Panty Boy Finds Love In The Mountains

He picked me up until the tip had almost out, then brought me back down to halfway. I squealed but he lifted me again before I could complain. Then he sat me down again, this time a little faster. I wanted to say something but he brought it out before I could. He repeated this and repeated this until my ass was starting to stretch easily over his engorged mass.


It was the summer of 1982 and I had just finished my first year in college. My friend Adam and I planned a week-long camping trip in Appalachia to celebrate, but just before departure he sprained his ankle and couldn’t go. Determined to breathe fresh air and walk the trails like a mountain man, I decided to go alone, but cut the trip down to two nights to stay on the safe side.

Though I was still excited to go into the wilderness, the prospect of a solo trip was far less exciting, especially given mine and Adam’s growing sexual tension. I’d always known I was gay, and at our liberal college in New York City I was slowly becoming less ashamed of it. I didn’t necessarily parade myself around with a sign that said “FAGGOT”, and still hadn’t come out of the closet, but I’m sure some people thought I was gay, and I didn’t care. Adam was much more clandestine about his male predilections, though.

When he told me about his foot I was really upset because I thought I might finally get to kiss a boy and explore my sexuality; alas, I was going to be a virgin for another summer.

The morning of, I packed my stuff and headed out of the hotel. I’d taken the train to West Virginia, then stayed near a local trail. We’d mapped out the trip beforehand so I knew where to go, and I brought enough food to last 2 days. I figured I’d walk a few miles out, find a nice spot, be naked and free, then head home.

I hiked out with my backpack through the beautiful mountains. After a couple miles my legs were getting tired and I was ready to rest for the night. I was a pretty scrawny guy, 6 feet tall, 150 lbs, and wasn’t used to physical labor. In all honesty, I was kind of a weakling. I got teased sometimes growing up but shook it off and decided to just be myself; it’s all I knew how to be.

Camp was set up and I made a flavorful meal; I’d always loved cooking. I had brought some nice spices and was ready to impress – maybe even woo – Adam with my cheffing, but that night I was the only one who got to enjoy my backwoods special. I finished and cleaned up, then got into the tent unsure of what to do for the rest of the night. Since I was all alone, I figured I’d just masturbate like any other guy, so I stripped down nude and hopped into my sleeping bag to warm up.

I rolled around thinking about Adam and what could have been. He was going to be a senior the next year and his maturity really showed when we were together. We met through mutual friends and ended up getting pretty close. When we hung out he usually took the lead, telling me what we’re doing and where we’re going. I never minded because I’ve always been a follower, and he’s popular and confident so it’s not hard to listen to him.

Aside from that, he’s also really handsome and big. Even though I’m a tall guy, he stands a good 4 inches over me. He’s got about 50 lbs on me, too, and is covered in hair, unlike myself. Our contrast has always turned me on and I love when he uses his superior strength to direct me. Sometimes Adam puts his hand on my lower back when walking me out a door and I catch myself blushing at his chivalry. I’m not sure if he does it out of instinct or on purpose; either way it makes me hard as a rock.

Thinking about Adam made me think about some other horny stuff. For the past year I’ve had a new fetish that’s taken over my sexual thoughts. It all started when I found a magazine in my friend’s uncle’s drawer called, “Panty boys and their Daddies”. It was filled with images of young, slim, hairless guys like me in speedos, underwear, and even women’s panties! They were always accompanied by big, strong, hairy men, “Daddies”, who would hold them and touch them.

The boys usually had their eyes down in the pictures and looked so submissive and shy, while the Daddies looked powerful and confident. They’d grasp their boys proudly to show them off. In one picture, I even saw a boy on his knees with his Daddy’s dick in his mouth! I’d never seen anything like that before and I nearly passed out from all the blood that rushed to my pecker. I slammed the magazine shut and put it back in the drawer after, but those images had stuck with me, and I was hooked.

Shortly after that exposure I finally tried on my first pair. I couldn’t stop thinking about women’s panties. No, I couldn’t stop thinking about wearing women’s panties. I desperately had to put some on. Fortunately for me, the opportunity was there. I had a sister who was at college, too, so when we were back for Thanksgiving I snuck into her room and snatched a pair of her lacy, pink panties.

That first night when I put them on I was harder than I’d ever been, and I masturbated furiously while wearing them. For weeks I abused those panties, and when I knew they couldn’t last I sucked it up and bought some more at Sear’s a few towns down with a cap and shades on. It was embarrassing, but I was in and out and quickly forgot about it. With 12 fresh pairs I had enough to last a while, so when this trip arrived I decided to bring a few along with me.

