My Son Is A Cross-Dresser Pt 3

“That’s it baby, suck that cock. Show daddy how much you love it.” He grabbed the sides of his head and guided it perfectly. Each time his son sucked his cock, he got better and better at it, and he was no slouch before, that’s for sure.

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Eric was frozen on the couch. His dad standing there, realizing the beautiful woman he had been fucking was actually his own son.

“Dad, I…” Eric tried to start. His dad just held his hand out. Eric complied. He was nervous about where this was going to lead.

“How long have you been doing this? Dressing up?” Not the first thing Eric expected to be asked and so calmly at that but he still answered with a shaky voice.

“Since I went away to college. Halloween the first year I dressed as a joke but I turned out to really like it. And apparently I was very convincing.” His dad got closer, almost waiting for more of the story. “For years I dressed up when I could. I never told any of my friends. I even hit on them a few times and they still never knew it was me, but I never was with a man until…”

Eric’s dad straightened up a bit at that admission. “Have you always been gay?”

“I’m not sure. I still love women and fucking them. This is just…something else. I loved dressing. I wasn’t sure I was even going to like being with a man until after I was with one.”

“Do you like being with a man?”

“I do.”

“Well, at least you are sure of what you want now.” Eric was still very confused about what was going on. Why isn’t he yelling? He finally asked his own questions.

“Can I ask how you are so calm about this whole situation? I’m glad you’re not but I gotta admit. I thought you would be.” His dad gave a sort of laugh and finally sat down next to him.

“Years ago, I had very similar urges. I tried dressing and watching porn but it didn’t do it for me. One day, I had a chance to be with a man and I took it. It was amazing. It was passionate and intense. For years, me and him would meet up and fuck like crazy. That person was my cousin, Mark.”

“You and cousin Mark? Wow…” Eric couldn’t believe his dad was doing this for awhile and keeping it within the family just like he did.

“Yup. Your mother eventually found out. She was disgusted. That it was with a man. That it was my cousin. I told her I was sorry but I couldn’t help that I enjoyed it. She said she could never look at me the same again. That is why she left. She left because of me and I will always be sorry to your for that. Some time later, Mark moved across the country and while we tried to meet up from time to time, it was too difficult and we stopped.”

Eric was floored. He couldn’t believe it. It made sense now as to why his mother never contacted them after. He was still hurt as he wasn’t involved but she clearly wouldn’t be agreeing with everything going on right now.

“I’m sorry dad,” was all Eric could say. His head still reeling.

“Don’t be. You didn’t make her leave. I wasn’t going to stop honestly. It was for the best. As for this,” he said making reference to us, “I had a suspicion last night. I wasn’t sure. I figured if you were okay with it, than I was as well. I just didn’t want to blow up your spot.”

Eric was shocked yet again to hear that. I guess him working around the schedule wasn’t as stealthy as he thought.

“So even after you thought it was me, you still wanted to do all of that with me?”

“I had a moment of bailing out last night, but if you knew it was me and I knew it was you, I didn’t see the harm in it. And I’m very glad I went thought with it.” He finally smiled since he sat down.

“Does this make it weird for you now? Should we not-“

“That is up to you. I know this is not a normal situation, I will admit. But you look incredible dressed as Heather. I loved every moment.”

Eric’s dad just admitted to enjoy fucking his own son while dressed as a girl. Even more, Eric loved fucking his own dad that way. But he wasn’t sure if it would feel the same now that both knew what was going on.

“Listen, I would love for us to go out, in daylight together. You are easily passable and I wouldn’t say that otherwise. Id love to continue seeing each other like that. I have to run to the office for a few hours. Ill be back by 3, If you would like to continue, be dressed and ready to go by then. If not, I completely understand, and I will never bring this up again.”

He patted Eric’s leg before he got up to get ready. Eric went into his room and waited there as his father left. For almost an hour, Eric pondered about what he should do. He enjoyed the two time he was with his dad, but was it going to be weird going forward? Now would be the best time to cut it off and try to move on.

Yet he was happy and he could see his dad was as well. Eric decided he would continue and planned to have a surprise ready for when his dad returned.

When 3 o’clock rolled around, his father walked through the door.

“Hey, I’m home,” he shouted to the house. No answer. He was a little disappointed as he thought Eric had wanted to stop what they had been doing.

He walked into his bedroom and found a wonderful surprise. On his bed, was Heather laying on her side. She had long curly red hair, and a black nightie. A smile grew on Eric’s dad face.

“Well, this is certainly a wonderful surprise,” he said dropping his work papers and getting closer.

“I knew you’d like it,” he said sitting up a bit. His dad held his hands and helped him up. They were face to face, his dad standing, and Eric on his knees on the bed. Before either one made a move, his dad wanted to make sure this is what he wanted.

