Older Neighbor Shows Me How To Suck Pt 1

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” I moaned “yes” and he said that I was ready. He moved my legs up onto his shoulders and started to guide his cock into position. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen.


I had just turned 18 and had only been with my girlfriend a few times. Usually it was only petting, kissing, and feeling her up. She did let me eat her sweet pussy once and I came in my pants as I licked and fingered her. Unfortunately, we soon moved away and I was disappointed to lose her.

At our new home, I made some friends with the kids that lived around us. Down the street from our house there was a really cool couple, Rob and Wendy, that were in their mid 40′s. They were really nice and would let all of us kids hang out at their house, playing video games, smoking cigarettes and getting away from our parents.

Rob was a good looking guy with a fit body and Wendy was an attractive blonde with huge breasts and a nice, round ass. They always seemed to have a lot of porn mags around, nothing too serious, just softcore mags like Hustler, Genesis, Gallery, Penthouse, Playboy and others that were similar to them. The other kids always said that they were swingers, but I never saw anything that made me think that.

Rob and Wendy also had all the cool toys that were available in the early 80′s. A VCR, a great stereo system, an Atari 2600 video game system and a big projection TV that was state of the art for it’s time. We would hang out there when they were bored and they didn’t have any of their older friends over. Occasionally, they would buy beer for us as long as we shared it with them.

One day, I faked being sick and stayed home from school so I wouldn’t have to take a test that we had that day. I looked out the window and noticed that Rob was out in the driveway working on his car. I didn’t have any cigarettes, so I decided that I would go down and ask him if I could bum one from him.

I said hi and asked him what he was up to. He said that he was doing a little maintenance on his car. I asked him if I could bum a smoke. He said sure, that they were inside on the table and told me to go inside, that he would be finished in a couple of minutes. His wife Wendy was at work and he was home alone. I went in and found his smokes and lighter and grabbed one and lit it. As I was lighting the smoke, I noticed that he had some titty mags out and I started to thumb through them. As I was looking through them, I noticed one that was different than all of the others. It was a real hardcore mag that had a hot girl with 2 guys on the cover. I immediately grabbed it and went over to the sofa to take a look. I had never seen a hardcore magazine before and was blown away by all of the pics. In the pictures, the girl was sucking off both men at the same time, she was riding one and sucking the other in another set of pics. Then there were pics of the 2 of them double teaming her, one in her pussy and one in her ass. I was mesmerized by the magazine and my teen cock was rock hard and pressing uncomfortably against my jeans as I perused the pics and read the hot captions.

A few minutes later Rob came in and saw me with the mag. He smiled and asked if I liked the pics. I embarrassingly mumbled “yes, that it was cool” and continued to look at the magazine.

Rob said that he was going to the back to clean up and would be out in a minute. As he walked away, he went over to the TV and switched it and the VCR on. He said that “If I liked the magazine, I would love this.” As the picture came on, it was a couple in the middle of fucking, with close ups of his hard cock pounding her and her moaning and cooing as he did. I lost all interest in the magazine and immediately started watching the movie. After a few minutes and a couple different positions, the scene finished up with the guy pulling his cock out of her and shooting his load all over her stomach and tits. I was so horny and blown away by my first porn movie, I almost came watching him shoot his load.

About that time, the next scene started with a hot blonde secretary and guy in his office. She was taking dictation, but soon she was quickly on her knees with her huge tits out and giving him a hot blowjob. About this time, Rob came from the back in some sweats with a towel and something else in his hand. He made a comment about how much he liked the girl in the movie and sat down in his chair.

I wasn’t paying any attention to Rob as I was enthralled by the porn on the TV. The next thing I know, I hear a weird noise and look over and see that Rob has his cock out and is stroking it as he watches the movie! I can’t believe it. His cock was huge, much bigger than mine, and I couldn’t keep from watching him as he stroked it up and down. He catches me staring at him and gives me a little grin. He continues stroking his rod and says that “it’s OK if I want to pull my dick out and masturbate too”.

Embarrassed, I mumble something and go back to watching the movie. I can’t stop stealing glances of Rob playing with his cock as the girl in the movie is giving the guy an incredible blow job. I am enamored with Rob’s cock. It looks so big and I can see the veins bulging in it. It glistens in the light and has a large full head on it.

Once again, Rob catches me staring at him and again tells me it’s OK if I want to play with my cock too. By this time, I am so horny and my cock hurts from straining against my jeans that I lay back on the sofa and unbutton and unzip them and clumsily pull out my dick.

I start slowly rubbing and playing with it as I watch the movie and Rob at the same time. It was so hot, I felt like I was gonna explode. Rob looks over and smiles at me again as I am playing with myself. I feel so nervous and excited at the same time. He looks at me and says, “you should put some lube on your cock, it will feel much better.” He slowly rises up out of his chair and starts to come towards me. His cock seems even bigger as he shuffles over and sits next to me on the couch. I realize that besides the towel, he has a jar of Vaseline with him. He reaches into the jar of Vaseline and gets a generous helping out with his fingers. He reaches over and begins to spread it on my cock. I freeze as he does and don’t know what to do. I had jerked off with my buddies before, but I never had one of them touch me or me touch them.

