Older Black Lover

I exhaled and started kissing the head so much it could almost be called worship. Ironically doing this made me feel more free than I had ever felt.


It was a cold winter’s night, 11, 12, maybe even 1am. I couldn’t really keep track or pay attention. Just a few hours ago I felt like the moisture on my cheeks turned to ice as I tried huddling inside my coat. Luckily we weren’t outside for very long, only needing to walk the distance between where we parked and the club. I’d never been to one, nor have I ever been out this late during the season. I usually kept inside wrapping myself in a blanket, often wishing someone was there to cuddle with. Clubs were never my thing either, to be honest. I was never interested in these sorts of environments, and I was never very extroverted. Still, it remained chilly that night and for a little bit I wished I had stayed indoors.

Despite all of that, here I was: my knees on the hard floor, and my jacket hung up on the stall I was in. The club I was at was a little more exclusive than most, I wouldn’t have been able to get in under any other circumstances. Because it was also the winter time, the place was not as full as it could be like during the summer. This isn’t to say there weren’t a lot of people here, but it wasn’t hellishly crowded. Prince knew I would be more nervous in a crowded space, and took me here so I could get used to stuff like this slowly. He told me not to worry and that he’d be with me the whole time, guiding me.

I could feel the warmth of his hands caressing my face inside our tiny, intimate little stall. He whispered to me not to worry about interruptions. I nodded and went along, allowing Prince to lead me as always. Soon after I pulled his cock out, he let it lay across my face, continuing to hold my head. I motioned with my head a bit, rubbing my face along his huge member.

I just loved showing him my appreciation, showing Daddy that I would please him wherever we were. Even in a place like this… The lights were old and dirty, and the atmosphere weighed so heavily on me. I could tell the place was used plenty. The air was sticky, I could smell the amount of piss and sweat that’s been here. The heaters helped to circulate the hot air in the room, making it even warmer and stickier. Still, it felt good. It felt good being depraved for Prince, enjoying the weight of the air and his cock. I took all of it in, the environment, Prince’s musk… It was all so intoxicating to a little bottom like me.

We were quietly enjoying the intimacy in the warmth and “grossness,” until Prince took a hand off my cheek to run it through my hair. He said to me “You glad I brought you here right?”

“Mhm I already love this baby,” I told him. We were so goddamn horny for each other, and I could tell how turned on he was too, how much he enjoyed the fact that his little doll would follow him into a public restroom to do as he asks. We’ve had sex so many times at this point, but my lover never bored me. His cock was always so beautiful, and I couldn’t ever help but admire it each time Daddy wanted to treat me.

“Good, good,” Prince said, caressing my hair, “you’ll show me how much you love it, isn’t that right?”

“Fuck yes daddy, of course…” My chin was touching his balls, with his head coming all the way over my forehead, just semi hard. I took one more big huff of his cock as I rubbed my face on it. Finally I exhaled and started kissing the head so much it could almost be called worship. Ironically doing this made me feel more free than I had ever felt. I ran my hands along his cock and played with his balls until he could get fully hard. He kept his hands on my cheek and head. He towered over me while I remained on my knees, one hand covering almost all of the top of my head. The size difference between us always made me so horny. I was a tiny little 5′ bitch for Prince’s massive 6’5 body. In these moments, I was at his command.

“God damn you’ve gotten so good at this baby, I love watching you work,” Daddy said to me, clearly enjoying the way I was playing with his big black dick. I wanted to thank him for his compliment. His approval made me feel so good, I simply said “mhm” and went to take the head of his cock all the way into my mouth. I could fit it much easier now that we’ve been doing it for so long. Of course, it still wasn’t an “easy” thing to do, my lover is such a big guy… but he made me get more used to doing it. I still loved it just as I did the first time when he took my virginity. The gagging and choking sounds I could hear myself make as I took more and more of him into my throat were incredibly erotic to me. I slowly reached as far as I could to the base of his cock until I got to the limit. I still couldn’t deepthroat all of him.

