My New Girlfriend’s Son Has A Nice Dick Print

“Donnie, stop! We can’t do this. I can’t cheat on your mom, especially with you, her son.” but I didn’t say a word as I just nodded and he quickly engulfed my swollen cock with his mouth before I could change my mind.


My name is David Rice and I’m a recent widower. I lost my wife to breast cancer a few years ago. I’m what women refer to as a “Unicorn”, as I had 17 years of a faithful, long term commitment of a marriage. Everyone who knew me personally, could testify that I was monogamous to my wife and she was the love of my life. I was crushed when she passed away and within just a few months, was beleaguered by my wife’s friends trying to get me back into the dating world. They all seemed to think I was wasting away my life mourning her and being alone. They seemed intent, like it was their duty on fixing me up with a new woman, by their playing match makers. It seemed everyone of them was trying to fix me up on dates, but I was still in a semi state of mourning even after a full year.

I own a mid sized electric company, employing about 12 men when fully staffed, but I mostly worked at home, as I had foremen that handled my crews. We specialized in electrical work, commercial and industrial mostly, but some residential. I had a good reputation and did mostly new construction and wiring, rarely taking on residential jobs unless things were slow. I no longer worked in the field unless it was something the crews needed help with, as I seemed to spend most of my time at home sending out invoices and ordering product for jobs.

Finally I started to relent and began casually dating, letting my wife’s friends set me up on random blind dates. They all came highly recommended from my ex-wife’s friends, of course, and for the most part, they were all nice girls. All the dates I went on, nothing really materialized, til I actually met someone on my own.

We met at my local gym. Both of us were 39 years old, healthy, athletic, and in great shape. Elizabeth or Liz for short, was a total hottie. At a lean 5′ 8″s tall, Liz was stacked. She weighed 130 lbs., and most of that seemed to be her ass. She had sweet firm breasts, a perfect C cup that really filled out a tight t-shirt and strong muscular legs that were really hot. A flat smooth tummy and nice wide hips, but the piece de resistance, was her ass. It was nothing short of spectacular. Liz had a “big ole butt”, two perfect globes that stuck out really far, both proud and firm. That girl could fill a pair of jeans, shorts, and bikini bottoms like nobody’s business, but what especially drove me crazy, was when she wore her yoga pants.

When she put those stretchy yoga pants on to go to the gym, they always crept up deep into the crack of her butt cheeks, and left nothing to the imagination. It always looked like she was completely nude from the waist down, with a second layer of skin. They hid nothing. I loved how it showed off her perfect globular ass cheeks. I wasn’t the only one to notice either, it was a running joke with her girlfriends about her huge over sized ass, which she actually seemed to enjoy. Not fat and saggy mind you, but firm, round and prominent. Even when I introduced her to my friends at a neighborhood party, more than one of my male friends told me I was a very lucky guy.

Now I’m not chopped liver myself. I’m 6′ 1″s tall, 187 lbs., and more than just toned. I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, and do a lot of cardio by jogging around our neighborhood, sometimes joined by Liz.

I developed early in life and have maintained a distinctive six pack of abs that take a lot of work to keep defined. This I’m very proud of. My arms, legs and chest are all toned and tight. One glance at me and you can tell immediately, that I spend time in the gym and take care of my body. I think I’m considered handsome facially. Certainly not hard to look at. I have green eyes, a full head of dark, thick hair, straight white teeth that make a pleasant smile and a nice trimmed goatee. I never had trouble attracting or dating attractive women once I started vying for their attention, even as a young man.

We had a lot in common, going to the gym, playing golf, she loved the beach and I loved to surf. We travel when possible and both enjoy cooking and were equally adept at it. She is more of a gourmet cook, always trying new dishes. Me, I am more versatile and specialized in comfort foods, like pot roasts, lasagna, pancakes or a home made pizza crust that always received the best toppings. Dating her, I was happy once again and it was just a matter of one year of dating, that I asked her to move into my home.

Liz has a son, Donald, named after his father, who lives with her ex in New Hampshire, but she always referred to him as Donnie. Her and her ex never spoke on the phone much, the only thing they had in common was their son. Donnie is apparently an athlete of sorts, running on the track team in high school and now pursuing it in college. I was impressed by that and thought maybe we had something in common and could go to the gym together or have a jog together to bond a little if he was ever in town.

Liz did talk to him regularly via phone, but I knew little about him or her ex. I had never met either of them, and after a few months of us living together, she announced that her son was coming to visit for 2 weeks and would that be okay with me.

