My Little Penis Got Hard

Gay massage

When I was named employee of the month at the small company I work for, my manager awarded me with a gift card for a massage at a local spa. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, I’d never stepped foot in a spa. But I made an appointment and when the time arrived, I found myself walking into a very clean and fresh smelling lobby. It was decorated in muted colors with a large desk for the pretty receptionist. I timidly told her my name and she smiled and asked me to wait in a comfy looking chair near the front door.

I’d only sat there for a few moments before another pretty lady entered the lobby and called my name. I followed her down a hallway and into a brightly lit room with a large, padded table sitting right in the center. The table had a padded ring on one end and I assumed that was where my head would rest. Everything in the room was white, except a bit of chrome on the table.

Before she left, she gave me a series of instructions. I stripped behind a flimsy curtain and left my clothes folded neatly on a small shelf. I then slipped on a terry cloth robe and perched myself on the edge of the padded table and nervously waited for my masseuse to arrive.

It wasn’t long before I heard a firm knock on the door. I invited them in and heard myself gasp when I saw the huge man who would be my masseur. He must’ve been at least fifteen years my senior and easily stood 6’6. He had the broadest shoulders I’ve ever seen and his chiseled chest and abs could be seen through his tight shirt. He has smoldering blue eyes and a smile that immediately made me feel like I was made of jell-o.

I’d always tried to convince myself that I was straight. But when I laid in bed at night and played with myself, thoughts of men like my masseur often invaded my fantasies. Being made love to by a man was the one fantasy that always made me the horniest.

After he introduced himself, I bashfully told him I thought I would have a woman masseuse. He grinned and apologized for disappointing me. He asked if I’d ever had a massage before. When I slowly shook my head from side to side and softly told him I hadn’t, he smiled even brighter. In his deep, sexy voice he said, “Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll take good care of you.”

While standing right in front of me, he rested his massive hands on my knees. He told me I needed to disrobe and lay face down. With a knot in my stomach, I slipped off the table onto my bare feet. He didn’t back away and I didn’t have much space between this giant of a man and the table. But I managed to turn away from him and face the table. I untied my robe and he helped to remove it from my pale, petite body. He turned to put the robe away. When he did, I quickly hopped back up on the table and laid my naked front onto the soft padding.

I had butterflies in my stomach when he turned after hanging up my robe. His eyes were wandering over my naked body while he crossed the room. I found it really difficult to look at him, so I kept my head turned in the opposite direction. When I heard bottles clinking together, I looked to see what he was up to. He was standing at a tray I hadn’t noticed before. The tray had about a dozen glass bottles with glass stoppers. Each of the bottles was filled with a liquid I assumed was oil. He chose a bottle with a slight purple hue to its contents. He looked to me and grinned, “How do you feel about lavender? It has a very relaxing aroma. I think it is a bit feminine. But in my opinion, it will be perfect on you.”

Hearing him say those words made my penis tingle and become very stiff. My back arched a bit when I half moaned, half spoke the words, “Lavender is fine.”

He smiled, showing off his perfectly white teeth. After crossing the room, he got organized and soon poured the oil into his hand. He rubbed his hands together and explained that he was warming it for me. When he laid that massive hands on my naked back, I moaned both from my arousal and from the sexual excitement continuing to build inside my body.

He asked questions of me while rubbing his massive hands over my naked back, shoulders and arms. I couldn’t help but squirm under his powerful touch. He asked about my work, where I live and what I hope to do when I ‘grow up’. My little penis remained fully erect and I dreaded the moment when he would ask me to roll over.

He eventually left my back and drizzled warmed oil down my legs. After warming more oil in his hands, he moved his attention to my feet, I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. I have certain parts of my body that are super ticklish, the bottoms of my feet are the most sensitive. I squirmed around, giggling while he massaged my bare feet and I found myself rolling onto my side, facing him, trying to avoid his touch! While on my side, he got a quick look at my very excited penis! I saw him smile while staring at my bare penis with its sparse, blonde pubic hair. I quickly rolled back onto my stomach when I realized he was checking me out.

