My Wife’s Dick Is Bigger Than Mine Pt 2

“I can’t stop thinking about your cock,” Matt confessed as he stroked Laura up and down and then once more. Laura whimpered with her dick in his hand.

Part 1


“What does that mean?” Laura asked as her whole body trembled.

Matt turned toward her and wrapped Laura up in his arms. Like this, sealed up against him, Laura could feel as his heart raced on her body. There was something delicate that was about to break open. This was like the first time that he’d taken his pants off with her. He was nervous and warm and touched her like she might shatter into a million pieces. What was happening? “It means I love you, baby,” Matt whispered into her mouth.

Before Laura could melt or before she could cry or whimper to him that she loved him too, her husband seized her lips firmly with his own. This was a far different kiss from those early days. This wasn’t like those tentative kisses Matt used to give her, as if he’d pull back just in case Laura changed her mind. These were possessive kisses. These were firm and toothy and he pushed his tongue inside her mouth and swept it over her tongue, as if to say that he claimed all of her.

“Matt,” Laura whispered as her husband released her mouth and his breath washed over her face. He radiated desire and Laura could have cried. It felt so good to be wanted again. She had missed this so much. “Matt, honey, I love you too.”

Matt tugged at her dress and even though Laura had a million questions, she didn’t want to say a word and spoil it. She didn’t speak, just raised her arms and felt the dress come off for the second time that night. Matt pushed her gently back on the pillows and Laura felt the cock strain and pulse to get at him. Laura closed her eyes and expected to feel him cave in and push her away. She wondered when he would roll her to one side so that he didn’t have to see what had become of the girl he’d married.

When Matt’s firm hand reached for her erection, he cupped it through the panties. It was a grip. Her husband seized her cock and there was no mistaking the gesture. Laura gasped as he touched her with all the pent up desire that Laura felt down in her balls. This was a man touching another man and he had set her body ablaze. “I can’t stop thinking about your fucking cock,” he muttered, as if he’d said it a hundred times to himself. Matt was somewhere between angry and turned on and Laura relinquished all control.

He hovered over her and his hands were everywhere. Matt reached under her and his breath was hot on her shoulder as he unhooked Laura’s bra. Her breasts were bared quickly and the little material was tossed aside as one more impediment vanquished. Matt rubbed his head along Laura’s cleavage. Her husband groaned and then rooted his lips along her areolas. He seemed to be blinded by lust. He was just hands and a mouth and Laura would be afraid of this if she didn’t need it so badly.

She cried out with pleasure as Matt clamped his mouth firmly around one nipple and sucked her inside. His tongue did a dance. It was a slippery slither along her wrinkles. He lapped all the rigid hills and valleys of her pink skin and he made her even harder as he supped. Her love, her lover with the amazing tongue, Laura watched him with his eyes closed. His black lashes touched his cheek and the swallowing noises that came from his mouth were wet supplications.

Her husband’s talented tongue, Laura couldn’t help but push her hips up and groan as he brought her nipples to sizzling points. Where would that beautiful mouth of his be next?

When he pulled away, a clear line of spit connected her nipple to his lip. It was like spider web and her husband licked it up with a flick of his tongue. For a moment, their eyes met and Laura knew with that look, tortured, aching, everything that Matt had been thinking. His fingers trembled as he hooked them around the waistband of her panties and he seemed to cling, as if he was holding on for dear life. Part of him didn’t want to take Laura’s panties down, part of him wanted to run away to the guest room and close his eyes. The other part, the secret part that Laura was just about to meet, couldn’t wait. It was the part that wives rarely knew about their husbands. The dirty part of her husband had wanted to gobble her dick down and feel her cum in a salty torrent of heat and pain as she savagely fucked his mouth wide open. He’d wanted that since the very first time he saw her cock. The look was a confession.

Laura waited as Matt took her panties down to her ankles and impatiently threw them across the room. He bowed his head and pressed hot, desperate kisses to Laura’s center. He kissed between her breasts and then down to her stomach as his hand gripped her dick tightly. Laura sighed and felt herself swell in his strong hand. His fingers were rough and his skin was soft and the dick luxuriated in his caress.

Matt groaned as his mouth continued its journey down Laura’s body. He was fighting it. The two parts of him still hadn’t agreed even now and Laura trembled on the precipice. He kissed her stomach all the way to her hips and it felt like all the while he was staring at the dick in his hand. He almost ready to panic, he was almost ready to swallow her whole. Laura’s legs shook as the other part of him took his place between her thighs. His breath was warm on her sack. It bristled and drew up tight immediately.

