Picked Up By Older Man At The Bus Stop

Paul gasped as his cock jerked inside of the older man’s hot cavity, and despite not being hard the sensation of the lad’s hot seed filling his bowels made him cum as well.


“Say, would like a ride?” the middle aged man in the aging Ford Fairlane called out as he pulled up to the bus stop where the solitary young man stood waiting for a bus that the older gentleman knew wouldn’t be coming for quite a while.

“It’s the weekend and they only run every hour or so,” the man continued after the youth shook his head in response to the offer after a few seconds of contemplation. “Heck, it’s no problem for me. I’ve got nothing to do and a tank full of gas so I’d be happy to take you anywhere.”

“I live in Colonie,” the boy replied, referring to a suburb of the state capital which was quite a convoluted trek away from here by public transportation.

“All the more reason to take me up on the offer,” the balding man responded, looking around to make sure he wasn’t holding up traffic. “Last chance…”

The skinny kid in the bell-bottom jeans and hair that was relatively short and trimmed by the standards of 1974 also looked around and then peeked into the car as if to appraise the danger of getting into a car with someone he didn’t know.

“What’s the matter? Your Mom tell you not to take rides with strangers?” the man said with a smile.

“Well, yeah,” the kid replied.

“You don’t do everything she says do you? I mean, I’m sure she told you not to go into adult bookstores either, right?”

The man in the car, divorced father of two Herb Duncan, was enjoying seeing the kid’s face turn red at that comment but threw in, “Hey, just having fun with you. I was your age once myself you know, believe it or not.”

Herb had been 18 once, but that was almost 35 years ago and as he waited for the lad’s decision he thought back to those days. days when he was cute and desirable like the young fellow at the bus stop.

He had taken men up on the offers they made, and in retrospect he should have listened to his heart instead of doing what was expected. Men in the 1940’s where expected to get married and have kids, and although not all did, most had and so did Herb.

Now divorced and free to live the life he wanted, Herb was no longer playing the suburban husband grilling burgers by the pool. Instead he was trying to coax a young man into his car, a young man who looked a lot like he was back in the day. Alone, lonely, confused and needing a friend, and in Herb’s mind that friend was him.

“Okay,” the lad said, and as he stepped toward the car Herb noticed that the young man walked with a limp, something he hadn’t really noticed in the book store, and he got into the front seat awkwardly as well.

“Name’s Herb,” the older man said in offering his hand before getting the car in motion, and after the young fellow shyly stuck his sweaty hand out he told the man his name was Paul.

“Well Paul, I see you didn’t buy anything,” Herb commented while glancing over to the passenger side, and when Paul looked confused Herb added, “At the Cinema Art bookstore I mean.”

“Oh – uh – no,” Paul finally managed to get out.

“Me neither,” Herb replied. “You hurt your leg or something? Noticed you limping.”

“No – I mean – well – that’s the way I am,” Paul mumbled, and when Herb realized that the boy felt awkward and ashamed at being less than perfect he leaned over and gave Paul’s leg – the good one – a light squeeze.

“Hey, it’s all right,” Herb said softly. “None of us are perfect, and if it means anything to you, I think you look great and when I saw what section of the bookstore you were browsing through you got even more attractive. Do you know what I mean?”

“I – I think so,” Paul stuttered.

“You know there’s an adult bookstore in Schenectady,” Herb recalled. “Come to think of it there’s a couple I know of. How come you don’t go there. A lot easier to get there from where you live.”

“I did – I mean I know,” Paul stammered. “I – I can’t go to the one on Erie Boulevard any more.”

“That so?” Herb said. “You get caught stealing?”

“No,” Paul said. “I – uh – was in a booth and this man came in and – well the clerk came in and saw what the man was doing to me and, well I was lonely and it was stupid.”

“Who among us hasn’t been? So you weren’t just glancing at the gay magazines by mistake? You’ve been with another guy before?” Herb asked, his hand now kneading the skinny thigh through the jeans.

“Um… couple times,” Paul admitted as the car rolled along the city streets.

“Probably not with an old geezer like me though, I’ll bet,” Herb joked.

“No. I mean, you’re not that old,” Paul said as he looked over at the virtual stranger with the thinning hair and the pleasant smile. “Besides, I like older guys. The other times were with men like you – you know? Kids my age aren’t interested in a guy like me.”

“Their loss. You don’t mind me asking – exactly what is your age? I noticed that the clerk didn’t proof you, and they are usually strict. You are 18 aren’t you Paul?”