I know I was blushing. I felt so foolish getting so excited while this grown man was massaging me. He probably thought I was just a silly kid. But that expression on his face when he saw my erection, that wasn’t an amused look. My mind was in turmoil and my body was in overdrive.

His hands left my now very slippery feet and moved up my legs. He asked if I had a girlfriend. I told him I did not. He then asked if I had a boyfriend, I blushed deeply and told him no again. His strong hands slowly worked their way up my legs and were concentrating on my upper thighs. His hands were so big his thumbs and fingers were on opposite sides of my leg. I could feel the warmth of his hands so dangerously close to my penis. I couldn’t help but squirm and grind my hips.

The moment he asked if I wanted a boyfriend or a girlfriend, his strong oily hands begin working on my slippery butt cheeks. One hand on either oily cheek, squeezing and massaging the muscles. Both of his thumbs between my cheeks, sliding up and down. I tried to remain calm as his thumbs slid over my little wrinkled hole. In a timid voice I told him that I would love to find a special someone. I was far too bashful to openly admit that I’m attracted to both men and women.

Sliding his hands under hips, he lifted me upward, raising my hips above the table. One of his hands slipped between my legs and touches my rigid penis! A high-pitched squeak slipped through my lips and I nearly squirted right then and there! I wasn’t prepared for him to touch my penis! He gently pulled my stiff penis backward, pointing toward my feet. His other hand gently pushed down on my lower back. With my thighs spread as wide as the table would allow, my penis laid flat on the table. I could feel it pulling on strange muscles inside me. I’d never been in that position before and it was surprising how sexy it made me feel.

His big, strong, slippery hands returned to my butt. His thumbs dragging between my cheeks more than ever. He gently pressed his thumbs against my wrinkled hole and asked, “You didn’t answer my question. Do you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend?”

When I hesitated to answer, he applied more force with his thumbs. I could feel my little hole opening up for him. I squirm and stammer, “A boyfriend? A girlfriend? Either? I just want someone to love me.”

He teased me with his touch until I was sure my penis was leaking onto the tabletop. Just when I approached Cloud 9, he moved his hands away from my bottom and onto my back. He massaged the muscles deeply, relaxing me and calming me down. But with my throbbing penis pointing toward my toes, I couldn’t help but slowly hump myself against the table. I was acting shamelessly before this giant of a man and I was beginning not to care. He needed to know how he was making me feel.

He focused his touch on my backbone, then my shoulder blades, shoulders, arms and finally my hands. He worked on the arm furthest from him first. As he leaned against the table, I could feel his erection pressing against the side of my hand. I was completely losing my mind. I’d never been so horny before!

When he finished that arm, he stepped away and massaged my arm closest to him. I struggled to keep from squirting all over the table. The more he touched me, the hornier I got.

Still standing at my side, his fingertips danced their way from my shoulders to the crack of my bottom. The index finger of one hand drew gentle circles around my wrinkled hole. The index finger of his other hand slid down until it ever-so-gently tickled the neck of my penis. Leaning very to my ear, he whispered, “It’s time for you to roll over.” He then withdrew his touch. Leaving me wanting for more.

I looked up at him. I know I was blushing. The moment my lips parted as I began to speak, he hushed me. In a soft, caring voice he said, “It’s okay Baby. There is nothing to be embarrassed about with me.” Laying his hands on my naked body, he helped me to roll over exposing my naked front to him. I forced myself to keep my hands at my sides and my eyes wide open. I needed this giant of man to see me.

He stood there looking down at my quivering body with my throbbing penis. My little pink nipples were stiff and I was breathing very heavily. He smiled and whispered, “You’re just as cute as I knew you’d be. Actually, you’re more adorable than I hoped.”

I squirmed around on the table. My back already coated with oil made sliding around on the table so erotic feeling. With a warm smile on his face, he took the bottle of oil and drizzled it in the shape of a heart across my hairless chest and stomach. He then continued to pour oil down both my arms and legs. Lastly, he glanced up at my face and smiled. He then poured the flowery scented oil over my penis. He completely drenched it in the oil and I squirmed and moaned while he did.

