My Life As A Gay Man Pt 6

I just wanked and sucked him even harder and was rewarded with a lovely mouthful of his hot sperm which spilled into my cheeks and even out from my sucking lips.

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After those six years in the Midlands, I became totally bored with my job and my way of life. With Rob not being around as much as he used to be now his job entailed more driving in Europe, with my future therefore likely to contain less sex and with me hankering after a more sizeable penis to enjoy I decided that change would be as good as a rest.

Quite apart from my sex life, my job wasn’t going anywhere either so when my father was able to offer me an empty house in Sussex to rent, I was pleased take up his offer. He’d built up a small property empire and his business acumen didn’t exclude family members — I still had to pay him! Because the place was a bit run-down and in need of some DIY action I did at least get it for a nominal rent so with a fond but quick goodbye to John and an equally quick “I resign” to my boss I was away and my world now took on a whole new lease of excitement.

These were the days of sexual fun and freedom — it was now 1974 or 1975 and so still well before AIDS really appeared on the UK scene.

Soon after I moved South, I found myself another job which, while not perfect, was no worse than my previous one and at least my prospects for improving my status were greater. And once again I quickly found myself another sexual partner, but this time it was a young woman. She was Julie and inside four months we’d married — just like that! I found her working in a local Post Office and chatted her up over the counter; her pretty face and long black hair captivating me immediately. Oh and I have to admit that her very generously thrusting breasts were of some considerable appeal too!

“That’s the kind of man you should marry!” her mother said to her when we met, so she took her literally at her word and married me the following month!

However our marriage didn’t last long — Julie turned out to be too young and flighty. She just wasn’t really ready for married life and was unfaithful to me within a week, claiming that he was an old boyfriend and she hadn’t been able to say no to him…but somehow I already doubted her statement.

Almost from the start she found excuses to stay out — usually offering office meetings, office parties, colleagues’ leaving drinks, meetings with old friends and such but after each ‘event’ she’d come home worn out and sometimes entirely uninterested in sex. She was obviously enjoying some illicit sex elsewhere but understandably she still wanted to play the field because as she was only 19 (while I was approaching 30) she was still finding out all about men and their willingness to fuck all night!

Not that I was any slouch — I still managed to fuck her time after time whenever she allowed me to do so, but one cock obviously wasn’t enough for her.

Then we began to fall out occasionally as our differences arose and before long she simply used me as a housekeeper and friend and for an occasional fuck, while using the house as a hotel. Unable to stop her, I found myself wishing that she’d bring her boyfriends home because then I might have been able to get in on the action — even if only to watch!

I guess that I should have been firmer with her and kept her under closer control, but I suppose that if anything, I encouraged her to enjoy herself. Most assuredly I didn’t stop her from getting her kicks elsewhere. And that was because, since I was still fucking her on occasions, I never objected to her coming home with her cunt full of someone else’s spunk especially as I was often allowed to lick her out. But nothing good lasts forever and unfortunately she also fell in love with one of her other boyfriends so good luck to him. I wonder if she became as fat as her mother used to be? Oh well — we divorced less than a year after marrying but we’d had some fun!

Probably the sexiest event that happened while we were married was when we invited my much younger brother, Rick, to stay one weekend. He was only just 18 at the time; in fact it was about a week after his 18th birthday when we decided to invite him out for a celebratory drink or two, having missed his actual birthday for some reason or other.

And he was really pleased to go out; his birthday celebrations themselves had apparently been too dominated by our parents for the occasion to be much fun.

“Yeah sure Chris,” he said on the phone, “Love to come out; I’ll see you over your place at seven thirty, ok?”

Julie leaned over my shoulder as I spoke to him, her breasts pressing heavily against me.

“Make sure you’re ready then!” she said, “Ready for anything that is!”

I didn’t consider that she meant sex as well and I let the remark go without comment.

Smack on time he arrived and minutes later we were stepping outside, Julie immediately climbing into the back of my car with him. In the mirror I could see that they were snuggled close together and soon I heard kissing sounds and heard her wish him a belated “Happy Birthday.”