“No,” Paul said, causing Herb’s hand to fly off his leg before the lad continued. “I’m 19. The guy knows me by now I think. I usually just go back and watch a movie in a booth for a few minutes and leave, but today I kinda saw you looking at me and I was hoping – you know?”

“You meet a lot of guys that way?”

“No,” Paul said. “That time in the movie booth the guy – he was talking to me outside but I chickened out. He looked scarier in the light than he did in the dark.”

“Understandable,” Herb agreed. “I’m curious why you got into my car then.”

“I dunno why I did. Maybe it’s because you looked like somebody I could trust,” Paul said.

“You’re right there,” Herb said as his hand returned to the passenger’s leg. “Although I have to admit while I would never hurt a fly, the things that are going through my mind about you aren’t exactly pure. Does that bother you?”

“No,” Paul said, his body shuddering a bit at the words. “Not used to that though. People thinking about me that way I mean.”

“I have a place not too far away,” Herb said. “It isn’t much but – or would you rather we go to yours?”

“No. My Mom…” Paul said as his voice trailed off.

“Oh. You live with your folks?”

“Just my Mom,” Paul explained. “My father – he died when I was young.”


“It’s okay,” Paul said, and after a moment of silence continued. “Maybe that’s why I got in the car. You look a little like him, at least from what I can remember. Is that weird?”

“I don’t know. As long as the memories are good I’m flattered.”

“That’s all I’ve got,” Paul concluded. “Memories.”

“Here we are,” Herb announced as they got to the drab brick building Herb had moved into after the divorce. “Be it ever so humble.”

After they got out of the car and walked toward the building Herb noticed that Paul’s limp got more pronounced, making him wish that not only he had found a spot closer to the apartment but that the young man didn’t have to go up the short flight of stairs that led to the second floor apartment.

Paul managed it without complaint or comment, and although the young man was gritting his teeth by the end he made it. Safely inside, Herb apologized for the clutter although except for the Sunday newspaper on the table and the coffee cup in the sink the place was very neat.

“Would you like something to drink?” Herb asked as he looked in the refrigerator. “I’ve got Coke and beer.”

“Soda would be fine,” Paul said, and as they stood in the kitchen and sipped their drinks the silence was defining.

“Sorry I’m not very talkative. My Mom should see me now because she says sometimes I never shut up,” Paul said after answering a few questions with brief replies. “Nervous I guess.”

“You did fine just then,” Herb said. “I’m nervous too.”

“Not like I am.”

“Don’t be so sure. This is kinda new for me too.”

“Really?” Paul replied.

“Afraid so. Why don’t we go be nervous together?” Herb suggested, and with that he ushered Paul around the corner and into his bedroom.

“Didn’t make the bed,” Herb apologized. “Wasn’t expecting company.”

“It’s okay,” Paul said as the shorter man came up to him, the top of his balding head shiny, and as the man’s stubby fingers undid the buttons Herb noticed how rapidly the boy was breathing.

“I think I can feel your heart beating,” Herb said with a grin as he put his hand on the smooth scrawny chest of the lad, tweaking the nipple bud while watching Paul’s reaction. “Nice smooth skin, and you’re in such wonderful shape. Makes me feel even worse about letting myself go.”

“You look good to me too,” Paul said.

“Wait until my clothes come off,” Herb suggested as his continued to rub the boy’s chest. “I feel like the Pillsbury dough-boy compared to you. Does this feel good?”

“Yes sir,” Paul replied.

“Now Paul, when a man is rubbing your chest and playing with your nipples you shouldn’t call him sir,” Herb lectured playfully while rubbing the stiff little pegs. “Makes me feel even older than I am. I’m Herb.”

“Sorry – Herb,” Paul said sheepishly, and as he brushed a stray strawberry blonde lock from in front of his face the older man glanced over and smiled when he caught a glimpse of the wild spray of light brown hair that filled the deep crater of his armpit.

“Let’s see here,” Herb said as he took Paul’s elbow as he was about to lower it, and along the lad resisted at first he let the older man lifted his arm back up. “You’re a hairy one, aren’t you Paul?”

“I dunno,” Paul said with a blush as he watched Herb first look at his bushy armpit before raking his fingers lightly through the soft spray, and after Herb leaned over and kissed the gently scented hairs he felt Paul’s body shiver.

“Ticklish?” the balding man asked impishly, and after Paul shook his head Herb leaned forward and kissed his exposed armpit again before adding, “Good. I know I’m a bit kinky but I have a thing for sexy armpits, and that my friend is what you have. And what’s this then?”

Herb had accidentally leaned into Paul and when he felt something poking into his hip the older man’s eyes went down to the very obvious bulge in the loose fitting jeans, and after his eyes went back and forth between the bulge in the boy’s pants and his frightened eyes Herb’s hand went down.

