My Son Is A Cross-Dresser Pt 2

“I’m going to the bathroom now. If you are interested, I hope I see you in there in the next 5 min.” He winked and walked away.

Part 1


After waited for his dad to fall asleep in his bed before he snuck back into his room. He hid all of his girl clothes before he showered and made his way tot he kitchen to eat. He was starving after an incredible night of sex that he had with his own father, who didn’t even know it was him. He wasn’t sure if he would, or even could, tell him. What if he flipped out?

While Eric was eating his father came out with quite a pep in his step, got some food and joined him at the table.

“You look like you’re in a good mood,” Eric said.

“You could say that,” he smiled. “I had a very good night last night.” Eric was very happy to hear that.

“What did you wind up doing,” he questioned. He was curious to see how much he would let on.

“Me and a few of the guys went to a bar. Had some drinks. Talked to a few girls.”

“I guess one caught your eye seeing how you are so happy this morning.”

“I did. She was amazing. She was younger than me but she just had this great presence about her.” His smile made Eric really happy. Not just because he was talking about him and being so great sexually but he knew his dad hasn’t been the same since it was just them two and mom left.

“Wow, sounds like a great girl. I guess you guys are going to see each other again?” It was at that moment that his dad stopped smiling and realized he never got her number or any way to contact her.

“I want to…I just…oh crap…”His dad said getting very upset. “I never got her information. I don’t know how I could even find her again.” Eric felt bad that he was lying to his dad. What if he was weirded out about doing things with his own son? Maybe Heather needed to be the one to end it? Eric made a suggestion.

“You know, a lot of girls visit the same bars over and over. I’m sure if you go back again another night, she would be there and you can get it next time.” His dad seemed to perk back up after that.

“Yeah, you’re right. Ill just go back and hopefully see her there again,” he said his smiling returning.

Eric was happy to see his dad feeling better but he got nervous about meeting up with his dad again. The sex was incredible and he wanted more of it. It took a lot for him to hold it in over breakfast and not jump and starting sucking his cock.

A few days passed and his dad planned on going back to the bar finally. Eric said he was going to a friends so he may not be back for a day or so and his dad happily welcomed the empty house. His dad finally left a little after 8 and Eric began to dress up. He wore his blonde wig and red lipstick again, this time making his hair completely straight. This time be wore a navy long sleeve top that ended right below his tits. He made sure they were giving enough cleavage. With his midriff exposed, the matching navy skirt went from just below his bellybutton to his mid thigh. It had exposing slits on the side sowing even more of his skin. His gold heels lifted him just like last time and he knew his dad was going to love his outfit. He was even getting a little hard himself. He made sure to tuck and hide his smooth but small member.

When he finally got there, Eric wanted to find his dad right away but knew he couldn’t look to eager. He walked in and made his way to the bar and ordered a drink as he looked around. He wasn’t able to spot his dad but knew he had to be there. If he was serious about his good time from the other night, there is no way he wouldn’t be. While he waited, Eric was being noticed by a lot of other guys as well.

One was an absolute hunk. He was about 6’5, short, clean cut blonde hair and muscles everywhere. His tight shirt looked like it was going to rip from trying to contain his huge mass. Eric felt his cock twitch a little as he was hit on. It felt so great knowing that so many guys found him so sexy. After a few moments, Eric tried to ask for his name but was cut off.

“Baby, you stunning but I am not looking for anything serious at all. Just for a little fun. I like not knowing each others name,” he smiled. Eric was intrigued but also didnt want to leave for fear of missing his dad.

“Well, I was kind of waiting for someone here…” He trailed off feeling stupid about what he was doing. Missing out with a guy to fuck me dad, he thought. What am I doing?

“Hey, that’s fine. I was heading out shortly anyway. I was hoping maybe we can just have some fun in the bathroom.” He moved his giant hands down to his cock and slowly rubbed it on the outside of his jeans. Before Eric could answer the guy offered him some fun. “I’m going to the bathroom now. If you are interested, I hope I see you in there in the next 5 min.” He winked and walked away.

