Me And My Hedonistic Family Pt 1

I fully opened my mouth as John gently forced his engorged cock forwards. For the first time we broke eye contact. I wanted to concentrate on giving my first blow job. If I was going to be a cock sucker I wanted to be a good one – the best.


Chapter 1 The Beginnings

My name is George and it all began at University. I’ve started this multi chaptered tale in that fashion because I feel that this, for me, is like attending an addicts meeting and after twenty three years I can finally get it all off my chest

Actually, if I’m honest it really began two years earlier. That’s when the first seed of what would become a veritable forest of debauchery was ‘planted in my brain’ if I may be so Garfunkel-ish.

It was the end of our school days. Summer. The last week in July in fact. We were eighteen years old. We were men – or so we thought. We were young, fit, virile men. And to celebrate the end of school for ever, the beginning of University life and to test and express our virility and manhood a small group of six from the football team were going on holiday to the Costa Del Sol.

The night before our departure we all met at a local pub full of youthful exuberance, excited about our holiday and trying to outdo each other with tales of how we were going to cut a swathe through the bikini clad young ladies who we had been told were gathering in Spain in their thousands. We were soon full of rather mature alcohol and in a rare flash of maturity we decided not to go clubbing but to get home, get to bed and get up early enough and sober enough to make our flight.

I couldn’t wait to get there. Freedom. Sexual freedom. I had been promised sun, sand, sea and sex with as many, almost naked, nubile lovelies as I could manage in seven days. I used to blush just thinking of the word sexual. I had been brought up in a strict Catholic family and attended a strict Catholic Grammar School. I had had girlfriends of course and was no longer a virgin due to my one successful bout of lovemaking sexual wrestling. This makes what happened next all the more surprising.

My friend John was staying with me at my parents’ house to make it easier to meet up and get to the airport in the morning. It was a four bedroomed house in a nice suburb. Resolutely middle class. However, my sister was due home from University the next day and she was bringing a friend home with her. Mum had made up the spare room for her and didn’t want any dirty boys using the room the night before. Therefore we were sharing my bedroom. John would have my bed and I would take the camp bed. This didn’t leave much room – about one foot between the beds. John was about 5’6″ to my 5’9″, muscular, slim with curly brown hair. I couldn’t tell you then the color of his eyes – blokes don’t notice things like that. However, I could have told you that he had a circumcised cock and his pubes were not that bushy – blokes do notice things like that in the showers although not many will admit it outside of said showers. I was, and still am broad shouldered, but then I had visible abdominal muscles, a trim waist and muscular, hairy legs. I’ve still got the hairy legs too!

We tumbled into my parents’ house, checked our suitcases, plane tickets, passports and pesetas one more time, had another man to man pep talk with my Dad, reassured my Mum and dragged ourselves upstairs to my bedroom. We crashed into the room and began undressing with the lack of self-consciousness that sharing a football changing room for years brings. And then, out of the blue it happened.

John had taken off his t-shirt and I was down to my white cotton boxer shorts or underpants as they known then. I intended to sleep in them so sat down heavily on the camp bed with my legs in the gap between the beds. John walked around and stood in the gap too with his back to me. Then he dropped his trousers.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell John. What have you got on there,” I blurted out with a snort of laughter. John looked over his shoulder with his beaming smile and informed me that they were the new ‘tanga’ style Speedo swimming trunks, that they felt great and that all the girls would love them. He stuck his bottom out towards me and invited me to feel the material to see how soft and stretchy and smooth they felt.

Giggling like a schoolgirl I reached out with my right hand and ran it briefly over his right buttock.

“See. Feel great don’t they. I need a piss.” And off he went, in only his Speedos, across the hall to the bathroom, to relieve himself. He returned five minutes later and stood at the end of the bed. The first thing I noticed at my eye level was the obvious bulge in the front of his Speedos. John noticed and said;

“That’s why the girls like them. Do you want another feel?”

I laughed and replied;

“No. Fuck off and get into bed weirdo.”

At which point John turned round and pushed his firm bottom out towards me and began wiggling his bum in front of my face. I had stopped laughing and as if in a trance reached out with both hands and began to stroke and squeeze his bottom through the material of his trunks. John didn’t stop moving his arse and made no move away from me. In fact he was pushing his arse back onto my hands and said in a quiet voice;

“Told you they felt good didn’t I? Why don’t you try them on?”

“No I couldn’t,” I said. “I don’t want to. I’d look a right prick in those.”

Turning round to face me John said; “Like this.”

Dear God. I didn’t know where to look so I carried on looking at what must have been a full erection trying to burst out of the top of Johns Speedos. I looked up at Johns face. Before I could speak John said, “Come on. Try them on,” whilst simultaneously peeling his brief swimwear down his thighs. Thighs that I had noticed were delta shaped, muscular and totally smooth. As his briefs came down Johns cock sprang up – right in front of my face.

For some reason, although I knew I really should, I couldn’t think of any laddish banter to defuse or dismiss the situation or even render it ridiculous. John remained silent too as I sat there watching his hard cock bouncing and twitching about six inches away from my face. I looked up at him and he looked down straight into my eyes and said;

“I can’t help it. It’s the Speedos. The material. They’re so tight and soft and smooth. They made you want to feel my arse and they made my cock hard. One thing they’re not making me do is to fuck you. I’m going to do that all by myself George. I want to fuck you George.”

To say my mind was reeling would be an understatement! It reeled rapidly through a series of silent questions. Was it the drink? He doesn’t mean it, does he? Is he taking the piss? Doesn’t he realize that my Mum & Dad are downstairs for fucks sake? Is he just winding me up? Am I reading this all wrong?

