Personal Trainer Cums To My Home

He grabbed Aaron’s head by the hair, forced his cock into Aaron’s mouth, and came in the younger man’s gagging throat.


“So, you didn’t have any trouble finding it.” Aaron opened the front door to his house, figuring it was Chuck who was there. There was a porch light, but he didn’t turn it on even though darkness had fallen. He did, though, poke his head out of the door to look up and down the street before standing aside and letting Chuck walk in past him. As he turned and watched, Chuck walked all the way back to the kitchen and then back, pausing at where stairs went up and down in the split-level house. Seeing that the other two levels were dark, he walked back to the foyer and stood at the door into the dimly lit living room. He gave Aaron an expectant look.

Chuck was in gym shorts, a muscle T, and gym shoes, without socks. He cut an imposing, not-to-be-ignored figure despite pushing forty—blond, built to body-builder specifications, tall, and walking cocky. His hair was in a Marine buzz cut either because there was a receding bald spot on top he didn’t want to draw attention to or because he’d been a Marine, which was entirely possible, given his physique and the confident way he carried himself. That hair otherwise wasn’t his problem, though, as was shown by the perpetual five-o’clock shadow he sported on his face and the curly blond hair that peeked up from the neckline V of the T-shirt and covered his forearms and calves. He had a barbed-wire crown tattoo around his left, bulging bicep, and there was evidence of a more colorful tattoo coming up from his right pectoral muscle and pulling over his right shoulder and down his right arm to his wrist.

In contrast to the square-jawed muscleman appearance of Chuck, Aaron, dark, trim, a good six inches shorter, fifteen years younger, and office professional looking and with more refined, delicate features than Chuck, looked like he was from another world altogether.

“So, where’s this ship carving collection you say you have?”

“Downstairs. You want a beer, though, before we go down?” Aaron shut the front door but remained there, leaning back into as if he was reconsidering having let Chuck in.

Chuck smiled a little smile at the reference to go down, but he answered, “Sure, why not?” He took a good look at Aaron’s tight little buns as he walked past him and to the kitchen at the back of the house.

Aaron returned with the beers. He did a little double-take as Chuck had slipped his athletic T off and dropped it on a chair in the foyer next to the front door. His torso was, of course, magnificent. With a shaky hand, Aaron handed one of the beers Chuck and said, “Let’s sit in the living room.” He gestured to a sofa and, after Chuck sat at one end, Aaron sat down at the other.

The two had just come from an after-work workout at the gym they both went to. At least it was after Aaron’s office-job work. He’d never asked if or where Chuck worked. Chuck always seemed to be at Phil’s Gym, and his body looked like he spent all of his time there. The last couple of weeks Chuck had been helping Aaron with his workouts and had been his spotter on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Chuck had remarked that Aaron was bulking up well with his help, and Aaron could feel the improvement himself, although he didn’t seek to be muscle bound and probably never would be. Still, Aaron liked what he saw in the mirror of himself and so, he thought, with good reason, did Chuck.

“So, you said you were married,” Chuck said after he’d taken a swig of his beer.

“Yes. My wife, Rachel. And we have two kids.”

“Where are they?”

“My wife and kids?”

“Yeah, your wife and kids. We seem to be alone. Where are you wife and kids? Not hiding in the dark upstairs, I hope.”

“They’re in New York. The Bronx. Visiting her parents.”


“Whenever the kids are out of school for an extended time, Rachel takes them up there. Her parents run a jewelry store, but they dote on the kids. They rarely are able to get away to come down here to visit us.”

“Ah, I see.”

“You see what?” Aaron didn’t mean it to sound defensive, but when he looked up and into Chuck’s face, the smirk he saw made him feel defensive. Chuck no longer was at the other end of the sofa. He’d narrowed the distance between them. His right arm was resting on the top of the sofa and, for the first time, Aaron realized that Chuck was touching his shoulder with the fingers of his hand and rubbing little circles on top of Aaron’s thin T-shirt material there. Aaron was aroused by the riot of colors in the tattoo covering Chuck’s right chest and arm.

“How long has your wife not been enough for you, Aaron?” The voice was low, calm. Chuck’s eyes were boring into Aaron’s face. Aaron blushed.

“I . . . I don’t know what you mean,” Aaron said, his voice sounding mousey even to himself.

“I think you do, Aaron. Phil told me you had asked about me. You didn’t really think he wouldn’t tell me you had, did you? Phil’s my partner at the gym. He tells me everything.”

