My Little Brother Is A Stud Pt 2

I engulfed the head of his cock in my mouth. I licked all around it, delighting in the taste of his gorgeous manhood. I grabbed the base of his dick with my hand, and gave it a squeeze as I continued to polish his cockhead with my tongue.

Part 1


My brother and I did not do anything sexual for a couple weeks after our night of debauchery. Neither of us did so much as to mention it, as our actions felt so dirty and taboo. The risks of us getting caught were immense, and the actions themselves seemed so wrong. And while I thought it was a one-time thing, I fantasized about the occurrences of that evening almost incessantly and masturbated countless times thinking about my brother’s toned body and massive cock.

Shortly after the school year ended, my entire family traveled to New York to visit my grandparents. Whenever we traveled somewhere as a family, I always wound up much hornier than usual. There was very little private time to take care of the seemingly incessant sexual urges of a young male, and there was no porn or any of the other usual tools that help in doing so. The longer such trips went on, the more backed up I would become and the more excited I would be to fuck anything with a warm hole.

One day while we were there, a group consisting of my brothers and some cousins made our way over to a baseball field that was located down the street to play some ball. The afternoon proceeded as planned, with nothing particularly exciting happening. Once the baseball game had finished up, everyone decided to head back to my grandparents’ house. However, Matt and I decided to stay behind to take some extra swings. Since I was on the road with my family and staying at someone else’s house, I had not jerked off in a few days, and was feeling particularly horny. I decided that I would use this opportunity to see if I could entice Matt into getting a little frisky once again.

My brother and I alternated pitching and batting a few times. Every time I was at the plate and had to pick up the stray balls in the area, I made sure to bend over nice slow, and always have my ass facing my brother. Before too long, while I was bent over picking up a ball, I felt Matt put his hands on my hips and grind his pelvis up against my ass. I just froze where I was, bent over in front of him, and then proceeded to return the favor by rubbing my butt against his already hardening dick. We continued like this for a few silent moments, waiting to see who was going to be the one to say what both of us were now thinking.

He was the first to speak when he said, “Ever since that night, I’ve wanted to do you again.” He paused, placing his hands on my back and making sure that I felt his erection growing against my butt cheeks. “Do you want to mess around a little right now?”

Smiling on both the inside and the outside, I stood up and turned to face him. “I thought you’d never ask,” I replied. Quickly looking around, I noticed that the nearby dugout would be a perfect place to stay out of view from anyone who happened to be walking by. I rubbed my hand over the bulge in his pants, and then made my way towards the dugout.

My heart raced with anticipation, and could hardly wrap my mind around the fact that I was about to have sex with my brother out in public. I had never done anything even remotely this risky in my life and I knew it could go horribly wrong in so many ways, but we were both too horny to pump the brakes.

Once we reached the bottom of the dugout steps, he wrapped his arms around me from behind and started grinding his now bulging penis all over my ass. After he let go, I instinctively turned around and dropped to my knees as he simultaneously dropped his pants around his ankles. His massive eight inch penis popped right out into my face. It looked amazing, and I could not wait make him cum.

Grabbing it with one hand and placing my other on his leg for stability, I gave his full length a few full, solid strokes, before I could not wait any longer to taste it. Like an animal that had not eaten in weeks, I engulfed the head of his cock in my mouth. I licked all around it, delighting in the taste of his gorgeous manhood. I grabbed the base of his dick with my hand, and gave it a squeeze as I continued to polish his cockhead with my tongue. He quickly started moaning in pleasure, as he leaned back and pushed more of his meat into my hot mouth. I willingly accepted his advances, as my tongue caressed the underside of his penis and my lips massaged his shaft. He continued to slowly thrust his meat in and out of my mouth as I relentlessly sucked on it for all I was forth. My left hand began to churn around the base of his meat, as I reveled in every inch of his bulging manhood.

I needed to lube him up more, so I pulled my head off of his meat and spit on it a couple of times as I fervently jerked his entire length and smeared my salvia all around. Once he was ready to go again, I lifted his cock up with my hand and licked all around his balls for a few moments. Glancing up at him seductively, I then slowly ran my tongue all the way up the underside of shaft and plopped my mouth back onto his moist cockhead. I instantly started working my tongue all the way around the end of his dick as I began sucking again. As I did so, his knees buckled and he moaned out in ecstasy. I knew I was getting him close to climaxing and to receiving my hot, sticky reward.