“So how’s my birthday boy?” I heard her say and Rick muttered some reply that I didn’t catch.

“He said he’s horny,” piped up Julie from the back, “Like me!”

I immediately knew where the night was heading…although this would be the first time that she’d strayed while I was present.

We were soon at the pub where Julie and Rick drank fairly heavily and where we enjoyed some friendly games of pool. I’ve no idea now who won; probably I did because I was relatively sober but I do remember enjoying the sight of Julie’s tightly clad arse as she bent over the table and also her expansive cleavage visible courtesy of her low-cut top.

The trouble with that was that she was attracting all the guys and with the pub being quite busy it became a bit annoying. Julie of course loved the attention and being Julie she kept draping herself over my brother and other studs, not that I noticed them complaining except when she distracted their cue work!

A little while later, when the crowds were becoming a bit raucous I dragged my two charges away and I drove us a further ten miles to a nearby village and another pub where it was considerably quieter. There we were able to commandeer the only pool table and then we played on.

I should admit that I couldn’t blame Julie for her interest in Rick; he was tall and slim, possibly better looking than me and eleven years younger than me too. His voice was already deep and he looked quite old enough to drink — and fuck presumably — and he seemed to know how to keep her interested. Mind you, he was well aware of the way she’d play away…her philandering was already common knowledge between us so perhaps he was as hopeful as she seemed to be.

And then it was closing time and we trooped out into the night air.

“I’m going in the back again!” said Julie as we reached the car, “Come on Rick.”

Together they piled in and now, with a longer journey back to our place things began to happen, much as I expected.

“Oooooh Julieeee,” I heard him moan quietly; then the sound of a zip being undone.

There were wet smooching and heavy breathing noises too; then the sound of another zip coming undone followed by Julie’s voice.

“Down a bit more…ooooh yesss!” she said breathlessly.

I wanted to let my own zip down and haul my quickly stiffening cock out but I was busy driving and listening — but this was quite exciting!

For a little while things when quiet, then Julie started making subdued squeaks and panting noises and I guessed she was doing her best to hide the sounds of an orgasm from me.

More comparative silence and then I could hear what could only be the sound of her hand rubbing quickly up and down his penis; that brushing, slapping sound, accompanied by Rick’s more rapid breathing.

“Careful…” I heard him say very quietly, “Careful — oh fuck, ahhh!”

There were some grunting noises now and the pungent smell of hot cum filled the warm car, followed by suppressed giggles from Julie.

“Enjoying yourselves?” I asked innocently.

“I think Rick’s happy,” said Julie brightly, “He’ll sleep well tonight!”

“I think you enjoyed yourself too,” said Rick as the scent of sex spread around the car.

Quite honestly I knew exactly what was going on — I’d almost encouraged it by letting her get in the back with him and by not stopping her when I could hear them playing, but the excitement was too great to even try to stop them…and anyway, it had been his birthday!

We arrived home not that long after they’d finished playing around and as we got out of the car, Julie came and leaned against me seductively.

“I got him off,” she said, “I’ve got a handful of cum!”

She opened her fist and showed me the sticky aromatic puddle of cum before bringing her hand to her mouth and simply sucking it all in and swallowing it!

“Mmmmm, he tastes nice!” she said, her eyes sparkling, “That’s some lively young spunk!”

It was then I noticed that her zip was still undone and with a quick movement I slid my hand inside, immediately finding her pussy to be simply swamped! But she pushed me away before she became too excited, telling me she wanted to save it for later.

After the evening out and the entertaining drive home, Rick was a bit inebriated and tired now and so he retired to bed fairly early, leaving Julie and me to wind down. Julie was still remarkably horny and we soon went to bed and had a good hard fuck before she sat up.

“What the matter?” I asked as I lay there, “You worried about Rick?”

“Not worried, just curious,” she said, “You see, in the car I couldn’t really tell how long his cock was because we were sitting down and I’m fascinated now.”

