My Husband Wants To Bottom Pt 3

I knelt down to look through the gloryhole between our two booths. I could see my husband’s shorts tenting already and looked up to see his handsome face in the glow of the porn playing on the screen.

Part 2


My husband, John, was turning 40 and I really wanted to surprise him in a big way. I don’t just mean a party with family and friends. I mean fulfilling one of his secret fantasies that I could only get him to admit in the height of passion.

From one of those passionate moments, I knew that John had a fantasy about having sex in a public place, but I could never get anything to actually happen in public because he was so worried about being caught. And he was always worried about being recognized by someone he knew, even in cruising spots where we lived. My attitude was always that if you got “caught” cruising by another cruiser in a well-known cruising spot…well, your “secret” was safe. But there was no convincing John. I even tried to pump his ego a bit, saying that if we did get caught fucking in the woods by someone he knows, at least they would see that he’s a top and be impressed. I, of course, loved being a bottom and didn’t care what anyone thought about it, so I hadn’t tried that hard to get into his butt, and he certainly hadn’t tried that hard to let me. I considered it a holiday if he wanted to suck my dick. And although John had also let slip how curious he was about being the center of a bukkake, I knew he thought monogamy was what we both wanted.

With all these constraints, I knew if I was going to succeed in getting John to have some fun in public, I needed to be able to assure him he would remain anonymous and that he could remain in control. That brought to mind the adult bookstore with a backroom arcade about an hour outside the city that I had gone to a few times in my single days. It had private booths with doors that locked with gloryholes between most of the booths, and the commentary I found online indicated the place was the same as I had remembered, even if there were mentions of attempts to renovate the place through the years.

In a lucky turn of events, John’s 40th birthday fell on a Saturday and we had already planned a big dinner party with friends that evening. After getting ready myself, I brought him breakfast in bed and told him to take a nice, long shower because I had a surprise for the two of us to spend the day together. I could tell from the plump cock as he toweled off that John was anticipating something sexual coming his way. Perfect!

John made a joke of picking out clothes very similar to mine: a snug t-shirt, some very short shorts, and running shoes. He even asked if he could borrow some socks. Then John said, “Wait a minute, what about underneath?” With that, he playfully tugged my shorts down to reveal the bright red jockstrap I was wearing. “Maybe I should borrow something from that drawer, too,” he teased.

This probably won’t surprise you by now: with John’s “strict top” image to uphold, he was also strictly a boxer briefs guy.

“Sure, go ahead,” I said, rolling my eyes. John opened my underwear drawer and pulled out what I knew to be his favorite thong of mine. The pouch was fine, black mesh, and the thong back was wide and bright, neon green. He twirled it on his finger and winked at me.

“Yeah, right, John, I know you don’t like anything in your crack,” I said as I walked out of our bedroom. “Now, get dressed so we can get going.” After 10 years of marriage, I knew how much of a tease my husband could be. I stopped getting my hopes up that I’d ever see him in anything other than boxer briefs a long time ago.

“Where are we going?” John asked as he got into the car. “You’ll see,” I replied.

About an hour later, we pulled into the parking lot of the adult bookstore. “What, are you buying me some titty mags for my birthday?” he joked.

“No,” I said, “We’re going to go into the arcade, snag some adjoining booths, and I’m going to blow you through a gloryhole.” I gave him a quick kiss and then continued, “Maybe I’ll even back my ass up to the hole and you can fuck me here, too.” Then, with a wink, I grabbed the door handle and quickly got out of the car.

John followed me into the store, but I could tell he was already nervous and looking for a way out of the situation. That’s why I just kept walking up to the counter without giving him any time to second guess it. “Two arcade cards, please.”

We entered the arcade and I was surprised by what I saw. There was one row of traditional booths like I had expected, but it looked like the place had expanded, as there were several dark hallways I didn’t recall. But I had a mission. I gave John one of the cards, ushered him into a booth, and told him there were plenty of credits on his card, so just find some porn he liked and I’d be in the booth next door.

As I got into my booth, I heard the sound in John’s booth come on. It was blaring some porn where a woman was getting railed and screaming about it. I heard him whisper, “Shit,” and then could tell he finally found the volume button and turned it all the way down. As I entered my card and dealt with the same blaring volume issue, I could hear him pressing the buttons to go through the available channels as I focused on finding something I liked, although it didn’t matter as much since I’d be down on my knees sucking my husband’s cock. After deciding to keep it on some jocks fucking in a locker room and turning the volume back up to a reasonable level, I knelt down to look through the gloryhole between our two booths. I could see my husband’s shorts tenting already and looked up to see his handsome face in the glow of the porn playing on the screen. I couldn’t see what he was watching from this angle, but the look on John’s face told me it must be really hot, and that tent in his shorts continued to grow.

“Hey,” I whispered and rubbed my fingers on the bottom of the gloryhole. “Let me suck your dick, stud,” I said while grinning. Without taking his eyes of the screen, he turned a bit, pushed the front of his shorts down to hook the waistband under his big, beautiful ball sack, and pushed that nice, hard dick through the hole.

I went to work, and I could tell John loved it. He was moaning as quietly as possible, pulling back from time to time, which I knew was so that he wouldn’t cum too quickly. After several minutes, John really surprised me. After pulling his dick back, he knelt down to the gloryhole, somewhat looking me in the eyes and said, “Let me suck your dick.”

