My Roommates Run A Train On Me Pt 10

Noah’s tongue slid over my clenched hole and started making wide, but slowly more tight circles around it. Then he proceeded to stroke my pucker steadfastly with the flattened surface of his tongue, pushing a bit up and down, almost like making a regular massage, loosening up muscles around my entrance.

Part 9


There was another person for me, that I wanted, that I grew to love. Appreciate.


I never fully trusted Tye, he was hot-blooded, hot-headed, very intense and erratic. And impulsive, as the situation showed clearly. He was willing to break Nick’s heart in order to make things “right”, and Noah’s heart in the process! Two wrongs would never make a right.

What I needed was stability, calmness and support – no matter what. And Tye just wasn’t that type of a person. He was a “bad boy lover” type, not a “husband”.

So I gently untangled myself from his embrace.

“I’m sorry, Tye. Thank you for your… proposition, I know it came from your sense of honor. And the sense of duty toward me, after what happened. But that’s no longer the case. Don’t break Nick’s heart, Tye. I could see in him, he… is very much into you. He doesn’t deserve to be yet another victim of the man who r**ed me and if we would get together, he would be an innocent bystander victim here. And Noah also, as he loves me. I’m really grateful, and it means to me a world, you wanted to… make it right for me. It really means everything to me, that our love… was real and strong enough that you were ready to sacrifice your own happiness with Nick for me. But I won’t ask for that, I want you to be happy with him. I will make it work with Noah, as he was always there for me, when I was stupid enough to… hide my problems from you. Thank you once again, and please… go to Nick. I’m sure he is in distress also, seeing you like that.”

Tye stared at me with disbelief on his face, he obviously didn’t know what to say and how to react, he looked like he expected me to accept his proposition…

I took one step back. “Please, I want us to be friends, Tye… There is also another thing I need you to know. Noah says it’s not good to keep secrets. But I will ask you to keep a secret from Nick…”

Tye blinked, as if woken up from a dream and twitched with his whole body.

“Yyyyy. What are you talking about?” he whispered, obviously still not done with processing my rejection of his proposal.

“The similarity between me and Nick is not random, Tye. I discovered Nick is my…half-brother. You know my mother’s history, you could discover it for yourself. My father was a married man from Scranton with an older son and one child on a way, while he fucked my mother and got her pregnant with me. His name was Giovanni. How many Giovannis are in Scranton that have sons who could be twins? However, I don’t want Nick’s family to know about that, as that would devastate his mother and have a bad influence on his thirteen years old brother. It needs to be a secret, for their sake.”

Tye stared at me dumbfoundedly. “What?”

“Well, let the idea marinate a bit. I just ask you not to say that to Nick, as it could be bad for all of us. Thank you so much for your proposition, but I politely decline. I… need to go now. See you around, Tye. Go and make Nick happy.”

He suddenly grabbed my arm.

“So… you’re saying… I fucked your brother and you fucked mine?!”

I winced. “That’s one way to put it, yes.”

“Well, that surely gives a new meaning to the phrase “it runs in the family” I guess…”

I bit my lip. “It looks that way. Weird, but I guess… we all like similar things. So it as well may run in the family,” I forced out a shy smile and headed toward the exit door, not stopped by Tye anymore.

I needed to go outside and catch some fresh air, and find Noah. Yes! I felt the catharsis was close, a moment of clarity was approaching…

But I was in for another shock. In the hallway, under the wall, there was a small figure of some boy sitting on the ground, embracing his knees with his arms. He raised his pale face and I recognized Nick.

He looked bad, not much better than Tye, almost… tortured.

His bitchy attitude – gone. He fixed his eyes on my face, as if I would hold his entire fate in his hands.

“I’m sorry about what happened to you, Jamie… And I’m sorry for the way I treated you…” he whispered.

I pressed my hands to my eyes, it was just too much. Too much! After a moment of struggle, with my pride and my hurt, my reason won. I needed to mature, also.

Finally, I kneeled next to him.

“You don’t owe me apologies, Nick. I know how I behaved and how I presented myself to you. Like a bitch. I deserved what you told me, you didn’t know me and I didn’t try to change that…”

“Tye told me about… his decision… I understand him, in a way, I would probably do the same. I may be a bitch, but I’m an honorable bitch.” He sighed. “But it hurts as hell. Because I love him.”

“That’s wonderful, as he feels the same, he loves you. Tye and I will not be back together, Nick, please relax. I want to be with his brother, Noah, who supported me through the situation and was by my side from the beginning, no matter what was going on… I appreciate what Tye wanted to do out of a sense of duty, but I know he loves you so much, and is crushed by the situation. Torn by it. He feels and looks awful, but you two belong together. He is inside, go for him…”

He stared at me, I could see his eyes were wet. In a weird impulse, I leaned toward him and hugged him, a bit awkwardly.

