Older Man Drinks Young Milk Pt 2

I won’t even pay you, you’ll beg me to fuck you. Shove my big daddy cock right up that tight little ass and make you go crazy.

Part 1


“Looks like you’re hitting your limit boy. I can tell you got more in you though.”

He began to pick up the pace again, squelch-squelch-squelch, up and down, up and down with the clear toy, looking down to see my cock full enveloped in a lubed up tube, desperate to squeeze more cum out of me.

He growled into my ear, “Let’s play a game. I’m gonna start listing off all the scenarios that I can and probably will do to you. If you don’t cum in the next five minutes you walk out of here early with all of your money.”

Then dove his tongue into my ear again, kissing and licking it.

“Augh… okay…”

“You’re gonna start to come over every day…”


“… and I’m gonna do whatever I want to you, because as much as you tell yourself how straight you are after this, we both know I corrupted you. I’ve turned you into a gay little slut for me. MY slut. A dirty old man’s little toy that he get’s to play with whenever he wants…”


“…you can tell yourself it’s for the money as much as you want but we both saw how much you came today, and how eager you were for more money. You’ve already realized how much you need your daddy…”

“Ugh, oh my go…guh”


“…Yeah boy. I’m gonna have you come over every day now, my horny little college slut. Or maybe I’ll come to you. I’m gonna have you between classes, jacking you off in the stalls and making you cum all over the toilet, sucking you off til’ your balls are dry, going into your next period all nice and dazed. Gonna finger your hot little ass while you study, see if you can focus then once you spray your load all over your textbooks. Eating your ass out while you have your little online classes. You won’t say a thing either, you won’t stop it. As long as your little friends all think you’re straight that’s enough but you’ll be secretly meeting a fat old pervert on the side who owns you. That’s right bitch I’m gonna own you after this. Make you mine.”



“…Then one day, when you haven’t had enough, I won’t even pay you, you’ll beg me to fuck you. Shove my big daddy cock right up that tight little ass and make you go crazy. Then once you’re all nice and loose I’ll be fucking you every which way, not because I’ll be getting off and depositing a fresh hot load inside you everyday, but because you’ll need it, you won’t be able to cum without it. My throbbing hot cock clapping your ass cheeks til’ they’re nice and red. Carrying you around my apartment with your arms around my neck, making you drink my spit while I hammer you raw against every wall and table in here!”



“Too bad boy. You took my money. Give me another hot boy-load. Cum for your daddy.”


I filled the entire toy with cum, flooding out from underneath it as he quickly pulled it off of my dick, using his hand to wring out the rest.

“Looks like you lost the game son. Looks like you’ll be staying after all.”

“I… I…. I can’t…. I”

“No need to tell me boy, I know you got plenty left in there for me!”

The last thing I heard before I fell, essentially, unconscious. Coming to in bursts.


Hours pass, in and out of consciousness I experienced levels of pleasure that soon became torture. No matter how hard I begged or whined he wouldn’t let up, a constant assault on my cock for two hours straight. My numb cock continuing to pump load after load into his thick hands, his hot mouth, or on my own body to collect in pools on my abs.

First thing he did was lift my lower half and wrap his legs around me, his feet in my face and my cock pointed down towards me.

“Ever have your ass eaten boy?”

He stuck out his long tongue and slathered my loose hole, I groaned as his hot slimy tongue went up and down my crack. Making love and kissing my most vulnerable spot while he resumed furiously jacking me off.

An invasion on me that I’d never experienced, as his warm tongue entered my hole and wriggled inside me sending me into another frenzy. Just as I was getting ready to cum he used his feet to push my cheeks together, forcing my mouth open.

“Open wide!”

Then dove his tongue back inside me, harsher than before, violently swirling it around my insides. I screamed as another load pumped directly into my own mouth, making sure all of it was out before dropping my lower half, slamming down on the bed as I went limp yet again.

When I came to next, I felt a sharp SMACK on my ass! I jolted awake to my face buried in his pillows while he flipped me on my stomach and clapped my ass with no mercy. Red hand prints marking either cheek while he jerked me from behind.

“Wanna cum while getting spanked by Daddy?! Naughty little straight boy, thought you could take a break?!”

“AUGH! Smack! AUGH! Smack! AUGH! Smack!

