Please Help Me Cum Pt 1

I wiggled my finger around, trying to find the magical spot that the doctor had so expertly located for me. The sensation was nice, and I even felt the leakage of a small drop of fluid from my cock onto my belly, but it was far from the mind-blowing pleasure that I’d felt with the doc.


I had been dreading the appointment for weeks, but the day had finally come. I had rehearsed the opening spiel in my head a hundred times in the car on the way to the specialist’s office, but finally faced with the inevitable “How can I help you today?”, my mind went blank.

“I can’t cum.” I blurted out, blushing furiously.


The lead-up to this awkward encounter actually started several months ago. My girlfriend and I had a great sex life generally. We were perfectly matched, both with a high sex drive and a taste for variety.

One night, though, after a heavy evening of drinking, things didn’t go well. We’d barely climbed onto the bed, grinding our clothed pelvises together before that familiar, inevitable feeling came over me.

Before I could even roll away from her, the orgasm overtook me, and with a shaking, grunting spasm I came in my pants.

Mortified, I jumped off the bed, stumbling a bit as the unexpected ejaculate seeped through leaving a dark, wet stain on the front of my jeans.

“Fuck.” Was all I could say. “I’m sorry. I…I…don’t know what just happened.”

Veronica just laughed, good naturedly.

“Don’t even worry about it.” She tried to reassure me. “You’re just drunk. Now get back here and go down on me, or has your tongue gone soft as well.”

Too embarrassed to go on though, I just shook my head and rushed into the bathroom, taking my pants off and staring forlornly at what had always been my most dependable friend. How could my cock betray me like this?

In the coming days, I was so panicked that it might happen again that I just avoided Veronica altogether. Feigning a headache, I would go to bed early, then pretend to be asleep when she came in.

After a week, she called me out, basically throwing me on the bed and demanding that I fuck her. It had been a long week, and I was horny as hell, so of course I played along.

The whole time, though, I couldn’t get the idea of coming too early out of my head. I was so focused on making sure she was satisfied that I completely ignored my own sensations. As soon as I’d get even an inkling of building pleasure, I’d panic, quickly pulling out and changing positions, calculating math equations in my head to keep me distracted.

Soon enough, after she had climaxed more than once, she rolled me over, and in her best fake-porno voice said;

“Now it’s your turn, stud!”

Relaxing back on a pillow, I watched her twist and stroke and suck with an enthusiasm I’d never seen before. It was every man’s dream to have a partner this devoted to pleasuring his cock.

Despite her best efforts though, my own orgasm remained elusive.

From time to time, I’d get the inkling of a building climax, but my mind would turn immediately to that shame I’d felt with my last orgasm, and it would float away, like the wisp of smoke from an extinguished match.

Eventually, as nothing seemed to be progressing, we both started to get bored. I couldn’t believe it! Never in my wildest imagining had I ever considered the possibility of getting bored with sex.

I tapped her gently on the head.

“Sorry, babe, I think I’m just a bit tired tonight.”

She looked up at me, perplexed and a little concerned.

“Am I doing something wrong?” she asked.

“No babe, no!” I hurried to reply. “It feels amazing. I just don’t think I’m going to cum, that’s all.”

I did my best to reassure her, and eventually went to bed, trying to sleep with a still-hard cock.

That was how things played out from then on. We continued to have sex regularly, but no matter how hard I tried, an orgasm stayed just out of my desperate reach. We were both determined and persistent, trying different techniques, lubes, porn…anything! Most days I tried jerking off while she was still at work, but even that didn’t solve the issue.

After the first couple of weeks, my cock was red raw from so much friction, and my balls were tight and aching from wanting to cum. I was as horny as a teenager, boning up at the most inconvenient times.

I searched the internet but was surprised to find very little help. Lots of solutions for cumming too soon, but nothing for the opposite problem.

Eventually, after several months, Veronica put her foot down.

“You have to go and see someone.” She said, after yet another unsuccessful love-making attempt. “This is getting ridiculous.”

It took another month of her hassling me before I finally fronted up to my family doctor.

Mortified to be having to discuss this with someone who’d known me as a baby, I tried to sound very medical and impersonal as I described the issue to him. Apparently stumped by the problem, and seeming reluctant to really discuss it, he gave me the number of a urologist and got me out the door as quickly as he could.

Yet another month passed while I waited for an available appointment, secretly hoping it would never arise.

But now, finally, I was here and had just blurted out that inelegant line.

I cringed internally, waiting for him to laugh or throw me out. Surprisingly he did neither. He nodded slowly and sat back in his chair, legs crossed and fingertips together.

“I see.” He said gently. “Tell me more.”

And so, I did. I outlined the whole scenario from beginning to end, barely taking a breath. Every embarrassing detail was laid out between us.

I watched him carefully as he took in my story, expecting judgement or ridicule, but instead he just looked interested and engaged. Somehow, I wasn’t embarrassed to be telling this story to him.

Finally, I stopped talking and sat back, waiting for him to tell me there was nothing he could do. He stood up from his desk and gestured over to the examination couch behind a curtain on one side of the room.