Using both of those massive hands, he spread the oil over my entire front, except for my desperate penis! He left my throbbing erection alone and completely neglected it. No matter how much I slid around and thrust my hips up, he avoided it at all costs.

He took his time rubbing me down. While massaging my arms and legs, he moved from one side of the table to the other. He had me giggling like an idiot when he attacked my feet again. While focusing on my shoulders, he stood above my head. I remember looking up at him while he tenderized the muscles of my shoulders. Every time my penis jumped, his gaze would shoot down to watch it. When he looked back into my eyes, there was always a grin on his face.

Moving to the side of the table, he had me lay my arms above my head and slowly rubbed his hands over my naked chest and stomach. With his index fingers, he drew lazy circles around my tingling nipples. My hips were grinding around on the slippery table and my penis was aching for attention.

While still stretched out with my arms above my head, he soon let his giant hands slide down my body. Those massive hands of his were nearly able to circle my narrow waist. With those fingers wrapped around me, he slid them from my ribs to my hip bones over and over.

Looking up into his eyes, I whimpered a single word, “Please.”

He whispered back, “Please what, Baby?”

My eyes rolled up into my head while my back arched deeply and I moaned. In a squeaky voice I uttered, “Please help.”

His strong hands slid down over my hips and brushed through my pubic hair. But he was careful not to let them get too close to my penis. He smiled while his strong hands massaged my hip bones. “Help you what?”

Arching my back deeply, I whispered, “Please make me cum.”

His strong hands slid to my thighs, reaching between them, he guided me to spread my legs wide for him. Once properly positioned, he lay one palm against my stomach and slipped his other hand between my legs. I saw a glint in his eye the moment before he pressed his index finger against my little wrinkled hole.

I was unable to breath while he held his finger at the entrance to my body. My penis was no longer throbbing, it was remaining fully erect. I intentionally arched my back and spread my legs even wider for him. I tried to hump myself against his finger, but he kept it right on my hole. I was utterly frustrated and needed his finger inside me.

While slowly rubbing gentle circles on my stomach, he was careful never to let his hand make contact with my penis. The index finger of his other hand rested against my wrinkled hole. He never applied any pressure at all. He just kept it there so I knew where it was. And the warmth of his finger was making me hornier than I thought was possible. I heard myself moan and my hips were humping the air.

Looking down at me, he smiled and whispered four words, “What do you want?”

I whimpered that I wanted to cum. His smile grew wider when he asked how I wanted to cum. My hips were bucking up and down trying to get him to touch me more. In a squeaky voice I said, “Any way you want!”

Removing his hand from my stomach, he reached up and took hold of my wrist. He lowered my hand until it was resting atop of the massive, throbbing bulge in his pants. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft of his cock over his pants. Rolling onto my side, I reached over with my other hand and undid the button on his pants. My hands were shaking when I slowly lowered his zipper. I glanced up at him quickly and saw him smiling down at me when I reached into his pants.

When my relatively small hand first touched his cock, I knew I’d never felt anything so erotic. Before I even got it free from his pants, I felt the veins pulsing with his arousal. The silky soft skin of the shaft was pulled taut along the length of the shaft. It was a magical moment I’ll never forget.

When I finally freed his cock from inside his pants, I gasped and squirmed around on the slippery table. The head was easily the size of a plum and the shaft was only slightly thinner. It had to be at least 9 inches long and it was already drooling its excitement. The pair of balls hanging low in his scrotum were the size of walnuts. He was huge and I was going to give myself to him!

He allowed me to hold onto his cock while he moved back above my head. Reaching down he removed the circular headrest from the table. Taking my hands in his, he gently pulled me toward him. I slid on the table with absolutely no friction. With my head hanging off the edge of the table, I parted my lips and pulled his cock toward me.

The soft, squishy head of his cock filled my mouth and I sucked on it as if it were a lollipop. My oily hands slid up and down along the throbbing shaft. He gently laid one hand on my throat and the other drifted from one nipple to the other. He soon began to slowly thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. My back arched deeply while my oily body slid around on the table. I felt like the sexiest boy alive.

