Peeking Into Barn Through Slats

A story about Jeff Cable, who was a young man growing up on a farm outside of Malone, New York back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and how his curious nature educated him in many ways.


It was just a blurb in the local paper hidden on the bottom of the obituaries page, and since the man who had passed away in Florida had retired many years ago with his wife after selling his little farm, it was doubtful that all that many people knew him.

I did though. I knew Earl Barker very well and even though it had been over two decades since I had seen him and several Christmases had passed after my cards got returned stamped “not at this address”, I still got choked up when I read of his death.

Earl Barker, Easy Earl to those who knew him, was a rarity in our parts. He was a black man for one thing and owned his own farm, and although it was only a tiny patch of land compared to our family farm he worked it hard and provided for himself and his wife.

Since Earl’s land area was limited, he needed to supplement the income he got from his crops so at some point when I was too young to know about the real world he started to work for my father. Several hours a day when his own work at home was done he would come up and work with my Dad, and after I was done with school we would all work together.

Black folks weren’t all that popular in some of those parts but Earl and his wife seemed to be accepted, although I heard there were some in town that didn’t think much of my father getting chummy with one of “them”.

As for me, I liked Earl just fine even though he was in his late 30’s when I was 19 and we didn’t have much in common at first, but he had a cassette player – a newfangled contraption at the time – and I got an education in Motown music as well as learning to take people as they were instead of what they looked like.

Earl was very friendly with my entire family. Mom liked him as much as my father did, and my older sister Becka also was quite chummy. Exactly how chummy was something I learned one day when my parents had driven into town with the pick-up loaded with some early corn.

I had been working with Earl way back in the field and this one afternoon Earl said he was taking a break for lunch and would be back after he checked on things at home. It was a muggy day and after working alone for a while I started to get thirsty. Having finished the water jug I decided to go up to the house and fill the jug and take a break myself.

When I passed the barn I heard a noise, and since we had no animals since our horse died the year before I went over to check to see what was up. It wasn’t like we had much to steal but when there’s a noise where there shouldn’t be one a nosy guy like me had to investigate.

There was this part of the back wall where a couple of boards had warped to create an easy viewing spot, one that I had used when Becka used to bring this guy Steve Ford to make out. Steve in time became my big sister’s fiancee so they didn’t have to neck in the barn by then.

As I got closer the noises got louder. The noises were grunts and gasps, and the first thing I saw was my sister’s work uniform on a bale of hay, the drab beige thing they made her wear behind the lunch counter of the Woolworth’s in a heap along with her panties and a padded bra she barely needed.

I didn’t see her face, just the dirty bottoms of her feet that were kicking in the air, and I didn’t see the face of the guy who was standing up and fucking her like a wild man but I knew who it was and it sure wasn’t Steve

It was Earl, with shirt off and his jeans and boxers crumpled around his ankles, thrusting to and fro and grunting with each slam of his body into Becka’s. His dark black skin was shiny, his lean yet muscular body glistening with sweat, and I could see so well I could tell his ass had dimples.

I backtracked and hurried back to my work while trying to figure out what I had just seen. Becka was 20 at the time so she was no kid and could do what she wanted although she was going to get married, and Earl himself was married too.

As that image of Earl humping my sister kept going through my mind the disgust I had briefly felt evaporated, so much so that I knew I couldn’t go on working so I went further back in the field so I was sheltered by a tree and out of sight.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I jerked off, which was my main form of entertainment since neighbors were scattered and girls were scarce. That was my excuse for not dating much when the subject came up, and while it was true to an extent, the real reason was that I wasn’t sure about who the hell I was.

You see, when I jacked off thinking about Earl screwing my sister, I was thinking about him. I wished that I could have gotten a better look because by then I had already gotten a little obsessed with Earl’s cock and was dying to wonder what it looked like hard.

I had seen it countless times already because there aren’t any bathrooms out in the middle of a corn field, so you just went off to the side, whipped it out and let her rip. Unlike my modest self Earl made no effort to hide himself and I remember after seeing his cock for the first time I couldn’t wait to tell my best friend.