“I have been thinking about your cock,” Matt confessed as he stroked Laura up and down and then once more. Fuck, he did it so well. Laura whimpered with her dick in his hand. He knew exactly what he was doing. She supposed that since Matt had so much more experience touching a dick than she did, she ought to just lie back and enjoy every second.

“Actually, I can’t get it out of my head,” he whispered and turned to Laura’s dick, as if he were addressing it directly. “I cum when I think about it,” this was almost painful for him to say and her husband’s chin trembled as he forced himself to face the beefy head of her dripping dick. “Oh god,” he almost cried but opened his mouth and kissed her enormous, mushroom head with his tongue.

It was exquisite. Matt drug the wet tip of his tongue along the indentation on her bulging tip and then lapped up some precum right from the source. Her husband moaned as his tongue lingered on Laura’s slit and his breath bathed her new limb as he licked her sloppily all around the head.

He gave up. He gave in. Laura felt it in his shoulders, a total relinquishment and when he opened his mouth, it was to take his wife’s big dick inside.

“Matt,” Laura cried out his name and curled her fingers into the comforter as the wet heat of his mouth encircled her. God, it was perfect. It was sloppy and wet inside. His mouth was full of saliva and his tongue was a tease and his lips were sweltering and tight. It was a nest of warmth and tenderness and sensation and every tug of his mouth brought a cascade of sensation that rippled down her body.

Matt cupped her balls and kneaded them carefully, back and forth in his hand. He seemed to be almost studying their weight and composition. He caressed the satin skin of her sack as he wrapped his lips tight around her shaft. Her husband began to work his way back down her aching cock.

His tongue danced along her dick and everything tingled with light. It was ecstasy like this and Laura moaned. She never wanted it to end but every breath on her body was almost too much. She could feel the build up in her balls, maybe even deeper than that. Maybe that throb was up inside her ass. It came from somewhere that had never been touched. It had never even thought of and now, now, deep inside her husband’s sweet, luscious, gifted mouth, she was going to shatter into a million pieces. The eruption trembled just under the surface, like a volcano, too much pressure to do anything else but burst.

“Matt,” Laura couldn’t speak, but she mouthed his name over and over. It was a word of pleasure now and it had mesmerized Laura. The back and forth movement of her hips as she made love to his wetness. His velvety lips and the cries that she could feel vibrating in his throat that he never, ever released. Laura clenched the bedding below her and held on for dear life as the spasm gripped her legs. She pointed her toes, or rather they pointed themselves. Nothing was under her control, it was all Matt at that moment.

“God!” Laura sobbed as the first spurt tore from her and entered him. Matt continued to suck. He drank her down. He held her cock between his lips and inhaled every droplet that she had there for him. If that wasn’t enough, he looked up. As he gave her head, he looked Laura in the eye as he finished her off. Laura whimpered as she fell to the bed. Melted. Vanquished. Lost in the passion that made her whole body shiver. She’d never been so much in love with him as she was right now.

Matt released Laura’s soft cock and watched as it rolled lazily to snuggle in her loose scrotum. Her husband smiled and placed one last kiss on her center. His mouth grazed the line of blonde hair before he moved up to the pillow beside her. He looked tired now. His eyes were full of love and tenderness and Laura wondered if he’d been drunk at all or if that had just been the need.

“What did you do to me?” Laura asked as she reached to rest her fingers at the center of his chest, right where his heart beat, steadfast and true.

Matt raised his eyebrows. “Well, honey, I believe that’s called a blowjob.”

They laughed together and Laura snuggled up close and wrapped her calves around his. “Wow, blowjobs are the best thing ever,” Laura said with a giggle.

Matt sounded sleepy when he told her, “I know.” He kissed her on the forehead and Laura felt safe and loved and she’d missed feeling both.

Laura continued though. It seemed like she had just made, quite possibly, the most important discovery ever. “I mean, blowjobs are even better than jerking off,” Laura added breathlessly.

“I know, honey,” he whispered and wrapped Laura closer. Hip to hip, she was pressed against her husband now and Laura wondered why he wasn’t rock hard. She would gladly suck his cock, deep and hard now. She’d never choked on his dick before but now that she knew the power of a mouth on a penis, Laura would be happy to worship him with grateful lips.

