My True Nature Is Gay Pt 3

He slammed his pelvis into me; grinding himself deeply into the core of me. His hips rotated that mammoth cock against my bowels, churning his spunk to thick, lathery butter.

Part 2


However, after a few minutes I felt him nuzzling into the crook of my neck. He wiggled his hips again a few times and I felt him starting to stir slightly inside of me.

His lips covered mine and we kissed; his arms drew beneath and around me as we gently rolled to lie on our sides. With his cock still in me I lazily draped a leg over his hip. He lazily long-dicked my juicy hole. With our mouths still tightly locked, I rolled him onto his back and slowly gyrated my hips in response to his subtle thrusting. While we kissed and shared hushed, sexy sounds, I casually rode him; basking in the fullness within me and the satisfaction I was able to bring to him.

“This is nice.” He breathed quietly into my face with his eyes closed.

“Mmmm-hmmmmmm…” Tilting my head I smiled and responded. My arms were wrapped around him and we rolled until I was beneath him again and took the opportunity to wrap my legs firmly around him as I felt him swelling again deep inside of me.

This time he took it slow and easy for a good fifteen minutes. My hole was already severely stretched and sore but I was somewhere in outer space and honestly now only cared about making this last all night! My whole body trembled. Electricity ran up my spine that started around my puffy ass-lips and radiated to my flopping ball-sac. My legs convulsed uncontrollably as the muscles were again exerted. He moved in me so smoothly, I wasn’t just moaning

I think I was actually purring beneath him!

“Your body is quivering.” he smiled and whispered with some concern.

“You’re amazing. Please don’t stop, you bring me pure joy and I love you.” I whispered back in reply and reached behind his head to pull his lips back to mine. We kissed deeply.

A moment later, he hoisted himself above me again in a push-up position and began to pump harder again and, if possible, deeper. As he increased his tempo, the enormous, creamy load he had dumped into me earlier squished and squirted out of my loose cunt; slathering my swollen ass-lips and greasing the way naturally for another intense penetration.

Damm it, I wanted to just suck him all the way into me.

He impaled me entirely and I tilted my hips upward, raising my butt off the bed as best I could to match his deep down strokes. In doing so, it changed the trajectory of his assault slightly but just enough so that when he drove back into me, the plump head of his dick bounced savagely against my prostate.

“Uunggh! Uunnggh! God yeah!” I grunted as he pounded into me.

“Fuck me…uugh…fuck my pussssy!” I hissed and stammered under the jolting.

I threw my arms up and around his neck for leverage. His face took on a `serious’ look as he began to pump me more rapidly. His upper lip fell behind his lower teeth as he pummeled me.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” he gasped, “Almost there again!

Oh…oh…Ohhh…yeahhhhhhhh…fuck…” He growled. “Ohhh…f-f-fuuuuuuuuuuck baaaby…” His voice wavered.

I stroked his rigid back muscles and reached down as far as I could to hook his firm, flexing ass cheeks and pull them into me but only managed to occasionally clutch and guide his hips as he rhythmically rose and fell into me. I wanted him as deep as he could get. My aching ass was crying to be re-filled. The juicy, slapping sounds of him hammering into me and his groin slamming into my thighs and balls echoed through the bedroom.

“Awwwwhhh…dammit! Gonna fuckin’ shoot you again!”

I hunched up into him and used what little strength my abused and dilated sphincter had left to squeeze and milk his cock! I wanted him to soak my guts again. I wanted it soooo much. I grunted and groaned beneath him. I was his cum-dump and wanted him to know it!

“Oh darling..uggh! C’mon. Please fill my assss again.” I hissed. “I need th-that hot load as much as you wa-want to give it!” I stammered.

“OOHHHHHH..FUCK Yeah, c’mon hon-honeeeeey!” I panted breathlessly into his face like the wanton slut I was as he sawed me in two with that outrageously fat cock.

“OH FUCK ME! BREED ME! Make me your slut!” I begged.

“OOHH…OOOHHH! UGGHH!!” I grunted shamelessly beneath his heavy pounding.

“OH GOD! Empty those nuts,..ughh! Yea-…Yeahh..Babe!” I swallowed hard. “Knock me up!” I ordered. “Fucking impregnate meee!”