I was okay with that, actually anxious to meet him. She had not seen him in over a year, as he lives in New Hampshire and we are in Texas, so she was really excited about seeing him. All I knew was that he had just turned 18, was a student, apparently a very smart kid as he had been endowed with a full academic scholarship to NYU. I was anxious to meet him.

The day he flew in, we both drove to the airport and double parked in the unloading zone waiting for him to exit the terminal. As I surfed my emails on my phone, Liz finally shouted, “There he is!”

As she exited the car to greet him, I saw him for the first time and was immediately taken back, not exactly what I expected. Donnie looked about 5′ 8″s tall and maybe 135-140 lbs. He was a good looking kid, as you would expect if you ever saw Liz. But there was something peculiar about that kid that was unmistakably obvious to me. He looked too pretty in his face, for lack of a better word, almost effeminate. Overly pretty, almost to the point of it being easy to mistake his gender as either male or female.

Liz wrapped her arms around him as they shared a warm embrace. Liz was so excited and his enthusiastic hug showed he felt the same way. I stood by the car and waited patiently to be introduced as they finally pulled apart. The next thing I noticed was his ass. He definitely had his mother’s ass. It was insane how big and prominent it was in the tight cargo shorts he wore. He had a large prominent muscular ass that absolutely protruded straight out from his willowy upper body. His ass, both both pliant and supple, stuck out like a sore thumb, you couldn’t miss it if you tried. It actually looked as good or better than his mother’s.

He immediately turned to me and said, “You must be David, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” as he gave me a tight full body hug, that really caught me off guard. This was not the way that I was used to giving a friendly hug to another man. Usually we just bump opposite shoulders briefly, and I mean briefly, followed with a pat on their back and then back away from each other, but the hug Donnie gave me was way past that. He wrapped both his arms around me and just squeezed me tightly, pressing his full body into me. It was an awkward hug for me as Liz just giggled noticing my embarrassment.

As I opened my trunk to give him access to loading his luggage, when he bent over to pick up his bags, again I was amazed at the ass on this kid. I just figured that running track all his life had really endowed him with those firm toned legs topped off with that spectacular rotund ass. I couldn’t help but stare at those protruding, massive cheeks he somehow squeezed into those shorts.

As Liz got back in the car while he bent over deeply and placed his luggage in the trunk, Donnie looked around with his head halfway in the trunk and caught me starting at his ass. He gave me what I thought was a mischievous smile and raised his eyebrows twice at me, almost flirting. I’m a little ashamed to say, but seeing this girly little heart breaker’s direct stare, made my cock twitch just a bit. Was he coming on to me I wondered?

When we arrived home, Liz showed Donnie to his room as I grabbed a beer from the fridge. Liz gave him the tour of the house and he actually squealed as he saw our swimming pool. When he did, Liz just looked at me and giggled again as I shook my head with a smile and a confused look. She told him to go freshen up as we were taking him out to dinner.

Liz walked over and hugged me as Donnie left the room. “Thanks for agreeing to let Donnie visit. It means a lot to me. I don’t think I ever told you he was gay did I? she giggled. “Hope that’s not an issue love.”

“No, of course not, I’m a liberal guy, you know that. And it really didn’t take me long to figure that out on my own. The heart wants what the heart wants, it’s no big deal to me, I have a few gay friends. He’s your son and I will accept him wholeheartedly, but you might have mentioned it.” I laughed. “Bottom line, he seems like a nice kid and I’m glad I finally get to meet him and that you get to spend some time with him.”

Donnie emerged from his room, freshly showered and wearing what I can only describe as scandalous. He had on a pair of very brief, bright, yellow, cotton running shorts, that were so fucking tight around his ass, I felt they may pop. He had on a black mesh t-shirt that barely reached his midriff. I couldn’t believe that he had the guts to wear these clothes out in public, but as I learned in the next few days, apparently he had an “I don’t care what anybody thinks attitude” when it came to dressing.

They reminded me of the shorts that NBA players wore in the 70’s. They went down only about 3 inches below his crotch, but the length wasn’t the first thing anyone would notice, the first thing that grabbed my attention was how those twin orbs of his massive ass cheeks were straining the material in the back. I have to admit, I’m a straight guy, 100% heterosexual, but his ass was a thing of beauty. And if that wasn’t enough, his firm toned completely smooth and hairless legs were dazzling, a thing of beauty that would make any woman jealous and any man look twice.

“I hope you guys don’t mind, but it’s so hot down here in Texas compared to New Hampshire, that I dressed for comfort.” he giggled.