“You’re just wanting to have another go at it really, aren’t you?” I replied and Julie answered by grasping my once-again erect penis and rubbing it.

“Mmmmmm,” she replied, “Yeah, I do want to feel it properly…he was lovely and thick.”

She began to play with herself, fingering her juicy cunt and stroking her clit until she brought herself off with a quick climax.

“You’re really randy tonight, aren’t you?” I said, “Does Rick turn you on that much?”

She slapped my chest gently and sniggered.

“No, it’s not that, it’s just been a very sexy night,” she said, “And it’s got me so excited.”

“Come on, admit it, you want him, don’t you?” I asked and Julie nodded quickly.

“He’s so much like you really, it was like playing with your cock,” she agreed, “And I know he’s in the other room and he’s all alone…and I just thought it’d be nice…”

“Go on then — go and see him,” I answered, knowing that she’d got her mind set on finding out more, “But I’m coming with you.”

“Ooooh Chris, thank you,” she said, bending down and planting a long sloppy kiss on my cock, “I’m sure he’s just as big as you and I bet he’ll feel lovely up inside me!”

This was my wife talking; a woman who’d sworn marriage vows to me; a woman who was now openly telling me that she intended to fuck my brother!

We both got up and allowing Julie to lead the way we quietly opened Rick’s door to find him still fast asleep, his bedside light still on.

With quivering cock I stood back as a naked Julie leaned down and insinuated her hand under the bedclothes until I heard Rick grunt in his sleep; she’d obviously found his penis.

“Mmmmmm, he’s getting hard,” whispered Julie quietly as she looked round at me, “It feels big now, still growing though!”

I saw her hand begin to move and it wasn’t long before she’d created a considerable tent that remained standing even when she took her hand away.

But she wasn’t finished with him; far from it, as now she lifted the bedclothes and slid her head underneath. I knew the moment that she clamped her lips around his cock because Rick’s eyes popped open and he gasped before his eyes focused on me.

I gave him a big smile to keep him calm and slapped Julie’s naked bum gently.

“Your birthday treat!” I said as I pushed back the bedclothes to reveal Julie with his penis deep inside her mouth.

“He’s awake,” I said as I patted Julie’s arse gently, “You can let him go now!”

She lifted off his cock and stood there now, licking her lips and smiling broadly.

“Hello Rick,” she said, “I’ve just been testing you and yes, it works!”

“Does, doesn’t it!” he agreed, “Felt lovely.”

“Mmmmm, so does your cock,” she said, “Super hard erection you’ve got there — you don’t mind if I share it?”

“Is that ok?” asked Rick, looking at me and I nodded, my own erection nodding in time with my head.

“Yeah, you know what she’s like!” I said, “She won’t be happy ’til she’s had you properly!”

“She’s already made me cum once tonight,” admitted Rick but I just smiled back.

“That was just to relieve the pressure!” I said, “This time I think she wants to get some pleasure too!”

Rick threw back the bedclothes entirely and exposed his naked body, his penis all long, rigid and wet with Julie’s saliva and he patted the bed.

“Come on then Julie, get back to work!” he said, wide awake now and smiling broadly.

Julie turned around; her curvy body with her heavy tits and deliciously thick black pubic triangle seemingly glowing in the small light and she came to me and stretched up to kiss me, her sexually heated body squirming deliciously against me.

“Thank you darling,” she said, for once happy with me, “I won’t leave you out!”

With that she returned to Rick and gave him a kiss too and I saw Rick’s hands both come up and take a breast each before she pulled away and settled down on the bed within easy reach of his cock.

She grasped him, bringing forth a long moan of desire from Rick before she ducked her head and slid his penis into her welcoming mouth again, her delicious lips almost certainly making him feel truly wanted.

Quickly she moved so that her feet were almost on the pillow and now in that new position Rick was able to bring his hand between the cheeks of her arse to caress and tease her pussy as well.

They were both well absorbed in their work so I tiptoed out and left the door partially open behind me, aiming to grab some sleep while they played.

