New Neighbor Needs A BJ Pt 3

I felt his cock at the entrance to my hole and he pushed. Immediately it hurt as my ass seemed to snap shut and my own dick shrunk to it’s smallest state.

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It had been a few weeks since my second encounter with my neighbor Bill, where he sucked me off in my backyard, and I was more than eager to try it again. It turned out that our next opportunity was going to be the last holiday weekend of the summer. His family was going to be gone all weekend, and I was supposed to be gone with mine. A little white lie to my wife, however, kept me home for one night alone. We had it planned out that I was going to meet him on his back deck at seven in the evening, he’d have a drink ready for me, and we’d take it from there.

On Friday, all I could think about was having my mouth full of his eight inch cock again. After work, I showered (with a hard-on most of the time) and got ready. It felt like I was getting ready for a date, which seemed weird. I guess that’s what it was, though. It was just a date for sex with a guy.

Finally after about a long half hour I saw him sitting on his deck and went to meet him. Sure enough he had a big drink ready for me and we sat and chatted easily. The talk didn’t turn to sex right away, but it was all I could think about, so during a pause I asked him,

“Last time we did something together you said you had a fantasy you wanted to tell me. You ready to do that now?”

“Well, I feel kind of stupid about it…”

“Aw, c’mon.” I said “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Mmm, ok.” He paused. “My wife is usually the one in charge for everything, even sex. And I have this fantasy of being in total control” he paused again, then continued “and raping her. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and would never do it, but still…”

“Sounds hot. How would you do it?”

“It’s not even really about how I would do it. It’s more about doing whatever I wanted with no respect for her feelings whatsoever. I’d want to rip her clothes off, call her names, and force her to suck me. Then I’d pound her in every hole, even her ass which she won’t let me do, and cum on her face. You know, just do all the things that you’re afraid to ask for. I mean, I’d never do it, but I do think about it a lot.”

“That would be amazing to do whatever you wanted, just once, with no repercussions.” I replied.

“Yeah, it would. Although, guys probably think that way more than girls do.”

“I did have a girlfriend like that once. ” I said “She loved sex and would do anything. There was nothing that I had the courage to ask for that she wouldn’t try. Sometimes we would spend entire weekends naked, just fucking and sucking at random. We’d even watch tv that way, and if she got bored, she would just suck my dick for an hour off and on. It was almost like we just used each other, but still wanting the other person to feel good too.”

“Man,” said Bill “I’d love to have sex like that.”

“Yeah, it was awesome. Sometimes when she got really horny she’d climb up and ride my face, pinning my arms down with her legs. She’d face fuck me until she came, then move down and ride my cock. There were times when she got rough and would slap my face if she thought I was close to cumming and tell me to wait until she was done. Other times, she’d wrap her hands around my throat and choke me until I got lightheaded. It was just unreal…”

“Why aren’t you still with her if the sex was like that?”

“Well, when it was good, it was really good and when it was bad, it was really bad. Lots of fights and screaming and stuff. In the end, I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Yeah, it is. But what ya gonna do, I guess…”

There was a silence for a minute, then I said “Bill?”


“You horny?”

“Very horny.” He replied.

“We have the night to ourselves and you said you would like to use your wife however you wanted just once, right?”


“Well… Would you like to use me tonight? Do anything you want? Treat me however you want?”

“I dunno if I could actually do that.” He said.

“Why not?”

“I think my conscience would make me regret it.”

“No.” I said. “No conscience tonight. I want it. I want you to use me and do whatever you want.”

He just looked at me for a second, thinking it over.

“Please?” I asked.

He still hesitated. He looked like he was mulling it over, exploring the possibilities in his mind.

“Now is your chance to do whatever you want with no worries about respect.”

“What if I get into it and want to get rough?” He asked.

“No worries and no conscience. If it’s too much, I’ll let you know.”

