My Uncle Tied Me Up Pt 2

He paid two of his strippers to give me my first gay experience, and it was way more than I ever hoped for. I sucked and got fucked by both Carl and Ronnie, plus sucked Uncle John’s cock too. It was the best night of my life.

Part 1


It was 9PM and I had just gotten out of the shower. I had to be at work in an hour as I manage the night shift from 10PM to 6AM at my Uncle John’s adult arcade store. Last night all my fantasies came true as I got my first taste of cock. I had suppressed all my desires for years until last night when Uncle John made them come true. He had paid 2 of his strippers to give me my first gay experience, and it was way more than I ever hoped for. I sucked and got fucked by both Carl and Ronnie, plus sucked Uncle John’s cock too. It was the best night of my life.

Tonight was going to be a special night for me. I was going to work, but I wasn’t gonna work while I was there. Earlier, I had called another employee that I had been training for about a week, and told him I needed him to work for me tonight by himself. Tommy was nervous about working by himself, til I explained that I would remain on the premises all night long through his entire shift and would help if a problem arose that he couldn’t handle.

So with that settled, I got dressed in a loose pair of shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes, no socks and no underwear. Tonight, after months of cleaning those nasty video booths with the glory holes in the walls in the back of the arcade, I was going to use them. I was going to kneel and suck as many hard cocks as I could get. Every time I thought about being on the feeding side of a glory hole, down on my knees, submissively worshiping a hard cock, my hungry mouth watered and my cock stiffened.

I think I described myself earlier, slim, 5′ 9″s, 140 lbs., just a pretty average guy that has now become drunk with cock lust from my experience the night before. Hard cocks in my mouth and ass were all I could think of and like a starving man, I needed to be fed.

I had been in the back part of the store hundreds of times before to sweep and clean, as that was part of my job description. But I had never used one of the glory holes to suck or get sucked. I knew what the holes were for, and I had thought about using them often, but I just kept chickening out and promising myself I would do it soon. Last night’s experience with Ronnie, Carl and Uncle John, had put those glory holes at the top of my bucket list. This was gonna happen tonight and I could barely stand the wait.

I was anxious and I got there about 9:45PM. Friday night, the parking lot was hopping. “Ooooh goody” I thought, lots of cars tonight meant lots of hard cocks needing attention. I had to park in the third row as I saw Tommy’s car was already there.

He was waiting for me inside. Tommy was a nice kid, about 6 foot tall, pretty athletic looking and he seemed very friendly too. I liked him, as he made me laugh the first day we met, when he openly declared, “My parents wouldn’t approve of me working here.” He always asked me about the glory holes. You know, like, “What did I think about them? Would I ever use one?” He was a college student just trying to make a little money on the side, but I think he was also horny and wanted to try the glory holes. He was from the sticks somewhere in Nebraska, and was not used to the big city’s perversions. We both punched in together and I let the afternoon manager leave a little early. I just couldn’t wait another minute to explore those glory holes.

I set Tommy up with a new register from the safe and put in a chit slip for $50 worth of tokens. I laughed to myself as I counted out 200 tokens, they weighed a lot, but I didn’t want to come back to the register for more. I could always redo the chit sheet with the new correct amount and as Uncle John told me the other night, I could use all the tokens I wanted for free. As Tommy watched, he figured out quickly why I asked him to work tonight. Watching me count out $50 worth of tokens, and shove them in my pockets, he finally spoke, “Uhhh, Danny, are all those tokens for you? I mean, are you going back there to use the video booths?”

It was a little awkward, but I figured he already knew the answer to his question, so I saw no reason to lie, “Yea Tommy, I have always been curious about the video booths. I thought I might check it out. You cool with that?”

“Sure Danny, you’re the boss, you can do whatever you want. Is that why you asked me to work for you tonight?” he asked blushing a little.

“Yea Tommy, that’s why I asked you to work. I wanted to go back there when it was very busy. From midnight til about 4AM is the busiest time of all, day or night for this arcade. I work nights all the time, and I know that about 2AM, when the bars close, lots of college students and single guys come in. I guess they struck out at the bars and this is their last hope for some human contact, and to top it off, tonight is Friday night, so lots of guys should be in tonight. I just wanna check it out. I just want to see what’s going on back there.” I said as it was me that blushed now.

Knowing full well that he already probably suspected I was gay and this was just confirming it to him, he seemed cool about it. Even if he knew or even if he just suspected, he was a nice guy and treated me with respect. I thought he was probably the farthest thing in the world from a gay basher or a gay hater.

I asked him if he was good, and he said he was. I told him if there was a problem, just lock the register and come back there and get me. With that said, I entered the video booth area and once my eyes got adjusted to the dark, I moved to a booth that was open. I knew this booth was a little larger than the others as I had cleaned it hundreds of times before and that it also had a glory hole in the wall.

Lots of guys were leaning against the walls just lurking. Some I had never seen before and some of the others, I recognized as regular customers. When they saw me, that all started moving and milling around. They knew we frowned on loitering back there and they had recognized me from the front desk as an employee. I wasn’t there to monitor them tonight, I was there to suck their cocks.