His thrusts became less gentle as he became more and more aroused. He began bumping the soft head of his cock against the back of my throat. I found myself beginning to panic when I gagged every time he thrust forward. He must’ve felt my fear and backed off.

I’m not sure how long I sucked on his fat, throbbing cock, but I was left feeling empty when he pulled it out of my mouth. He lifted his cock and rested it on my chin, letting his massive balls rest against my face. Until that moment, I would’ve thought having that done would be foul. But in the moment, it was a perfectly lovely feeling. I batted my eyelashes against his scrotum and licked anything I could reach.

He seemed to have a problem stepping away from my butterfly kisses. But he did eventually pull himself away. He walked to the side of the table, took hold of my thighs and spun me toward him. He stepped between my spread legs and laid his giant, masculine cock against my dainty penis. We both looked down at the differences and couldn’t help but laugh. His massive cock could have been a freight train, while my pink penis was more similar to a tricycle. While his was dark colored, hairy, long, thick and unmistakably masculine. Mine was a fraction of his length or thickness. It was a pale pink color and nearly devoid of its sparse, fine light blonde hair.

He lowered his pants and picked up the lavender oil. He coated his fat cock with the oil and moved in close. He placed one hand behind my right knee and lifted that leg up onto his shoulder. I tried to brace myself up on my elbows, but I was super slippery. The fat, soft head of his cock wiggled between my cheeks and bumped against my tight, wrinkled hole. I moaned softly while he asked if I was ready.

I nodded my head and squeaking the word ‘yes’ in a surprisingly high pitch. He looked down at my most private places and began to press forward. When his enormous cock began to stretch open my boi hole, I felt my forehead wrinkle and my teeth clench. It felt like he was splitting me in half! It hurt like nothing I’d ever felt before and fell off my elbows and onto my back while chanted the word ‘owie’ over and over while trying to deal with the pain.

When the head of his cock finally popped inside my body, he didn’t slow down. His cock slowly and as gently as possible, sunk deeper and deeper inside of me. My toes curled up in knots and my fists were clenched tightly as he buried the entire length of his cock in my special hole. My poor neglected penis was standing up perfectly erect and drooling its juices. When his balls came to rest against my cheeks, he reached down and rubbed the pad of his first finger over the delicate pink head of my penis. He gathered up my juices and then slowly raised that finger toward my mouth.

When my lips parted and his finger passed into my mouth, he slowly withdrew his cock almost all the way out and pushed it back in. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out hurt like crazy, but it also felt distinctly erotic. This giant of a man was making love to me. That thought alone helped me to deal with the pain and discomfort.

When he pulled his finger from my mouth, he put that hand on the crook between my thigh and hip. I was so slippery he needed to get leverage. Looking right into my eyes, he whispered, “Are you okay Sweetheart? I knew it was going to hurt at first. But are you okay now?”

Biting my bottom lip hard, I nodded my head and groaned, “I’m okay. Please don’t stop.”

He smiled a toothy smile and replied, “Don’t worry Baby, I’m not going to stop.”

Holding onto my slippery thigh, he thrust in and out of me three times. Every time he pushed his cock all the way into me, it felt like he was filling up all the empty spaces in my body. I’d never felt so complete. Having his giant cock fill me to the point of bursting, forced me to accept that I was destined to be with a man. The illusion of my heterosexuality vanished when I felt and heard his heavy balls slapping against the bare skin of my bottom.

Looking up into his eyes, I whispered, “Fuck me.”

He smiled down at me and began a slow steady pace. His cock thrust in and out of my body and didn’t stop after only a few strokes. He maintained the rhythm and soon had me squirming around on the table. I had to grab the table’s edge to keep from sliding off. Having his cock sliding in and out of me left me feeling like a plaything, like his toy. He was using my body to make himself feel so good and I was loving every second of it.

Every once in a while, his cock would bump something inside me that hurt. I would reach down and try to stop him with my hands. He would pause for a moment and then begin sliding himself in and out of me again. For the most part, the pain had passed, there were only moments of discomfort. The sensations were still overwhelming, but it was mostly painless. He picked up on this and began to slide his fat cock in and out at a faster pace. He began to truly fuck me.