He lurched forward, covering my open mouth with his and driving his tongue deep inside. He kissed me, hard! So hard our teeth made a sullen ‘clunk’ against each other in our wet, coupled mouths. He buried his face into mine and moved his arms from what was a push-up position to grab the sides of my head with his hands. The length of him lay fully on top of me and…

“MMMMMMNNnnnnn ggggggggggggggg!!” his muffled yell filled my mouth as he froze.

“YEAAAHHUUMMMM!” I squinted and screamed hoarsely back into his.

“UUUGGGHHNNN!!” He grunted. I forced my mouth away, turned my head to gasp for air and cried, “OH—HH b-baabyy…”SCREW MEEEE! FUCK MY WET PUSSY!”

We were a tangle of heaving, wheezing, sweaty man-flesh; consummately connected to each other at the union of my aching, yawning asshole and his meaty magnificence. We rutted like animals in heat, causing the bed to creak and squeal beneath us. He bred me with careless abandon and I surrendered completely to his persistent pounding.

The steel-like salami, which was as big as my wrist to begin with, seemed to swell to the size of a Louisville Slugger! He forced my lips back to his and buried his tongue in my mouth again. His eyes scrunched tight as he grunted and bellowed into my mouth. He kissed me so hard I thought he was either going to completely suck the oxygen out of me, or simply fuck me into a coma. I felt my guts expanding around him; widening farther than I thought possible to accept that agonizingly massive prick and then…mercifully…I felt him shoot.

He erupted so powerfully I could feel the first gush literally splatter against the back wall of my distended rectal womb. He pushed into me so deeply, I felt him deep in the bottom of my belly and it hurt, “OWWWWWHHHHMMMMMMMMMM!” I screamed into his mouth as I pulled him fiercely against and into me. I hurt – but it was such a delicious hurt that tears seeped from my tightly clenched eyes. I reached down and dug my fingernails into his flexing glut muscles; simultaneously pulling him into me and pushing upward trying to draw every millimeter of him into my greedy, hungry hole.

He slammed his pelvis into me; grinding himself deeply into the core of me. His hips rotated that mammoth cock against my bowels, churning his spunk to thick, lathery butter. My legs shot upward and outward in total surrender to the assault. An instant later, they wrapped themselves tightly around him; my heels digging into the small of his back as I felt the immense girth ripping me open.

My mouth flew from his again in search of oxygen. One moment my hands angrily squeezed his taut buttocks; then another, they slid under his arms grasping his shoulders and clutching at his skin – desperately trying to drag him closer and deeper into me. The intense feeling of My Man riding me, crushing himself into me, dumping his seed into me – impregnating me – was overwhelming.

Again, he swiveled his hips uncontrollably, causing that enormous slab of pulsating beef inside of me to press hard against the swollen nut of my prostate. My battered anus convulsed madly and my cock responded as if being stroked from the inside. He shoved that fat fucker deep into me again and I felt another colossal anal spasm crash into me. I was experiencing a sensation I’d never felt before. He arched his back, dug his toes into the mattress and lunged powerfully into me again, driving the air from my lungs.

“Ooouufff!” I huffed, as that bloated monster collided violently with my constricted canal. In that instant, a single thought flashed through my mind – anal orgasm — and I was having my first one! A huge dollop of cum ejected from my cock now pinned snugly between us, then another, and another! He stabbed me deep one final time and I screamed like a banshee.

“You’re experiencing the absolute grandeur of wholly surrendering to your man. You’re in the very middle of the extraordinary pinnacle of your first internal, anal orgasm. Release yourself to me. Let yourself go completely into the world you have only dreamed about; and that is to fully relinquish your manhood to me. Renounce your masculinity, and feel the emancipating euphoria of knowing that you are utterly reliant on me to provide you with the love, penis, and sperm that you so urgently covet. Abandon any thought of ever returning to life as it was, for you have become my personal possession. I am in the very process of taking ownership of you, and judging by your wild, rampant inner orgasm, you are in the process of freely surrendering your masculinity to me as my reward for revealing to you, your true inner self. Don’t worry my beloved possession; very soon you will receive the reward that you’ve coveted all your life, and that is to be eternally united to me in body and soul by your acceptance of my living seed.”

All I knew was that, in actual fact; I especially preferred and loved this inner anal orgasm to my usual method of cuming, out of my cock. I cherished and just loved how my inner orgasm would build to a quaking explosive discharge of pure love, radiating forth from his penis to encompass my entire body in a trembling fury of homosexual emancipation. My entire body was on fire with seizure like fits, convulsing uncontrollably and announcing to him that my surrender was complete. All I wanted and needed was to be sanctified and graced with the definitive gift of his love by breeding me to him. He could tell, by the look in my eyes, how much I desired for him to ejaculate his unifying love deep into me.