The booth I wanted was empty as I stepped in and locked the door. I double checked it as I wanted the security of privacy. I put in 4 tokens and the movie started illuminating the booth a little bit. I could clearly see the glory hole and anyone looking through could clearly see me. I surfed the channels and found a movie of an effeminate twink sucking a big cock. My cock grew stiff in my pants as I watched the twink in the movie struggle with that cock.

Suddenly I heard the door of the booth next to me open, then shut and then get locked. I heard tokens drop in the slot to start their video. As this dark booth suddenly illuminated our shared glory hole, my heart pounded as I know knew someone was in the booth next to me now. I didn’t know exactly what I was supposed to do to convey my intentions that I was there to suck him. I was afraid to bend over and peek in there as he might not welcome my attention, so I just stood still. I stood in front of the hole, trying to figure out my next move when a shadow on his side, blocked the light from the video he was playing. He had moved up close to the hole and I lowered my head to take a quick peek inside his booth.

He was standing in front of the hole, his zipper was down, and a stout 8″ hard, pink cock was pointed at the hole. I was scared to reach through and touch it without his permission, so slowly I rubbed the tip of my index finger on the bottom of the hole. He took this as an invitation that I wanted to play with his cock and inserted about 2 inches through the hole. I dropped immediately to my knees and softly drew his plump circumcised head between my lips. I nursed on the tip gently, hoping he liked what I was doing and wouldn’t zip up and pull away. I guess he did like it as he shuffled closer to the hole and stuffed his entire cock through.

I was absolutely loving how this worked. In less than 5 minutes, I had a really hard attractive cock in my hungry mouth, and everything in my life just felt so right. On my knees, with this hard cock to orally service was everything I needed in the world right now. I just closed my eyes and slowly vegged out on this beautiful specimen of male virility.

At first I just sucked on it passionately, slowly and expertly massaging his head and some of his shaft. I loved the texture of his rock hard cock. The shaft was so stiff and unyielding, while the tip was very firm but spongy. Such a perfect combination I thought as I gently and methodically took my time and slowly worshiped his cock.

Never unbuckling his belt, or lowering his jeans, his balls were mashed tightly against his side of the wall. I strongly felt the need to suck them and gently tugged them upwards and into the hole as he backed up an inch or two to let me do this. As his plump balls fell into my hole, I took one into my mouth and gently nursed on it. I drew it into my warm wet mouth and massaged it with the pointy tip of my tongue. I could hear audible moans from him as I administered to his balls. Alternating back and forth between them, giving them equal attention.

I could tell he was enjoying my efforts as I saw a large drop of pre-cum form on the tip of his swollen cock head. I released his sloppy wet balls from my mouth and captured that dollop of cum off his cock head, relishing in it’s slippery taste. I was so horny, I wanted my throat fucked. I wanted to be used by the guy. I wanted to give him a tight throat to shoot his load down. I started to swallow his cock to the root. I never gagged once as he moaned his appreciation loud enough for me to hear. I massaged and rolled his sloppy wet balls in my hand as I kept throating his cock to the root.

He was now groaning loud enough and often enough that I’m sure several people walking the aisles of the video booths knew what was going on between him and me. While I was a little embarrassed that they knew I was one of the participants creating all the groans, they didn’t know if I was the feeder or the sucker. I really didn’t care, I was cock drunk again and lost in my passion to service this sweet cock.

I kept taking his cock as deep into my esophagus as possible, over and over, from tip to root. I began a new technique, stopping on the head of his swollen head, I would suck on it. Maybe for 5 seconds, I would suck the tip really hard and roll my tongue around it, then swallowing it to the root again, and repeating this process. He was losing it, I could tell, he couldn’t take much more of this, so I redoubled my efforts and kept going.

All the sudden, I heard urgent knocking. Damn it!

At first I thought it was Tommy looking for me to come up front and solve some problem that had arisen. What lousy timing, this guy is ready to burst and I gotta stop and take care of Tommy. But then I realized the knocks weren’t at my locked door, but were from my neighbor in the next booth.

As he continued knocking frantically, I felt him spray his first volley of cum into my mouth. I quickly deduced that the knocking was his signal warning me he was about to cum. I was in heaven as his cock pulsed and throbbed, spewing heavy squirt after squirt into my hungry mouth. I absolutely relished this moment. This was what I was made to do in life, and I knew I would be doing this as often as possible from this day forward.

My neighbor gave me an ungodly tremendous amount of semen. He must have squirted 8 to 10 times into my hungry mouth, each one seeming to be a heaping table spoon of hot, slippery, sweet cum. I gulped frantically to keep up with what seemed liked his never ending orgasm, never losing a drop. As his cock had quit ejaculating, and began to wilt a little, he still let me gently nurse on it. I dutifully cleaned his cock and his balls with my tongue, being careful not to suck too hard on his sensitive cock, as I didn’t want to see him leave.

He gently pulled his cock back through the hole to his side. As I knelt mesmerized with my eyes pressed against my side of the hole, still fixated on it, I hated that this was over. My first experience at a glory hole was fucking unbelievable. So much better than I ever imagined it could have been.

