My Twin Brother Made Me Cum

I love the feel of my brother’s hard cock in my mouth and the way his semen feels as it goes down my throat.

* * * * *

After graduating high school, twins Mark and Clark Dixon took different career paths. Mark joined the Army, feeling the need to give service to his country, while Clark attended college. Although they rarely saw each other, never home at the same time, they did maintain contact through skype at least once a week. The years went by quickly, though, and after Mark finished his four years and Clark had attained his bachelor’s degree in American Literature, the two were finally able to meet face-to-face at home during Christmas; they both had moved back in with their parents and took up residence in their old room.

Prior to returning home, Mark placed an ad on a dating site. He maintained that he was local and looking for no strings attached fun. He was surprised when he received a reply mere moments afterwards from someone who was looking for the same. They messaged each other quite a bit through the site’s PM, then set a day and time to meet, which was Tuesday at nine p.m. at O’Malley’s Pub. “I’ll wear a rose in the label of my sportscoat,” Mark stated. “That way you will know who I am.”

Tuesday at seven, Mark got his shower. As he dressed, Clark did the same. Upon Clark entering the room, “Going out tonight?”

“Huh?” Mark asked. “Oh, yeah. Just going to see a few of the guys we used to hang with. You?”

“Hot date,” Clark said with a big smile.

“Good luck,” Mark said. He reached into a drawer and produced a condom, which he tossed to his brother. “You know, just in case.”

“Thanks,” Clark said as he shoved it into his pants pocket. Mark finished dressing first, then had Alexa play some easy listening music. Clark finished, looked at his watch, then said, “I guess I have a little time to kill. Drinking tonight?”

“One beer, maybe.”

“If it’s any more than that, call me,” Clark said. “The last thing I want is for you to get a DUI or endanger someone.”

“Okay, Mom,” Mark said with a laugh. Then, “The same applies to you, though.”

Clark laughed. “I can see it now, we both drunk as hell and driving to pick up the other.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” Mark said. “What time is your date, anyway?”

Clark looked at his watch. “Guess I should go ahead and head out. See you tomorrow.” He patted his pocket, the one that contained the condom. “Well, hopefully late tomorrow.”

Mark stood and walked to the window. He watched his brother pull out of the driveway, then he grabbed his sportscoat and put it on before leaving also. He stopped in front of the house to pull a single rose from his mother’s rose bush and inserted it into his lapel, then he got in his car and made his way to O’Malley’s. He didn’t readily recognize anyone upon entering, which he thought was a good thing. There were some patrons sitting on stools at the bar, some were playing darts or pool, and a few were in darkened corners with their heads bowed drowning their sorrows. Mark took a booth, sitting with his left side facing the door, which would allow for the rose to be prominently displayed. He was about fifteen minutes early, so he ordered a beer and just sat and waited.

Nine-fifteen came and went, as did nine-thirty. Mark began to relegate himself to the fact that he had been stood up when he noticed someone approaching him. As the figure drew closer and recognition kicked in, he said, “Clark? What are you doing here?”

“The same as you, waiting on my date,” Clark answered, “only I saw you when you came in.”

“What are you talking about?” Mark asked, feigning ignorance.

Clark pulled his phone from his jacket and pulled up the page to the dating site, went to the correspondence he had shared with cockgobbler2019, and showed it to his brother. “I had no idea it was you,” he said. “As far as that goes, I had no idea you were gay.”

Mark sat there in silence for all of two minutes, then he looked his brother in the eyes and asked, “So, you’re gay, also?”

Clark laughed. “I wasn’t. That is, not before college. My roommate and I were playing poker. I was tapped out, but I was holding onto a full house, aces and eights.”

“The dead man’s hand,” Mark interjected.

“I should have heeded that warning. Anyway, I bet a blowjob against the two hundred in the pot, knowing I had this hand won.” Clark sighed. “Wouldn’t you know it? Fucker had a God-damned Royal Flush, so I sucked his dick.”

“How weird was that?” Mark asked.

“I found that I liked it,” Clark responded. “I loved the feel of a hard cock in my mouth, and I loved the feel of hot semen as it went down my throat, not to mention that my roomy gave me back the hundred I had initially lost, simply because that was his first BJ and it meant something special to him.”

“So, what? You and your roommate for the last four years?” Mark asked.

“Yes, and no,” Clark began as an answer. “You see, Phil and I would play other games, be it Monopoly or Sorry or even Modern Warfare, all with the bet that if I lost, I’d suck him off again. Needless to say, I would lose on purpose. One night, Phil let it slip that I had blown him several times because I kept losing bets to him. The other guys wanted in on this action, and pretty soon I was purposely losing bets to anyone who’d set a wager.” Clark laughed. “I must have given over three thousand blowjobs in the four years I was at school.”