Ah, so that’s what he does and why he’s at the gym all the time, Aaron thought. He’s one of the owners. But then he realized he was avoiding the issue. Why the fuck did it matter where Chuck worked? That’s not what he was baldly suggesting here. “I don’t really see where my marriage—”

“Give it up, Aaron. Why the fuck did you ask me here? Why are we alone here? I know. I’ve known for a few weeks. You’ve let me touch you—Intimately—when we work out. And you go hard when I do. Are you living in some sort of fantasy world of convenient denial? You haven’t said anything. But that speaks for itself right there. I’m here, in your house, while your family is away. You asked me to come here on some flimsy excuse. Don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean or that you don’t know why you asked me to come here.”

The hand that had been at Aaron’s shoulder suddenly was under Aaron’s right thigh, twisting Aaron’s body around to where his back was against the arm of the shoulder and, now, his right leg was raised and bent, and trapped against the back cushion of the sofa by Chuck’s left torso. Aaron’s left leg was dangling off the sofa, his foot on the floor in front of the sofa. His legs were spread. His crotch was exposed, vulnerable. Chuck’s right hand then went to the back of Aaron’s neck, pulling the younger man’s head forward. Chuck cupped Aaron’s chin in his left hand. His face dipped down to Aaron’s and he took Aaron’s mouth into a possessive kiss.

Aaron struggled against the kiss—at first—using his left arm to try to push Chuck’s chest away. His right arm was trapped between his body and the back cushion of the sofa. Chuck was too strong for him and held the kiss, becoming more brutal with it, getting his tongue in Aaron’s mouth and swabbing Aaron’s inner cheeks until he felt Aaron’s body go limp and Aaron’s left hand stop trying to push him away. His fingers had pushed into the matting of curly blond hair on Chuck’s exposed chest, and he was tugging on the hair. As he surrendered more in the kiss, his hand grabbed Chuck’s right bicep and pulled Chuck into him rather than trying to push him away. His mouth relaxed, went soft, returned Chuck’s kiss with passion.

When he felt he’d established some control, Chuck pulled out of the kiss, but he continued to dominate Aaron’s body. Still gripping the hair at the back of Aaron’s head, he held their faces close. Aaron tried to look away, but Chuck cruelly jerked his head back, staring him down, until Aaron’s eyes couldn’t hold contact anymore and, with a sigh, he dipped them in surrender.

“I didn’t mean for this . . .” Aaron whimper. “I think you need to leave.”

“You did mean for this. Just maybe not this fast,” Chuck said. “You don’t want your wife just now, do you? You want me.”

Aaron started to demur, but Chuck took him into a kiss again, which progressively was more actively returned by Aaron. Chuck’s right hand released Aaron’s chin and went to the young man’s crotch. Aaron jerked when Chuck grasped his balls and the root of his cock through the material of his gym shorts and squeezed them rhythmically, causing Aaron’s cock to engorge even more than it already had and Aaron to moan deeply, but Chuck didn’t release him from the kiss. When Chuck stopped squeezing his jewels, the tension once again went out of Aaron’s body and his side of the kiss became more passionate. Chuck pulled the waistband of Aaron’s gym shorts, and his jock pouch as well, to below his balls, grasped Aaron’s cock, and slow stroked it. He’d pulled the foreskin down off Aaron’s uncut cock and was bringing precum up by rubbing the young man’s piss slit. Aaron was moaning within the confines of the kiss.

“You’re hard for me,” Chuck murmured when they came out of the kiss.

“Yes,” Aaron admitted. “You’re driving me crazy down there. We should stop, or—”

“I’m hard for you too. We’re not going to stop.”

As if needing confirmation of Chuck’s hard on, Aaron’s left hand went to Chuck’s crotch and then, finding that Chuck hadn’t lied, Aaron’s hand went in through one of the leg holes of the older man’s gym shorts and, after digging fingers into the curly pubic hair and tugging on it to feel Chuck flinch and suck in air, established a handhold on the hardening cock. “God, it’s huge,” he whispered.

“And you want it,” Chuck responded, his voice low and hoarse from lust. “Shit, I’ve got to get inside you.”

Aaron whimpered but said nothing.