He started rubbing his cock through his shorts which literally made my mouth water and brought my libido, which had been festering and growing all day, to a fever pitch. I was ready. Ready to do whatever the night brought.

“Ok.” He said “Let’s do it.”

He got up and headed inside and downstairs and I eagerly followed.

Once down there he turned around and said, “Take your clothes off.”

I immediately did as I was told. My sandals had been left at the door and I wore some shorts that had no belt and a t-shirt. The t-shirt came off first and I pulled the shorts and underwear down in one motion. Within seconds I was standing there completely naked as he looked me over. My six inch cock was hard and curved upwards already leaking some precum and I was actually quivering with anticipation, watching him as he ogled my body. He stepped closer until he was just inches away and I could smell the whisky on his breath from his drink on the deck. He looked down at my dripping cock and slapped it hard.

“Go make us a couple of drinks.” He ordered.

I grabbed our glasses, headed to his bar area and he followed. Once there I bent over to fill the glasses with ice and I could swear he was watching my ass as I did so. When I was done with that, I filled them with the whisky he had there and was about to turn around when he said, “Don’t move.”

He came up behind me, pressed his crotch into my ass and I felt him pulling his shorts down. I thought I was going to get fucked with that huge eight inch cock that I hadn’t even seen yet tonight, but instead, he wedged it in the crack of my ass and reached around to grab my throat. He tightened his grip on my windpipe restricting the air a bit, and I felt his breath on my ear.

“Anything I want?” he asked.

“Yes. Anything.” I whimpered. “Do whatever you need to do.”

“No conscience?”

“Please.” I begged. “No conscience.”

“Turn the fuck around then.” He grabbed my shoulder and violently pulled me around to face him. I looked up and his face was inches from mine. I thought he was going to kiss me, something I had never done but was open to tonight, but instead he told me to take his shirt off. As I mentioned in my first story he was a big and muscular guy. Everything about him was bigger than me. He was taller, his nipples were bigger on the end of actual pecs and his stomach, while not that of a twenty year old, was flat for a forty year old man.

“Lick my nipples.” He ordered and I obeyed. This brought an immediate reaction from him and he turned rougher, burying his hand in the hair on the back of my head and forcing my face to his chest.

“Mmm, that’s it. Do it harder.” I ate his nips like a man possessed. I was drooling and licking and biting like I had never wanted anything more.

He tightened the grip on my hair and dragged my face to his other nipple and I resumed the feast. I could tell his cock was fully hard now, because it was pushed to my stomach and throbbing.

“Yes. You are my bitch tonight.” He said and brought his other hand to the back of my head, pushing me back and forth from one nipple to the other. “Anything I want.”

I mumbled in agreement, my face pushed to his chest.

He yanked my hair back until my neck was bent and I was looking up at him.

“Ready for some cock?” He asked.

I just nodded my head.

He kicked off his shorts and backed up to the other counter just a few feet away and leaned on it.

“Get down on your knees and come and get it.”

I took just a second to soak him in. His nipples were shiny with my spit and the head of his cock was shiny also. The precum that had been oozing out of him was also on my stomach. He was fully hard at his eight inches and just so much fatter than my own. His balls hung loose in the heat, looking full of cum. My cockhead sits on the end like a helmet, his was more like an arrow. It was like a tool used for penetration; something to help get that massive length and girth into where it wanted to be. He grabbed it, gave it a squeeze and I came closer until I was inches away. I could smell it, and feel the heat from it. Right now, there was nothing in the world that I wanted more than his meat.

I didn’t have long to wait, because he again grabbed a fistful of my hair, rested his cockhead on my lips and said, “Open up, bitch.”

I obeyed and felt him start to push that fat thing past my lips. On the inside, I was frantic for it and wanted to devour it, choke on it, lick and kiss every inch of it; but he was slow at first and I held still. The rubbery head went past my lips, and then I felt the shaft that was so hard, yet soft on my tongue. I relished in every vein and bump as it slid into my waiting mouth. He pushed until it was about halfway in and I choked. He held it there for a few seconds until my gag reflex stopped and then started to slowly fuck my face. Bill had both hands on my head now and I reached up to get a grip on his smooth ass cheeks as he pushed me on and off his cock.

