Pansexual Adventures

I slowly sucked on the head of his cock, slowly circling my tongue around it, and flicked his pee hole with my tongue.


It was a beautiful spring morning when I woke up to the sound of sparrows chirping outside my window. There was a light breeze coming through the window, and I was feeling the rush of cool, soothing air on my face and bare chest. I lay on the bed for some time, tossing from one side to another, trying to go back to the deep slumber from which I had been so rudely awakened, but it was useless.

I could hear my partner out on the veranda; it was quarter to six, and he was busy doing his morning workout. I quickly tossed the blanket aside and got up from the bed, and I felt a sudden chill run through my whole body. I realised I was standing in our bedroom, buck naked. I always sleep naked. It’s been a habit of mine since I hit puberty.

I did some light stretches and went into the bathroom to freshen up. I brushed and flossed my teeth, washed my face with cold water, and douched. After finishing my morning rituals in the bathroom, I pondered changing into my bathrobe but decided against it. I went into the veranda to greet my partner, Dave, in my birthday suit, an early present for our anniversary.

Today he looked especially hot; his toned, muscular 6’2″ body was covered in sweat, and he was wearing his tight yellow shorts, which barely hid Dave’s impressive 8-inch penis. Seeing me naked, Dave said out loud, “What are you doing out here naked? What if the neighbours see you?”

I approached him, looking deeply into his blue eyes, and kissed him deeply. Then I said, “I don’t care if anyone sees us; I just wanted to surprise you, which I have.”

Then I went for another kiss, and soon our kiss turned into a full-on make-out session. Then my hands wandered from his face to his crotch, and I began rubbing his bulge from the outside. I could feel his cock get hard, and after a few minutes, I pulled Dave’s shorts down and began stroking his 8-inch-thick cock.

Dave said to me, “We shouldn’t be doing this. What about the neighbours?” I shrugged. “What about them? They are definitely sleeping, and if not, we will give them a show of their life.”

I resume stroking his cock and feel it get harder, and pre-cum starts to ooze. Dave returned the favour and started playing with my semi-hard 5-inch cock. He began to touch my balls, cupping them with his free hand, and then his hands went to my cock. Soon, the excitement made my cock hard, and my dick grew to an impressive 8 1/2 inches in length. I am a grower. When I am not excited, my penis rests at a comfortable 5 inches, but as soon as I get aroused, my penis grows to an impressive 8 1/2 inches long and thick.

Dave and I stroked each other hard and kissed each other passionately; we were lost in the moment, then suddenly I felt my orgasm build up, which brought me back to my senses and made me break my kiss with Dave and pull my cock away from him. Then I took both of his hands in mine and gently stroked them before planting a slow kiss on his lips, nose, and back lips. Then I start taking Dave’s cock in my mouth and going back and forth slowly, pleasing him.

I increase my stroking up and down and deep-throat his big, hard cock. Then Dave grabs my head and thrusts his cock deep in my mouth, chocking me with it. I take my hand and start to tap Dave’s bare ass, indicating for him to slow down, and he lets me come up for a breather. I coughed; my mouth is covered in spit and pre-cum, and I loved every minute of it. I then wipe my face and take Dave’s cock, which is covered with my spit and his pre-cum.

I then slowly sucked on the head of his cock, slowly circling my tongue around it, and flicked his pee hole with my tongue. I knew it was driving him crazy, as I could taste a copious amount of pre-cum. I was driving him insane, and I was proud of it. By sucking his cock head while running my thumb along the length of his cock to increase the sensation. I rubbed his perineum and slowly inserted my finger into his asshole. He took my finger very easily, as the head I was giving him made him relax his muscles. I then increase my fingers from one to three, and then four. As I felt Dave take my fingers smoothly, I turned him over and bent him over the railing.

I lube my dick with my spit and Dave’s pre-cum and rub the head of my cock around his asshole. I tease him like this for some time, and then, with one stroke, I insert the full length of my penis inside him until our balls clap. I then take my right hand and start playing with Dave’s nipples while my left hand strokes his penis. While my hands are busy, I slow-fuck him from behind. Dave was moaning “Aa Aaa Aaah”.