He calmly asked if it was OK as he rubbed in the lube and started to stroke my dick. I mumbled that it was “alright and felt better” and tried to concentrate on the movie. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting on his couch and he was rubbing and playing with my cock. I was scared, nervous and a little embarrassed. He must have sensed this and gave me a reassuring glance and again said that it was OK. He said that he had done this with some of the other guys in the neighborhood and that no one would know.

Rob’s strong hands worked my cock like a pro. He was stroking and twisting his hand up and down my shaft. I lost all of my inhibitions as he worked my dick. It was amazing to have this hot man milking my rock hard cock. It only took a minute or 2 of him playing with my cock before I was ready to shoot my load. I moaned that “I was gonna cum” and before I could do anything I shot my load all over his hand and my stomach. He growled and said “Yeah, I bet that feels good. You shot a nice load there!” I didn’t know what to do next as he told me it was good and he licked my cum off of his hand. He grabbed his towel and wiped up the rest that was on my stomach

My head was spinning and I didn’t know what to do or say next. It felt so good having him stroke my cock and to cum all over him and myself. He said, “since I helped you get off that, I should help him get off too.” Then he reached over and placed my hand on his erect cock. I mumbled “sure” and started to slowly stroke his dick and rub him like he had done for me. I didn’t really know what I was doing and was very clumsy about playing with him. He moaned and reached down and grabbed my hand and started helping me stroke his cock. It seemed like forever that we were jointly playing with his dick. Then he looked at me and said “it’s going to take some time before I will be able to shoot my load this way.” “There is an easier way you could make me cum if you’re interested.” I didn’t have any idea what he meant, but again I mumbled that it would be “OK” and asked him what I should do.

He told me to stand up and he finished removing my jeans and then lifted my shirt up and off of me. I stood before him fully naked and willing to do anything that he wanted.

He then told me to lay on the couch on my back and he started to hover over me. His cock looked even bigger than before as he pushed my legs up and started rubbing lube in my ass. His finger felt like it was going to split me in two as he slowly began inserting it inside of me. I was frozen as he inserted first one and then two of his large fingers inside of me. It hurt at first, but after a couple of minutes of him playing with my ass, the pain was gone and it started to feel good having his fingers slide in and out of my tight asshole.

I let out a soft moan and he said “That feels good, doesn’t it?” I moaned “yes” and he said that I was ready. He moved my legs up onto his shoulders and started to guide his cock into position. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen, but I couldn’t and didn’t want to stop him. He lightly placed the tip of his cock against my ass and started to slowly insert it into me.

It was huge!! It began to hurt as he pressed and it started to part my sphincter. He was extremely gentle and told me to relax, that he would take his time with me.

He asked again if I was alright and I could only shake my head yes as he slowly started to move it in and out of me. He was so gentle as he slid his big dick in and out of my tight young ass. The pain was very real, but it also felt so good at the same time. I finally started to relax and accept his giant tool.

He asked me again if I was OK and if it hurt? I told him that it hurt a little, but it was starting to feel better. He smiled and said that was good and kept sliding his cock into me going a little deeper with every thrust. Before I knew it, his cock was buried all the way inside of me and I could feel his balls pressing against my ass.

The feeling was amazing as he slowly slid his cock in and out of me. The pain was now all gone and all I could feel was how good it felt to have him on top of me, fucking me with his big cock. I began to moan and move my hips to try and get more of his wonderful cock inside of me.

He immediately realized that I was enjoying getting fucked by him and began to increase the rhythm and strength with which he was fucking me. Before I knew it, he started pounding me hard with his balls slapping against my ass and I was loving every minute of it. As he fucked me harder, my legs bent further back over my head and opened my ass even more for him. He was breathing heavy and moaning as he thrust his dick into me. I was pushing my ass against him wanting to feel every inch of him slide in and out of my ass. He moaned really loud and growled at me that he was going to cum and he pressed his cock deep inside of me. I could feel his cock and body pulse and he shot his warm load deep inside of me. I felt every twitch and spasm of his cock as each squirt of his warm sperm filled my ass.

He sighed and collapsed on top of me, panting and sweating with his hard cock still inside me. His cock began to soften as he caught his breath and he asked me if I had enjoyed our fun.

I was so high from him pounding me that I giddily said, “yes, I really loved it.” He slowly climbed off of me and grabbed the towel and began to wipe the cum off of his cock. He then used the towel to clean up the cum dripping out of my ass and said that we could shower if I wanted to get cleaned up.

I nervously said no, that I had better get home before my mom called to check on me and began to get dressed. I put my clothes back on, asked him if I could get another smoke from him before I left and he told me to go ahead and take the rest of the pack as he had a carton in the kitchen. I told him thanks as he walked me to the door. He said goodbye and that he would see me again soon. I walked back to my house still reeling from what had just happened, but thinking about how good it felt and how much I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, a couple of months later Rob and Wendy moved away and I wasn’t able to tell him how much I loved our encounter and how I wanted to explore even more fantasies with him. It would be a couple more years, when I was in college, before I had another opportunity to play with another man again, but that’s another story!

Older Neighbor Shows Me How To Suck Pt 2

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