His deep fucking penetration began to slow significantly, as he spent more time fully impaled deep into my inner sanctuary. I could feel his cock grow even longer and wider as his rhythm slowed to a full deep penetration allowing me to savor and delight in the comprehension that very soon I will be gifted his exceptional living sperm.

He began to speak delightful words of love to me… “I’m about to award, to you, the most precious, treasured gift a man can give to another human being. I’m going to bestow upon you the honor of impregnating you, and consecrate you with the very essence of my soul. Please be aware and respect what a great privilege it is to be filled with my seed. Cherish and nurture my living seed as it courses through your body, staking its assertion over your entire being. You so long for my treasured gift of love; permit your body to absorb it all like a sponge soaks up water. I’m going to give you the life-giving nourishment that your body requires. Absorb my seed, and take immense delight and gratification in knowing that my hormones are replacing yours. Revel in the thrill of knowing that my seed inhabits you, and that you’re thoroughly reliant on me to complete you.”

There is no way that I could not comply, and not obey his delightful words of love. I wanted my man to populate, and reside in me with his abounding gift of pure love. I needed to feel his seed thriving and flourishing deep within me. With one final, decisive deep thrust I could feel his cock pulsating, my reward, of his warm life-giving seed deep into me. I simply cannot express, in words, the exquisite, eloquent dignity of having my man release his seed into my ravenous body. His superior, potent seed was being transported throughout my body, as the intoxicating emotion of my full surrender filled me with a peaceful content that I’ve never experienced before. He remained deep inside of me, as the two of us celebrated the beautiful rapture of our intimate unification, which I shall cherish until the end of time.

His exquisite hard cock remained within the interior of my impregnated sanctuary as we continued to rejoice and delight in the joining together of our bodies and souls. We both were so enthusiastic to admit, to each other, our overwhelming, undivided and exclusive love that we possessed for each other. We never wanted this feeling of our adoring, unifying, romantic love, to come to an end.

By keeping his penis inside of me, it allowed my body to absorb all of his liquid love that he so affectionately infused into the protection of my inner sanctuary. I did, indeed, feel it to be such an honor and privilege to possess his expression of affectionate love within the depths of my body.

I felt so gratified for the supreme opportunity of being bred to him. I didn’t want a solitary drop of his beloved love to escape from me when he pulled out. With absolute certainty, I willed the complete absorption of his treasured living seed to be transported throughout my entire body so I could beyond all doubt present myself, to him, as a living endowment of my unlimited, unreserved love.

The smooth inner lining of my submitted passageway persisted in clenching securely to his imbedded penis, sending intermittent electric waves of orgasmic surrender all the way through my entire soul. Yes indeed, my spectacular anal orgasm was winding down, but my enduring sporadic convulsive embrace, of his impaled erection, ensured that I was able to transfer every last drop of his precious life-affirming seed from his body into mine. I’m so grateful, to this beloved man, for allowing me the opportunity to spread my legs wide open and accept his conquering penis into my virgin body. I’m simply filled with so much pride and contented fulfillment as I bask in the serene realization of knowing that I’m no longer a virgin, and that the man I love resides in me forever.

“AAAHHAAOOOOOOOOWWW mmmmmmmmmmmpph!” He sealed my mouth firmly again with his to muffle my screech. As he gushed, the bloated, purple head of his enormous cum-slinger split my sloppy cavity to the point where I knew it would be days before it would recover to normal size. I’d never felt so full…so utterly and completely full of luscious, hot, throbbing cock!

I don’t know how he did it. He pumped what felt like a gallon of molten jizz into me less than an hour before and here it came again! I was a double-filled cum slut covered with spew and sweat and knew I’d be oozing his creamy man-sauce for hours. Once more, he kissed me fully on the mouth, then totally collapsed in a heap on top of me. Somewhere, seconds or years later, my brain overloaded and I blacked-out.

When I finally awoke, I found Chris dozing on top of me. Our breathing synchronized in the now quiet room filled only with the scent of musky man-sex. As his body relaxed, I felt him soften inside of me and exit my shredded rectum. There is no way to describe the emptiness I felt as the length and girth of him slithered out of my swollen and gaping man-cunt. My battered butthole randomly belched pops and fizzles of air that he’d pumped into me. The fluttery, ass-pussy farts were accompanied by a stream of thick, frothy semen that dribbled over my flattened ass globes to pool beneath us.