As I watched him put his cock away, he noticed me watching and knelt down to the hole. He whispered so only I could hear, “Dude, oh my God, you sucked my cock so good. Best blowjob I have ever had, for real! Scoot back from the hole, let me get a look at you.” as I complied and posed for him with a silly smile.

“You’re cute, if you give me your number, I’ll call you and let you suck it again. Maybe you would give me a shot at your ass too? Would you like that?” he taunted me.

I discreetly whispered back to him, “Oh hell yea, I loved sucking your cock. It was awesome and you cum so fucking much. I adored it. Maybe we can make it a regular thing? You can have my number. Pleas call me. Do you have your phone handy?”

As he took out his phone, I whispered my name and number to him. He entered them on his phone and pressed send. My phone in my pocket buzzed and he smiled at me, “Just checking you gave me the right number buddy.” he laughed. “I will definitely call you. Thanks for the bj. Looking forward to the next and more.” he said sincerely. As he exited his booth, someone else stepped in quickly and locked the door behind them.

I don’t know how many cocks I sucked that night. You’re gonna think I’m such a slut, but a good guess would be 25-30 cocks, maybe even more than that. I only refused to service a few guys, just ignoring them until they finally left their booth. Either I found their cocks were unattractive, or the few were almost freakishly small, or I felt they had poor personal hygiene. I was pretty select and while their eagerness to be fellated was excellent, I was somewhat particular.

There was one very handsome older guy, maybe 60ish, that had a very nice attractive 4-5 inch softie, but I just couldn’t get it hard. Not for lack of effort, I tried my best, but his cock just wouldn’t get hard and after 15 minutes, he just said whispered a sincere, “I’m sorry” through the hole, zipped up and left. I wish I could describe every single one to you readers. How they tasted, how hard they were, how I sucked them and how much they came, but everything seemed to run together after a while. The whole night was kind of a surreal experience.

All I can really remember are the ones that I thought were extraordinary, the unbelievably super rock hard ones, the extra long and extra thick ones, the ones that could pound my throat and the ones that seemed to cum forever.

I had just finishing sucking what looked like a college student’s nice 6″ cock, I looked at my phone and couldn’t believe where the time had went. It was already 5:30 AM, meaning for almost 8 hours now, I had been sucking cocks and was now still on my knees eagerly awaiting the next one.

Begrudgingly, I got up off my sore knees as I knew I had to go up front and help Tommy cash out.

As I went to the customer’s bathroom in the video area to clean up, I noticed in the mirror than my lips were visibly swollen and puffy. My throat was also scratchy from letting those bigger and thicker cocks pound and abuse it. Something I found I truly loved, a dominant man that makes me open my throat for his cock.

As I made my way up front, Tommy openly stared at my bruised and battered lips, how embarrassing I thought. Also I’m sure he noticed the wet cum and drool spots on my t-shirt, as he looked a little shocked, but didn’t say a word.

I emptied my pockets of tokens to adjust a new total on my chit sheet in the register, and was amazed I only had 5 tokens left. Tommy gave me a complete look of astonishment, as he saw that I had used 195 tokens since he last saw me. I was thoroughly and completely embarrassed.

George, the morning manager came in about 20 minutes early and after seeing me, he asked me if I was unwell. I knew I must have looked a sight and was dead tired also. George said he would help Tommy do the night shift drawer and I should go home and get some sleep. I thanked him and left immediately, wondering if Tommy was gonna tell George what I did last night.

I was exhausted when I got home. Even though I had cleaned up in the customer’s bathroom at the store, I still reeked of cum. Maybe it was on my clothes or I was just smelling my own breath. Lord knows I swallowed a lot of cum last night, never spitting it on the floor as us employees are the ones who have to clean that shit up. I took a long hot shower. Strangely, I wasn’t hungry, and I laughed about that knowing full well why, as my belly felt full from all the loads I swallowed.

Looking in the mirror, I saw that my lips were still really puffy, like someone punched me in the mouth and gave me a fat lip. I got a bag of frozen peas to hold to my lips hoping that would help. I got in my bed and found some gay glory hole videos. It occurred to me that I should of videoed myself. That would have been hot to relive and made a mental note to do that next time. I jacked off to those videos, and had one of the best orgasms of my life. I knew I would be back at those glory holes soon. I had created a monster for sucking men’s cocks. Now I wanted to be fucked.

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5 thoughts on “My Uncle Tied Me Up Pt 2

  1. Rob says:

    I am eager to read about his visit to a middle both with a G Hole on either side. Or his builds in a theater! More freedom and better visuals!

  2. Phillip says:

    I love sucking dick. And I swallow. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to just suck all the hard cock I can and take their hot cum all night long. And wouldn’t mind letting them all fuck me afterwards. Damn now I got myself all worked up. 😈

  3. Bucky says:

    I have to admit I am AS HUNGRY A COCKSUCKER & found a place like this & can’t get over the amount of GOOD THICK HUGE COCKS on married regular looking guys who always tell me GUYS give the BEST BLOW JOBS & said I’m ONE OF RHE BEST. I respond, THANKS! It truly gives me great pleasure.

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