“Well, my story’s a bit different than yours,” Mark explained. “I had been in Basic for about four weeks when one night I was just so amazingly horny that I decided to take care of myself. I went to the head and began jerking off—in all honesty, I thought I’d have come rather quickly as pent up as I was, but it took a while—and so into it was I that I didn’t hear the footsteps. My drill instructor rounded my stall and looked at me, then he knelt and blew me. Bam! Instant orgasm. Without a word, he stood and shoved his massive cock in my face, and I sucked him as best I could. This was more out of fear than anything else, though. He came in my mouth and commanded me to swallow it, so I did. He told me to meet him there the next night, so I did, and the same thing occurred: He blew me, then I blew him.

“About a week later, he called a meeting just before lights out and he stated that the Army was looking for people who would follow orders without question, then he sat in a chair and called me up. He told me to suck his cock right there in front of everyone, so I did. Afterwards, he told me that everyone in the platoon now outranked me, so whenever they commanded me to suck them off, I had to. I spent that entire night blowing them all, swallowing every drop of cum that spilled out of their horny cocks. You’ve heard the term ‘buck private,’ right?”

“Yeah,” Clark answered.

“Well, they began calling me a ‘bunk private,’ and I was sucking them off every damned night for the next two weeks. That’s when one of them got the idea of fucking me, and even though it hurt—eight of them did before I finally couldn’t stand it anymore—that’s when I realized that I was gay. I loved the idea of a cock in my ass. I came twice as they took turns fucking me, and I sucked cock while getting fucked. It was paradise, as far as I was concerned.”

“I’ve never been fucked,” Clark admitted. “I’ve had a few guys ask, and I’ve had some who wanted me to fuck them, but I’ve never crossed the line of getting fucked. I’m just oral.”

“Are you scared?” Mark asked. “Of the pain, I mean, because I can tell you that eventually it wears off and it’s quite pleasurable.”

“Maybe someone can take the time to help me with that?” Clark threw out there. Silence, then, “I’m sorry about tonight. I wish I had known it was you.”

“Well …” Mark said slowly.

“Well, what?”

“I’m just saying that the night doesn’t have to be a total wash.”

Clark looked at his brother. “What, exactly, are you saying, Mark?”

“You know,” Mark responded. “We could … with each other.” Clark’s only response was to raise a curious eyebrow. Mark continued. “I’ve always wished I could suck my own cock. This would be the closest thing to it, wouldn’t it?”

Clark studied his brother for a few seconds, then said, “Come on. Let’s get out of here.” The two left. Mark followed Clark to the old Wilson’s Grocery that had closed its doors since they both moved away. Clark pulled around back, Mark directly behind him. Mark came to Clark’s SUV and the two worked to lower the back seat.

“Are we really going to do this?” Mark asked.

Clark smiled. The seat was in place, then the two entered and shut the doors. The brothers just stared at one another, then Clark took one of Mark’s hands and placed it on his rapidly beating heart. Mark took Clark’s free hand and did the same. They continued to stare, then they slowly moved forward and kissed one another. It was slow and easy at first, then neither could get the other undressed fast enough. Mark helped Clark get his pants off, then his mouth quickly found his brother’s rigid, seven-inch cock. He sucked it greedily, making Clark cum in no time at all, then finished removing his own pants so that Clark could return the favor.

Clark swallowed every inch of his brother’s swollen cock, lavishing it with his mouth. Mark lasted all of a minute before filling his brother’s mouth with a plentiful amount of cum, which Clark swallowed. “Get up here and fuck my ass good,” Mark said as he lay back. Clark used spit as a lubricant on his cock, then he pushed it in to the hilt into his brother’s ass. Mark shouted out in pleasure as his brother fucked him, then moaned, “Oh, shit!” when Clark, while still fucking him, took his cock into his mouth. “Oh God, yes!” Mark hissed.

Clark pounded his brother’s ass good for him, just as he even now sucked his cock exceptionally well. Clark’s breathing became erratic. He began to snort, then he came inside Mark’s ass. Mark, meanwhile, frenzied over everything going on, shot another thick load into his brother’s mouth. Their primal grunts of bestial satisfaction began to wane, everything slowed, then stopped. Mark smiled at his brother. “Well, I guess there’s no coming back from this.”

“Like I’d want to,” Clark said as he allowed his brother to stretch his legs. “I want us to continue this, Mark. I don’t think Mom and Dad will suspect anything.”

“Nah. They wouldn’t,” Mark agreed. As the two dressed, Mark said, “So, would you like me to help you with your anal issue?”

“I don’t know that I’d call it an issue, but yeah. I’d really like to experience it.”


“Tomorrow when the folks are at work?” Clark asked.

“We’ll take our time. I promise to make it as pain-free as possible.”

The two headed home to find their parents had already gone to bed, so they showered together. Afterward, they both climbed into Clark’s bed and gave one another some slow, fantastic head. It was the perfect nightcap that sent both into dreamland.

The following day, both Mark and Clark awoke around nine. They piddled around, eating breakfast and doing their dailies, then it was time. “Are you sure?” Mark asked his brother.

“Yes,” Clark answered.