I then started to take more of his length into me, as I began bobbing my head back and forth while engulfing about half of his bulging penis into my mouth. My hand soon found its’ way back onto the base of his shaft and it jerked in unison with the gliding of my lips. With his grunts and moans becoming consistently louder, he placed one of his hands on the back of my head and began forcing more and more of his manhood into my accepting mouth. “You’re a dirty little cocksucker. You love my love my cock, don’t you baby. Take that fat cock in your mouth you little slut, take it,” he degradingly muttered down at me. I turned my eyes to gaze submissively back upwards at him and tried to respond, but his girth was so large that I could not get any words out. He was so big that I had to really focus on not gagging and choking on him.

As I started to grow accustomed to his natural rhythm and his size, my attention returned to his penis tip and corona. I worked my tongue back and forth around the sensitive underside of his manhood each time his cock slid into my mouth. After a minute of this, his breathing became heavier and his gasps grew louder. I knew it was time to bring him to climax. I tightened my lips around his shaft and began picking up the pace of my head’s bobbing motion while continuing to work my tongue around his tip. For added leverage I placed my hand on his butt cheek to help pull him farther into me. Now sucking as fast as I could and feeling like I could barely breath, I heard him stammer out, “Oh my God, I’m gonna cum soon.”

At this point I turned all of oral attention to his cockhead, rapping my young lips firmly around his corona while ardently working my tongue all around his most sensitive areas. My hand wrapped itself around his shaft and started eagerly tugging on him. My eyes gazed upwards again and locked onto his as I kept feverishly working his massive penis, seemingly begging for him to shoot his load. My sole focus was making him cum, and me wanting it so badly made me feel like a total slut.

After just a few moments I saw his eyes close, his head tilt back, and felt his body tighten up. Still looking up at him, I let his cock out of my mouth and rested it on my lips while I jerked his 8 inch rod as fast as I could. With one load moan I felt him erupt, and soon a giant string of steaming hot cum exploded all the way up along my face and into my hair. Still passionately stroking him, I closed my eyes and felt four more shots of his jiz spurt out onto my face. I had never taken it on the face before, but I loved how dirty it made me feel – especially since it was my own brother who had done the decorating.

Once he had finished ejaculating all over my face, I opened my lips and took him back into my mouth again to really suck him dry. I slowly and passionately worked the full length of his cock several times, making sure that I got every last drop of cum that was still oozing out of his tip. Once I was satisfied, I sat back on my heels to catch my breath. Matt looked totally spent, and had an expression of calm relief on his face as he pulled his pants back on. “That was phenomenal,” he said. “I haven’t come that hard in months. And you suck better than any girl I’ve ever been with.” Wiping off my face, I knew that my job had been done well.

Soon after we both caught our breath, my mind started thinking of what else we could do to fool around while we were out there in the dugout. I was still horny as could be and was definitely willing to take some more cock. However, barely two minutes had passed since Matt had finished on me when one of my other brothers came walking through the outfield to tell us that we needed to head back. If only he had shown up a couple minutes earlier, he would have stumbled upon quite the scene!

As Matt and I came out of the dugout, we took a few minutes to pick up all of the balls, batts, and gloves that were scattered around the field. While doing so, I discretely tried to make sure that gotten all of my brother’s cum off of my face without my other brother noticing. If there was any left, that would take a heck of a lot of explaining.

Hoping that I had managed to do so, the three of us began making our way back towards my grandparents’ house just as some storm clouds began rolling in. It certainly looked like it was going to rain, so it was good that we were heading in when we were. I still had an erection visible in my pants that simply would not go away, so I slowed my stride and gradually fell behind my brothers as we continued. Upon doing so, my gaze quickly gravitated towards my brother’s behind. I was still so horny and desperately needed a release, and Matt’s ass looked incredibly enticing. It was strong, muscular, and swayed in just the right way as he walked. I had already experienced it once, and I was now chomping at the bit to have it again.