“Can I take care of you, my love?” Laura asked tenderly and nuzzled him with the tip of her nose.

Matt looked almost sad. His eyes were large and dark and glimmered in the light as he told Laura. “I came when you did,” and he held her so tight that their breath came in time. “See what you did to me?” he asked and there seemed to be so much more unsaid.

Laura closed her eyes and thought, wow, he came in his pants? That hadn’t happened in years. She thought that he must really like sucking the dick. Matt might have murmured, “baby,” but Laura thought it also could just be the beginning of a dream as she almost immediately fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.


It was around 1:00 when Matt asked with a text, “Should I bring something?” It was date night again and tonight, Laura had no idea what to expect but she was fluttering inside anyway.

Laura smiled warmly at her phone and touched the screen. “Just yourself,” she answered him quickly and added a heart.

Her husband sent a smiley face and Laura went about the rest of her preparations. If there was anything that she made that Matt liked more than pork chops and peach cobbler, it was her pot roast and pineapple upside down cake. Tonight she was making both and she’d also gotten him a six pack of the beer he preferred over any wine.

Her plan tonight was to take care of him, maybe she’d even call it seducing him. It was like they were dating all over again, except this time Laura felt like the man. She had become the suitor, the aggressor. She was the one who needed to make the effort and wine and dine him.

Anything for that mouth, Laura thought to herself and then giggled.

God, she was such a horndog but she couldn’t help it. She adjusted her half hard dick and thought about it again. Whatever she had thought about her husband’s mouth on her pussy, which had always been amazing, his mouth on her dick had made her fall in love with him all over again. It was like their honeymoon except better because now, Laura could eat carbs.

Laura was careful about her preparations as well. She had learned how to carefully shave all of her ash blonde pubes off, even with the cock in the way. She was especially gentle with the razor around her heavy scrotum. No sense in getting razor burn on her balls, she scowled as she wiped the blade around her shifting sack. She wanted them to be pretty. At least as pretty as testicles could be, Laura thought as she looked in the mirror. Her dick was lolled to the side. It rested halfway up her hip and dripped a little of her clear liquid down her leg. The dick was always ready, always in need of attention and just the thought of Matt’s lips and tongue was enough to make it spring completely to life.

Lately, she was hard the minute that her husband walked in the door. As he casually walked around the house in those workout shorts, or even worse, in just his boxers, she couldn’t keep her predatory gaze to herself. She wanted to grab him by the dick sometimes or maybe even pull him by the hair. She wanted to lead him to the couch and put him on his knees. She wanted to rape his mouth and fill him all the way to his throat with her seed. She wanted to feel gush after juicy gush of her thick, creamy semen in his sweet mouth. She wanted to feel her cock throb as her essence poured into his esophagus. She was sure that if his mouth was willing, she’d just stay hard for a second and maybe even a third orgasm. Blowjobs were the best thing that had ever been invented, Laura had decided. That was why tonight, she was going to make sure that Matt got his dick sucked like never before.

What was good for the goose and all that.

Laura put on another long, loose dress. It was flowy and black and lacy around her breasts. The dress almost looked like a nightgown and she’d found that this was the best way to approach her husband. With her dick out and obvious, he still couldn’t help but grimace sometimes and Laura understood why. There had been times, before, when she still had a pussy that she was sick and tired of looking at his erection too.

Laura slicked her hair into a ponytail. Whatever it was, maybe it was the hormones that had made her blonde hair grow longer and even thicker. Her nails had grown as well. Maybe whatever mysterious life force that was doing its magic in her body grew hair as well as penises. Matt liked her hair long. Tonight Laura would even enjoy it if he pulled and pushed and guided her by the hair. Anything, everything, she’d worship every inch of him and it was only just a little bit selfish of her.

“Oh my god, it’s pot roast,” Matt said as soon as he walked in the kitchen. His eyes were happy and they gleamed and Laura felt like it had been a long time since he’d had such a wide, open smile on his face. Her husband approached her with both hands open as if he’d been waiting all day to touch her. He held her face and kissed her passionately. Laura responded to him completely and melted into his eager mouth. There were his soft lips, that wily, perfectly wet tongue delved along the bottom curve of her upper lip and then teased her bottom lip as well.

Fuck, had Matt gotten even more skilled with his mouth since the blowjob or was that just her dick talking?