He held my head in place there for a moment, clearly enjoying the whole scene. I was trying to control my breathing as best as I could with my nose while drool went down my chin. His cock fit so nicely in my mouth, and it was so amazingly warm. I used my tongue to play with the shaft God I love dick… It wasn’t for very long but I was getting drunker and drunker on the feeling for every little second my throat was wrapped around his monster.

As Prince pulled out, I could see him smile with delight as we both could see his cock glistening with my saliva. He slapped his member on me, getting all that spit on my face. I kept my tongue out, so desperately wanting to taste his thing again and again.

“Mm you dirty little bitch you, you’re so fucking obsessed with this thing aren’t you?” Prince spoke down to me. He knew I was crazy for being degraded.

“Oh my god Daddy I fucking love your cock… of course I’m obsessed, I’m so drunk on you baby…” I whispered, trying to speak real cutsey for him. I knew he liked that straight from the beginning. He stopped slapping his cock on my face and motioned for me to continue sucking on him.

“Fuck yeah that’s a good girl, I’m damn obsessed with you too.”

I’d spit on his cock periodically, making sure it was all nice and wet. I didn’t know if we were gonna fuck in that stall but god I wanted Prince inside of me so bad that I was subconsciously preparing for it. I was so glad he made me this way, ready for him to take me. I’d nuzzle and lick his balls every so often too, making sure everything got a little love from my mouth.

We went on for what felt like ages, I wanted to make him cum, wanted to make sure he got what he’s worth from his little slut. I choked and gagged and spit, and he’d grunt and moan. I didn’t even bother stroking myself, completely forgetting about my own cock and deriving pleasure solely from my Daddy.

I had been with Prince enough to know when he was about to cum based on the throbbing of his cock. I didn’t stop to say something dirty, focused on making him cum. He grabbed my head and held it down as he shot his hot load into my throat. I could feel it slide down into my stomach, and the warmth spread through my body making me shake.

As he slowly pulled out I moaned “Daddy…” and held my tongue out for him. He lay his dick back on my face, and the dark skin shined even more than before because of all my spit. My face and mouth was a complete mess as I could feel the drool coming out of my mouth, and dripping off of his cock onto my face. He took a picture, and I heard my phone vibrate. We’ve been doing that a lot for a while, since we like our sex so much. It’s fun to look back at some nights when Prince isn’t there so I can remember my time with him. Well, sometimes I feel so horny it’s actually hard to sleep but… oh well. Fun is fun~

Prince patted my head and stood me up. He leaned down and whispered into my ear, “You wanna do it baby?”

I took his cock and tried running it against mine. He was taller than me but his thing was so big it would reach. “I feel really dirty today daddy,” I responded, using my other hand to stroke his still wet cock. I turned around and presented my ass to him. He immediately grabbed my hands and pushed me into the door of the stall, my back facing him. He was aggressively kissing the side of my neck, I had to let out a little moan.

“Baby… be gentle with me,” I whimpered, letting him rub his pipe on my ass and back. I tried arching a bit, while he still had my hand to the stall. He brought his other hand up to my head and grabbed it from behind, putting his fingers into my mouth. I greedily sucked on them, being his kinky little bitch. My mind was racing. We were in this public, almost nasty place, and there we were, so horny for each other that we just needed to fuck.

“I love the look of my dick on this cute little ass of yours, it’s always so damn tight,” Prince said to me while poking one of his wet fingers into my asshole. It always felt so right: my tiny little body against his massive one, using me for pleasure. I absolutely loved the dynamic we had.

“Daaaddy I’m all yours, take my ass already, I want you inside me so bad right now…”

“That’s a good babydoll, just give me a second here,” Prince spit onto my asshole, and started pushing in the tip carefully. I let out a groan as he went in deeper. Prince went back to leaning over and kissing my neck as he fucked me. I had to be standing on my toes while he fucked me in the stall. It felt amazing, and I was most definitely dick drunk by this point.