I whisper in his ears, “So you enjoy this, hun?” “Look at you enjoying my cock in your ass.”

Dave said while moaning, “Yes, I love your cock in me. Fuck me harder. I love how you stroke my cock.” He was biting his lower lip and began moaning loudly.

I, while increasing my pace, say, “So you love receiving hand-jobs from behind while I fuck you from behind.”

I increase my pace of fucking, and we make clapping sounds. Our balls slam into each other.

Dave then says to me, “I will cum if you keep fucking me like that.”

“Don’t you dare cum now.” As I finish saying this, Dave starts ejaculating thick ropes of cum for about half a minute or so and lets out a huge moan. I swear his scream might have woken half the neighbours. I say to him, “Come on, Dave, you have been good for a month now; couldn’t you have held it some more? Also, I think you woke some of our neighbours.”

Dave says, “I can’t help it; you are so good, and didn’t you want to give the neighbours the show of their lives? Now fuck me harder.”

“When you say it like that,” I start fucking him harder, alternating between short strokes and long strokes. Dave’s ass began to tighten on me as my long cock massaged his prostate. I was feeling like I was about to cum, then I slowed down a bit and pulled out my meat until the tip was in, grabbed my cock from the base, and squeezed hard, and I felt my orgasm buildup going down.

Then we both get down on the floor of our veranda, and I lay on my back and fuck him in reverse cowboy position for a while. All this fucking, and I was missing seeing Dave’s face. So I turned him into cowboy position, got up to kiss him, and he was bouncing on my cock. I love watching his face contort in orgasm.

I garb his penis, which has gone down now, and begin my magic. I take my hand and spit in it, and I ask Dave to spit on it as well. With a mixture of spit lube from both of us, I began stroking his cock at the same time Dave was going up and down on my cock. After a lot of action, I felt his cock get hard, and in no time it was at full mast. So I dismounted Dave from my cock and started giving him deep throating. I took his cock until only the ball was left.

Dave gagged me with his cock and throat and fucked me hard, not letting me up for anything. He then grabbed me by the back of my head and thrust his cock in my mouth so hard that it triggered my gag reflex. But thankfully, I didn’t puke.

All our moaning and fucking was making such a ruckus that few of our neighbours came to investigate. There was this cougar, Ms. Skylar, and her gay son, who lived across the street, who were enjoying the show. Then there was this couple who lived across from us. The Rothmans–the husband was disgusted, but the wife was enjoying us. Two well-endowed men fucking each other and lasting long

There was this rumour going around the building that Mr. Rothman was impotent and suffered from erectile dysfunction, so Mrs. Rothman slept around. And then I heard the other door to our veranda open, and out came Ruby. She was a model and our flatmate. She has been sharing the flat with us for six months. She came out wearing only her tank top and started yelling at us to keep it down.

So in order to not get into trouble with the building association and cops, I grab Dave’s cock, take him to the bedroom, and tell him it’s time for you to fuck me now. With a wide grin, he grabs a bottle of lube from the nightstand, squirts some on his hands, and puts some near my asshole and some on my cock.

He started to simultaneously stroke my cock, put his finger inside my asshole, and massage my balls with his thumb. His fingers were inching towards my prostate, massaging it gently. Dave gradually increased his speed while stroking my cock, and one finger in the ass became two, two became three, and then it was his entire fist inside me.

My cock was as hard as a rock, my brain was on overdrive trying to process the pressure I was receiving, my heart was beating loudly to increase blood flow to my penis, and I was trying my hardest not to cum. I was trying my hardest not to save my cum to be ejaculated only inside Dave’s tight asshole, but it was very hard since I had not had sex for a month.

After some time, when Dave felt he had stretched my asshole enough so that I could take his massive cock, he stopped fisting me and grabbed some more lube and put it on his cock. Then he takes his big 8-inch cock and teases me with it by pushing the top of its head on my asshole, then he pushes the head of his cock inside, just the tip, letting me adjust to the girth. He does that for some time, putting the tip inside and outside, and then, without any warning, he thrusts the whole thing inside, and I scream in agony and pleasure.