Still beating my meat in the tent, I snuck out of my sleeping bag and grabbed my favorite pair out of my pack. I slipped them on and reveled in the slutty g-string that barely covered my hole. I loved the way the sides wrapped tightly around my hips, showing off my slim waist. I felt so good and girly, which was hard for me to come to terms with because I couldn’t understand why I loved these panties so much. I didn’t want to be a girl, but for some reason wearing panties made me happy, so I continued to do so.

I woke up the next morning and giggled at the crusty mess on my crotch. My pubes were glued to the lace and I had to peel it off, ew! I slipped on a fresh pair and cleaned up the tent. I was about to put on shorts when I had a naughty idea: what if I cooked breakfast in my panties? It’s just me here anyways, right? Who cares!

I basked in the freedom of the woods as I stepped out to make coffee and cook. Doing my little morning chores in my panties made me extremely turned on and I was sad I didn’t have Adam around to show off for. I’m not sure he would have been okay with it, but the fantasy was driving me wild and my dick was solid again. I jerked off right where I was standing because fuck it, I’m a mountain man!

After breakfast I cleaned up camp and headed out for a nice hike. A stream was running nearby and I thought a good rinse was in order after all my jerking. When I got up to it, I denuded and dipped into the freezing waters. I shrieked when the snowcap melt shocked my sensitive skin, then shrieked again when I heard a deep laugh.

“You expect a warm bath, boy?” a mysterious southern drawl belted in between hearty chuckles.

I dunked in the water to make sure I was clean, then scrambled out. Turning around with both hands covering my small package, I saw a beast emerge from the stream. He flipped his hair back and gave me a big grin, completely unfazed by the freezing river.

“Come back in, boy, it’s not so bad!”

Still shivering I shook my head. My teeth were chattering so much I couldn’t even speak if I wanted to, but I definitely didn’t want to get back in that water. And who the hell even was this guy?!

“You wanna get proper clean, don’t ya boy?”

The man chuckled and smiled again as he waded out to shore. He sauntered up to me with his big dick swinging and I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. He had a lot to be proud of unlike me; no wonder he wasn’t covering up.

“No need to be shy, we’re both men. The name’s Craig, what’s yours, boy?”

He stuck his hand out and I was now forced to at least take one of mine off my noodle and grapes. I ripped a hand out for a quick shake and his big paw engulfed mine. He gave me a smirk when I still hadn’t uncovered my dick.

“My name’s Josh, sir.”

“Hell, boy, it’s just us two out here, you don’t have to call me sir. But, shit, if you want to I don’t mind. Now get that there hand off your willy, we’re men, ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of. Besides, even if it’s small, a boy like you probably don’t use his pecker much anyway.”

He smiled at his gibe and gave my ribs a nudge with his elbow. I cocked my head inquisitively at him because I didn’t understand what he meant. He laughed it off and walked me back to the stream. He still hadn’t let my hand go since we shook and I’d barely even noticed.

“Once you get used to it it ain’t so bad, boy, I promise.”

I looked up nervously at him and he put his arm around my shoulder before walking us forward. I trusted him and let the freezing water sting my legs. We stood for a moment until it didn’t hurt much.

“See, boy, it ain’t so bad. I told ya, didn’t I?”

“Yes, sir,” I admitted with a little blush and smile of my own.

We walked deeper and our chests sank into the river. We were up to our necks and kicking to stay up. It was so damn cold I could barely swim but Craig put my arm over his shoulder and kept us both up. I just kind of held onto his back while he paddled us around, splashing and giggling. We talked about ourselves and he told me he was a Vietnam War vet.

“You’re lucky. You don’t have to go through what I went through. But that’s okay, boy. That’s why we did it. So you don’t have to.”

He gave me a genuine smile and I felt warm pride for his service. I squeezed him a little tighter and he winked at me. I stayed holding on as he carried me out piggyback. He set me down and I looked back up and him and grinned. He was a lot like Adam, big, tall, and hairy, but he was definitely older. He must have been in his late 30s at least, and the way his full beard covered his handsome mug reminded me a lot of some of the daddies in that magazine I saw. My face flushed red as my cock rose to the thought of those pictures. Craig looked down and chuckled when he saw the situation.

“Let’s get dressed now, huh, boy?”