“Turning this tight little ass red while you pump out another hot load for me. I feel another one coming boy! Cum for me while I spank you!”

He began a flurry against my ass, the pain turning into raw pleasure that jolted up my taint down to my shaft, letting loose another small geyser of cum. He quickly pulled his hand away and caught my cum in his palm.

He pulled me up by my hair and slathered it all over my face, in a violent act of insane dominance over me. Giving me a wet kiss on my cheek and throwing my limp body back into the pillows.

Before I could pass out again I felt his fingers shove up my ass again, making me jump and arch my back. He snatched my cock again, I was in a state between states, conscious and unconscious at the same time while I felt his fingers harshly stab into my prostate, attempting to milk me for another few loads.

He succeeded, milking another two or three out of me from behind, each one splashing onto the bedsheets. Talking dirty to me all the while…

“I love how hairless you are, how tight this little body is, I could make you my girl but I don’t want that…”

“C…cumming… UGH!”


“… I don’t like girls. I want a cocky little straight boy, like you, I love fucking up straight boys. Seeing how macho and dominant you think you are, then I take each of you back to my place, strap you down, and then five minutes later I got you moaning like a little gay bitch. Just. Like. THIS!…”


“Yeah boy you were born for this, look how much you love my dirty fingers up your little ass, milking you for another fucking load. Go on boy! Cum again for me! Show me how straight you are while this old man finger-fucks another hot load of cum out of this cute little dick!”



“God I love this. Got another boy for my collection. Another broke straight boy fucking himself on my fingers. Won’t be long now til’ you’re on my thick cock screaming for more…”

The rest of the time was spent flipping me in every position, on my back, on my stomach, my lower half pointed towards me so I’d shoot another load in my face. Pulling my face up to shove his tongue in my mouth again, letting me swallow more of his spit, letting me taste my own ass on his tongue. Spitting on me, licking my ear. Milking me dry in every position. Him dirty talking me the whole time, calling me a slut, a gay boy, his little fucktoy. I hated this honestly, being used like this but I loved it too, being owned like this, played around with, being used at his leisure, was sending me into a dream state.

I passed out again. When I woke up for the final position I was being dragged out of the bed and pushed into his couch in the living room. He sat down next to me and dragged my barely conscious body onto his lap. His thick hard cock sandwiched between my cheeks. He wrapped a thick arm around my chest, the other around my cock, moving me up and down on his dick, the sweat from both our bodies creating lubrication. Pretending like he was fucking me while I sat on his lap.

“Yeah that’s it boy, I knew you’d be on my lap one way or another… Just imagine it boy, my hard slick cock fucking you raw. You begging for my dick while I fuck you senseless, cumming all the while.”

“Guuuh… I… ugh…”

“Right where you belong, bouncing up and down on Daddy’s lap while he jerks you off. This will be the last one boy so let’s make it special. Imagine my cock up your ass right now while I bounce you up and down, feel my hot dick? It wants you so bad baby I can’t wait til’ you ask me for it. Begging Daddy for another dicking.”

His words drove me crazy, his hips thrusting against me while I pleasured him between my ass cheeks. My head rolling limply while the momentum moved my body up and down. His grunting getting louder and louder, moaning in my ear. My head lulled backwards as my eyes rolled back and my tongue went out again.

“Getting close bitch?”




I yelped as his hand wrapped around the base of my cock, he stopped moving, I was about to cum but he sent my dick into searing throbbing pain as he stopped my climax. I was back into consciousness.

“Ugh… Daddy… please…”

“I’ll let you cum boy, on one condition, after this you let me put my dick in your throat and I blow my load inside you again.”


“If you cum without saying yes boy, you’re walking out of here with no money.”

“P-please Daddy I’ll do anything! I’ll suck your dick so good! Please let me cum!”

“You’re coming over tomorrow.”


“And I don’t have to pay you to come over?”


“Really? You’re gonna come over for free and let me play with you again?”


He released his grip and bit down on my neck, harshly sucking my flesh while he furiously jacked me off.



I shot out a load that genuinely hurt. I felt my balls truly give out the last of what was left and dry my own insides out. Completely clear nut sprayed all over his floor. I wailed as I shot out the rest. He threw me to the ground, leaving me shivering on the floor in a collapsed pile of flesh.