I rolled flat on my back and he spread both of my legs wide around his body. Taking a hold of both my hips, he fucked me with long, deep strokes. I was breathing in gasps and my entire body was covered in a thin layer of perspiration. His cock going to places in my body that no one had every visited before. I was delirious and never wanted it to stop.

Without missing a thrust, he spoke through ragged breaths. “Sweetheart, I’m going to cum soon. But I want you to cum first.” I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t. I was so lost in my lust that my mind was hazy.

He released one hip and took my utterly neglected penis in his fist. My entire length disappeared under his hand. He began to stroke me up and down while using my penis for leverage so he could keep fucking me. I let go of the table and let him slide me around however he wanted. In and out his cock battered my boi hole. I felt him swell up inside me, stretching my special hole even wider. He slid me back and forth across the table, his cock diving deep inside me with each thrust.

My back arched deeply as my orgasm approached. Every muscle in my body went tight, including the ring of muscles making up my boi hole. It must’ve felt good because he growled and drove his cock all way into me. The sound of his balls slapping against my bare bottom echoed in the room. I heard myself squeal in an oddly high pitch when my orgasm began. He let go of my hip and began to use only my penis to slide my body around on the table and fuck me.

I completely lost all sense of reality and screamed at the top of lungs. My penis squirted its excitement up from inside of his fist. My hips bucked around wildly and my body thrashed and twitched as the most powerful orgasm of my life overtook my soul. The sensations shooting to the core of my body were so intense. My penis squirted out at least four shots of my juices before it calmed down. Even as my orgasm passed, he continued to jack my little penis. After that most powerful of orgasms, my penis was super sensitive! I tried to make him stop, but he was far too strong. I had to lay there while he slid me back and forth across the table and onto his cock.

My vision got a little blurry and my mind went fuzzy. I’d never felt like that before. He was fucking me and jerking me off after I’d already cum! The feeling was purely electric. The muscles in my body began to flex and go taut once again. I was in shock, I was going to squirt some more! I’d never, ever been able to keep touching myself after I’d cum. Now I was going to learn what it was like to become multi-orgasmic.

I began screaming and clawing at the slippery table when my second orgasm of the afternoon welled up inside me. He held onto one of my thighs so I couldn’t kick him away. His other hand kept pulling on my overly sensitive penis. When my penis shot its first squirt, his cock swelled up bigger than ever inside me. My poor little hole was stretched to its absolute limit. I thrashed about wildly while my penis shot squirt after squirt of my juices. And at the same time, he buried his cock all the way inside me and growled like a bear.

I watched him grit his teeth and felt him pull me tightly against him. His creamy love began erupting deep inside my boi hole. He jackhammered his cock in and out of me a few times until he’d drained every drop his big, manly balls could hold. We remained like that, trying to catch our breath and absorbing the reality of what we’d just done.

This giant of a man who may have been old enough to be my father, had not only made love to me long and hard. But he also made me squirt twice! He had touched every inch of my body and made me feel like the most special person in the world. I was proud that I managed to take his cock in my special hole. I was even more proud that my body had made him feel good enough to explode inside me. It was a very satisfying sensation.

After catching our breath, we smiled at each other. With his cock still deep inside me, he bent forward while I rose up on my elbows and we kissed. We kissed for the very first time. While our tongues slid together, the whiskers on his face tickled me, and made me giggle.

While rising up and slowly pulling his cock from inside me, he said, “You are fucking adorable.”

I batted my eyelashes and giggled back, “Thank you.”

When his cock slid out from inside me, I felt a drop of his love run down the crack of my bottom. Reaching down I wiped it up, not wanting it to fall on the floor. I then held my hand over my stretched out boi hole. I used my first and second fingers to feel around my hole. It was so stretched out, both of those fingers slipped inside with very little resistance.

He stood there watching my cream-covered fingers explore my gaping hole. I bit my lip and said, “You really stretched me out! Look at this!” I then slid a third finger in with very little difficulty.