“Good luck, Nick. Don’t be hurt, please. There’s too much of it already around us. Be happy with Tye, he tried to do the right thing at least in his mind… But his heart belongs with you.”

“I understand Tye’s struggle… I didn’t even protest his decision. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that hell…”

Nibbling at my lower lip, I observed him for a while. He surprised me because he accepted this situation with such an honorable attitude. Well, I guess Tye was lucky to meet him after all, Nick had a good heart and a moral spine in him that not many modern Gen Z young adults presented, often choosing a “me over you” stance.

Sighing, I admitted, “Well, I could handle it in a much better way, to be honest, and I realized my mistakes too, but mistakes can sometimes be blessings, you know? Maybe we all will be better that way?”

I slowly stood up and he stood up also.

We were exactly the same height, and now, with my hair not gelled, we even had similar dark brown curls, reaching just below the line of our ears. We truly looked like twins, which made me bite my lip and take one step back.

But Nick stopped me.

“One last thing, Jamie. I want you to know that Tye took care of things in your hometown.”

I blinked stupidly. “What do you mean by that?”

“The man… your stepfather’s boss… He is dealt with. He is no longer the owner of the transport company and now has serious problems of his own. Really serious problems. I would emphasize. That’s all I can say to you. Tye didn’t want you to know, but I think you should know. Don’t worry, there is no direct link, nobody will know.”

I stared at him, with my eyes widened. “How… how did he manage to do that?”

Nick sighed. “Noah helped him.”


“Noah had it planned for some time already, from what I know. But he was missing some key information and needed some help. And Tye helped with that. Also your stepfather… he is punished as well. In a less drastic manner, but he will remember his lesson for a long time… of that you can be sure.” He winced, but with some satisfaction on his face.

Staring at him, I had trouble breathing again. I couldn’t believe that they dealt with… those two on their own!

“How serious that was… tell me?”

“Well, I know only that Joseph was sentenced to the same thing… he brought at you. They knew some… man who executed it. And his boss… will never have a normal life again. He needs to stay under medical care for the rest of his days.”

“God…” I felt a powerful tremble in my whole body, like a shock, that was almost like I would be struck by a lightning bolt.

After I gathered myself a bit, I blurted out. “I don’t know what to say… I’m glad in a way. I don’t want to know exactly what they did to him, but I just hope… they are beyond any suspicion if there would be a criminal investigation.”

“They are, don’t worry. But I personally agreed with them.” Nick tightened his lips. “It needed to be done, the vengeance. Things like that – what they have done to you…. can’t go unpunished! I’m adamant in such cases!”

I swallowed with some difficulty, feeling treacherous emotions in my throat. “Say my thanks to Tye… I will thank Noah myself,” I whispered, realizing that I needed it, in a way.

This last piece of information for my catharsis. A bitter-sweet pill to swallow. Sweet, because Noah and Tye cared, and acted out of love for me – that’s why they decide to punish those men. But bitter because it all… just didn’t have to happen at all!

The domino effect was dark and powerful… and I affected us all. It broke all of us, in a way.

Could we all be… unbroken now?

Finally, I nodded and took another step back.

“Thank you,” I whispered softly, “Take care, Nick.”

“Take care, Jamie.” He smiled ruefully. “And thank you…”

And I walked away, heading, curiously not to the other college building, where I was supposed to have next lecture, but I made my way toward… Noah’s apartament.

Tears from time to time were still showing on my face, and I was wiping them with quick moves.

I walked, feeling weirdly free, almost cleansed.

The sky was blue and the snow was white and pure, and everything seemed more pristine and cleared. The light – was everywhere! Surrounding me, liberating me, uplifting me. And everything became very clear to me now.

I entered Noah’s apartament and found him sitting on the sofa, watching some anime.

He raised his eyes at me. “Jamie? What are you doing here? Don’t you have three more hours of classes?”

“I do, but… I needed to come here and tell you something. Or rather ask for something.”

He straightened up, the wave of stress on his face. I felt my heart squeezing painfully, when I realized how his whole situation was taking a toll on him too.

“But before that… I will be back in a minute…” I murmured and went to the bathroom to take a shower and clean my ass very thoroughly.

As I returned, wrapped only in a towel, I did what I wanted for some time already. I straddled him and put my hands in his arms. Noah got tensed and the unsureness flickered in his eyes.