He grabbed me by my hair and hoisted my head up, eye level with his twitching nine-inch cock. The musk hitting my nose. My eyes back in my head and my slacked jaw made it an easy entrance for him as he dove his head into my mouth and held it there.

“Let’s see how far you can take it boy.”

He lurched forward and jammed his cock all the way down my throat, blocking my airway, though thankfully I was born with no gag reflex otherwise I’d be struggling.

“Ugh… perfect. No gag reflex. You just get better and better boy.”

He grabbed the sides of my head with both hands, almost crushing my head while he held my half conscious face.

He began unloading his cock down my mouth, face fucking me with fury.



Saliva began spilling out of my mouth, coating his cock and getting all over my face, pools forming on the ground while I helplessly took his pistoning cock in my mouth.



He hilted his cock in my throat and began dump a fresh hot load down my throat. I moaned as it made it’s way down my stomach, making his cock vibrate. He moaned and began cumming even more as he pulled his cock until it was just his head in my mouth. My cheeks filling up with more cum than I could handle making sure I got a taste of his pungent semen, I began chugging his cum like water on a hot day, loud swallowing sounds while lumps of cum could be seen going down my throat.


He pulled his cock out with a loud POP! I let out a belch, feeling like I’d just eaten a full course meal. I collapsed again in a fetal position on his floor.

“Fuck yeah, you’re so perfect, you’re gonna make such hot content for me. I might just keep you around.”

I heard him walk away before I passed out on his floor. I felt wads of dollar bills hit my sticky wet body.

“Here’s your money straight boy. Hope you spend it well.”

I passed out for about an hour, undisturbed. When I woke up I gathered my clothes, reeking of sweat, cum, and musk. He didn’t let me clean myself and forced me to go home as I was, my clothes sticking to my body.

When I got home I was relieved, thankfully Tom was asleep, as Dadd-… whoever that guy was, was playing with me all night. I ran into the shower and sat their on the floor for a while, not disgusted but confused. It felt so good, and frankly I wanted more, but the internalized homophobia forced me to shunt those thoughts to the back of my head. I wasn’t going to indulge this anymore, I made nearly 10k and that was enough for two month’s rent and then some. That was enough for now.


The next day…

I woke up, better rested than I’d ever been before, after I hit my bed last night I was out like a light. I didn’t even feel horny when I woke up, I’d been sapped of cum entirely.

I checked my phone, groggy, and saw ‘Stacy’ had texted me again.

Stacy: You coming over boy??? You made a promise.

Oh shit, I said that in the heat of the moment. I can’t do this again.

Me: Hey. I appreciate the money but I can’t do this again. I said a lot that I didn’t mean. Sorry.


Stacy: That’s not how it works boy. You said you’d come over again. You do as your Daddy says.

Me: I said no man.


Stacy: I’ll forgive you for now since this is new for you. Since I’m a nice Daddy, I’ll give you a choice. 5k, and I get to fuck you raw today, and deposit a hot load of cum in that cute little ass. Or I punish you. What’s it going to be.

5k… fuck. How bad could it be. N…No I shouldn’t this is plenty.

Me: What’s ‘punish’ mean?

Stacy: It means I come over to 1583 Riverside, Apartment 508, and milk you dry again while your roommate is over in the other room.

What the fuck?!

Me: I’m sorry???! How the fuck did you get my address you freak!

Stacy: You were passed out a while son. Long enough for me to dig through that wallet and get all the juicy information I need to make your life a lot harder. But if I come over you’ll let me in anyway.

Me: Why the fuck would I do that?!

Stacy: Because you want it. You want me to milk you and make you my little bitch. Even if you didn’t though…


Five video messages appear, it’s him milking me, fingering me, putting his dick in my mouth, and making me cum in every humiliating position. How long was he filming?! Luckily my face was blurred in each video.

Stacy:… I’d have to unblur your face from these…

Me: You fat fuck! I’ll get my lawyer then! That’s illegal!

Stacy: Lawyer? Baby you can barely afford rent, otherwise you wouldn’t let a dirty old man milk you senseless for money.

Goddamnit. He called my bluff.

Stacy: What’ll it be boy? Last chance to pick.

I froze, my stomach dropped…

Me: I’ll come over.