The middle finger of Chuck’s right hand went to Aaron’s asshole, and he penetrated it in an exploratory slide that took the pad of his finger to Aaron’s prostate. Aaron flinched and gasped. Chuck gave a low laugh, as, although Aaron continued to groan, the passage opened for the finger. “Men have fucked you before, haven’t they?”

“Not for a long time. Not since college. I wanted . . . I wanted life to be simple.”

I don’t think it’s been that long, Chuck thought, but we all have our secrets. You can have yours as long as you let me in. “It’s not. Life’s not simple,” he said. “Urges can’t be denied. I’m going to fuck you. You want me to fuck you.”

Aaron didn’t answer beyond the low panting he was doing. He didn’t have to. He had let his body relax. His right arm was dangling down off the front edge of the sofa now. He was open to Chuck. He was giving both his crotch and his ass up to the man, and Chuck was working them masterfully. He even jutted his pelvis up more to further accommodate the finger buried up his ass. Chuck laughed, but he extracted his finger and pulled Aaron’s T-shirt over his head and his gym shorts and jock down off his legs with that hand. Aaron didn’t help him, but he didn’t resist him. Chuck’s hand glided down Aaron’s body, slowly, and down into his bush, grasping his cock again.

“Am I bigger than any you’ve had before?” he asked.

“Yes,” Aaron answered. “I don’t know if I can—”

“Oh, you can and will.” Chuck liked Aaron’s answer, though. He didn’t even care if it was true or not. He moved his right hand back to Aaron’s ass. Aaron rolled his pelvis up to him again, and two fingers went up his ass. Once again he flinched and moaned, but the passage opened wider.

“You have a fine body, a fuckable body,” Chuck whispered.

“Not as fine as yours,” Aaron answered. His free hand went to Chuck’s chest, caressing the massive bulging of the man’s pectorals, digging his fingers into the curly chest hair and tugging at it to hear Chuck, growl. Chuck growled.

“Tell me you want it,” Chuck said. Then, “I’m gonna fuck you so bad,” as he growled again at Aaron’s play in his chest hair.

“I want it,” Aaron answered. It came out almost in a sob, though.

Chuck repositioned his body, moving down Aaron’s torso with his mouth and tongue. He ever so briefly took Aaron’s cock in his mouth, and then his balls, but then he grasped the backs of Aaron’s thighs and pushed them up and onto Aaron’s chest. Aaron moaned, as Chuck’s mouth went to his asshole, and a good five minutes were devoted to eating Aaron’s ass out and opening the passage even further.

Then Chuck was moving up Aaron’s body again, grasping his right leg and hooking that on Chuck’s shoulder, until he was hovering over Aaron and frotting their cocks together.

“Are you ready for it?” he growled.

“Upstairs. Protection.” Aaron made like he was going to roll out from underneath Chuck’s body, but the heavier man didn’t let him.

“I’ve got rubbers right here, in my gym bag,” Chuck said, leaning over and unzipping his bag without losing position on top of Aaron’s body. “If you really want it, though, you’ll have to crown me.” He split the packet and handed the disk to Aaron. Using both hands, Aaron reached down and expertly rolled the Magnum Trojan on Chuck’s erection just from the feel of what he was doing.

Not fucked for some time, my eye, Chuck thought. He gave another low laugh. But he was nearly home. He wouldn’t belabor that point.

Chuck spent several seconds teasing Aaron, slapping his sheathed cock on Aaron’s belly and pressing it down into the crack of Aaron’s rolled-up pelvis but only brushing Aaron’s rim in passing.

“Now,” Aaron sobbed, clutching at Chuck’s meaty buttocks.

“Now,” Chuck agreed, as Aaron cried out, arched his back, and dug his fingernails into Chuck’s ass. Chuck had shucked his gym shorts and jock and was as naked now as Aaron was. Chuck initially gave him no more than an inch beyond his cut bulb, though. He held there as Aaron panted and moaned, waiting for Aaron to take him. The younger man was blossoming open to him. Aaron’s passage walls were gripping Chuck’s cock, rippling over it, and pulling him inside. The passage opened right up and Chuck went with the long, deep slide, as Aaron babbled “Yes, yes, All of it. Oh, god, oh shit.”

Chuck was meeting that with, “Relax, open even more to me baby. Take me. Yes, like that. Oh, baby! We are going downtown.”

Aaron took him all. Chuck pulled back and then slid in again. Pulled back, slid in—repeatedly, picking up speed and thrust. Aaron started to go with him, sighing and moaning and whimpering, “Deep, deep. Take me deep.”