Eric wanted to see what this stranger had to offer, so he made his way towards the bathroom. In doing so he kept an eye out for his dad. Nothing yet. Where was he, Eric thought? It was odd he couldnt find him but decided he wasn’t going to miss out either. Upon entering, he could hear the music fade our from the main room and hear low moans coming from inside. Clearly, this wasn’t some odd thing. It was normal and the low-lit room made it even more intense for Eric.

There were several rows of stalls and started walking down and peering inside. Finally, a huge arm grabbed him and pulled him inside of the stall. It was his stranger and he began to kiss Eric all over. He loved the feeling of this huge man grabbing him and kissing him all over. His cock began to get hard but the strangers cock was even bigger. Eric got pushed down on the toilet as the mystery man pulled out his cock. Even in the dark bathroom, Eric could see how big it was.

“Suck it baby,” he whispered softly as he grab Eric’s head.

It was easily over 10 inches and very thick. Something that Eric has only seen in porn. He opened up and took in the giant head in his mouth. He could tell he was a bit sweaty bit it tasted wonderful. Slowly he worked his way down this giant dick getting it nice and wet. Slurping and twirling his tongue hearing the stranger moan. It was just his second time giving a blowjob but Eric was quickly becoming a pro. Working both hands to stroke and work the sides that his mouth couldnt get to.

With his hand still stroking the meaty cock of the stranger, Eric bent down and released his balls from his jeans. He immediately took them in his mouth and started lightly sucking. The stranger got a bit louder now, stretching his arms out to hold onto the sides of the stall. Eric knew he was really getting him weak in the knees.

“Fuck baby. What an absolute slut you are,” he quietly said. It only made Eric want to swallow his cum even more. His balls were a bit hairy but he didnt mind and he took in the aroma of the stranger. He could feel the cock beginning to twitch and knew it was almost time. His mouth went back to the cock with his hands gently caressing his balls. It was all he need to finally start shooting his load. He held his mouth there as the sweet cum began to cover his throat and drop down into his stomach. He felt the stranger try to move back a bit bit he grabbed him and held his cock in his mouth.

“What a little cum slut you are,” he smiled as Eric finally was able to breathe. “Maybe I’ll see you here again.” He bent down and gave Eric a long passionate kiss as he left the stall. Eric finally was able to gather himself and made sure he still looked presentable. His cock own cock was begging to be released but Eric still wanted to save that for his dad.

With the taste of cum still in his mouth, Eric made his way back to the club and music. While he was upset he hadn’t found his dad, he was happy wouldn’t go home empty handed. Eric made his way around the club when he finally found his dad near the corner of the club with some friends. They locked eyes and he immediately ran over.

“Hey you,” he said giving Eric a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here. I completely forgot to get your number the other night and thought I wouldn’t see you again.” Eric could tell he realized he came on a little strong and tried to play it off cool. “Heather right?”

I laughed and nodded. “I’m glad you are here. I felt bad leaving the other night but I had to get to work and wanted to leave my number but I forgot as well.” His dad laughed seeing that he felt the same way. Eric and his dad made their way over to their groups of friends were he was welcomed by all. The next hour or so they drank and danced and all had fun. Forgetting for a while that this was his dad he was lying to and hitting on, he really enjoyed his time out.

Occasionally, his dad was grab his ass and give it a bit of a squeeze. Eric would responded by biting his lip and then leaning in to give him a kiss. Sometimes, he’d rub the outside of his jeans, even once whispering, “I hope this is nice and hard for me later.” It drove his dad crazy and wanted to take him right then and there.

“I dont know how much longer I can wait to be alone with you baby,” he said rubbing up behind Eric. He wanted to leave and fuck but he wanted some fun before they got him.

“Follow me,” Eric said grabbing his dad by the hand. He made his was back to the bathroom where he already had some fun tonight. There were some still light moaning going on from the stall but this time Eric was used to them. He found an empty stall, pushed him in and began to kiss him.