Adam was a guy I got jerked off by and returned the favor before we then got a little more familiar with each other as time went on until he enlisted in the Air Force, so when I told him about seeing Earl’s cock and described the anaconda-like organ he acted like it was no big deal.

He told me all black guys had huge cocks, but I knew differently because I had been in gym class with Ulysses Ashburn and except for the pigmentation his dick didn’t look much different than mine, and trust me that’s not big.

Anyway I didn’t argue but always made a point to casually glance Earl’s way whenever he pissed just to make sure my eyes hadn’t been playing tricks on me.

“Poor Becka,” I muttered before I came, the thought of my skinny sister getting impaled by what had to be over a foot and a half of Earl’s big black cock both frightening and exciting me.

The foot and a half was only my guess since my own three limp inches grew to six when hard, and my buddy Adam’s had also doubled in length. Therefore, after computing under my guesstimate that Earl’s long black snake was an easy 8 or 9 inches limp, his would double as well.

It was my fantasy so I was allowed to take liberties, and while I had seen countless flaccid dicks in gym and at urinals the only stiff dick I had ever seen besides my own was Adam’s, so I had little else to go on.

I never said anything to anybody about what I saw although I guess I must have looked at Becka differently that night at the dinner table because she finally asked my what my problem was.

“Nothing,” I said, not wanting to tell her I was trying to figure out how she was still able to walk after that episode in the barn.

I did sort of catch her another time when I happened to be coming out of the house one time – Mom and Dad having gone into town once again – and Becka was sneaking out of the barn while looking back out to the field where she thought I was.

Becka almost fainted when she turned to see me there waving at her fifteen feet across the yard while she was straightening her Woolworth’s uniform, and then she talked really loud while asking me a question she already knew the answer to, this being a warning I assumed to Earl telling him not to come out yet.

“You seen Earl?” I asked with a straight face as my bad actress sister plead ignorance and thought it silly that I thought she would know.

That was a few days before Becka’s wedding, and I never saw anything fishy after that between the two of them, although since she was soon out of the house with her husband in their place she would have no reason to meet Earl in the barn anymore.

I had no right to take the moral high ground regarding anybody’s behavior because most of my time was spent jerking off while many times thinking about Earl’s cock. Hell, I was jealous, although all I wanted to do was play with his dick or maybe try to suck it. The other stuff? I was ignorant of it and while I knew guys did that I thought it would be anatomically impossible in Earl’s case.

After my sister got married and moved out life soon went back to normal, until that fateful night in October. It was an unseasonably warm night and I couldn’t sleep so I took a stroll outside in my underwear.

My original plan was to take a leak and maybe jerk off, since doing it outside mean I didn’t have to clean up afterwards, but I noticed that

there was a light on in the barn. Why a lantern would be burning at 11 at night when everybody was sleeping was confusing, but maybe the old man was tinkering around like he did a lot in the barn after harvest time. Maybe he couldn’t sleep either.

I strolled over, although in my underwear I wasn’t going to go into the barn to see what the old man was up to, and wandered into the back area where my peeking area was. Even before I got there I heard two voices.

Maybe it wasn’t Dad. Maybe it was Becka sneaking back here to relive old times with Earl. I wasn’t adverse to watching that and it would make masturbating even better with a show to watch.

What I saw was not what I expected, and if I had to list a dozen possibilities on who would be back there I suppose seeing Earl and my father back there would have to be on the list simply because there were so few other possibilities, but I would have never come up with what I saw.

Easy Earl was with my father, standing in the middle of the barn in the dim light of the kerosene lantern, and they were passing a bottle of some whiskey back and forth between each other, taking swigs and talking.

Nothing wrong with that, although Earl never struck me as the drinking type any more than my father was. They were both adults and could do what they wanted, so while it wasn’t what I expected that wasn’t what was unusual about this meeting in the barn.

Earl was naked except for his boxer shorts and white socks with the rest of his clothes completely off, and as for my Dad? He didn’t even have socks on. He was naked as the day he was born with his pajama bottoms thrown on a table in the corner.