“I thought that back in the bookstore I got a glimpse but figured my eyes were playing tricks on me,” Herb said as he felt the rigid bulge that went way down the inside of his thigh. “Damn.”

“Please don’t laugh at me,” Paul said as Herb started to undo the boy’s belt, and Herb looked up in confusion.

“Laugh at you? Why on earth would I laugh at you? Because of your leg or…”

“Everything. I look really weird down there. Used to get laughed at a lot all though school,” Paul said, the pain in his eyes telling Herb more than words ever could.

“Hey,” Herb said, bringing his hands up and cupping Paul’s cheeks tenderly before kissing him lightly on the lips. “I’m not laughing, believe me. I’m smiling a lot because I can’t believe how beautiful you are and how lucky I found you. If anybody will be laughing it will be you. Let me show you.”

With that Herb took a couple of steps back and unbuttoned his shirt, and after casting it aside stood there with his arms outstretched, exposing his doughy and rather un-toned upper torso that was carrying at least 20 pounds too much weight.

“And as for the rest, let me assure you that to say I’m not nearly as blessed as you are down there is a gross understatement,” Herb warned Paul as he stepped out of his trousers and then lowered his boxers, and after he straightened up the older man grabbed the modest stem in his fingers and wiggled it while adding, “See?”

“I’m not laughing. I told you that I thought you look good to me,” Paul replied.

“Then that’s the end of that. Now where was I?”

Herb came back in front of Paul and knelt as gracefully as he could, wanting to move fast not knowing because he was excited but because he could tell that because of the way he was shifting his weight Herb could tell that Paul’s leg was bothering him.

His sweaty hands made quick work of the belt, and after unbuttoning the jeans eased down. Herb was glad he was prepared because when he saw Paul’s right leg he cringed at the long nasty scar that went down from above the inside of his knee to down below it, and it was noticeably skinnier than the left as well.

Herb made sure he was smiling when he looked up at Paul after getting the pants down, and then he was at eye-level with the bulge in the boy’s faded boxers.

“Amazing,” Herb mouthed to himself as he brought his hand up to where the bulge began, and as he let his fingers slide down the slender prong that came close to coming out the leg of the shorts he looked up and declared, “I thought guys like you were only in those movies. If you notice I’m not laughing.”

Herb’s hand went up to the elastic in the briefs, and as he started to slide them down Paul warned Herb that in his words, “it looks weird”.

“Want to trade?” Herb asked before going back to the unveiling.

“Yes,” Paul said just as the older man coaxed the boxers down past his golden bush and further down, exposing a very long pale stiff cock, and when the tip of the uncut penis was free of the underwear it lurched up violently, almost catching Herb in the face, and the arching prong sprang up to the boy’s stomach before bobbing back down.

“Don’t know who would laugh at this,” Herb said as his hand went up to grasp the boy’s erect manhood. “Jealous I imagine.”

Indeed, because as Herb held the cock and inspected it while sliding his hand up and down from the puckered tip to the stringy undercarriage of the shaft, outside of the incredible length of Paul’s cock there was nothing all that unusual about it.

Paul’s cock was extremely thin, even skinnier than Herb’s dick, and there was one very prominent vein that ran down most of the front of the shaft, but the organ itself was beautiful and Herb told him so just before he opened his mouth and slid his lips down the pale throbbing rod until the tip hit his throat.

“Lay down babe,” Herb said after sliding his lips back off of Paul’s member, having only moistened about half of his weapon with what the older man had thought was a better attempt to deep throat the lad than it actually had turned out to be, but the older fellow’s mouth went back into action.

Herb’s lips slid up and down to his fist, which held the long arching prong upright, and Herb spun his hand around as he sucked the lad, the pulsating organ hot and throbbing in his grip. Coming up for air, Herb asked Paul if he was doing him the way he liked it and the boy assured me he was.

“It’s really really good sir – I mean Herb, it’s just that it takes me a long time to cum when I’m nervous.

“Then just relax,” Herb said as he climbed up and straddled the lad before pulling Paul’s weapon up and bringing the tip of his erect dick up to meet it.

“Ooh!” Paul moaned when Herb first dipped his crown under Paul’s foreskin before peeling it back and letting the gooey tips of their organs kiss while the older man mashed and rubbed them together with intensity. “This feels so good.”

“Too good,’ Herb blurted out loudly, so much so that the teen looked up at his host’s flushed and strained face, but lowered his eyes in time to see Herb’s dick erupt all over his arching cock, leaving Paul’s long prong with strands of semen hanging all over it.