We toweled off and I was about to get my clothes when I remembered that I was wearing panties. I got gay vibes from Craig and didn’t want him to freak out in case we got naked later, so I slipped them into my pocket and put on my jeans and shirt.

“So how many more days did you say you were staying, boy?”

“Just one more, sir, was going to head out tomorrow morning.”

“Well shit, if you’re around for another night why don’t you come to my camp with me. We can have a meal together and I can show you around. Would be nice to have some company, gets lonely in these woods.”

“Sure does, sir, I was bored as hell after just one night! I’d love to come to your camp.”

We gathered our gear and walked to his site. It was a long trek and I was getting tired, especially after yesterday’s hike. Craig must have noticed because at one point he stopped us.

“Want me to carry your sack, pup?”

I was humiliated about not even being able to carry my own gear, but he didn’t look like he cared. I handed him my pack and he threw it over his shoulder like it was nothing and we kept walking.

“Don’t worry, boy, it’s your first venture into the woods. Bit more time out here with me and soon you’ll be a full-fledged mountain boy!”

I smirked at him demoting me to ‘boy’ and he gave me another confident grin, then placed his hand on my lower back. It felt just like when Adam did it and I found comfort in his guidance. I leaned into Craig’s body.

“Here we are, boy, Casa de Craig.”

He was being facetious, of course, and it was just another humble plot of flat land between the trees. I changed into shorts and a shirt and hid my panties back in my bag. He put on a pair of long johns and a flannel. His black beard and hair complemented the red flannel beautifully and he looked like a regular lumberjack.

“I already got me some wood here. Why don’t you make a little fire while I go chop us some more?”

The gentle command left me no room to interject, not that I wanted to. He was much more skilled in the wilderness than I was and it made sense to follow his lead; it felt natural. There was lighter fluid so my task was relatively easy. By the time he came back carrying new logs I had a nice fire going. Craig put the wood down and dropped an arm over my shoulder.

“She’s a beaut, boy. Nice work.”

Together we watched the fire flicker under the waning sun. The sky had lit up pink, purple, and orange and the show was dazzling. I was glad I got to watch it with someone else.

“You said you got some spices, right, boy? Why don’t you get those out and start workin’ on a little dinner for the two of us. I got me some food you can use as well. Would be mighty fine to end this day with a hearty feast. I’m gonna go set up the tent now, boy, I’ll leave you to supper.”

I looked up and nodded at him and he smiled down, surely content that I didn’t make a fuss about my new chore. I really didn’t mind cooking, though, and thought it made sense since he was setting up the tent and got us wood. We were both doing our part and I liked feeling useful. I gathered the cooking supplies with a smile and set out to make the best damn campsite meal Craig had ever eaten!

The tent didn’t take long and Craig placed a log chair by the fire. He had a cigar in his mouth and looked like a total man.

“Boy, bring me a beer, would you?”

I stopped cutting for a second and went to his pack to get him one. I handed it to him and he smiled.

“Thank you, sweetheart. Light me up, too, huh, boy?”

He handed me his Zippo and leaned his head over to my hand. I flipped it up and gave him a flame. He held my hand as he circled the cigar around it to light the tip. When it was sufficiently scorched he let out a couple puffs then leaned back.

“Aaaahhh, thank you. Just what I needed. A beer, a smoke, a warm meal on the way, the beautiful outdoors, and some darling company.”

I blushed as I knelt back down by the cutting board. I tossed all the ingredients in a pot and let them simmer into a stew. I ladled some into two bowls and brought them over to where Craig was relaxing by the fire.

“Why thank you, darling. This looks delicious.”

He’d set up a blanket by his feet since that was the only place for me to sit. We ate and I leaned back onto his legs. He didn’t seem to mind. When Craig finished his first bowl he handed it back to me.

“We got enough for a little more, right? That’s gotta be the best damn stew on this side of the Mississippi! I oughta keep you around if it means eating like this every night!”

He patted my back and I got up to refill his bowl. By the time he was done with his second I still hadn’t finished my first.

“Now you make sure you get two in you, boy. We got some walking to do tomorrow and I want you feelin’ good!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” I replied with a mock salute. He loved it.

By the end of the meal I’d had two bowls and Craig ate four. He had me fetch him a couple more beers and even let me have a few.

“I don’t want you gettin’ too drunk, boy. A little guy like you can only handle so much.”

He was holding my hand when he said it and looked sincere. I was happy he wasn’t trying to get me wasted and take advantage of me. He seemed like a really good guy. I nuzzled my face bashfully into his hand in reply. Maybe the drink was getting to me.

