My Son Is A Cross-Dresser Pt 4

He took his dad’s cock in his mouth not wasting any time. Even though he has done this so many times already, it still never got old. It was something about the fact that it was his father’s cock that made it even better.

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The next month or so flew by. Eric without realizing it was dressing more and more like a woman everyday, even when he wasn’t with his dad. He’s go to the shopping, go to the post office, getting the dry cleaning. Everything was as Heather.

Even going to the gym, Eric bought more feminine clothing to wear. He was nervous the first few times but either no one noticed or they didn’t care. He soon found out no one realized as he was hit on a few times at the gym.

He made sure to buy leggings that really made his ass stand out as it jiggled better than most girls there. He had to go to the bathroom several times to adjust himself because he was getting so turned on by the stares he got. His red hair in a pony tail, sports bra cupping the fake tits he had underneath, and the tight black leggings showing every little jiggle his ass made.

Finally home, Eric dropped his stuff on the floor and heard the shower on. Excited, he walked into the bathroom, full with steam and his dad’s body barely hidden.

“Don’t worry I’m almost done.”

“Don’t rush,” Eric said, slipping out of his clothes. His dad just smiled knowing he would be joined by him. “And don’t worry, I’ll make sure you aren’t late for work.” He knelt down in front of his dad, the shower raining down on him. He took his dad’s cock in his mouth not wasting any time. Even though he has done this so many times already, it still never got old. It was something about the fact that it was his father’s cock that made it even better.

“Fuck baby, you really know how to work that cock.” Eric loved hearing his dad compliment him on his cocksucking skills. His head bobbed back and forth, stroking with one hand and holding his dad’s ass cheek in the other.

“Mmmmphhh,” Eric moaned, his own cock getting hard. He pushed his red hair out of his eyes. His dad grab his head pushing his cock deeper into his son’s throat. Eric’s gag reflex had gotten better to where the tip on his dad’s cock was inching its way further down his throat and he didn’t start choking. He could now lick his father’s balls at the same time.

“Oh God Heather, Make me cum!” He prepared to take the cum that was about to pour out into his mouth. His dad moaned loud emptying his seed into his son/girlfriend.

Eric was becoming a professional cocksucker. He was able to swallow up every drop that came out of his fathers pulsating head. He grabbed Eric by the neck, not hurting him but giving it a little squeeze, and pulled him up to meet lips. His neck being gripped by his father, he embraced him, their tongues exploring. His dad could taste his own cum in his mouth now.

“Now go get ready. You have a big day yourself.” Eric smiled and did as he was told. His cock still somewhat hard but he liked being teased and he knew it would be taken care of later.

Eric was starting the job he was waiting for over a month ago. While he was very happy to work there, he wanted to work there as Heather. His dad made him want to be her more and more and he loved dressing up, whether it was sexy or every day. Even when his dad wasn’t home, he found himself in wigs, makeup, and panties.

When they were both done, his dad was all dressed up in a suit ready to go. Something Eric thought he would wear his first day. Instead, he got himself a knee length skirt, with a white blouse, some black heels, and his makeup already to go.

“If we both didn’t have to leave, I would be all over your right now,” his dad said, his cock getting hard again.

“Looks like we’ll have to care of that later,” he smiled, turning and walking to his car. He made sure his ass wiggled underneath the thin skirt. His panties already wet from thinking about how he was going to be fucked by his dad later.

His first day went well. He was able to tell the HR people about his transition and they happily changed everything to Heather. He didn’t, however, tell anyone else in the office as he wasn’t sure how they may react.

By the end of the day, no one had said a thing making him feel much more comfortable. In fact, he was already getting stare, good stares, from a lot of the guys. While he was there to work, he loved the attention he got here and wondered if it would become distracting.

Finally, he was able to leave and get home. His dad’s car wasn’t there. Perfect, he thought. I can take some time to prepare.

Inside, he ran to his room to freshen up. He had on a pair of white panties that day but decided to change into black. It was a little bigger in the front and held his bald cock much better. His hair was combed, and the curls bounced a bit better after that. He had several different sizes of fake tits he liked to wear depending on the occasion. He put on the C cup and waited in the living room.

“Well, what do we have here,” his dad smiled opening the door. Eric just laid across the couch, one hand holding up his head the other resting against his body. “This was certainly worth the wait. My cock has been throbbing all day for you baby.” He dropped his bag and jacket and made his way to him.

“Looks like daddy needs to be drained again.” Eric rubbed the massive unit from outside of the suit pants.

“Oh, it does. It is going to be drained into you, but I think i owe you a little bit more this morning.” He grabbed both of Eric’s hands and lifted him up. With the heels, they were almost face to face. That didn’t last long as his dad began to bend down and slip the skirt off his silky legs. Eric helped but unbuttoning his blouse, his lacey bra and panties now the only thing on him.

His dad reached behind him and grabbed his bubbly ass. He was amazed at how thick and firm it was. It was something you would normally see on a bigger girl. On his son’s tight frame, it looked even better. Having his cock to suck on while he played with it was bliss.

Eric put his hand on his father’s head, gently pushing him further on his cock. His smooth shaft was soaked from his father just pleasing his son. Eric stood there like the perfect girl. Tits, ass, even his makeup. Every day it was harder and harder for people to ever suspect he was born a man. And Eric got further and further away from ever wanting to go back

“Oh daddy,” he moaned. “You suck that cock so well.”

