My Uncle Tied Me Up Pt 1

I felt my ass was completely wide open, both exposed and vulnerable, as I knew right away I was completely naked. I struggled to get my hands free, but it was futile, I was trapped.


I woke up with a blind fold mask covering my eyes, I couldn’t see a thing. I sensed I was straddling a padded bench. Completely naked, laying on my stomach, as I tried to get up, I felt my ankles secured to the back legs of the bench and my wrists secured to the front legs. My neck hung over the front end of the bench and my waist line hung over the back end. The way my ankles were tied to the legs of the bench, both pushed extremely forward, so my knees were touching the sides of my chest, it made my butt protrude out prominently. The bench padding was very wide, forcing me to spread my knees obscenely. I felt my ass was completely wide open, both exposed and vulnerable, as I knew right away I was completely naked. I struggled to get my hands free, but it was futile, I was trapped.

The last thing I remember was that I was asleep in my own bed, having drank too much I was in a deep sleep when I was accosted. I woke up to two strong guys grabbing me and holding a cloth over my face that was both sweet smelling, but with an ether like odor. I never saw their faces as I think I passed out quickly, I really don’t remember. Because of the blindfold, I had no idea if I was still in my own apartment or had been taken somewhere else. I was very disoriented as I tried to clear my head.

The padding was soft and the bench was wide. It was a comfortable position, but that didn’t relieve my anxiety of what was going on. The foggy feeling in my head was slowly disappearing as I began to gather my senses. I thought I heard voices whispering. I tugged at my restraints, but I was strapped down tightly. Not knowing who did this to me or even where I was, I hollered for help. After a few screams for help, I sensed at least two people in the room coming over to me.

“Shhhhh, hush up little buddy, quiet down. You’re awake now and we got some activities planned for you if you want.” a strange male voice said.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? Please let me go.” I begged.

“No, I don’t think so. I think you want to be restrained. Tell the truth, you do don’t you?” another voice replied almost playfully, “We’re gonna have a little bit of fun with you first.”

A little about myself, I’m 5′ 9″s tall, just turned 20 last week. I’m pretty slim, about 140 lbs. Sad to admit at my age, but I’m still a virgin. I’m not ugly, but not that handsome chiseled jaw, muscular, fit body type guy. I’m not athletic at all, but not really soft, it’s just that I have no muscle definition to speak of. I’m a kind of a loner also, no real friends to speak of really. I mean, I knew lots of students in school, but never became friends with them or hung out with them. Girls didn’t seem interested in me, or me in them honestly. I knew at an early age that I was attracted to men. Not that I had done anything about it yet, I mostly just fantasized about being with men sexually, especially having me in a submissive role to them. Pretty much an introvert, I usually just went home after work and played video games or watched streaming gay sex on on my phone and masturbated.

I had just started working for my uncle a few months ago. I’m the night manager in my Uncle John’s adult video store. Working there has been a real eye opener for me. It didn’t know such places existed. It’s mostly a male clientele, single guys that rent porn CD’s, buy sex toys like dildos and male masturbating sleeves. Occasionally a woman or a couple would come into the store, but the overwhelming majority of the clientele are men. It’s a pretty boring job, mostly just making change for the video booths in the back. A lot of the customers go in the back and watch the porn movies in separate little rooms with locking doors. Back there is where it gets pretty crazy I think.

The most disgusting thing about my job is cleaning the video booths at the end of my shift. They are so gross! I’m not naive, I know that the men have anonymous sex through the waist high glory holes in the walls. I’m not an idiot, I knew what went on back there, nobody had to explain it to me. While I never actually saw anything happen, all the telltale signs were obvious. You would not believe what I find in those booths when I clean up. Used filled condoms, women’s underwear when I know no woman had entered that day, bottles of lubricant, bottles of poppers, cum crusty tissue all over the place. It is sooooooo gross back there.

I secretly wanted to go back there one day and see first hand what was really going on, maybe actually finally explore my sexuality. I never did cause I was afraid it might get back to Uncle John to know my true persuasion was men. When I did have to do the daily cleaning of the booths at the end of my shift, I did it as fast as I could. I wanted to get back up front to the register to leave my relief employee in charge so I could go home before the sun came up too bright to sleep. Still, I was really curios and fantasized about hooking up with a man back there one day maybe.

