved his face real close to hers while he squeezed her neck and I heard him say. “We’re going to try this again. I want you to relax your fucking throat. Let my cock in. Do you understand me?”

Denise said, “Yes Sir, I’m ready.”

“Now open your fucking mouth.”

Denise opened as wide as humanly possible and Dirk slid his cock into her mouth and down her throat fully. Denise gobbled it down like she was a real pro. Whenever Dirk thought Denise needed air, he would pull out his dick. As soon as she had gasped a breath of air, down her throat his cock would slide again.

Denise began to struggle. Her face was contorted as she tried to accommodate the thickening dick. Her eyes were wide with fright. The mascara was running down her cheeks as tears slid down her face. Dirk asked, “Are you alright? Do you want me to stop?”

Denise shook her head no. Dirk seemed to get more physical with every stroke of his massive cock. Denise finally stopped struggling and accepted Dirks massive dick like a pro. Just when I saw his balls raising in his sack, he pulled out of her throat and shot eight long ropes of cum on her face. “Take my sperm, you fucking, bitch.” he ordered.

I shot my load as I watch that beautiful muscular man shoot out his thick sperm. It was fucking hot! Only a confident stud like Dirk could have so much cum. Denise’s face was completely covered in thick white sperm. It was on her nose, in her eyes all over her lips and dripping down her chin. Dirk smiled in a beautiful sadistic way.

Dirk reached down and slid a couple fingers into Denise’s wet pussy. She began to moan loudly. Dirk began to move his fingers in and out of her pussy lips. He added a couple more fingers and continued to stretch Denise’s accommodating whole. Denise began pushing her crotch onto Dirk’s large fingers. He pushed deeper with every stroke of his massive hand. Dirk increased his speed while Denise continued to buck against his hand. It was only a couple seconds later Denise screamed as her body convulsed with an orgasmic climax. Denise gulped to catch a breath, her eyes rolled back into her head. Her back arched off of the chair as wave after wave of primal orgasm racked her body.

While Denise recovered, Dirk went to get a wash cloth. When he got back, Denise was passed out. She either was exhausted, or too drunk to stay awake. She was dead to the world.

Abruptly, Dirk looked up at the ceiling and shouted, “Bob, come down here and help me get rid of this fucking whore.”

I jumped back! I had been caught watching! What was I going to do? I had never seen Dirk so rough before! What if he was mad? Would he hurt me? I had to make a quick decision. I had better help him with Denise and face the consequences. I was embarrassed and scared of what Dirk would do to me once I went down stairs.

A moment later I was in his apartment. Dirk was sitting naked in a chair, with his massive cock leaking sperm. “Come on over here,” he said.

I walked over to his chair and fell to my knees. I was really uneasy, being so close to this stud. I could smell his sperm and all I could think of was, I want to lick his cock clean. I wanted to show him that I could take his whole dick down my throat. I was better than Denise. I was great at giving head. But, Dirk had other ideas. He pulled me close and wiped his cock on my shirt. Then he roughly pushed me out of his way. “Get up faggot and help me move Denise downstairs.”

Once we got her down the stairs, Dirk opened the old storage room door, and we moved Denise onto a cot that had been set up. “This bitch is not sleeping with me! We’ll let her sleep it off down here and I’ll take her home in the morning. She will be fine,” he said.

Then he led me back upstairs and told me he was making plans for next month’s “date night”.

As a reward for my help, Dirk had me straighten up his apartment. Anything to spend more time with the most masculine man I ever knew. When I was done he told me, “Go back upstairs.”

Dirk giving me orders, while strutting around naked, was overwhelming to me. He never said please. Everything he said sounded like an order. I didn’t like to be told what to do, but, I couldn’t get enough of the man that I needed to obey! He made me feel inferior and excited at the same time. He made me afraid of being around him, but I didn’t want to leave. It would take me awhile to get used to Dirk’s ways, but, I was willing to try.

Once I was back in my apartment, I took off my shirt and lay down on my bed. I brought the shirt up to my nose. It smelled like Dirk’s cum. It smelled like heaven. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over the fabric for a little taste of Dirk’s sperm. It wasn’t enough! It was like a tiny appetizer, but with no big meal after it. It was frustrating and made me horny as hell. I needed to do something to get more of his sperm.

I slept with the shirt near my face and dreamed of Dirk’s cock shooting on my lips instead of Denise’s. I couldn’t wait, until the following month, to see what would happen to his next lucky conquest.

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6 thoughts on “Muscle Man Shooting On My Lips

  1. Alex says:

    Yea, I agree. If this is it, why publish it? Chapter 2 could explain a lot and start a lot happening with Bob, not Deniese.

  2. Mark says:

    Your all just anxious cause your fantasizing you were the one watching Dirk, and this story cut you short,
    Myself, I’ve lived this scenario out, and it was spectacular for three plus years, I’m one lucky man

  3. Bucky says:

    Definitely WANT MORE . I can’t believe he is ended this chapter like this . THE WRITER and most MASCULINE COCK is a tease like the writer. He has me in FULL ATTENTION the whole time I was reading . lol

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