“You like how daddy knows just how to please you?” he asked now stroking the smooth, meaty member.

“You want my cum all over your face?”

“Yes baby, give daddy all of your cum now.” Eric shot his load all over his father face, hitting his forehead, lips and cheek. “Fuuuuck yes. Just what I love,” he said as his tongue tried to get every drop around his face as it could.

“Let me help you daddy.” Eric bent down and began to lick his own cum off his father’s face. With it all gathered, he moved over his dad’s mouth and began to empty it all into his mouth. “There you go daddy. Didn’t want you to go hungry.” Once it was all deposited, he leaned in a bit more and kissed him right on his cum soaked lips.

“Maybe after dinner we can take care of you again,” Eric teased. He turned and walked back to his room, his bubble ass shaking in the black thong barely holding it in. He left his dad there with his own hard on just like he had this morning. All in good fun, Eric thought. dessert will be much better.

Eric changed into some leggings, a tight t-shirt and redid his hair. Nothing crazy but it still really showed off his curves. His dad changed into some sweatpants that were so tight he could easily see the outline of his cock. The talking and teasing was going well and the food tasted great but they were suddenly started by the door.

Was someone breaking in? Before they jumped, familiar face showed up.

“Hey dad.” It was his other son, Eric’s brother Matt. “Oh sorry, i didn’t realize you had company.” Everyone was shocked at what was happening.

“Matt, what are you doing home?” His dad questioned, a little confused.

“Didn’t need to be there the last few days so i figured I’d come back and make sure i didn’t miss anything last time I was here and took stuff.

Matt was away all summer with friends and planned on going right to his dorm to start the semester. Seems he now wanted a few days at home before he moved back out. He seemed to be focusing on Eric now, not yet introduced.

“Matt this is…Heather. We were just having dinner together.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said extending his hand. “How did you two meet?”

“At a club. Went for Mikey’s birthday. Heather just happened to be there with some friends.” His dad smiled at Heather.

“That’s cool. Your parents know you’re here?” He joked, pointed out the age difference. Heather blushed a little. “I’m just kidding. You guys don’t mind me. I’m just going to relax in my room a bit. Did a lot of driving the last few days.”

Matt disappeared into his room, and Eric and his dad stared at each other.

“It’s okay,” his dad said. “He doesn’t know or suspect anything. Lets just enjoy our night. Although I think you are going to have to avoid your room tonight just to be safe.” Eric nodded his head.

That night, Eric put on some short shorts and an even tighter shirt for bed. He went out to the kitchen to get a drink before bed and met Matt at the fridge.

“Oh sorry go ahead,” he said.

“Thanks.” Eric got a couple of bottles of water from the fridge. He could feel his brother’s eyes on his ass while he was bent down in the fridge.

“So you and my dad have been seeing each other for awhile?” Eric was hoping to avoid a talk with his brother but it seems like he had to make some small talk now.

“Over a month.”

“Normally go for older guys?”

“Not normally, no. But it’s hard to tell his age. He looks great for his age and when we first saw each other in the club it was pretty dark.” Eric tried to rationalize it.

“Well he certainly did very well for himself.” Matt just smiled and walked away. Little did he know, he was hitting on his own brother. Eric, even in basic clothes, was fooling men. His cock started to get hard at the fact that he was able to fool his brother.

Back in the bedroom, Eric told his father what just happened.

“Can you blame him?” He leaned over and gave Eric a little kiss. He answered by reaching out for his fathers cock.

“I think daddy needs some release before bedtime.” With Eric on all fours, ass sticking up, he started to go at his fathers thick cock again. His dad on his knees on the bed, his head going back and letting out a moan.

They knew they needed to be quite with Matt in the house but there was no way they could skip the sex completely. Quietly, in the hall, Matt started peaking into their room. The bed was at an angle but he could still see Heather’s ass sticking up while she gave his dad a blowjob.

“Fuck baby. I never get tired of that mouth of yours.” Matt slowly took out his own cock and began to jerk off to his dad and this girl. His dad began to remove her shorts, exposing her bubbly ass.

It was amazing! Something he usually only sees on social media sites. Now, he was getting to see it shake right in front of his eyes. His cock was fully erect now, as he was stroking himself.

“Let me get you wet,” his dad said lowering his head. At that point, Matt saw the dick that was hanging between Heathers legs. A tranny? Or a Crossdresser? He was beside himself. He had no idea his dad was into this. Was he gay now for finding Heather sexy? The confusion only lasted for a second as he went right back to touching himself.

Dick or not, Heather was incredible and he wasn’t going to let that stop him from watching. He tared as his dad worked the girl dick like a pro.

“MMMM you are just as good,” Heather commented back, enjoying her own blowjob. Her slim frame made her tits and ass pop out even more. Matt was close to cumming himself.

Finally, he saw as Heather jumped on top of his dad and began riding him. He could see his fathers thick trimmed cock pumping her ass. Heather’s cock was bouncing up and down, glistening from spit and cum. Heather was gently rubbing her tits with one hand and stroking herself with another.

Matt was almost ready to cum himself. He couldn’t believe the scene in front of him and how hard he was. Before he shot his own load, he heard his dad empty his seed into Heather’s big ass. She lifted herself to shoot her own load into his father mouth.

He quickly but quietly ran back to his room to cum in a towel. What a night. He just had the best live show and little did he know, he just watched his own brother fuck his dad. Matt wasn’t sure who Heather was but he planned on getting to know her better.

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