Stacy: And?

Me: And I’ll let you fuck me. This has to be the last time I do this.

Stacy: Call me Daddy.

Me: I’ll let you fuck me. Daddy.

Stacy: Of course boy, it’ll be the last time.


Thirty minutes later…

I knock on his door. He immediately swings the door open and drags me in by the collar. SLAMS the door behind him! He pushed his whole body into me, paralyzed against the door. SHOVES his tongue in my throat, devouring my mouth. His thick hand on my cheek, grabbing be harshly, making sure my mouth is his. The other held on the door, his hand slammed beside my head.

“Mmmh, mmmmmh… fuck yeah boy…. mmmmmh”

I whimper as I’m powerless to stop him, even though he’s just barely at my height. I raise my hands, unsure of what to do, letting this intense make out session pass.

His hand wanders down and grabs my junk, harshly squeezing it as I moan in his mouth, giving him more access as he chokes me with his long tongue.

His hands move behind me to my ass and pull me into him, while he smacks his lips loudly on mine. His hands digging into my ass cheeks while he forces me back onto an adjacent wall, knocking over a painting. He began digging his crotch into me, grinding on me.

Slowly gyrated his hips, pushing me deeper into his fat body and against the wall behind me. Finally pulling his tongue out from my mouth.

“Get a good taste boy? Bet you missed it. It was only yesterday you were swallowing even more. Begging me to let you cum-“

I shuddered as he licked the side of my face.

“-Can’t wait to own this ass today boy. Gonna pump so many fucking loads in you and fuck so many out of you. You thought yesterday was intense. Wait til I have you screaming on my dick.”

I whimpered. Jesus christ.

He made out with me again, then pulled away.

“Strip boy. Then get on my bed, on your back, I wanna look at you while I break you.”

I nervously stripped my clothes down, he gave a sharp smack on the ass towards his bedroom.

I tried to calm down as I lay on his bed. He walked into the room moments later, completely naked and fully erect.

However, he saw the pale look on my face, and my legs shaking with anxiety.

“Let’s get you relaxed first boy, stand up.”

I complied, he dropped to his knees and took my entire dick in his mouth again. Vigorously sucking on my cock, I immediately began moaning again, no reason to hide my pleasure anymore. He chuckled, making my dick vibrate while he groaned on it. His hand reached back and harshly grabbed my bare cheeks again. Even when getting a blowjob I wasn’t in control, he was controlling my movements, his impressive strength forcing me to go at his tempo while he playfully encouraged me each time I would moan.

“Mhmmm~…. Mhmmmm~….”

His right hand began smacking my ass making me yelp, while the other took it’s middle and ring finger and shot them up my butthole. I lurched forward.

“GAH! OH MY-!”


As if going into overdrive while he stabbed my prostate, he began sucking with ferocity, rapidly bobbing up and down my dick while making exaggerated sucking noises.

It wasn’t long before I felt the same electricity. Looking at him ravenously suck my cock, taking care of me while he owned and dominated me, just from a blowjob. I began to lose my mind.

“Ugh…UGH… UGH!”



He twisted his fingers stabbing harder into my prostate, pulling me further into his mouth while I shot an intense load down his throat. Wailing while I did…


He pulled away with a plop, letting my flaccid cock spill the remaining saliva and precum on the ground. I nearly collapsed, not before he grabbed me and flung me onto my back, hitting the covers.

He growled and leaped on top of me, crushing me under his weight. Licking me up and down, making out with me again, forcing my head to it’s side and diving his tongue in my ear once more. I was moaning like crazy.

He pulled away and forced my legs up, my lower half dangling off the side of the bed. He pulled out another bottle of lube and recklessly dumped it all over his throbbing dick and all over my ass, letting the rest fall on my cock which he lathered with his hand. After coating a full layer of it on his dick he began rubbing our cocks together, jacking us both off while he fingered my ass again, making sure I was nice and ready.

“You didn’t eat yet right.”

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2 thoughts on “Older Man Drinks Young Milk Pt 2

  1. LPS says:

    Shame! Shame on you for writing such garbage. Some may enjoy this kind of torture and rape but they are just as sick as you. That was NOT between 2 consenting adults, no matter how you try to spin it. This is proof that evil exists in this world.

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