“Fuck me harder baby, use me as much as you want,” I was begging him, my clitty hard as a rock as he started really punishing my ass.

He forced my face against the door of the stall, holding it there while he railed my ass. He took very deep strokes, going deeper and deeper each time. He spit a few more times down on my ass to lube it up a little more. I can’t remember if my ass was very clean or not but neither of us seemed to care. We were much too horny for each other to be worrying about that at the time.

My feet could barely touched the floor as Prince fucked me relentlessly, I could hear the rhythmic slaps as his pelvis rammed into my ass cheeks. His dick was splitting me in half and it hurt soo good.

He grunted and gave my ass a slap every once in a while that would cause me to shake with excitement, on top of already shaking from the pounding I was getting.

“Daddy you’re going to break me…” I was able to let out, moaning like a complete bitch. Prince just wrapped my throat with his big hand and kept drilling my ass. He was too focused on using my body to be very verbal with me.

Tears ran down my face as he choked me out, as I felt the head of is cock push deep into my gut. It felt so intimate, the way he had his hands all over me and his beautiful cock inside me ready to blow. I accepted the pain he was giving me, ready to pleasure my Prince however he likes. His girth felt so good, pressing against my prostate real nice. I loved the feeling of Prince giving me this pain and intense pleasure.

“Prince, baby I’m going to cum so fucking hard on your cock,” I yelled out to him, trying to reach back and hold onto him.

As I started to cum, my ass tightened around Prince’s cock. Jets of my semen spilled out onto the floor, as Prince rammed into me and held his cock there, enjoying my tightness.

“Oh fuck yes baby girl that feels good, you’re cumming so hard to my dick.” Prince told me, as his cock started to pulse inside me. My cumming probably drove him to the edge too, and I could feel him emptying his balls deep in my guts. Jets of Prince’s hot cum shot inside me, making my ass all nice, sticky and wet. I was shuddering like crazy at this point so Prince held me to try and keep me still.

He slowly pulled his cock out of me, letting his cum drip down from my hole onto my leg. It always felt so good to let Prince make a complete mess of me. We took a few moments to relax, and I felt empty as usual wishing that he was back inside of me and caressing me.

My wish was soon granted as Prince turned me around to face him. My back was to the stall door as he picked me up by my legs. I held onto him with my hands. He got real close to me and started kissing me deeply while putting his dick back inside. I couldn’t do anything but moan into his mouth as he went for another round with his little slut.

He would pull away every so often, letting me look into his eyes while he pumped into me. Since he was holding me up, I was pretty much defenseless. It was a wonderful feeling, to have my daddy hold me like this and look into my eyes. He was showing me that I was his girl. I was just here letting him use my body for pleasure as he wanted. I loved this new world Prince had brought me into.

We moaned and groaned together as we enjoyed each other’s bodies. I must’ve cum all over myself a few times before Prince was finally done. I couldn’t really think straight as Daddy was making me super light headed. It didn’t matter, I felt really safe in this older man’s arms. He was so warm…

He came inside me a second time that night, kissing me deeply again while he did. We just held onto each other like that for a few minutes before deciding it was time to clean up and leave.

“Hey, I got this little thing for you,” Prince showed me this butt plug that he had brought.

“Do you want me to put it in right here?” The answer was yes, and I had no reservations about the idea. I bent over and arched my back so Prince could put it in himself. I got off to him playing with my ass like that.

“You’re a damn sexy little girl,” Prince said as he split on my ass again and put in the plug. “Why don’t you wear this all the way home?”

“Gosh baby you’re so dirty… I’ll do it for you daddy, I feel so nasty for you,” I told him.

“That’s a good bitch, I fucking love that about you,” Prince told me as he held my neck and kissed me again. We were pretty obsessed with each other. So much so that we actually started dating some time ago. It was weird for me to be dating someone so much older than me but Prince made me feel so good and safe. He was guiding me through so many things, I didn’t care. Honestly the age difference turned me on a lot. I love just being in this experienced man’s care, being vulnerable to him and trusting him. Realistically, I’ve just been oh so attached to him since he took my virginity, but I’m happy.