He thrusts his cock inside me hard and fast; only the sound of us having sex–plop…plop…plop–and our moans are heard. Dave ploughs my ass with his big, hard cock, ramming me with no mercy, and I enjoy every second of it. He then takes his cock out completely and puts it back in deep until his ball slaps the back of my ass. Then, without removing his cock, he turned me from missionary to doggy and started ramming my ass again with his cock.

His cock slaps my balls now, and the pleasure mixed with pain gives me an otherworldly sensation. Then he starts playing with my nipple, circling the areola and pinching my nipple. Slowly, his hand wanders near my cock, which is now semi-hard and has a string of pre-cum oozing out of it from all the stimulation I am receiving on my p-spot.

He takes my cock in his hand and starts stroking it, all the while fucking my ass raw. I started to feel Dave’s cock get harder inside me; he was about to cum, and we both knew it. I was ready to receive Dave’s cum inside of me. Dave’s rhythm was picking up, and then, with a jerk, he came shooting all of his load inside me. He pulled his cock out, and some of the cum got squirted out of my ass. Then I get on my back and start to stroke Dave’s cock vigorously to empty all the remaining cum onto my body. Dave then licks his fingers and slides them inside me; he finger-fucks me for some time, after which I squirt out the generous amount of cum he’d deposited inside of me.

Dave fell face down on me, and we kissed, and between kisses, I asked him, “I hope you still have energy left because I am not done yet.” I said it with a wide grin on my face.

Dave nodded and said, “I am ready for you, babe; fuck me.”

I make him take my cock in his mouth. I began to deep-throat him vigorously, and he took it like a champ. I then positioned myself behind his back and started to rub my cock along his ass crack. I then spit on Dave’s asshole and started rimming him, and with a lot of spit and tongue action, he was ready for my cock again.

I take the tip of my cock and put it inside his asshole, stay there for a bit, and slowly push my meat inch by inch inside him. His ass grips me tightly. I go deep until it is completely inside, then slowly start to fuck him with long, deep, slow strokes. With every push, I feel Dave’s ass loosen, and then I begin to fuck him vigorously. Our bodies are covered with sweat due to all the exertion.

Our bodies are smooth, hairless, and muscular at the top of the human specimen, and we are enjoying each other. I rode him in doggy till I felt I was about to cum, then I removed my cock from his ass, took a deep breath, and centred myself.

I was desperate to cum but wanted to delay my gratification for as long as possible; I wanted to feel the ultimate orgasm. I then made Dave lie on his back and put two pillows under his back to fit his ass up so I could enter him easily. I then entered him missionary style. My fast and deep fucking was hitting Dave right in the p-spot, and a dollop of cum came out.

He was squirming in ecstasy, and seeing him like that, I couldn’t control myself, and I came inside him. It was a continuous stream of cum coming out of me, and I was feeling the orgasm go on and on, never ending; it was like a relief that I was feeling after not cumming for a month. I felt the orgasm from the inside of my thigh to my face and cumin out from my penis.

I was exhausted, and I fell to the side with my dick still inside Dave. We were exhausted, panting, and sweating from all the sex. That was the most intense lovemaking we ever had, maybe because it was so passionate or because we were having sex after such a long time.

We decided randomly on our dinner date that we should try something new and kinky for our upcoming anniversary, hence the abstinence. The anticipation of being able to feel each other made the experience so amazing. I take his face in my hand, kiss him lightly, and wish him a happy anniversary. We have been together for two years, and the celebration of that day started perfectly. We then made our beds, cleaned everything up, and hopped in the shower. In the shower, I fucked Dave again because I was so horny and my dear Dave was so hot that I couldn’t help myself.

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  1. Monte MoosJenkins says:

    You fuck someone with your duck to make room for your fist, not the other way around. Pretty unbelievable story. Apparently just a fantasy.

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