Clearly this was insane but I couldn’t turn away. I had never seen my father naked before and I was struck by how similar we looked. At a little more than thirty years younger than Dad, I was a little more muscular and had a full head of hair, but except for Dad having some hair on his chest we looked much the same.

The most obvious resemblance was below the waist, and when I looked at Dad’s privates I suddenly realized that while Mom had often claimed I was just like my father in terms of having a sarcastic sense of humor, I saw that I had inherited something else from dear old Dad.

His cock. Like me it seemed that my father was not very well endowed and as I watched Dad’s skinny prong becoming erect and practically pointing at Earl it appeared that Dad didn’t even have my almost 6″, although he certainly wasn’t ashamed of himself because he was making no effort to hide his dick.

Why was he naked though? Drinking in a barn with his worker/friend, and why was Earl almost naked? What did this mean? Surely I did have an idea what it meant or what it had to mean. Marion Goodman was in the barn or on her way.

Marion Goodman was one of the school lunch ladies and it was rumored that the spinster was the town slut who not only screwed all the guys in town but wasn’t adverse to sampling students either. While I had heard the stories I had never seen any indications they were true and guessed maybe guys started the rumors because she was a little skimpy dishing out the little meatballs on spaghetti day. In any event Marion Goodman was not there and as it turned out, would not coming later either.

There was nobody in the barn except Dad and Earl, and after Earl handed my father the bottle back and started to pull his boxers down, it hit me that I was about to get my wish. After sneaking peeks at Earl’s cock hanging out of his fly, I was about to see him in all his glory like I had dreamed. The part of what was happening that hadn’t been in my dream was my naked father being in the place I fantasized about.

Despite all this drama going on, it didn’t stop me from watching Earl kick his boxers off, and as his cock swung around with his movements I realized that he wasn’t as big as I had envisioned. If anything he was bigger, and as my eyes followed the flaccid hose as if it was a metronome. Earl’s cock was ugly and beautiful at the same time, resembling a snake that had a mouse or something in its mouth with the knob of the organ clearly visible under the long foreskin.

Dad moved forward and then they embraced with my father reaching up to put his arms around Earl’s upper back, while Earl’s hand reached down and grabbed my father’s ass and squeezed his buttocks while their cocks ground together. Even hard, Dad’s dick paled next to Earl’s limp cock in every way including pigmentation but the way my father was grinding and practically climbing on Earl made it clear that was no problem to either of them.

Physically I thought that there wasn’t all that much difference between my father and Earl, but while Earl was only a couple inches taller and a few pounds heavier, in his arms Dad looked like a boy. Earl was younger and more muscular in the upper body especially, and that was even more obvious when Earl raised her arms as my father leaned down to suck on Earl’s nipples.

“Ahhh!” Earl groaned as may father enthusiastically sucked on Earl’s plump purplish nipples, first the right and then the left while Dad’s thumbs stroked the curly black hairs that filled Earl’s exposed armpits.

My father even leaned over to kiss his underarms as Earl’s coal black hands went onto his shoulders, my skinny little father going down to his knees willingly and reaching for the sleek ebony hose that was being waved in his face by Earl.

“How you want it tonight Mr. Cable?” Earl cackled as my Dad used both hands to corral the slippery looking dick before bringing it to his lips.

“You know how I like it Earl,” Dad muttered just before he brought the end of Earl’s uncut organ into his mouth, and Earl groaned as my father took in over half of the gigantic tool before letting his lips glide back to the tip.

“Hard and fast, just the way I like it too,” Earl declared as he rubbed Dad’s nearly bald skull while he leaned forward again and this time his lips went down even farther, my father’s nose inches away from the tight black curls above his pale stump-holding fist.

“Gonna make you squeal tonight Mr. Cable,” Earl promised. “Make me good and stiff so I can rip your little ass up. Damn, you suck cock better than my old lady. That’s it. Pump that big black dick hard.”

I was leaning against the wall only partly because my knees were unsteady, and it was then that I entertained the idea that I might not really be awake. Maybe I was dreaming, although if I was I would have been the one in there instead of my father. My father sucking cock? Not only sucking cock but sucking it like he had done it all his life.