It doesn’t pay a lot, but I don’t really even need to work as my recently deceased parents, both killed in a car crash last year, left me a large inheritance that will take care of me for life. Uncle John has really helped me out through the transition of losing my parents. After their funeral, he helped me move to an apartment, set me up with a financial advisor and encouraged me to get out of the house and do something. He takes me out to dinner once or twice a week and calls me regularly to check in on me. I’m lucky I have him. Uncle John was my father’s younger brother and had really stepped up to be the father figure in my life. We became so close I even gave him a spare key to my apartment.

Uncle John was considered a little unsavory by my mother, but I thought he was really a pretty cool guy. She seemed to tolerate him when the family got together, mostly because my dad defended him, but Uncle John was a source of irritation to her. He was always into one thing or another that was a little shady. The adult video arcade was a source of embarrassment to my mom, along with the strip club he owned. I think he made very good money and I appreciated his friendship now that I was without my parents.

He took me out to dinner for my birthday last Sunday night, and afterwards, even snuck me into his strip club to watch the strippers, a first for me. I wasn’t old enough to get in legally, but he owned the place, so that wasn’t an issue. He got me drunk for the first time in my life that night, so yea, I thought he was a cool uncle. Having the waitress’s bring me one drink after another that night, I quickly got plastered and ended up throwing up when I got home.

Watching the girls strip and dance was pretty cool, something I thought might affect me more than it did. They were very pretty and sexy, and I was a little jealous of that, but not really my thing. I think Uncle John knew my secret as he asked me several times if I was enjoying the show and could probably tell that I was faking my interest and enthusiasm.

The next day he called me early and asked if I was free this coming Thursday night. I told him I had no plans and asked what’s up. When he mentioned me joining him again at the strip club, I quickly stammered a couple of flimsy excuses. Probably pretty transparent as lies to him, as I think he secretly knew I was not really into watching girls strip again. Then he shocked me by saying that Thursday nights at the club was “gay night” from 8PM til 9PM. Just hour only with men only allowed in and male strippers only dancing, coyly asking me again to come with him, saying it might be fun. Suddenly, very interested, I stammered and back tracked on my excuses and agreed to go.

I was very excited about this as all week long, it was all I could think about. Thursday finally came and I called Uncle John and said I was gonna be there soon. He told me to be there by 8PM and that he had a front row ringside table reserved just for me. I got there about 7:45 and as the doormen and the bouncers knew who I was when I got there, they let me in. Uncle John gave me a big hug when he saw me and stuffed 4 straps of $1 bills into my hand, telling me, “This $200 is for the dancers, tip them well.”

He had the waitress seat me and she brought me my favorite drink, an Apple Martini, the same drink I got drunk on just a few days ago, but this time, I was going to drink slower. I didn’t want to get sick again. Nothing had started yet, the stage was dark but all the tables were full.

Just a few minutes later, Uncle John came on stage, as he was the emcee and began to rile up the crowd. All the guys hooted and hollered to start the show and then the lights went dark for a few seconds til an automated strobe light show began.

A very handsome, white guy over 6 foot tall came out first and stood on stage just 5 feet in front of me. All the patrons screamed, while I just bit my lip and tried not to show how excited I really was. He was dressed as a fireman and looked so hot. Helmet, jacket, gloves and those boots, he made quite an image. As he gyrated around the stage he began to disrobe.

His gloves came off first, then his jacket. I loved how he looked with the suspenders over his muscular shoulders. This guy was really built, his biceps and forearms were totally pumped up with thick veins. His stomach was flat and he had that 6 pack of abs that every guy wished their stomach looked like. He obviously spent a lot of time in the gym as his chest was huge and also semi hairy, but landscaped neatly. He was a man’s man, the crowd screamed as many patrons rushed to the stage to tip him. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he seemed to direct a lot of his attention to me.

As guys standing by the stage clamored for his attention, frantically waving money at him, he let them stuff it in the waist band of his trousers. As the other customers sat back down, he then moved directly in front of my table again. Taking my eyes off his chest and arms, I stared up at his face and he was looking directly at me. Our eyes met and he actually winked at me. I swooned as I was 100% sure he winked at me, not anyone else, he definitely winked at me. I tried to smile, and that was when I became aware my mouth was wide open, I was so embarrassed trying not to act like a love starved puppy.