I looked up at his face as his tempo increased and he was looking down watching me. Our eyes met, and he said “Ya like that?”

I could only nod and say “Mmhmm” With my mouthful like that.

“Good, cuz I’m just getting started.” He threw his head back and started to hammer my mouth, lost in his own pleasure. The grip he had on my hair was actually starting to hurt and his tempo was so fast that it was hard for me to breathe, but still I loved it. I loved the feeling of being used like that with no respect for what I wanted. I was his cum dump.

After a few minutes, he started grunting and spewing profanities through his gritted teeth.

“Yes, you fucking bitch. Take it, choke on it!”

“You slut. You slut. You fucking dirty slut!”

He was just ranting and actually getting more violent with the face fuck, when he slapped me hard on the side of the face. I was shocked, but it turned me on even more. He slapped me again and my cock jumped with the excitement.

I grunted my approval and he hit me on the other side of my face.

He must have liked it too, because he froze like he was about to cum, but instead he pushed me away hard and I fell back on my heels. I was stunned, and looked up at him.

“I’m not ready to cum yet.” He said and leaned back against the counter.

My eyes went to that beautiful cock and I wanted more. I couldn’t remember being any hornier than this in my whole life and I wanted it all. Whatever he could dish out, I wanted to take. Then I said,

“I want you to fuck me.”

The words coming out of my own mouth surprised me, but they were true. I did want it. I wanted him in my ass.

He looked me in the eye and I said,

“Please. I want you to fuck me. I want your cock in my ass.”

His dick twitched at the thought of it and he said,

“Get up and go to the couch. I’ll be right back.”

With that he walked away and went upstairs. There I sat on the ceramic tile in his bar area thinking about it. Thinking about getting fucked for the first time.

I didn’t have long to ponder it because a noise upstairs brought me back to reality, so I went to the couch and sat down and waited. It didn’t take more than a minute or two when he came around the corner and I spread my legs in anticipation. He walked up right between them. He had a bottle of lube, a towel and a washcloth. His cock was three quarters hard. He told me to sit on the towel, so I did and I watched as he put some lube on his hand and stroked his cock to it’s full and thick eight inches.

Bill kneeled between my legs and I pulled them back, holding on to the back of my thighs and I knew this was it. I felt his cock at the entrance to my hole and he pushed.

Immediately it hurt as my ass seemed to snap shut and my own dick shrunk to it’s smallest state.

“Hold on.” I said and willed my ass to open up. I relaxed as best I could.

“Ok. Try it again.”

He pushed and I felt him enter my ass. My hole felt like it was on fire and the pain was immense. I looked down and he barely had the head in. Again I willed myself to relax.

Through clenched teeth I told him to push harder and he did. My asshole felt like it was being torn in two as the head slipped in and I moaned in a combination of pain and pleasure.

He grabbed my ankles and pushed even harder until I felt his balls on my ass cheeks. From somewhere in my intestines I heard what sounded like bones breaking as he started to slowly fuck me.

“Oh, my god.” I moaned. I didn’t know if I wanted him to stop or fuck me harder. The pain was not what I expected, but the feeling of being so full of his cock wasn’t what I expected either.

“Harder.” I said. “Fuck me harder.”

“Fuck.” He moaned. “You are one filthy son-of-a-bitch. You like my cock in there.”

I just nodded and he picked up the speed.

The pain subsided to a dull ache and the sound of bones breaking stopped and I could just hear my heavy breathing, his grunting, and the squelching noise of his cock going in and out of my hole. He took his hands off my ankles and put them around my throat and started to squeeze. My cock immediately came back to life and hovered, throbbing over my belly as he fucked my ass and choked me.