“Honey, you wear whatever you want when you’re here, and those look great on you. I wish my legs looked as good as yours.” Liz quickly chimed in. I didn’t say a thing and just tried not to stare.

His whole outfit just screamed gay. From his little light blue flip flops, to the LGBTQ rainbow colored bracelet on his wrist, there was no question that he was not only comfortable expressing his lifestyle, he liked to flaunt it publicly.

I couldn’t help but notice that also he wore a thin strip of eye liner under his eyes. There was even maybe a soft pink gleam of lipstick on his full, luscious, pouty lips, but maybe I was imaging that. As I tried not to stare any more than obvious, or to be honest, maybe drool, we all got in the car and drove to my favorite Mexican restaurant.

As you can imagine, we got stares as the waitress seated us. Every man and women in the entire place was watching him walk to the table. I actually saw one lady kick her date’s ankle under the table and give him a dirty look as he stared a little too long.

Donnie made a big production of choosing a seat, walking around the table several times, I’m sure purposely flaunting his hot little body to all that watched. Me and my Liz ordered frozen Margaritas with Jose Cuervo and Donnie asked the waitress if the bartender could make him a Pink Squirrel. When the waitress delivered the drinks, Donnie’s drink looked like the girliest drink I had ever seen. I just laughed to myself. It looked like a pink milkshake with a red straw with white hearts on it.

When he put that straw in his mouth, between those pink full lips, again, I couldn’t help myself from staring. That boy had a set of dick sucking lips if I ever saw a pair in my life. The way he seductively sucked on that straw had my cock twitching again under the table as I watched intently. I tried to quit staring, but found myself looking again at his lips as I noticed his pink lipstick stain in the straw. I was right, I thought I saw a gleam of lipstick at the house, and the proof was on his straw. The boy was wearing lipstick.

Dinner went great, Donnie and Liz just blabbed away catching up, and Donnie was either flirty or polite as he kept trying to draw me into their conversations. I was getting too caught up in this boy and made a mental note to slow down. I didn’t want to encourage anything to happen that might jeopardize my relationship with Liz. We all ended up having 3 drinks each, so everybody was loose and had a little buzz before we left. Liz got up in the front seat with me while Donnie sat in the back.

Liz leaned over and thanked me for buying dinner with a quick peck on my cheek. Not to be outdone, Donnie, from the back seat, reached around my neck, with his hands on my upper chest and gave a somewhat wet kiss on my cheek, thanking me also.

I was a little startled and flinched a bit as Liz broke out laughing hysterically to my reaction of her son kissing me. “David, don’t wreck the car, Donnie can’t help himself, he’s always been a very affectionate person.” she joked with me.

When we got home, Donnie asked if he could use the pool. Liz told him he could and that we might join him, as he squealed like a little girl, running off to his room to get in a bathing suit I’m sure. I was up for it, maybe more than curious to see what Donnie looked like in a bathing suit. I almost knew any bathing suit this boy owned, would be skimpy and was anxious to get a good look at more of his body and especially his ass.

I was the first one in water, as Liz came outside a few minutes later. Donnie probably waited on purpose so he could make his grand entrance.

What an entrance it was. The boy came out in a bikini bottom style suit, which was hot neon pink of course. I’m pretty sure it was a woman’s bikini bottom, but who knows, either way, it looked a few sizes too small for him. I noted the tiny pouch in front was pretty packed, indicating to me that this kid was decently endowed. The back was tiny, not exactly a g-string bikini, but those huge globes of his ass cheeks seemed to swallow it up showing off his perfectly round and firm ass. His ass was seriously spectacular. He most definitely spent more time prancing around the pool, instead of getting in the water.

It was almost midnight and as I was a little drunk and had a big day tomorrow trying to consolidate a huge bill for a hospital re-wiring job that we had just finished, I excused myself and went to the bedroom. I fell sound asleep before I felt Liz crawl into bed and when I woke the next morning, she had already left for work.

I put on some shorts, no shirt as my custom, and went to make my coffee, wondering if Donnie was awake. That first sip of coffee helped me clear my head as I thought I might go see if Donnie was up and wanted breakfast. I walked down the hallway and lightly knocked on his door, getting no reply. I knocked a little louder and still not getting a reply, just cracked the door and peeked in. If I saw he was still asleep, I was gonna go to my desk and get to work. What I saw shocked me completely.