Chuck complied. Soon there was no talking, just the mutually fed rhythm of the fuck, as Chuck moved his hips fast, dug deeper. Faster and faster. Aaron was clutching the man’s shoulder blades now, moving his pelvis to take the cock hard and deep. As he approached his own ejaculation, Aaron was crying out, “Yes, yes! You’re the best! You’re huge. Fuck me hard!” His hand went to his cock and he stroked himself to the rhythm of the fuck, coming in three bursts of cum up into the curly hair on Chuck’s flat belly. Then he went limp, his arms dropping away, his head flopping over the side, purring and humming as Chuck fucked on for another ten minutes of vigorous thrusting.

The older man tensed up, pulled out of Aaron’s ass, and he scrambled up Aaron’s body on his knees, as he jerked the condom off his cock. “On the face, on the face,” he commanded, and Aaron turned his head forward to take the ejaculation on his cheek. Chuck betrayed him, though. He grabbed Aaron’s head by the hair, forced his cock into Aaron’s mouth, and came in the younger man’s gagging throat. Then, before Aaron could react, Chuck had dipped down, taken Aaron’s mouth in his and kissed him in a cum-sharing possessive kiss.

When he pulled away, Aaron, his eyes big as saucers, muttered a “God damn.”

“Haven’t been fucked in a while? Don’t god damn lie to me,” Chuck said. “You fuck men like a bunny in heat.”

“You liked it,” Aaron retorted. “You liked thinking you were seducing me.”

“Yeah, I liked it,” Chuck said, pulling off Aaron’s body, sitting back at the other end of the sofa, and taking another swig of his beer. “Shit, it’s warm. The goddamn beer isn’t cold anymore.”

“I’ll get you another one,” Aaron said, as he rolled off the sofa and padded, naked, into the kitchen.

“Do you even have a ship carving collection?” Chuck called out to the absent Aaron.

Aaron walked back into the room, carrying two beers. Giving one to Chuck, he said. “Yes, I do, but there isn’t time to see it now. You’ll have to see it next time.”

“Why not now? And you want there to be a next time? Next time would be rougher than this time was.”

“Yes, of course I want you again. I wasn’t lying. You have one of the biggest cocks I’ve had. And you know how to use it.”

“Do you really have a wife and children?”

“Yes. They’re gone for another week and a half. To the Bronx, as I said. And I’d like to keep them out of this, thank you very much.”

“Why do you want me to leave before seeing this supposed ship collection?”

“The Nelsons, next door. They have choir rehearsal on Thursday nights. They’ll be home in another half an hour or so. I don’t want them to see your Jeep in the driveway. How about Tuesday evening? They have some sort of supper group thing they go to on Tuesdays.”

“Can’t Tuesday,” Chuck said. “I’ll be fucking Chad, the black guy who comes to the gym, on Tuesday. A regular date. I’ll have to do you on Thursday again.”

“At least you’re honest about it,” Aaron said. “I get enough of the love crap from Rachel. At least neither one of us has to pretend this is anything but a biological urge, the need to get our rocks off.”

Oh, you love it, all of what goes with men fucking, not just the ejaculation. Don’t try to pretend otherwise, but I try to be honest, yes, unlike you, Chuck thought. But what he said was, “My Jeep’s not in your driveway. I parked it down the street. And I’m not done with you. Unless you think you’re strong enough to toss me out, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. You want to show me the bedrooms?”

“The guest bedroom,” Aaron said, a clutch in his voice. He gestured to the set of stairs that led up to an upper level. “I don’t want to do it in the master bedroom. You understand, I’m sure. In fact, I’m not sure it’s a good idea at all.”

“I don’t give a fuck whether or not you think it’s a good idea. You want me to dominate you.”

Aaron gave a shudder and a little smile as Chuck stood, picked the smaller man up, slung Aaron over his shoulder, and headed for the stairs to the bedrooms.

“I don’t have to be anywhere until noon tomorrow,” Chuck said as he mounted the stairs.

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    Chuck can come to Belfast any time. I can pick him up from either airport and he can cum with me to my home and fuck me to tomorrow.

  2. Justjackinit says:

    My fascination with “muscles”started when this sub was the water boi for my college wrestling team and have for the past 54 years still serving

  3. Robbie says:

    For the irst time in my life, and after suffering a knee injury, I’m about to go to a gym.
    I hope Chuck works there!

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