I was delirious. The combination of it all was too much and I could barely take it. I was sitting there with my legs spread wide, while my neighbor was fucking me with his huge cock and choking me at the same time. I was getting lightheaded and my eyes fluttered. Bill must have seen it, because he released his grip on my throat and I instinctively gulped in air and perked up.

“That is so fucking hot.” He said and choked me again. He was pounding my ass now and I felt his balls slapping my ass.

“I’m gonna cum soon!” He said and I shook my head. He released his grip on my throat so I could talk.

“No.” I pleaded. “In my mouth. Cum in my mouth…”

He immediately pulled out and my ass felt vacant and gaping. I actually wanted him back in there to take care of the empty feeling, but he wiped his cock with the washcloth, straddled my face and I started to suck him. I could taste some soap that must have been on the washcloth and I could smell my own ass on him.

Bill gripped the back of the couch and started fucking my face again.

I loved sucking his cock.

I loved the hardness, the taste, the smell.

I loved the feeling of being used by him, of being his bitch.

I wanted it to go further. I wanted to be tied up, humiliated, hurt, and forced not to cum by him. I wanted multiple men cumming all over me, making me slick with it.

As I was thinking and feeling all these things, Bill got even bigger in my mouth and with a pulse of his cock, I felt the first shot cover my tongue. The cum didn’t seem to shoot out, it just flooded my mouth and I could taste it right away. It didn’t taste that great, but I didn’t care. The fact that I had a man’s penis oozing gobs of sperm in my mouth was all I cared about and all I needed.

Bill pulsed again and again. Each time made my mouth fuller with his seed and after wanting it so bad, I didn’t want to waste it so I didn’t swallow and held it there.

When he was done cumming, I gripped his ass cheeks and guided him slowly in and out of my full mouth. This made the cum ooze out of the corners of my lips and down the sides of my chin until it hit my chest in cold drops.

His cock was beginning to soften a bit, so I held my tongue on the underside of his cock and used my mouth as a squeegee to get every last drop as he pulled out and collapsed next me on the couch.

He looked over at me and said “God, you’re a mess.”

I’m sure I looked like a mess sitting there on his couch like that. My legs were still spread from the ass-reaming I received, my hair was a mess from when he had his hands buried in it, and my chin and chest had his cum all over them.

I swallowed what cum was left and ran the back of my hand across my mouth, which succeeded in just smearing it around even more and said, “I’m sure I am. But it was worth it.”

“That it was. Thanks for letting me abuse you like that…”

“Anytime, Bill. And just so you know, in case we ever do that again, I could have taken more abuse than what you gave out. As you can see,” I pointed to my still hard cock “I loved it.”

“Yeah, I do see that.” He said as he reached over and started stroking my cock.

As soon as he touched me I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum and I told him so, which made him grip me even tighter and jerk me off faster. I had been hard off and on all day thinking about tonight and when I finally came from him jacking me off, the force of the orgasm actually hurt. I don’t usually shoot cum very far, but this time the first and second shot splattered on my chest, and the rest oozed all over his fist making my hyper-sensitive cock slippery.

After sitting there for few minutes, he offered his shower to me which I gladly accepted. While I was cleaning up, he joined me and I soaped him down as well. When we got out, he laid me down on the carpet in the living room and we did a side by side 69 for about a half hour, just enjoying each other’s cocks until we both came again. I came in his mouth first, and before my dick had even stopped it’s spasms, his cum filled my mouth again.

The next morning as I was getting ready to head up North to meet my family for the holiday weekend, I saw Bill walking out to get his paper. I called him into my house, stripped him naked, and laid him on the bed where my wife and I sleep and fuck. I straddled him and starting with his nipples, worked my way down to that huge cock and gave him the best blow job I could until I was again rewarded with a mouthful of his cum.

It was an amazing two days of sucking and fucking…

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