While looking down at me, he muttered under his breath, “That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He then excused himself to get towels to clean us up with. He came back using a towel to wipe is softening cock with. After putting his manhood back in his pants, he used the other two towels to wipe up the mess on my body. I had my own juices coating my stomach and matting down my sparse pubic hair. While his creamy love was still oozing from inside me. He took his time wiping me clean. And when he’d finished, he helped me off the table and onto my wobbly legs. He held onto me for several moments until I could safely stand on my own.

Before letting me go, he took me in his enormous arms and kissed me once again. I felt light headed when he picked me up off the floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back with a new burning passion. I felt my penis struggling to become stiff again. But it was worn out and couldn’t get fully erect. Instead it only swelled up and tingled.

After setting me on the floor, he said, “Hang on!” It was like he just remembered something he’d forgotten.

I stood there in the middle of that room utterly naked and completely satisfied while he cracked open the door and slipped out into the hall. I tiptoed back behind that curtain and began to get dressed. By the time I stepped back out from behind the curtain, he knocked on the door softly and then stepped back inside. I was finishing buttoning my shirt. He crossed the room quickly and buttoned it for me. He even tucked my shirt into my pants. Once he had me ready, he pulled several small cards from his pocket.

Taking them in my hands, I discovered the top one was his business cards. It listed him as the owner of the spa and had all of his contact information on it. All the remaining cards were identical. They were gift cards for free massages. When I looked up at him, he laid his hand on my cheek and told me he had really enjoyed our time together and hoped we could do it again. After kissing me lovingly on my lips, he said, “Perhaps the next time we see each other, I’ll be picking you up for a proper evening out. How does dinner and a movie sound? Of course, it will be followed by a long massage. And we’ll spend the rest of the night making love. Does that sound like something you’d like Baby?”

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14 thoughts on “My Little Penis Got Hard

  1. piperjohn2 says:

    Awesome picture, I have some 1″ inseam shorts I wear when I do my morning exercises, NO LININGS, these are just inside shorts or if outside NO sitting down .

  2. Enrique Guzman says:

    Oh dang. I felt like that little boy, when I got my 1st massage. I have always wanted a big beefy man to take over my body. I was the same experience he had. He made love to me after my massage.. t was perfect

  3. Woody says:

    Beautiful story and hot massage. . . I’ve had several massages that ended in happy endings. . . but nothing as explosive as this story. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Carlin in NYC says:

    In 2016 I was in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria and had just checked into my AirBnB apartment and was checking my Grindr to see if there was anything interesting on it. I received a message from someone very nearby offering his professional massage services if I was interested. He offered standard massages as well as CHOCOLATE massage, hot rocks massage, and others for only 65 Euros! I’d never heard of a chocolate massage and asked him what it was. He said, “Just how it sounds! I cover you with melted chocolate and give you a complete massage!” I told him that sounded fantastic and he sent me his location, which happened to be in the same building I was in, across the street from the entry to Yumbo, the gay shopping and entertainment area! I walked over to his apartment and he welcomed me in. I’m a very large guy (450# / 204kg) but he assured me that he had worked on larger and his table was specially designed for all sizes! So I stripped off my clothes and laid down. He proceeded to cover me completely with special chocolate massage lotion in ever nook and cranny and then massaged it very well into every square inch of my big body while playing chimes music softly and with the lights down low. After about a half hour with the chocolate massaging, he told me to get up and go into his bathroom in the next room and take a shower, handing me towels. I explained to him that when I shower, I normallly wash “down there” with my bath brush since I can’t reach it with my big belly, so he said no problem and got in the shower with me and washed the chocolate off me everywhere, soaping me down with his shower gel first and then rinsing me off. He dried off and gave me towels to use and he went back in to change the sheets on the table. He had me get back on and proceeded to oil me down again using regular heated massage oils to finish my massage. After covering every muscle in my body, he finished me off with a very happy ending and all of that for only 65 Euros!! I was happy to give him an extra 20 Euros for his hospitality!

  5. barefootlad says:

    Erotic, is an under statement. Can I have a free gift card Please. I must have a massage like that. God, I’m going to the wrong place. I am as hard as he was and about to squirt.

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