“Are you sure you are comfortable with us? It was different before thinking it was maybe a one time thing?” Eric got serious for a moment and laid out everything that was on his mind all day.

“I thought it would be weird now that we both know what is going on. I thought maybe you would hate me for fooling you like I did. But everything has been amazing. I never thought I’d have the best sex of my life with another man. And it be you of all people.” His dad felt a rush come over him. He grabbed his son by the head and pulled him in for a long, deep kiss. Their tongues dancing in each others mouth, both of their cocks beginning to rise.

“I think we should have just one rule. When you are like this, I will only refer to you as Heather and you will refer to me as ‘daddy’ or ‘Ryan’. Understood?” Eric shook his head with a big grin. He loved that this was turning into a more open thing and he no longer had to hide from his dad.

As they kissed, Eric’s hand moved down to his dad’s pants and began to unbuckle and unzip. His meat was almost full staff and very thick. He was so glad he was going to have this in his mouth again and he didn’t get scared off. He pulled away and moved to down until had it right in front of his face.

“I want you to know, you can always count on me to please you daddy,” he said as he gulped down the massive cock in front of him. He loved the gasp that came from his dad.

“That’s it baby, suck that cock. Show daddy how much you love it.” He grabbed the sides of his head and guided it perfectly. Each time his son sucked his cock, he got better and better at it, and he was no slouch before, that’s for sure.

Eric was now using both of his hands to stroke it as it was much easier now that it was wet from his mouth and his precum. “I knew how much you wanted me the first time I saw you at that bar. Your cock was hard all night wanting this.” He went back to sucking on his dad’s cock, not waiting for a response.

“You are such a dirty girl. I love it Heather. My ex-wife was nothing compared to you.” Hearing that, he couldn’t take the waiting any longer and need to be fucked.

“Fuck me daddy, fill me up with your cum.” He jumped up onto the bed, facing the other way to prepare to be taken from behind. His dad ripped his shirt off and jumped out of his pants, giving him more comfort and flexibility.

“Take this off and let me see that sexy body of yours,” his dad said, pulling the nighty off. Just a lacey bra and panties remained. “You even wear these clothes better than her.” Eric loved hearing that, knowing he took some of his mother’s old clothes she left behind. His dad didn’t wait, as he pushed the small piece of cloth from his ass and entered his tight hole.

“Oh god!” Eric moaned. It felt amazing.

“That’s it Heather. You are going to be fucked silly right now.” His hands grabbed his son’s hips and began pumping into him. His cock was hitting all the right spots internally. It was pure bliss. His own cock rocked back and forth getting harder and harder each moment until it began to drip.

“Fuuuuuuck daaaaaaddy,” Eric yelled.

“Work that ass baby. Show me how much you love it.”

Eric began to move in rhythm. His dad noticed as removed his hands from his son’s hips and moved of them them around to his cock.

“That’s it Heather. Work that dick. Show daddy what he likes.” Minutes went by and then never slowed down. Sweat beginning to drip from their faces from the intense fucking session going on. Eric finally slid off his dad’s cock and turned over.

“I want to see your face while you are fucking me daddy,” he said very seductively. His dad just smiled and pulled him closer by his legs until he was back into his little sissy hole. He was still very stretched out and was easier to reenter.

He went back to work, thrusting as hard as he could, looking down at his sissy son. At Heather. “Fuck you are incredible baby.”

“Fuuuck daddy. You are going to make me cum.” His dad reached down and began to jerk his son’s throbbing cock but he had other ideas.

“Eat it daddy. Eat it all,” Eric demanded as he pulled his head down towards his cock, while he was still being fucked. The feeling of a cock in his ass with warm lips on his sent him over the edge.

Eric shot ropes into his fathers mouth. Cum spilled out a bit as he keep his thrusting motion but was able to get most of his son’s warm seed. Finally done, he swallowed it and reached up to kiss him. Eric could taste his own cum in his mouth.

“Now fill me up with yours.” His dad smiled and did just that. His thrusts turned into short bursts as he filled his son’s ass with his cum. It felt amazing unloading in him. He pulled out his cock and the stretched out asshole of his son was leaking with cum. He never felt so happy.

Neither one of them got up from that bed that night. They laid together swapping blowjob and making each other cum until they were too tired to continue.

Eric loved knowing he could go to sleep and not have to worry about sneaking out or his dad finding out. That was already done. He was clearly in a new relationship with his father who referred to him as Heather now. He couldn’t wait to see what new adventures were upcoming.

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  1. PAUL DENTON says:

    I am not normally interested in length (story length that is) but your off-beat ideas have me hooked.

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