We got our clothes back on and left the club tired. I huddled with him on the way to the car. The butt plug was uncomfortable but wearing it for Prince made me extremely turned on.

“You wore the panties I got for you, I noticed.”

“Of course I did, they make me feel really girly. Thanks for buying them for me, baby” I responded, bringing my hand to his huge arm.

“Good, I’m glad you like them. You gonna stay the night at my place right?”

“Yes, definitely.” I had been spending many a night at Prince’s. I cooked him breakfast often before I went to work. Often I’d come back and we’d just fuck the whole evening. I was his dinner sometimes, and it made me feel really hot. I also told him being treated like a girl made me happier, and he accepted it and we went on like this. I was his young, tiny girlfriend. We’d been exploring each other sexually and romantically and it’s been such a trip. I can’t imagine wanting anything anymore than bottoming for Prince.

I also just liked being at his home and doing housework like I lived there. Prince mentioned that I should just move in, and is gonna help me move my stuff later. I was very excited to have a day to day life with him. If things didn’t work out, he said I could just have my old apartment back.

When we got back home, my boyfriend thought we should take a shower, considering we’d been fucking in that dirty place for a while. Rather than waiting for each other, we just both got in his tub and took a bath. I got my butt plug off once getting into the tub. Most of Prince’s cum had been absorbed into my gut by then. He laid back and I laid on top of him while the warm water covered both of us. Needless to say once we were both in, we were both hard. I laid on him with my back facing him, so I could put his monster in between my thighs. My hard cock laid against his and I used my hand to stroke both our cocks.

“Mmm, baby… lemme help you with that,” Prince whispered to me as he held onto my hand with his, and used the other hand to play with my nipple. He pulled on it, rubbed it, did everything you could with it. His giant hand caressed mine as I rubbed my tiny cock on his monster. I was a bit tired but that didn’t stop me from getting very horny again. Prince’s tub was very big, since he had the best apartment in the building (being the landlord and all). I was thinking about what it’d be like to fuck in it.

I guess Prince could hear my excited breathing and feel my heartbeat cause he let go and told me to turn around so I could face him. This time I could rub my asshole on his warm cock. My pussy was quivering and my voice was shaking and I rubbed my hand over his chest.

“You want it girl? Again?”

“Only if it pleases you…”

“You’re the best slut I’ve had, so much energy. I just can’t get enough of this baby,” Prince said to me.

“Please put it in me again daddy, I want you sooo bad, please”

Prince didn’t hesitate and he put his cock back into me a third time tonight. I was riding him while he thrust into me, holding me tightly with his arms. I loved being literally all over him so close while he fucked my ass. Even though we had fucked earlier, it still felt like my ass needed to stretch and deform to take in his whole cock. I was always tight for his huge dick.

“Ugh you’re poking my guts daddy… fuck yesss”

“You’re doing really good baby, keep moving your ass like that,”

“I love you baby, ugh don’t stop,” I said to him as I kissed his chest and nipples. He grabbed onto me even harder and started fucking me even more relentlessly while I continued to ride him. Even when either of us came, he wouldn’t stop and left my ass a creamy mess using the cum as lube.

Again, I submit my body to Prince and did just as he asked. I loved him and his cock. I loved him and his body. I loved him and being around him, and being in his embrace. I loved letting myself go and indulging in my base desires. The feeling was like no other, there was no greater pleasure than submitting to this giant older man and taking his entire cock in my tiny body. There’s nothing better to me than being fucked into submission.

We fucked each other dry that night in all sorts of positions (obviously we had to exit the tub), and had a tired day after waking up. I could only wonder what new things Prince would go on to show me.

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    I love getting fucked by older black men. I also love to suck on their beautiful black cocks. Especially if I am dressed up as a woman in sexy lingerie and a pink mini skirt with white stockings and matching garter belt and a black bra and a see through white lace blouse with 4″ heels. I am very submissive to black men especially older black men.

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