I was not one to decline such an infrequent offer. I stood up, pulled my dick out, pushed it through the gloryhole, and could feel John’s warm, wet mouth take it all in right away. As I moaned and relaxed into the blowjob, I took note of how much more active John seemed to be in sucking my dick. He must have been taking notes from the many times I had slobbered all over his dick because he was really trying to get it into his throat and cover it in his spit. I hadn’t been so turned on in a long time.

I closed my eyes to focus on the sensations and heard the door of the booth on the other side of me open and close and then the sound of the cheap lock being engaged. The overly dramatic screams of a female porn star getting railed again filled the room, but whoever was in there didn’t turn it down. It reminded me of my younger days of cruising places like this. Guys blast straight porn at a loud volume to cover the sounds of what they’re really up to. I looked over to see a cock pushing through the hole on the other side of my booth. I was here to have fun with my husband and give him a taste of public thrill, not get with other dicks. It looked nice, though.

Then the booth went dark and the screen showed that my credits ran out. I quickly pulled out of John’s mouth and reached for the money in my pocket. I realized I had only a few singles and needed to get change from the cashier. If my booth ran out of credit, then John’s likely had to. I shoved the singles through the gloryhole and told John to load up his booth while I got change. He blew me a kiss and stood up to feed the singles into the machine. I watched his dick and ass as he stood up and then noticed across the booth from our gloryhole, another dick was erect and proud on the opposite side. At least John will have something nice to look at while I go get more change.

By the time I got back, my booth was occupied. As were the booths on either side of where John and I had been. I wasn’t sure what to do. I lightly knocked on the door of John’s booth, but he must not have heard. All the porn was really loud now and on multiple channels. And above all the screaming women getting railed, I could hear men moaning, too. And then I realized that was live. It was all the men in the booths. Then I realized I could make out the distinct sound of bodies slamming up against booth walls. I needed to see where John was immediately!

I yanked the door open and first saw what John had picked to play in his booth. It was a jock getting gangbanged. Looking downward, I saw almost a mirror image of the jock in the porn. John was bent over sucking the dick from the other booth, the one I had seen before going to get change. But then I realized John also had his butt up against the booth I had been in. His shorts were now around his ankles and I could see he was wearing the neon thong he had joked about at home. I didn’t realize he’d had that on. And the bright neon strap was pulled a bit to the side and I could see he was getting fucked by a cock from the booth I had been in. And he was getting fucked raw!

John turned a bit to the side without letting the cock fall out of his mouth and made eye contact with me. He looked right in my eyes and I looked right in his as he was being spit roasted raw through gloryholes on either side of a porn booth.

I would never have imagined in our years of marriage that my husband would ever act like such a whore.

And my cock had never been harder.

I realized we were at a decision point in our marriage. We’d always had a great sex life that involved a lot of dirty talk about our fantasies, some of which could get pretty crazy. But they’d always just been fantasies. I was watching my husband, the man I loved, the man who wanted all our friends to know he’s the top, get gleefully spit roasted in a porn booth. I had brought him here, so in a way he was trying to call my bluff. Make me the one to decide whether we were really taking this next step in our marriage. I think a part of him wanted me to put a stop to this. He thought he’d make me a little jealous and I would pull him out of there. It could be a sexy memory for us to reminisce about during our regular sex at home.

So I called his bluff. “I always knew you were a slut,” I sneered, and started backing out of the booth. Now it was his turn. He would either own that this is what he wants, or he’d stop it himself. I’m not making the decision.

He let the dick he was sucking fall out of his mouth, his libs glistening with slobber. John grabbed hold and jacked it while he straightened up a bit, never breaking eye contact with me. “Cum inside me,” he said, loud enough for it to be heard in both booths on either side of him, and then he proceeded to thrust his ass back on the cock that was fucking him while bending down to suck the other cock back into his mouth. The walls began to shake as the men on either side pounded into the walls. The sound of load moans made my own cock throb as I watched and listened to my husband take one load down his throat and another up his ass.

Somewhat in shock, I backed into a booth across the small hall and kept the door ajar so I could see the men leave. The guy whose load had just gone down my husband’s throat stepped out of his booth discreetly and walked away. He looked like an average guy. I can’t believe this has happened! I waited for the guy who had fucked my husband to leave his booth, but several minutes passed and he wasn’t leaving. I ducked into the booth on the other side and knelt down to see what was going on through the gloryhole. My husband was now in a full squat, with nothing on but the slutty thong and his shoes, and he was sucking the dick that had just dumped a load in his butt. I knew my husband loved ass-to-mouth porn, and now here he was nursing on the cock that had just blown a load in his guts.

I cleared my throat to see if he’d notice me there. “Hey, slut!” He looked over at me through the gloryhole and grinned like I had never seen him before. He stood up, backed up toward me and then bent over and peeled off the thong. As he reached his ankles, his cheeks parted enough for me to see his red, used butthole, wet with cum and lube. I gasped aloud.

John knelt down and pushed the thong through the gloryhole. “I don’t need these anymore.” He winked and then stood up and turned around. My husband, who started his 40th birthday as a monogamous top, locked onto my eyes and moaned in pleasure as he backed his used hole onto the stranger’s dick for another fucking.

I was insanely turned on. And it was time for me to have some fun, too.

My Husband Wants To Bottom Pt 4

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3 thoughts on “My Husband Wants To Bottom Pt 3

  1. Alex says:

    Going down a scary path. From a loving monogamous relationship to one of mistrust and unsafe sex. The relationship will never last. And sadly, John will probably loose the best thing he’s had for ten years and will definitely catch something.

    • Bell James says:

      Nope. There is honesty. We’ve been at it (my husband and I) in countless three ways and other extra-marital encounters for nearly thirty years and neither of us would change a thing.

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