“I see this problem a lot,” He said, “and I think it’s something I can help you with. I’d like to examine you before we go any further. Would you mind taking off all your clothes and putting on one of these gowns?” He gestured at a flimsy cloth gown on the end of the bed. “The opening goes at the back.”

This part of a consultation always got to me. On one hand, I was not infrequently naked around other guys, in gym changerooms, skinny dipping with mates in my younger days, visits to the local pool.

But there was something different about this. Standing in front of a late-30’s, handsome surgeon, wearing his perfectly tailored suit and open-necked shirt, it seemed ludicrous to be stripping off.

Grateful, I watched as he turned away, busying himself with some equipment or other, obviously giving me a semblance of privacy. I couldn’t help but notice his perfectly formed body underneath that suit and wondered what he’d think of my less-chiselled physique. I silently congratulated myself on having the foresight to give myself a manscape before coming in.

I put on the pale blue gown, reaching just low enough to cover my nakedness.

“Jeez, you really don’t make these for tall guys, do you?” I laughed, jokingly pulling down the front of the gown to cover myself. “Lucky it’s not any warmer in here, or I’d be poking out the bottom.”

The surgeon chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Would you believe these are the ‘Large’ variety? You should have seen the last lot we got. Barely down to my belly button!”

An image suddenly popped into my head of him with no pants on, big cock swinging free under the skimpy gown. I laughed. Why would I assume he had a big cock? Sure, there was a good-sized bulge at his crotch there…

I blushed suddenly as I realised, I was checking out the surgeon’s crotch.

The doctor turned, back to business again.

“Alright, let’s get this sorted, shall we?” He rolled a stool over towards me and sat on it, legs spread and leaning forward.

“First, I’m just going to examine your genitals, make sure there’s nothing amiss. Then we’ll do the bit that everyone dreads but really isn’t that bad — the check of your prostate. Any questions?”

“The prostate check, huh? That’s the finger up the arse exam, isn’t it?” I looked down at his huge hands. “You really should advertise your ring size on your website, give a guy a fighting chance!”

The doctor laughed, looking down at his hands.

“You’d be surprised what can fit in there if it’s done carefully.” He laughed. “And I’m very careful!”

Straight back to business again, he looked up at me.

“OK, so I’ll just get you to stand still for a sec and lift up the front of that gown for me. This will just take a minute.”

Feeling a bit like a cancan dancer, I lifted up the gown and flashed my junk at him. I studied his face as he looked at me, as if expecting some sort of Goldilocks reaction. Too big? Too small? Just right?

I jumped as he reached up and poked around in my groin, I guess checking for a hernia or something. Before I knew it he was gently cupping my balls. His touch was the perfect blend of firm confidence and careful softness. He clearly did this a lot.

I looked down at him again. His face was the picture of concentration as he played with my most private parts. It struck me that it was the closest another guy’s mouth had ever been to my cock before.

My mind wandering as it tended to, I briefly pictured him parting his lips and leaning forward, taking me inside his warm, moist mouth, expertly tonguing the sensitive underside of my hardening cock.

A sudden twitch in my cock brought me back to earth as I remembered where I was. Mortified to find that I was started to harden up a little I desperately searched for something else to think about. This was a bloke in front of me and a doctor, no less!

I was so horny, though, after months of being unable to cum. It seemed the briefest of breezes brushing past my nether regions was enough to get me hard these days. The careful caress of a professional was hard to ignore.

I tried to lighten the mood.

“Nearly done there, doc? You’re going to have to buy me dinner before you get too much further!”

I cringed inwardly as he gave a half-hearted chuckle. “Bet he’s heard that one a million times.” I chided myself.

Thankfully, he finished up, directing me to drop the gown. I leaned forward a little, trying to prevent my semi from pushing out the front of the gown.

“Everything in order?” I asked, a little anxious suddenly that he’d found some major defect in my manhood.

“Yep,” he replied nonchalantly. “All seems pretty normal down there. Now, we’ll just get to the prostate check now.” He grabbed a tube of lube from the bench beside him and begun smearing it over his gloved finger. “If you’d just turn around and lean down with your elbows on the examination bed there…”

Not feeling like I had much of an option, I reluctantly turned around, bending forward, the gown falling open and exposing my arse in the doc’s face. I felt about as compromised as I ever had in my life.

The doc continued as if I didn’t have my arse right up in his face.

“Now, you’ve got nothing to worry about here. It won’t hurt a bit.”

Facing away from him, I rolled my eyes. I’d heard that before.

“Some doctors just ram a finger right in there and give us all a bad name,” he continued. “Whereas I find it’s so much easier if you just go a bit slower.”

I could feel his hand part my arse cheeks as he spoke, the finger of his other hand smearing lube over my spasming hole. No-one had EVER touched me there before!