Donnie had on a set of headphones covering his ears, while his eyes were intently locked on the screen of his computer. He was completely naked, on his hands and knees, watching a video. He had mounted one of those suction cup dildos to the side of the night stand, and was bucking back and forth on it. That perfect ass of his, was devouring that big thick, dildo from tip to root. He rocked back and forth on it, forcing it as deep as he could up that perfect ass. His firm, fat ass jiggled and shook as he impaled himself on the dildo. He was facing away from the door and didn’t notice me as I secretly watched intently. I felt my cock do more than twitch this time.

I should of walked away immediately, but I was frozen, as this was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. He was jerking his cock furiously as he stared intently at the screen. My cock had immediately grown rock hard in my shorts and I was scared if I stayed any longer, that I might do something I would regret. Still, I couldn’t pull away and leave as I began to rub my cock through my shorts. As I stared intently at his flawless ass, I saw his head turn quickly towards me and our eyes met. I was caught. He removed the headphones from his ears very casually, like I wasn’t even there and pulled his cock off the dildo with an audible popping sound. We just stared at each other for a brief moment til he said matter of factly, “David, come help me please, this dildo just isn’t doing it for me this morning.” as he smiled that mischievous smile again.

I should of walked away, I should of shut the door and left, should of, would of, could of. None of those things happened. Instead, almost in a trance I walked towards him as he rose up off the floor and just knelt right in front of me. His cock was about 6-7 inches long and circumcised. He also had a decent girth, nothing any man would be ashamed to possess.

The boy was so fucking sexy completely nude, unashamed and open with his body. His upper body was so delicate and graceful. Soft shoulders and lean arms, not one single hair on his chest. His cock and ball were shaved smooth. His eyes were dreamy and glazed over with passion. His upper body and face could pass for a pretty, but flat chested girl. But oh my God, from the waist down, nude with an erection pointing straight, out while on his knees in front of me and that huge ass protruding straight out, I had nothing to compare that to.

I have never been attracted to a man sexually in my life, but right then, I’ll admit, I became a weak man to his body and charms as he reached out and rubbed the enormous bulge in my shorts. I just stood there almost in a trance, unable to move as Donnie unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall down to my ankles. I had gone commando that morning and my 8″ thick, cut cock just sprung up and slapped against my stomach like a mouse trap snapping, as my dropping shorts freed it. I don’t know why I allowed him to keep going, this was so wrong.

“Ooooh my God David, that is a beautiful and very desirable cock you have. It’s sooooo big and fat. I’m gonna suck your dick so good for you, but you gotta promise to fuck me after. Agreed?” he almost begged.

What I should have said was, “Donnie, stop! We can’t do this. I can’t cheat on your mom, especially with you, her son.” but I didn’t say a word as I just nodded and he quickly engulfed my swollen cock with his mouth before I could change my mind. I apologize to my readers as you must think I’m a total shit, but I was thinking with my little head and not my brain. Donnie looked so hot, his perfect little naked feminine body and big ass. I just put my hands on my hips and let him slurp on my cock, knowing full well, I had just been invited to and would be fucking his fine fat ass in a few minutes.

Donnie grabbed my hips and maneuvered my feet til I shuffled over to the edge of the bed. He pushed me into a sitting position on the bed as his hungry mouth never let go of my cock. Good Lord this boy could suck cock good. He passionately nursed on my erection far better than his mother ever did. Donnie didn’t just suck it, he worshiped it. As he expertly sucked my cock, I couldn’t help but draw comparison of his skills to his mother’s skills. He was the winner hands down.

Within one or two minutes, he had me in his throat, something, his mother had never accomplished. Something his mother had never get gotten close to doing before. The boy didn’t seem to have a gag reflex as he throated my cock into his tight, silky esophagus. He was moaning passionately as he orally adored my cock with a sense of devotion to making his blowjob all about my pleasure. This was by far the best blowjob I had ever received in my life and I knew then I wasn’t going to stop him.

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5 thoughts on “My New Girlfriend’s Son Has A Nice Dick Print

  1. Phillip says:

    Wow. HAF story. I’d like to read more of it and how things progress with this family. Fucking hot.

  2. Bill says:

    What a hoot! I have a feeling that “daddy” David isn’t totally inexperienced with another male partner….he took to this very quickly for a “straight” man who never considered having sex with a guy. Hmmmmmmm.

    • Robbie says:

      Bill the author said David was only with his wife then when he met Liz. David moved Liz in within a year and ask Liz for anal but his 8” hurts her. I think the author would have told us if David had fantasies or actually had done anything with a man in the past in the beginning, middle or the end of the story. My thinking that’s all.

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