My Dad loved Mom and I never thought that he would be in the barn with anybody but especially not with another man, and then there was that other man. Easy Earl.

The idea that Earl Barker – a man I had known all my life was “that way” was almost as incomprehensible. “That way” was a funny term to use since I was becoming more and more sure that I was “that way” myself.

Dad pulled back the foreskin and sucked the knob of Earl’s cock hard before bobbing up and down on it. Now it seemed Earl was getting hard because it was easier for my father to handle. His employer’s left hand was gripping the thick shaft and jerking it while my father sucked all he could, and it was then I looked down at Dad’s right hand.

Dad was jerking himself off, using the same thumb and index finger method I used while making slobbering noises that I could hear from my vantage point, his head being cradled my Earl’s ebony hands as he guided his skull forward and backward.

Part of me wanted to turn and run and maybe try and forget I had ever seen this but I knew I couldn’t because I was hypnotized by what I was watching, and the proof of that was my underwear down around my knees as I pressed my face into the wood to see better.

It was embarrassing in a way to see my father on his knees like that, so submissive when Earl was so dominant, but they were clearly having fun and playing roles that they likely had done many times before, judging by what I was watching.

Earl’s cock was now fully erect and I could see that my guesstimate of him having a foot and a half boner was thankfully way off. In fact, Earl’s dick didn’t seem that much bigger hard than it had been soft if at all, although there’s no shame in that when you’re starting out with what had to be 8 or 9″ limp.

Earl was chuckling as my father took his fist off of one cock – Earl’s – although Dad’s hand kept working on his own down below, and put that hand around onto Earl’s ass.

“Oh yeah Mr. Cable,” Earl moaned as my father kept the tip of his cock in his mouth and then slowly moved his lips down the ebony monster, looking up at Earl as his mouth kept going and going and going. “Damn! You hungry for that dick tonight.”

Dad said nothing of course, but after his lips slid back down to the puckered tip of Earl’s foreskin I could see that my father’s saliva was coating more than half of that massive manhood. I had only experience one guy’s dick in my mouth so I marveled at how Dad was like a sword-swallower, and then he proceeded to go down a little further as he kept sucking with this hands off method until Earl pulled him off and he helped Dad to his feet.

“Getting low,” Earl said after they broke apart and went over to reach up onto a dusty shelf while Dad went over to a couple of bales of hay and leaned over.

Earl had this huge jar of Vaseline in his hand as he walked over to where my father was, and the sight of that ridiculously long organ swaying in front of him as he walked was sexy and funny at the same time.

It was then that I realized that something very different was going to happen and I admit to being scared. Earl was lathering this jelly on his cock while Dad bent over the hay and spreading his legs, and I couldn’t see as well because they had changed positions – with Dad and Earl facing me instead of me watching from the side. It was like a horror movie that you couldn’t watch or turn away from.

What I could see was Earl disappearing behind my father with his hand shining from the lubricant he had waxed his organ with, and as Earl reached down Dad let out a moan while rolling his head around. I wanted to see what was going on because this was something new to me but my view was restricted, but when Earl’s arm moved around and my father’s face raised up to the ceiling and let out a cry, I could guess that Earl’s finger had company.

“Oh yeah Mr. Cable,” Earl chuckled as his arm looked like it was churning butter. “One of these days I’m going to get my whole hand in there. What you think of that?”

My father groaned something inaudible as his beet-red face went from side to side, with the veins in his head and neck bulging. He looked like he needed help as he clutched the hay he was leaning on, but the look was not agony but ecstasy.

“Tell me what you want boss,” Earl was asking as he raised my father to an upright position briefly, with my father wiggling back into his fingers that seemed to be still inside of him.

“Please,” Dad whimpered as Earl’s free hand reached around and grabbed my father’s dick while the stray blade of hay fell off of his pubic hair. “Can’t…”

As Earl’s thumb and index finger grabbed the reddened prong and pulled on it hard he warned my father not to cum, and after a couple more of what could only be called savage yanks Earl pushed my father back down over the hay.

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