I could hardly believe what I was thinking, but my brother’s ass began to look more and more alluring by the moment. My erection continued to grow, and I would have given almost anything to bury myself deep inside of him and go to town. And as more and more incestuous fantasies filled my head, I thought that he would have to let me fuck him, especially after I had just sucked him off in public and let him shoot his load all over my face. And the last time we had fooled around, he had fucked me twice while I had only fucked him once, so he owed me in a way.

Now that I had it in my mind that I was going to make a pass at him, the next obvious question and how and where would be able to do anything? We were about to get back to a house that was filled with relatives, and it’s not like I can ask everyone for some privacy so that I can have anal sex with my brother in the other room. Although as I thought about it, an idea popped into my head. I’m not sure if it would work, but I had to give it a shot or else I knew that my lust would drive me insane.

We got back to the house just before the rain started coming down, and we were told that dinner was going to be in a few minutes so that we should clean up. Between all of the aunts, uncles, cousins, the house was bustling with about 15 other people. But thankfully everyone who had been playing baseball had already showered, and everyone was downstairs getting ready for dinner. This left the upstairs bathroom open and available for us to use.

As we walked upstairs to the spare bedroom where

Both Matt and I had our stuff in the same bedroom, and I laid out my plan as we were taking out clean clothes from our travel bags.

“Did you like that?” I grinned at him, obviously knowing the answer to my own question.

“That was fucking amazing. I still can’t get over how good that felt,” Matt replied. “You honestly give head better than any girl who’s ever blown me. We’ll have to do this more often.”

“You’re totally right. I don’t know what it is, but I love getting on my knees and sucking your cock,” I replied as I bashed in the complimenting of my oral skills. “But I need some release too, and you owe me something.”

“I bet you do,” Matt said, locking his eyes onto my hard-on. “But what can we do? We don’t exactly have a lot of privacy here. And do you want me to suck you off too?”

Having already thought this through, I answered, “I figure we can both be in the bathroom at the same time, but we just can’t go in or out together. And I want anal. And I’ve been staring at your ass all day. Last time you fucked me in the ass twice, and I only had your ass once.”

“I guess you’re right, I do kind of owe you,” Matt contemplated. “Although do you think we won’t get caught?”

“I figure that if you go in first and take a few minutes to get the shower going and get yourself ready, I’ll go in a few minutes later. And if we’re quite about it, the shower should cover up any noise we make.” As Matt thought about what I was saying, I continued, “And we don’t have much choice, because there is no way I’m making it through a whole family dinner without me busting a nut. Someone is going to have to blow me under the table.”

“Alright, let’s do it,” Matt agreed, willing to reciprocate the pleasure that I had brought him in the park. “But we better be quick, so you better bring you’re A-game,” he continued as a licentious grin appeared on his face.

“Just be naked and have your ass ready for me, and it shouldn’t be a problem,” I countered as I watched him head out towards the bathroom with a towel and fresh set of clothes in his hands.

I didn’t know it was possible to be hornier and more ready to go than I already had been, but I had someone found a way to reach new heights of arousal. I knew that I had to wait a few minutes for Matt to get ready and so that no one saw us going into the bathroom together, but the minutes seemed like hours. I couldn’t help but stick my hand down my pants and start rubbing my super-sensitive and eager member while I waited, and I soon felt my balls begin to churn in ravenous anticipation.

About a minute after I had heard the shower start running, I couldn’t wait any longer. I tiptoed down the hall, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention to myself, and quietly slipped into the bathroom. After making sure the door was tightly locked behind me, and I hastily de-robed, nearly tripping over my shorts while I did so. I tossed my sweaty t-shirt and shorts on the floor next to Matt’s – we could sort the clothes out later, as I had far more urgent priorities to tend to.

As I readied for the moment of truth, the bathroom began to steam up. I hoped Matt’s ass was ready, because the water wasn’t the only thing that was hot. My heart was once again going a mile a minute and felt like it was going to beat out of my chest as I pulled the curtain back to view my prize. Matt’s tall, tanned, muscular body stood glistening under a continuous stream of warm water. His back was to me, but he turned to look over his shoulder as he heard the curtain open up. His face wore an expression of arousal, anticipation, and nervousness, as he knew that was going to have to take my 7-inch rod in his taught rear hole.