“Thank you for dinner, boy. I feel stronger than I have in weeks. You really warm me up, cutie. Now hows about you clean up around here then we can sit by the fire.”

“Yes, sir,” I hiccuped and grinned.

I did a little rinsing with some water he brought from the river then walked over to Craig.

“You look cold, boy, wear my jacket.”

He got up and took off his flannel. He put it on then hugged me when it was fitted to make sure I was warm. It was so huge and smelled just like him. Like a man of the land. He brought me back down to my butt then sat my back up against his legs. He leaned his body over mine and wrapped his arms around my chest. His chin was resting on my head.

“It’s nice out here, ain’t it, boy? Out here in the wilderness. Where a man’s free to do what makes him happy. Where no one’ll judge him for just being himself. Where no one’ll tell him he’s a sinner, or the devil, or scum, just for trying to live, not hurtin’ nobody.”

I was pretty sure I knew what he was getting at but I didn’t know how to reply. I had very little experience with blatant homophobia and couldn’t relate to whatever he had probably lived through. I thought it best to just nod and let him talk.

“You know, cutie, back in Nam I had me a boy just like you. A little sweetheart just like you. A slim, scared little guy who just needed a friend. He just needed a bigger guy to watch out for him, to protect him. Yup, I had me a boy just like you…”

He was getting misty so I held his hand and kissed it. He wiped a tear and smiled nostalgically, then lifted me off my butt and placed me on my knees facing him. I looked up and he held my chin in one hand and stroked the back of my head with the other.

“You know I’m sweet on you, right, boy? I’m real sweet on you. I think you’re just about the sweetest guy I’ve ever seen. You’re real cute and when you’re next to me I just wanna keep you close and hold you. You remind me so much of my boy back in the jungle. Your hairless little body, your precious blue eyes, your shy smile when I tell you to do somethin’ for me. You’re just a a beautiful boy who needs protection, and I’m a man who needs to protect.”

He was circling his thumb around my lips throughout the speech and had now started dipping the tip of it into my mouth. I kept still and let him run his thumb over my tongue, slowly pushing it till it was all the way in, then drawing it back and repeating. I closed my lips around his digit in an attempt to mimic the boys in my favorite magazine and let him enjoy my warmth.

“So sweet… so sweet…”

He continued fingering my mouth while looking at me intently. I had my hands up on his knees and scooted in closer. He opened his legs and let me kneel before him completely.

“Boy, would I be right to say I think you might fancy me as well?”

I blushed crimson and nodded my head. A tear slowly dripped down my face as I consciously admitted to a man that I liked him. I had explicitly committed the sin of homosexuality. You’d think his finger in my mouth would’ve already made me come to that conclusion, but my confession was far more visceral.

“It’s ok, baby.” Craig wiped my tear. “Ain’t nothing to feel bad about, boy, you remember that. It ain’t your fault you were born like this, no matter what any motherfucker tells you. You’re a real special guy and I don’t want you wanna see you down. Okay, baby boy?”

I sniffled again then grinned with a bit of difficulty because Craig still had his thumb in my mouth.

“You wanna show me how sweet you are for me, boy? You wanna show me how much you like me?”

I nodded again and he tenderly brushed my cheek.

“When a boy’s with the man who protects him there’s a few ways he shows his respect and appreciation. Now if you’re sweet on me like I am on you, I’d love to show you how to treat me right. Would you like that, baby? Want me to show you how to be a good boy for me?”

I kept nodding yes and he took his thumb out of my mouth then leaned back and started opening the big hole of his long johns.

“Come ‘ere, baby, come give Daddy what he needs.”

My whole body shook when he said “Daddy” and I thought my dick might burst right there. Here I was, on my knees in front of a giant bearded man, a real Daddy, just like the boys in the magazine. I didn’t have on my panties but that was okay. This was enough, I was happy.

He gently pulled my head into the large hole of his pants and I entered the material. Inside was warm and cozy, insulated by the natural heat of his body. I looked around at his legs and could see nothing but black hair. His thighs were enormous compared to my dainty ones and they looked like they could hump for hours. I turned my head forward to claim my prize and found it jutting upwards toward the body portion of his onesie. It stuck up well passed his belly button, whereas mine could barely reach the bottom. It looked incredibly daunting, yet I wasn’t afraid at all. I was horny as hell!

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    Boi finally gets what he has wanted for a long time. Someone who he can please and wear his cute panties for.

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