Still holding my eyes boldly on his, as he stared directly into mine, like we were the only 2 people there, he dropped his suspenders off his shoulders. Then he grabbed the waist of his Velcro trousers, ripping them away from his legs like they were made of tissue paper. It was at that moment I realized I had an erection, I was so excited as I had never seen anything like this before. His legs were perfect. So strongly muscled and thick. I knew he never missed a leg day at the gym. His thighs bulged with thick muscles and his calf muscles were equally as developed. Those thick pronounced veins were so sexy, but what really grabbed my attention, was the tiny g-string that held the most massive bulge you could imagine.

Standing right in front of me, still never breaking direct eye contact with me, my eyes finally lowered and locked on to his bulge. It made my face flush and my heart beat so fast it felt like it would jump out of my chest. He must have had an erection, or had stuffing in there, as his g-string looked obscenely unreal big. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as he gyrated in front of me only wearing his helmet, those boots and that tiny g-string covering his unbelievably massive bulge. The crowd rushed the stage and waited anxiously for their turn to tip him. I peeled off about $20 worth of the bills Uncle John gave me and stepped forward to the edge of the stage. He inched in closer to me as my face was about waist level with him. I held out the money, intending to stick it in his g-string like the other patrons did, but he grabbed the sides of my head and then ground his g-string into my face.

There was no stuffing in there, I definitely felt a warm stiff fat cock, hidden behind a thin veil of cloth rubbing against my face. The crowd went bananas, screaming loudly and egging him on, all jealous that it was me that was getting his special attention.

He grinned down at me as he ground his g-string covered rock hard cock over and over against my mouth, face and cheeks. I felt faint for a second but couldn’t move away, almost embarrassed by our carnal act as everyone watched the show he put on with me. Finally releasing my face from his strong grip, he went back to the group of men waving money and screaming loudly for his attention. The song was one of those endless techno beat rhythms that thumped loudly for about 20 minutes, with him coming back to my table several times to make eye contact again and again, til the music finally stopped. As he gathered up his costume off the floor, he came over to the edge of the stage and winked at me again, then leaning down whispering so only I could hear, he said, “That was hot, wish I could do that without the g-string.” then he went back stage.

I looked over my shoulder at Uncle John who was looking directly at me. He had the biggest grin on his face, nodding his head up and down vigorously to me. I smiled back and he gave me the “thumbs up” sign. I was so embarrassed that he saw that, but relished every second of it secretly.

The next guy up was a black guy with a rugged 3 day growth of a beard wearing a cops uniform. Very masculine, like the fireman, I saw he was totally jacked up with muscles. His toned body was breath taking as he went into his routine. He did about a 20 minute routine too, but even though I tipped him as I did the fireman, he didn’t really give me the special attention the fireman did. Still, his body was breath taking and his bulge in his g-string was mesmerizing.

The third guy was dressed as a cowboy, I think he was Hispanic, and he was very hot, very handsome and very well built. Still again, even though I stood up and tipped him, he was nonchalant and didn’t give me any special time.

The fourth guy was wearing a soldier’s costume. He was a tall white guy with close cropped hair. He was extremely handsome, with facial features that were almost too pretty for a guy. His costume fatigues were those camouflaged army style, green and brownish ones. Like the fireman, he came and stood right in front of my table. As I stared at his face while he started his routine, he returned my stare like the fireman did. It almost seemed like he was giving me my own special show again. As usual, the other patrons rushed the stage, vying for his attention, but again, I seemed to get the lion’s share. My cock which had been either fully erect or semi erect for almost an hour, was now thumping again in my pants.

Once he got undressed and down to his g-string, he looked absolutely amazing. Lean and toned, not overly muscular, but there wasn’t an ounce of body fat on him. His muscles were long and sinewy, looking more like a swimmer’s build than a body builders, but what really killed me was his bulge. It was the biggest of all the dancers. Positively huge. I was sure he was 100% erect as it pushed the fabric of his g-string straight out. He stood in front of my table and ground his pelvis in a circular motion for a few minutes, then started thrusting it back and forth like he was fucking someone, all the while staring directly into my eyes. I was mesmerized and couldn’t look away.