With my fully-hard cock in my right hand and my left hand outstretched, I stepped into the shower and directly behind my teenage brother’s gorgeous ass. Eager to feel the sensual warmth of his body, I immediately placed my hand on his waist and pressed my body up against his, allowing my erection to slide right in between his butt cheeks. Sensing my touch, he arched his back slightly, putting even more pressure on the sensitive underside of my shaft.

I couldn’t believe that the current situation was real – I was totally naked in a steamy shower with my brother, about to fuck him in the ass, with both my immediate and extended family all in the same house. If they only had a clue about the almost unthinkably taboo, incestuous act that was occurring directly above their heads.

As the water continued to cascade down both of our bodies, I removed my right hand from my cock and placed it opposite it’s counterpart on Matt’s hips. Seemingly matching my motions, he moved his hands behind him and placed them on my muscular thighs and he began to caress my body as pre-cum began to ooze out of slit. As my cock continued to mash against his firm ass, both of our hands began to uninhibitedly wander – mine along his stomach and chest, and his onto my butt cheeks. Matthew barely had any hair on his body, to the point that his skin felt almost feminine, which only served to turn me on even more.

As I reached around to grab his cock, his fingernails dug into my butt cheeks and held me right up against him. He clearly loved the stimulation, and I wasn’t going to let him go through as ass-fucking without getting some pleasure himself.

I began to stroke his growing 8-inch erection that I had just sucked off about 20 minutes before, I leaned forward and covetously muttered in his ear, “Oh baby, are you ready to get fucked? Are you ready to give me that sweet ass of yours?”

“Yes, big boy,” he whimpered back, turning into the submissive anal slut that I hoped he would be.

“That’s right baby, now bend over a little more for me,” I instructed, as he stood 2-3 inches taller than me and I wanted to make sure that I had the proper leverage. Ready to see how well he had prepped himself and if I thought I could slide inside of him, I pulled my hips back and ran my hand between his cheeks and along his rear hole. After a few passes, I spit onto one of my fingers and inserted it in. His sphincter tightened right away, so I just left it there while it slowly adjusted to something being inside. He had clearly been prepping himself before, but he was still almost virgin tight. I knew he was going to feel amazing, but I had to make sure that I could get inside of him first.

Once I felt his anal muscles loosen slightly, I began working my finger back and forth, going as far in as I could before pulling almost all the way out. And while I ideally would have spent taken the time to slowly work in a second finger and then a third, I didn’t have the patience and we didn’t have the time to take things slow. I was going to try to fit inside of him whether he liked it or not.

I hurriedly found a bottle of shampoo and squirted it down onto my cock. Since I didn’t have any lube, so this would have to do. I frantically slid my hand all along it until it was as slick as it was ever going to get. Looking down, I could hardly believe how aroused and sensitive the entire length of my penis had become. The head was swelling bigger than I had ever seen it before. I began praying that I’d be able to fit it inside of him, as I don’t know if I had ever been so eager to fuck someone in my entire life.

“Lean forward,” I whispered into his ear. He obediently did so, presenting his ass for the taking.

“Here is comes,” I mumbled in between heavy breathes. I grabbed hold of the base to steady myself, and as I pressed forward he slowly pressed his ass back on my cock. He wanted it inside of him just as much as I did, and soon my bulging cockhead was pressing against his taut asshole. Both of us continued to steadily press until finally the head of my cock popped into his tight rear hole.

We both exhaled deeply together as we shared a mutual state of sexual relief, as an incestuous union between two brothers was now complete. As I stood still in a state of pure sexual bliss, I could hardly believe that I was penetrating my brother in the shower with my family right downstairs. It might be the dirtiest thing I had ever done, but I was loving every moment of it.

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7 thoughts on “My Little Brother Is A Stud Pt 2

  1. Alex says:

    These guys are two brothers who found more in each other (no pun intended) than just brotherly love. They found hot, tabu sex. It’s between the two of them. I say carry on, get an apartment together and fuck each other’s brains out

  2. Robbie says:

    I don’t have a problem with the brothers enjoying a moment of sexual pleasure and passion. They will look back on their dalliances with fond memories.

  3. Lonewolf69 says:

    DAMN ! Hope this Continues ! talk about hot. I can say that Similar happened between me and my brother, when home from the Service. It was Hot , It was early in the AM / Late night, and definitely worth the risk!

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