“Noah. Make love with me! Now, when we are both sober. I want it, I want to… give myself to you fully conscious, fully aware, not numbing myself with alcohol. I’m ready. I’m soooo ready, Noah!”

He stared at me for some time while I gently stroked his neck.

“What… happened?” he whispered.

“Nothing and everything at the same time. Tye… wanted to be back with me.”

I observed his face for a while. He didn’t show any surprise at all…

“You knew?”

He winced and shrugged. “You could say that. He told me it’s only fair if he will give you a choice. You deserved that choice, as it was taken away from you.”

I closed my eyes for a second.

“You just waited? You knew he wanted to talk with me as soon as the semester started?”

“I knew and I accepted it. I couldn’t be selfish, Jamie. Not with you, maybe with Tye… maybe I could fight with him, but not with something that could still be the true wish of your heart. I needed to wait for your choice.”

I couldn’t believe how much he must have suffered, knowing I was going to make that choice today, yet he stayed calm and composed, and he was just waiting here for me, ready to accept his fate. I admired him, and I just realized how much I needed exactly the person he was. He was like a rock, on which I could build my world.

“So, yes, he gave me the choice.” I closed my eyes for a second. “And my choice… was you, Noah,” I whispered, smiling.

His cheeks went red from emotions.

“I want to be with you, Noah. You make me feel safe. You were always there for me, not complaining, never thinking about yourself, but I… think about you. I think about you all the time… I love you. Please take me to bed, Noah. Make love with me…”

Noah didn’t respond with words. He just stood up, holding my thighs and carried me to his bedroom, which I rarely visited.

He put me down on the bed and propped himself over me.

We stared at each other for a while. “I love you, Jamie. God only knows how long and how strongly.”

“I know. You were always there for me. Always.”

Noah slowly leaned down, and our lips met, I opened mine right away, pulling him down into an intense, passionate kiss. His smell was already familiar and his weight on my chest also was pleasant. I wrapped my hands around his neck and let him kiss me, and he slowly roamed toward my neck and shoulders.

I liked the way he was leaving the trail of pecks over my neck’s tendons, his lips so soft and warm it was putting me into a kinda cat-ish mood, where I just wanted to be gently caressed like that, touched and stroked for minutes and minutes. He felt my mood perfectly and I caught myself relaxing more and more in his embrace, following the sensual energy.

As his lips touched my nipples, nibbling on them, I moaned out, “Oh, Noah…”

He lifted his head and looked at me with such a hunger in his eyes, that I was almost scared of this intensity, but I was also drawn to it.

Noah started to slowly go down along my body, kissing and licking the skin on my stomach and abdomen, and I could see he was pleasantly surprised that unlike the previous time we had sex, my dick was actually semi-hard now, not totally flaccid like while I was drunk.

Noah engulfed it in his mouth and slowly worked on it, helping me go to an almost fully hard state. Glancing over to him, I could see it was making him pretty happy, he even smiled softly and… tucked his hands under my ass cheeks to lift it up. His mouth was wandering lower toward…

I tensed up right away!

“Shhh… baby! Trust me, I won’t hurt you…” Noah whispered.

“It’s not that… are you planning on…licking it?” I muttered, a bit nervously.

“Actually, I do, just relax…”

“It’s… the place he…”

“Shh… don’t say anything, baby. Just let me lead, give yourself to me.”

His voice was so soothing but also firm and commanding a bit, and it weirdly made me melt down on the bed.

Noah’s tongue slid over my clenched hole and started making wide, but slowly more tight circles around it. Then he proceeded to stroke my pucker steadfastly with the flattened surface of his tongue, pushing a bit up and down, almost like making a regular massage, loosening up muscles around my entrance. The feeling was very unexpected and soothing. Finally, he poked it with the tip of his tongue, with a swirling move almost like he kinda screwed it inside, and I made a squeaky sound, quivering a bit in surprise.

Him, probing me like that, had a weird effect, alleviating my tension, and making me into a puddle of liquid goo. Noah licked his own fingers and raised his body, again taking my dick deep into his warm, soft mouth. His finger entered me, but this time I didn’t ache in protest, I kinda took it pliantly. He started to slowly fingerfuck me, adding a second and third finger and pushing it inside my rectum, with his pads directed toward my prostate. I could cum like that in the past, while Tye was fingerfucking me, and it stirred the memory in me, but I also realized with some surprise I wanted more, much more.

And then I heard myself mumbling a plea… “Please fuck my little hole, Noah. Be the new owner of it…”

Noah kind of froze and let my cock out of his mouth. His fingers inside me slowed down a bit, and our eyes met.