I guess I received the answers to all of these questions as soon as Johns cock head pressed against my lips. Our eyes were still locked together as I slowly, hesitantly opened my mouth and, in that instant, I set off on my journey towards becoming a bisexual, sissy slut.

I began with a tentative tongue licking around the crown of his swollen cock. It was moving up and down in jerking movements just like mine did when the blood was rushing in making the veins stand out. John gently placed his hands on my face and I reached up and around to grasp his firm, high, smooth buttocks and began to stroke them, squeeze them and caress them. At the same time I fully opened my mouth as John gently forced his engorged cock forwards. For the first time we broke eye contact. I wanted to concentrate on giving my first blow job. If I was going to be a cock sucker I wanted to be a good one – the best. I wanted to do justice to the beautiful cock that was now filling my mouth. John was now gently moving his hips backwards and forwards, slowly fucking my mouth. I was gagging slightly on each thrust but I clamped my lips tightly around his shaft and determined to take it all. John starting moaning gently and then he whispered;

“George. Georgie. I want to fuck you so badly. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. Your body is fucking hot. Can I fuck you Georgie?”

I stopped sucking and looked up at him, saliva dripping off my chin and said in astonishment;

“Really. You fancy me?”

“Fancy you like fuck Georgie.”

“And you want to fuck me? Here? In my arse?”

“Yes Georgie. I want to fuck you right now in your cute arse.”

“For fucks sake John. I can’t. I don’t want to. I’m not ready. Not for this. And my Mum and Dad are downstairs for crying out loud.”

“No they’re not,” said John, “They’re in bed next door.”

“Jesus Christ. How do you know? Oh fuck. Don’t tell me you bumped into them when you went to the toilet.”

“‘Fraid so mate. But don’t worry they were okay. Just smiled and said good night.”

“Tell me it was on the way to the toilet and not on the way back when you had a hard on.”

“Sorry Georgie. On the way back – full stonker and all. Honestly, they just smiled.”

My cock had now deflated fully at the thought of my Mum and Dad being confronted by my mate walking around the house sporting a full erection barely concealed in a very small, very tight swimming costume. Johns cock on the other hand seemed to grow bigger as we talked about it. John must have sensed that we were in danger of ‘losing the moment’ so he told me to stand up and then he pulled down my pre cum stained white, cotton shorts. He then lay down on my bed and told me to get on top of him in the sixty nine position. I did as I was told. The first hint of my submissive, slutty behavior. I quite liked being told what to do which was strange given my chosen career path. But more of that later.

As soon as I was in position John ran his tongue all over my tight balls actually sucking each ball fully into his mouth. My cock was instantly erect again. John was pulling it downwards and bending it slightly backwards to force it into his mouth. This was all new experience to me and I was reveling in it. So much so that I hadn’t touched Johns cock until he hissed;

“Suck my cock you little bitch.”

I couldn’t believe the effects these simple words had on me. It turned me on so much. I went into an oral frenzy, sucking, licking, wanking and nibbling at his throbbing dick. John obviously liked it as he began bucking and thrusting his hips up to meet my mouth. Then……a new sensation. A warmth, a wetness around my arsehole. Fuck!!! John was tonguing my arsehole. It was unbelievable. I went into overdrive. I was wriggling and humping and squirming around on his tongue while he wanked my cock roughly and furiously. I tried to keep Johns cock in my mouth but the sensations that were rippling from my arse to my balls and all the way up my cock couldn’t be ignored. I looked up from Johns crotch and gasped;

“John. John. I think I’m going to cum. Fuck…..king hell. You’re making me cum.”

At this John slid down a bit more and forced my cock back into his mouth, pumping it hard with his hand. I arched my back, sitting back slightly. This changed the angle and eased the pressure and I could feel my cock immediately slide down Johns throat. That was the trigger. My thighs began to quiver and my arse started to gyrate of their own accord as released a stream of cum down Johns throat. Gasping with pleasure I followed this up with three more short blasts whilst all the time John gripped the base of my shaft. I felt fantastic. Energized but spent at the same time. Strong but weak. And definitely slutty.

John started worming his way out from underneath me. He came up into the kneeling position and kissed me full on the mouth, forcing his tongue between my lips, covering my mouth with his he kissed me deeply and being the slut I had become in the last thirty minutes I responded eagerly. I was running my hands all over his firm, smooth body. His hairless chest, his round pert bottom, his muscular thighs. I could feel his cock, hot, hard and insistent thrusting against my stomach. I whispered a question to John;

“Was that my cum I could taste on your tongue?”

John whispered his answer back; “Yes. I saved some for you. Did you like it?”

I groaned my reply. “Yes. I fucking loved it. I want to taste yours.”

And John gave me an order. Four words that I would hear many times down the years. John said,

“Suck my cock, slut.”

I didn’t really suck it. I put my lips around it and John fucked my mouth. I wasn’t counting the number of thrusts but I know there were at least five, hot, strong spurts of spicy, slightly salty cum that filled my mouth to overflowing. John immediately bent down and rolled me on top of him and I kissed him, passing a mouthful of his own cum to him. He grabbed my head and pulled me to him and kissed me back swapping his cum to my mouth once more.

We lay still for a while, silently panting, licking our lips, savoring the taste of each other’s cum.

“Fuck John. What do we do now?” I asked.

“Go to sleep,” he laughed. “We’ve got a plane to catch in the morning.”

In the next bedroom my Dad chuckled and said to my Mum,

“Sounds like the boys enjoyed themselves Maddi. Mind you anyone would enjoy themselves on Johns cock. Did you see his bulge in those sexy briefs?”

“Mmmmmm. It was lovely wasn’t it James. I wouldn’t mind trying that out for myself. But tonight I want your cock James. In all of my naughty places.”

Me And My Hedonistic Family Pt 2

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