“Didn’t mean for that to happen – certainly not so quickly – but it felt so good that I lost control,” Herb apologized as he went back to stroking the lad’s erection. “You, on the other hand, either have self control or I’m not pleasing you.”

“No, this all feels great,” Paul assured him as Herb began to use both hands to stroke him, rubbing the tip of his cock every time they slid up to the tip.

“Good,” Herb sighed as he looked at the incredible cock in his hands. “I don’t want to ruin this, so if you aren’t into something please let me know. To be honest, I’m not really into what I’m going to suggest,. Only did it once in my life, but you seem perfect for it.”

“What Herb?”

“How do you feel about anal sex?”

“I never did it, but if you want to I’ll give it a try as long as you stop if it hurts too much,” Paul asked.

“No no,” Herb said with a smile. “Me? I don’t think my dick would reach. I meant you. You could just lay there so you wouldn’t have to worry about hurting your leg. I could mount you…”

“Sure,” Paul agreed, and with that the older man climbed off the bed and hurried to the bathroom where he rummaged around before returning with a jar of lotion.

“Obvious,” Herb explained as he struggled to unscrew the top off the tube. “I don’t use this very often – there! Still smells a little like coconut.”

“I can smell it – oooh!” Paul moaned after Herb filled his palm with the lotion and began liberally lathering the lubricant up and down the absurd length of the teen’s tool, and after spreading his own legs dipped his finger into himself before setting the lube aside and straddling Paul.

“Even in my youth I was not very athletic,” Herb said as his knees cracked while squatting down, struggling to keep his balance. Could you hold your cock upright for me? That’s it Now if I can just…”

Herb took the bulb of Paul’s cock and rubbed it around his anus before easing down a bit, and to his delight while he definitely felt it the sleek weapon made an easy entrance and as Herb impaled himself onto Paul he let out a groan.

“Oh Herb! That feels so good,” Paul cried out wide eyed while looking down and seeing his manhood burrow into the older man. “Am I hurting you?”

Herb shook his head and grunted no as he began to squat up and down, letting more and more of the lad’s member in each time, and he reached over and grabbed the top of the headboard for balance as the bed rocked.

“Oh…oh…oh,” Herb moaned with each of his downward movements, and soon he realized that somehow he was taking all of the outrageous weapon in, the pain negligible and certainly worth the pleasure he was getting.

As for Paul, his bug eyed and open mouthed expression told it all and Herb could feel him thrust upwards as he went down, making the probe go even deeper. Soon Herb’s knees began to remind him of his age so he tried to position himself so that he could lay down on Paul, hoping the natural curve of his erection would keep him in, and to his delight it did and soon they were face to face.

“Gonna cum pretty soon,” Paul said. “Can’t hold back much more.”

“It’s okay,” Herb grunted, and to his surprise he felt that way too because of the way his dick was crushed between their bodies as Herb thrusted. “What to feel you shoot on me.”

“Aw!” Paul gasped as his cock jerked inside of the older man’s hot cavity, and despite not being hard the sensation of the lad’s hot seed filling his bowels made him cum as well, and Herb stayed on top of Paul as long as he could, finally sliding off when Paul’s deflated cock slithered out of him.

“Thank you,” Herb said as he kissed the boy. “I barely remember the other time I did this, but I know it was nothing nearly as good as this was. I hope it was that good for you.”

“It was. I couldn’t believe how tight it was. It felt amazing.”

Herb nodded and rested on his hip, letting his hand slide over Paul’s smooth chest and tiny nipples until he asked whether the teen would like to take a shower.

“Or how about a bath? I’d love to bathe you,” Herb offered, and Paul shrugged and nodded, so after the host drew a bath he brought Paul into the bathroom and helped him ease into the bubbly warm water.

“Haven’t taken a bath in years,” Paul said as Herb scrubbed his upper torso. “I know I must stink.”

“Actually, this is more for my benefit that yours because it gives me a chance to enjoy your beautiful body,” Herb admitted, cutting Paul off when he started to offer his own opinion of his body by saying, “Sssh. Don’t ruin this for me. You are beautiful to me.”

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4 thoughts on “Picked Up By Older Man At The Bus Stop

  1. Rob says:

    Awesome sweet tale. Eager for it to on! Maybe learn what happened to Paul’s leg and to hear this fine gentleman finds help for him!

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Nice but when yunger we had X-rated drive in area and used to stand before admission gate looking for male bi himself
    Can’t remember anytime I wasn’t pick up bi other male
    and in car I was always fed and swallow
    Oh how Grandpa misses those days

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