He awoke and quietly rolled off. A moment later, I opened my eyes to find his head propped on an elbow as he smiled softly at me.

Neither wanted this moment to end, knowing that it was sealing our bond of love together for evermore. Chris had taken a chance on me, seeing through my façade into the very core of me, seeing my need to submit to a man and be dominated and loved unconditionally. I had hesitated at first, never wanting to yield to the power of love but my man’s strength prevailed until he had me mind, body and soul.

“You’re beautiful, Angora. Are you feeling alright?” he whispered.

I smiled and answered, “You totally knocked me up.” He chuckled, kissed me lightly again and smiled. “Glad you enjoyed it, too.” He replied before kissing me.

“Do you have any idea just what you mean to me Angora?” he asked after he broke our kiss and my eyes moved over his face, his eyes hot and smoldering with desire. Chris smiled then, loving the way my eyes devoured him with such hunger, such desire, and more so with love.

“Yes I do, Chris. I’ve known from our first moment together just how much you were meant for me.” I said, sitting up, and pulling his head to my lips, my eyes devouring his face. “Chris, you’ve released the real me. I love you and want to devote the rest of my life to you as your lover.” I whispered, my need for him was unlike anything that I had ever felt before and I wanted him to know it.

“You will move in with me Angora, I will take care of you.” He whispered back to me. “I love you and I want you in my life and in my bed as my slut-boy.” We kissed hard and long, his heart pounding against mine. He kissed his way down my body until his mouth took my cock deep, not stopping until his nose rested contently in my pubes and the warmth of his throat surrounded my cock. I held his head to my groin as I exploded into his throat. Avalanches of steaming hot cum boiled out of my dick to blast into his waiting mouth. Chris tilted his head and aimed the jetting weapon, intent on catching every squirt and drop. His mouth was fully flooded with my thick cream before the flow trickled off.

Chris knelt there, in between my legs, watching me as I came down from my orgasmic high. Chris yawned his mouth slowly, giving me a good look at the ocean of cum resting on his tongue. Then he leaned over and gave me a deep kiss feeding me the fruit of my passion. We moaned as we shared every drop of my cum.

“I love you Christopher,” I whispered, exhausted from our love making. “I love you most.” he whispered back, pulling my body close to his. We fell asleep; my body spooned against his, two men in love forever more and my fears about love diminishing rapidly.

I awoke and felt Chris’s morning wood pressing against my ass.

“Good morning baby,” he whispered over my shoulder.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned back licking the tip of his finger before he used it to lightly trace around my nearest nipple.

Chris’ finger caused an electric sensation that made me sharply.

I looked up to see Chris looking at me in the eyes, “While I watched you sleeping all I could think about was how beautiful you looked and how much I want to give you pleasure.”

“I’m not so handsome, or beautiful.”

Chris lightly brushed my cheek with the back of his fingers. Gazing deeply into my eyes he said: “You are all of that to me, my sweet and submissive lover.”

I felt the warmth spread over my face and turned away. Then I felt Chris shift on the bed. I did not have to look to see what was going on. I could feel the soft mink of Chris’ robe against my hips and sides.

Chris gently took a hold of my chin and slowly turned my face back toward him. There was a look of passion in his eyes that left me feeling overwhelmed because I knew it was all for me.

I raised my head but he stopped me and I gave him a questioning look. Chris’ eyes were burning with desire. I was completely overwhelmed.

“I’m hungry.” he said. “And I’ve decided to have you for breakfast.”

“Breakfast doesn’t talk and it doesn’t participate. It just lays there and gets enjoyed.” Chris’ voice was a low sensual whisper. I nodded and tried to relax my body allowing it to sink deeper in the fur.

Chris raised himself up and returned holding a thick fur blindfold which he fastened around my head with a Velcro. Deprived of sight, all my other senses suddenly became more acute.

I first felt his lips gently kiss my forehead. Then he tilted his head down until his nose brushed the tip of mine. I opened my mouth trying to convey to him how much I wanted to kiss him. Chris either did not see it or it was not part of his plan because he slowly rotated his face so that our noses gently danced together. I inhaled his scent taking a deep breath. My desire for Chris was not going to make this easy.

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