As I stood to tip him, he moved in closer to me and started poking the tip of his g-string covered cock towards my mouth. Like a dummy, I just stood there til he actually grabbed my chin and turned my head to look at his face. As he held my chin, he opened his mouth wide and stuck his tongue all the way out. He nodded at me, like trying to signal me to open my mouth like his. I mimicked his open mouth gesture and opened mine wide, also sticking my tongue out as far as possible. He pressed the tip of his g-string covered cock towards my open mouth and rubbed it back and forth over the flat of my tongue. He actually inserted it an inch or so, before pulling back. I know my face turned beat red as he did this several minutes before backing off, blowing me a kiss as he went back to the audience. As I sat back down, I glanced over at Uncle John still sitting at the bar and he was staring at me with the biggest smile ever. I watched the rest of his routine as he still spent a large part of his time on stage staring at me. My cock was so hard I felt I would explode.

When he finished the lights went on and Uncle John came back on stage. Telling all the male patrons that he hoped they enjoyed the show and to come back next Thursday. Most applauded while some groaned wanting more, but within a few minutes most of them filed out as the female strippers were going to be the entertainment for the rest of the night.

Uncle John came off stage and sat with me. “Well, did you enjoy this more than the other night? It looked like you did, and be honest with me Danny, cause I think I already know.”

If there was anybody I could tell about my secret sexual preferences, it would be my Uncle John. I had already drank three Apple Martinis in one hour and was feeling a pretty inebriated. Before I knew it, I just blurted it out, “I like men, not women.” It just came out of my mouth before I thought about what I was saying.

“I know son, the other night you seemed pretty bored watching the female strippers, but tonight, you seemed pretty darn interested watching the male strippers. There’s nothing wrong with that, the heart wants what the heart wants. I’ll be honest with you too, I go both ways sometimes, mostly women, but I do like me some hot twink ass now and then, and truthfully, guys give the absolute best blowjobs too. I’m a top, meaning I don’t suck cock or get fucked by cock, but to each his own. Your dad asked me a long time ago, that if something ever happened to him and your mother, to please watch out for you and try to make you happy in life. I’ll love you no matter what you like, I just want you happy son.”

I liked when he called me son and with that, I gave Uncle John a warm sincere hug, which he openly reciprocated to.

This may sound strange, but I felt like a weight had just fallen from my shoulders. I never had anyone to talk to about this and my uncle’s compassion to understand and accept me for what I was, made me feel so good. To speak freely to me about it, without judgment or ridicule made me feel so much better about myself. I just wanted to open up and tell him about all my feelings that I had hidden for years. I gave him back the remainder of the $1’s he had given me, and we talked discreetly at length about my secret desires. I really opened up to him as I felt safe with him knowing and accepting me for who I was.

“So, tonight, you looked like you especially enjoyed Ronnie and Carl, the fireman and the soldier. They seemed to like you too.” he sincerely prodded me for more info.

After already admitting my sexual persuasion to him, and of course the 3 drinks I had consumed, I found myself really opening up to him. “Uncle John, those two guys are so hot. I would kill to be with either of them.” I almost giggled, now loving this conversation.

“So, Danny, are you a bottom? Do you see yourself as the guy sucking cock and letting them fuck your ass, or do you see yourself as the guy that has his cock sucked and fucks them?” he implored. “Are you a top or a bottom?”

I probably would have never opened up so intimately if not for the alcohol, but I knew the answer and wanted to confess my true feelings to someone. On top of that, the waitress appeared unsolicited with another round of drinks for me and Uncle John, so I was getting pretty buzzed and just blurted all my secrets out. “Uncle John…I’m a virgin, but I think want to be the bottom to a man. Definitely the bottom. Especially to a strong dominant guy with muscles and a big cock. I want to be submissive, I want to be used by a muscular dominant man, to service him, even in a feminine role to some degree.” I boldly stated now that this conversation seemed comfortable.

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6 thoughts on “My Uncle Tied Me Up Pt 1

  1. Druidjr says:

    Top / bottom has nothing to do with sucking dick; drives me nuts when that’s used as an excuse not to reciprocate! It just means you are either lazy or think by not sucking it makes you less gay lol….

  2. Rob says:

    I think this is a Great, Friendly, and Loving story that every uncle and even the fathers should read!

  3. Alex says:

    Loved it. Was hoping Carl liked winks and wanted to date him. Was a little bummed there was no kissing

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