“It is,” Laura murmured when his tongue lingered up along her jawline. He slowly traced a path from her mouth up to her earlobe. Jesus, every sensation, every touch of his warm breath awash down her neck was something that she felt down in her balls. Sometimes it seemed totally unfair for him to have this kind of power over her when he had to go to work. Laura just wanted to keep him in bed. “And pineapple upside down cake,” she added before she let out a little gasp. Everything was a slow motion kaleidoscope of sensation. It was a roller coaster of touch and impulses and vibrations that rocked through Laura’s body. She wanted to feel them all.

“Oh honey,” Matt said as he wrapped his hands in her hair, “you’re so good to me.”

The dinner conversation was no longer about babies or even doctors. It seemed that it had permanently shifted to their summer vacation plans. Laura found no reason to discuss baby plans anymore, she just didn’t have the heart for it. Dr. Rampling had never called her back to soothe her worry or give her any good news. In spite of all of her independent research attempts on the internet, all that had ever come up when she Googled, “woman with dick,” was porn. As far as she could tell, the dick might be permanent and there was no reason for them to discuss any other options. At least, as long as Matt wasn’t going to leave.

They had mapped out a course and they had some definite ideas of stops along the way although there wasn’t a real destination yet. Matt had found a few Air BNB’s that he liked and as he wanted to get Laura’s opinion. As her husband scraped his plate clean and licked the few cake crumbs from the corner of his mouth, he pointed to the picture in the magazine. “We should definitely go to Montana too, babe,” he nodded.

“We really are going to be gone for the summer, aren’t we?” Laura hadn’t believed six months before that they’d ever go with work and all the scheduled, business sex.

Matt pushed his plate away. “I think we need this, Laura. It’s like we’re starting all over again.”

It was a serious voice and Laura played with what was left of her cake. “Starting over?” She wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

“I mean, if this is what our lives are going to be,” her husband put his hands out to her and Laura knew what that meant. How long had it been since she’d sat on his lap at the dinner table? She left her chair and melted into his body. He was big and comforting and soft and he smelled of soap and a trace of cologne and his manly musk. “I mean, you’re the one, baby,” he played with the tendril of hair that curled by Laura’s ear. “You were always the one and dick or no dick, I married you forever. So maybe we need some time to figure out what that means now.”

Laura felt her husband’s cock twitch in his pleats. It was pressed up against her curvy, round bottom. She could feel his hardness there as she moved her hips back and forth and now, Laura knew what came with that hardness. That incessant need, that calling that must be heeded, that rush of life force. It was impossible to turn away. “I agree, my love,” she whispered and Laura felt the twinge between her own legs in response. He was hard, she was hard. She wasn’t hungry for cake, she was hungry for his dick and she decided to do something that she’d never done before. “You’re the one for me too, honey,” Laura whispered words between hot, desperate kisses. She held him down with a rapid fire series of sticky cake kisses to his mouth. Laura left his lap and kissed down his shirt. Her fingers ripped at buttons and pulled at fabric. She was surprisingly strong now, especially when she was horny and Matt hadn’t had time to do anything but watch and groan as he realized what his wife was doing. Undressing him, tearing off his clothes, unbuckling his belt and dropping to her knees between his legs. “I married you forever too,” Laura whispered as she unzipped Matt. She fondled his dick and cupped his balls and then peeled his pants down.

Matt didn’t try to stop her. He shifted his hips in the dining room chair. Laura heard the change in his pockets jingle as she pushed his pants to his ankles. It was just his boxers now. His black boxers, the ones that he usually wore for date night. He used to laugh and tell her that he wore those in case he got lucky. His erection had escaped and in her frenzy, Laura thought that it was beautiful. The head of his dick had popped over the waistband and it knew that there was nothing lucky about this. Laura bowed her head and kissed the head of his dick. His warmth and his scent rose to greet her. The satiny skin of the head of his cock was so soft on her lips. His groan from his belly, that animal sound, that need to mate and rut made her shudder. Her husband spread his beefy thighs even wider so that Laura might have access to anything she wanted.

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3 thoughts on “My Wife’s Dick Is Bigger Than Mine Pt 2

  1. Elwood says:

    WHOA! That was one of the weirdest story I’ve ever read, a bit of a roller coaster, I mean it gets interesting and zesty then all of the sudden, WTF! Then again on the third page. Neat little read…

  2. Chuck says:

    Well I started reading and I quit….not my kinda story and I see the new one today sounds similar, might have to take a break.
    My two boys are the best and the hottest and I don’t want it to end!

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