Mark had an assortment of things lying on the bed. The first was coconut oil, the second was an anal probe that was about as big around as a man’s index finger, the third was a tube of Orajel, the fourth was a butt plug, and the fifth was a condom, still wrapped. The Orajel was to be used as a nerve deadener so as to minimize pain. Clark lay on his side, and Mark moved in behind him. He applied some of the Orajel to his brother’s anus, then the probe. He waited a full minute before introducing the probe, and after some give, of which Clark felt just pressure, not pain, it slipped in. Mark slowly worked it in and out of his brother’s rectum. “Damn, am I supposed to have a hard-on?” Clark asked.

“I’m stimulating your prostate, so yeah,” Mark answered. “Don’t be surprised if you have an orgasm like this.”

“If I feel it coming, I’ll let you know,” Clark said in return. “I’d rather you be the one to give it to me. You know, with you inside me.”

After ten minutes of slowly moving the anal probe in and out of his brother’s rectum, Mark applied some of the Orajel to the butt plug. He removed the anal probe, then inserted the butt plug. It was bigger around than the probe, so it took a lot more pressure to get it in far enough to hold in place. Once it had, though, Mark removed the condom from the package and fitted it over his swollen cock.

“Do you really need a condom with your own brother?” Clark asked.

“Oh, this is to make sure that my dick doesn’t become desensitized,” Mark explained. He removed the butt plug, gave a final dousing of the Orajel, then slathered his condom-covered cock with the coconut oil. “Okay. I’m going in now.” He moved closer to his brother, lining up his cock to Clark’s anus, then he pushed. Even with the small amount of stretching, Mark’s cock was still much bigger than the opening to his brother’s ass. He kept gently pushing, though, and finally he felt his cockhead push past the tight portal.

“Oh!” Clark yelped.

“Did you feel that?” Mark asked. “I’m sorry.” He removed his cock, but he didn’t see any blood.

“It hurt some,” Clark told him, “but it was one of those ‘hurts so good’ kind of things.”

“Well, just to be sure …” Mark said before applying more Orajel. He waited a full minute, during which he stroked his brother’s dick. He then applied more coconut oil to his condom-clad cock, then he invaded his brother’s rectum once again. He was sure to be extra careful, and he got his cock inside in under thirty seconds. He gently pushed, adding another inch every thirty seconds until all seven inches were in. He held it there, flexing his cock, stretching his brother’s anal tissue, for another minute, then he said, “Are you ready?”

“Go ahead,” Clark answered.

Mark began to slowly move his cock in and out of his brother’s ass. “Oh, if only you knew how good this felt,” he said as he rubbed Clark’s chest.

“I wish I could feel everything you’re doing to me right now,” Clark began as a response, “but the simple fact that it’s my brother doing it is enough of a turn-on for me.” Mark continued, and five minutes later, “Oh, shit. I feel it, Mark. I … I’m going to cum.” With that declaration, Clark grabbed his cock and began jacking it.

Mark grabbed his brother’s hand and moved it away from his cock. “Don’t jerk off. Just let it happen naturally.” Mark then sped up just a little, then a little more, then a little more.

“Oh God, that’s it,” Clark growled. Another ten seconds of silence, then, “Oh, fuck!” as he shot off all over his bed spread. Mark’s hand was immediately upon his brother’s still-spasming dick, jerking it to ensure every last drop of cum had been siphoned from it. “Oh, wow,” Clark said with a smile. “That was great.”

Mark held his brother close as he continued to move in and out of him. Three minutes of this and he had achieved his own orgasm. He lay there, next to his brother, allowing his stiff cock to remain lodged in Clark’s ass. If nothing else, it served to continue to stretch it.

“So,” Clark said after some silence, “do we do this again later on?”

“You’re going to be pretty damned sore once that Orajel wears off,” Mark informed him. “Maybe we should wait till tomorrow?”

“Or, we can just use more Orajel and continue to loosen me up,” Clark countered.

Mark thought it over, then said, “Okay, tonight, after the folks have gone to sleep.” He snickered. “I’ll have you taking this dick bareback before the week is out.”

“I’m looking forward to that,” Clark responded. “Now, about me coming: Is that a guaranteed thing every single time?”

“I don’t know” Mark responded truthfully. “Different people have different physiologies.”

“Well, I like the idea of you making me come.”

“And I loved the way you made me come last night,” Mark said. “I love having my cock sucked while I’m getting fucked.”

Silence, then Clark asked, “So … Are we, like, seeing each other now?”

“Sure,” Mark replied after some thought. “Why not? Just don’t let the folks know.”

“Or our friends,” Clark added.

“Well, wait a second there, now,” Mark said in amending his brother’s statement. “Are you telling me that the idea of our friends fucking our mouths and asses doesn’t do something to you? Because I think that would be hot.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Clark answered, “but for the moment, you’re the only one I want fucking me, okay?”

“Okay,” Mark answered, and why should he be in a rush? Things were going to be extremely hot for he and Clark over the next couple of months, as his newly raging hard-on could attest.

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    There nothing strong then brothley love me and my brother start in high school we got married hadbkids and wife’s we still meet up ever couple months getva hotel room and have fun all weekend even at 60 me 63 him still brothley love never ends

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