“Do you want me to be the new master and owner of your little hole…?” he asked in a low, almost threatening voice. Was that a mixture of disbelief and intense arousal on his face?

I swallowed and slowly nodded, looking at him sheepishly, almost pleadingly.

Noah took the lube and sat between my legs and put them on his shoulders, his face was slightly red, his eyes fixed on my face. I felt the large, cold blob of lube being inserted in me, and then… his thick dick started pressing on my loosened, slick and well-massaged hole. He didn’t tear his gaze even for a second, while he was impaling me on his shaft, inch by inch. The massive mushroom-shaped head breached me and I whined a bit. My muscles were clenching and releasing spasmodically. The pressure on my entrance was immense, the feeling of fullness insanely intense.

“Take me, take me… make me yours…and no one else’s…” I murmured, throwing my head back, pressing my eyelids together, as his huge tool was plunging into my intestines.

The pleasure of losing myself in the feeling of vulnerability and giving myself entirely under his power, was rising in me with every second. With him, I didn’t need control, and it was liberating.

“I trust you, I trust you so much, Noah,” I whispered and I felt his hand grabbing mine and squeezing it with great strength. Soon he was fully sheathed inside. Our gazes met and kept connection, it was so intimate and intense. He started to move inside me with an even, powerful rhythm, that made the bed crack a bit – he was bottoming out in me with every thrust now.

I felt owned, rightfully this time, I could immerse myself in a liberating feeling of being submissive like I never was before. I never felt that submissive with Tye, as he was just too hotspur to be a stable leader in a relationship.

The delight and joy filled me – and I arched my body, throwing my hands to the side, spreading myself almost like I would be ready to fly.

“Noah, Noah, Noah…” I was moaning with his every thrust, “Noah, Noah, Noah…”

He grabbed my waist with his large, strong hands and squeezed me from both sides, pulling my hips up, and he continued to pound on my prostate, at different angles, my stiff cock was swaying in the air, and my heart surged, tripping against my ribs and making me almost dizzy with elation.

The pleasure started to blaze from my ass into my torso and down my legs. It felt so incredibly good when his dick was pumping in me.

“Harder!” I urged him, feeling the need to be pounded intensely in my wet, needy hole, on my feverish p-spot, targeted now with his hammering sways. The fullness felt incredible…

I was convinced it will take me a long time, but I was overwhelmed quickly…My rim muscles and my sphincter spasmed clenching on his dick and my orgasm’s tremors started to rock my body in prolonged waves, til my legs shook involuntarily like during a seizure.

I had never orgasmed so hard and fiercely in my life! A cathartic, liberating orgasm, almost like my body was born again! Spurt after spurt of cum spewed from my cock in long creamy strings and landed on my chest and even on my face.

Noah roared seeing my climax, I could almost see the happiness flowing over his face, and he sped up even more, slapping my ass with his hips… his expression became nearly feral, his eyes going wide and unseeing.

I felt his dick grow even more in me, to the point he could barely move, his body stiffened and stilled, the seconds – passing almost in slow motion, while his dick was rhythmically pulsing in me…filling me with his cum, that dripped over my ass cheeks.

And then he made a loud exhalation and… slumped on top of me, shaking a bit as well.

All went to a standstill, all stopped, except for our racing hearts, his head was now on my arm, where I cradled it, embracing it with my hands.

In the silence, everything slowly realigned itself.

My life. All the pieces of the puzzle were now in place.

I said quietly, but firmly, “I love you, Noah.”

I felt his hand sliding along my body, and stroking my cheek in a tender gesture.

And he responded, “I love you too, Jamie.”

I knew I’d finally found my safe haven. The full circle was completed.

A new and better life was ahead of me.

Today… I became unbroken.


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8 thoughts on “My Roommates Run A Train On Me Pt 10

  1. darryl gupton says:

    Yes,,,this went on for days on end with three different POV and it was confusing because it kept changing. Did Tameka start the fire? The boss guy needs medical attention for the rest of his life? Did they crush his skull? Joseph, for raped but some other guys…but this just went on and on and while I like the ending….to much shit in between.

  2. David says:

    Bad title, great story, needs a few more chapters to tie up loose ends with Nick, Tye, Greg, Tamika, Joseph, Jamie’s Mom and baby sister, and Giovanni and Nick’s younger brother.

  3. Steve says:

    Need to find out about nick and ty it still unfinished in my opinion need to wrap with the fire and Greg still to many unanswered questions

  4. Penfire says:

    Knew Noah and Jamie would finally get together. Same with Nick and ty. Funny how step brothers fell in love with brothers. Great 💕💕💕 story.

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