But back in my bed my cock had other ideas and remained stubbornly erect; not just erect but throbbingly so; sending messages to my brain that kept me well and truly awake as I lay there stroking my erection and quietly listening to the sounds of sex from the other bedroom.

I wanted to have a wank but thought better of it; Julie might well come back and require my services, so I just lay there, gently playing; just keeping him simmering until my clock told me that it was almost one o’clock in the morning.

It really was time that we all found some sleep but with curiosity getting the better of me I just had to go and see what was happening, so, quietly getting up and crossing the landing, I pushed his door wide open.

There on the bed was Julie riding him wildly, his cock well embedded in her sexy wet cunt, her large tits bouncing and her long hair flying.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” she was saying each time she dropped herself down onto on his erection, “That’s good — that’s good — oh, that’s good!”

Eventually Julie worked herself up into a frantic orgasm; her whole body shaking, twisting and turning as she impaled herself until she shuddered, climaxed and was sated before she dismounted and collapsed onto the bed beside him.

“Fuck, that’s four orgasms I’ve had,” said Julie as she stroked Rick’s belly, “I’m worn out and you still haven’t cum yet!”

I sat on the bed and watched as she took hold of his cock and began to masturbate him again; her hand moving steadily up and down his stout shaft while his fingers began to delve into her slippery wet pussy. My own cock was still very hard and I began to play with myself too, just enjoying the erotic spectacle before me.

Julie worked away for a while until Rick stopped her.

“Hang on. It’s no use, I just can’t cum,” he said, “Think I must have had too much to drink.”

Julie climbed aboard his cock once more, believing that her pussy would be able to bring him off — and probably wanting more sex herself…and some fifteen minutes later, after she’d cum at least once more, she rolled off his erection and lay slumped again, both of them now getting their breath back.

“You still haven’t cum?” she exclaimed and Rick shook his head.

“I can’t, I really can’t!” he said, “It won’t work!”

In need of a cock, unable to resist and assured that I had the answer, I moved around the bed and without asking I took hold of his erection. It was still rigid and was sticky with Julie’s juices.

“Let me,” I murmured.

I leaned over, opened my mouth wide, engulfed the end of his penis and began to suck him off.

“Ahh Chris!” he gasped, “Ohhh no — you shouldn’t!”

But I was attached to his penis now, sliding my lips up and down his tasty shaft steadily. Rick let out a long sigh of pleasure as I concentrated on his knob while bring my hand up to rub his shaft and as I did so, Julie moaned that his fingers were making her so wet. I glanced aside and was able to see his hand buried in Julie’s cunt as she knelt beside him.

But now I concentrated on his penis, feeling the slipperiness of his knob and its lovely ridge of stiff flesh against my lips, before I allowed it to slide deep into me until his penis reached the back of my mouth. The taste of Julie’s juices were still evident on his penis and they added to the delicious feel of his erection sliding through my lips.

I managed to let his knob slide briefly into my throat but I didn’t want him to cum down there, I wanted to be able to taste him, to taste his brotherly spunk!

“Gosh,” said Julie as she watched me, her eyes wide open, “I didn’t know you sucked cocks.”

I lifted my head and looked at her.

“You love a good mouthful, don’t you,” I said and she nodded.

“Well, so do I,” I continued, “What’s good for you is good for me too!”

“So you’re gay are you Chris,” asked Rick but I shook my head.

“No way, I’m bisexual — I go both ways,” I said, “Why, do you want a suck too?”

“No, not my scene,” said Rick, “But now you’re sucking me you might as well finish me off if you can manage.”

I returned to my pleasurable task, taking his warm stiff penis back into my mouth; then I held just his knob in my mouth and started wanking his shaft while I sucked and stimulated his knob. Julie now snuggled closer beside Rick and he and Julie just lay there as I sucked him — Julie watching and holding her cunt open for Rick’s fingers, while his hips began bucking upwards up at me.

His cock tasted of a delicious mixture of cunt juice and precum, the emissions of which came regularly and generously, slippery on my tongue as I lapped it up.

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