His dad seemed to be shocked that this was all happening but didn’t push back at all. In fact, he saw where this was going, quickly sat down and unbuckled his pants. While his dad’s cock was a bit smaller than the stranger’s from before, it was still impressive. Easily 8 inches of thick, meat met his face and began swallowing. There was just something about having his dad’s cock in his mouth that drove him wild. The familiar taste from the other night once again excited his taste buds. His tongue swirling around the cock that made him, soaking it in his spit. His hands stoked it keeping it nice and hard.

Eric wanted to keep going but was gladly removed gasping for air and turned around. Eric felt his skirt get lifted up, his smaller cock falling out of his small panties. Eric felt his dad position himself to slide his massive dick into his ass.

“Fuck me baby,” he whispered to his dad. He lined up his cock and gave it a push, entering Eric’s hole. “Oh god yes,” he let out.

“I thought about this every night since I met you,” he admitted. Your ass is amazing.” He started to go faster the more her talked to his secretly crossdressing son.

“So have I. Fucking you was the best sex I ever had.” His dad didn’t answer but knew he loved hearing that. He pulled Eric by the neck and kissed him while he continued to pound his son’s ass. He reached around with his hand and felt how hard yet still small the cock was.

“I love stroking your cock while I fill you up with cum,” he moaned. Eric was almost seeing stars. He couldn’t believe how great of a fuck session he was having. The slapping of his cheeks began to fill the mostly quiet bathroom but neither cared.

“God, I missed you cock,” Eric moaned, his face against the stall. It felt even thicker than it did last time. He could feel himself begin to leak but he just wanted his own dad to give him his cum. His dad grabbed him by the hips and began his final few pumps.

“Beg for it baby. Beg for daddy’s cock,” he demanded. He didn’t realize how much I did want daddy’s cock, Eric smirked. It only turned him on more.

“Fuck me daddy. Give me your entire load in my ass.”

His dad held him there, his hands on Eric’s hips and he exploded into his son’s ass. Eric couldn’t believe he had taken another one of his dad’s loads but it was just as good as he remembered. Finally drained, he turned and kissed his dad on the lips.

“I think we should get back to your house.” They practically ran out of the bathroom to the car and made their way home. Eric sat in the passengers seat, his cock exposed and jerking himself. “Im making sure I stay nice and hard for my turn,” he smiled still filled with cum.

They slammed the door open and just as fast as they left the club, his dad was getting his pants off right in the living room.

“Let’s see how daddy likes to be dominated,” Eric said taking control. Still dressed up his cock completely out of his panties, he bent his dad over the couch, licking his asshole. He was getting it nice and wet for him to enter. It was not the son’s turn to fuck the dad, he thought. And he couldn’t be any more excited to do it.

Eric, while smaller in every regard compared to his father, still was able to get in his cock and hear him moan.

“Mmm yes baby. That feels so good,” he said much more loudly than he could in the bathroom.

“You like my small cock pounding away at your ass daddy?”

“Yes Heather. It’s amazing. YOU are amazing.” Eric had complete control over his dad now. He pounded harder then any girls pussy he ever fucked. His dad’s asshole was so tight and warm. He reached around just as his dad did and began jerking him off. He was hard again! He would make sure he didn’t have to hold it in.

“Cum for me daddy,” Eric instructed. “Cum in my hand so you can taste it!” His dad did just that as another load shot into Eric’s hand. With his hand filled with the hot white load, he made his dad slurp it up. Half went into his mouth and the other on his face.

“You look so sexy baby,” Eric said still thrusting away at his dad’s ass.

“Please fill me up Heather. I want to feel your load in my ass. Just like I gave you,” he begged. Eric was ready to do just that. He held his dad just like he held him and began unload his own cum.

“Fuck yes baby. I can feel it in me!”

“Daddy loves cum in his ass doesn’t he?”

“MMM yes baby.” Finally, after he was spent, they collapsed on the couch. Their cocks out and dripping, neither was able to get up. They took turns sucking each other off again before finally falling sleep.

Eric was startled when he woke up to a bright sun coming through the window. His makeup had rubbed off and his wig had come off as well. He saw his dad standing above him.



My Son Is A Cross-Dresser Pt 3

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