“If you just take a minute to relax the sphincter a bit…” his finger lapped around me slowly, pushing more and more firmly with each circuit. “…you can just about slide right in there. Now, if you just push down a bit like you’re on the toilet…”

My nerve endings were singing. How could this feel good? This was the most bizarre doctor’s appointment I’d ever been to. I couldn’t deny it, though. The feeling of his finger gently stroking my hole was amazing. My cock twitched again, slowly responding to the stimulation. I was getting properly hard now.

Always one to follow instructions, I pushed down a little against his finger, as if trying to push him out. The pressure against me increased for a second, until with a sudden give, my arse gave way, allowing entrance to this invading object.

I grunted audibly, my arse squeezing hard, involuntarily against his finger. He stopped there, just inside me, as my arse accommodated, slowly relaxing around him.

“Try not to hold your breath.” He said softly. “It’s normal for the muscle to spasm a bit like this, so just breath, and it’ll relax again.”

This whole process so far had only taken around 5 seconds or so, but it felt like hours. Never before had anything, let alone some dude’s finger, headed north up this one-way tunnel.

I was surprised, though, by the lack of pain. In fact, as his finger slowly advanced inside me, it actually felt smooth, even pleasant. With my embarrassment shoved to one side, this was actually not that bad.

As my muscle relaxed, his finger started to slowly slide inside me again. I could feel…

Suddenly I felt a new kind of pressure, hard to locate, deep in my pelvis.

“I’m just examining your prostate now.” The doc said. “It may feel a little odd. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Standing there naked, the gown hanging uselessly down in front of me, my body bent over the examination couch, I allowed his finger to slowly penetrate me. I tried to ignore my rock-hard erection, thankfully out of sight beneath me.

The pressure inside me grew and changed as his finger stroked my prostate. Starting deep inside me, his fist pushing up against my arse, he slid slowly outwards again, feeling along the length of the gland.

As he pushed down, the sensation grew and grew. I bit my lip, trying not to grunt. I fought a strong desire to push my arse back towards him and impale myself on his finger.

Suddenly as his finger slid down, it somehow flicked a switch from ‘build’ to ‘release’. I gasped involuntarily as my dick spasmed, a wad of fluid shooting out of me and landing with a soft splat onto the floor. My arse spasmed again around his finger.

The sensation was fleeting but didn’t go unnoticed. I glanced down at the small pool of clear, thick fluid beneath me.

The doc made a soft “Hmmm,” sound, and slowly withdrew his finger and patted me on the arse. The strange act of familiarity seemed a jarring shift from the professional demeanor he’d displayed so far.

I laughed to myself. Imagine finding a pat on the arse too familiar after I’d just been fucked by his finger.

“Well, I think I know what the issue is.” He said, confidently. “Why don’t you take a seat there and I’ll talk you through it.”

Glancing down at my hard cock, and the flimsy gown, I suddenly realized I had no way to hide. I stood and turned towards him, sitting bare arsed on the examination couch, my cock tenting the blue gown comically.

I blushed furiously, trying to adjust the gown somehow. Mortified, I noticed a spreading dark blue patch of leaking fluid further highlighting my arousal.

The doctor appeared unfazed.

“Don’t worry about your physical response.” He tried to reassure me. “It’s a perfectly normal reaction. We’re really just a bunch of nerve endings and responses. It just so happens a bunch of our sexual nerve endings rest in our prostate gland. Just a little trick of evolution.”

“Easy to say when you’re not the one that just got horned up on some guy’s magic finger.” I tried to make light of the situation. “Anyway, you were saying you’d solved my problem?”

“Well, not quite, but I think I know how to help.” He went on. “I think you’ve got a blockage in your prostate. You tried for so long not to ejaculate too quickly that you held it all inside. Now your prostate’s swollen to twice its size, and it’s too full to be able to release properly.”

“OK, so what can be done about that?” I asked, a little worried now.

“Well, I think a prostate massage would probably sort out the issue. Sort of like what I just did, but a bit more intensive.”

“More intensive?” I was incredulous. “How exactly would you do that?”

“Just as we did, with a finger massaging the gland. It’s a little…well, intense is the word. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had more of a…physical response again. It’s nothing to be worried about. Just physiology, that’s all.”

I must have looked fairly skeptical, as he tried to reassure me further.

“I do think it will help sort out your problem.” He couldn’t hide his quick glance at my raging hardon poking through the hospital gown. “It certainly seems that you could use a release.”

I looked down at my lap as well. It had been 6 long months since I’d been able to cum. Six months of feeling that ache in my balls. I needed this fixed, and if this bloke’s finger up my arse was going to sort it out, then who was I to say no.

“Alright, I guess.” I agreed reluctantly. “If you think it’ll help then we go ahead.” I stood up from the couch and made as if to turn around. The doctor stopped me.

“Wait.” He said. “It’s best if you’re lying down actually. This can take a little while.”

I climbed back up on the couch and lay on my back, the gown tenting like a tepee.

“Before we start, it’s important you know that you can stop anytime you feel uncomfortable.” He paused, looking me over. “I guess, if you feel TOO uncomfortable.” He corrected himself. “This isn’t exactly how you would choose to spend an afternoon, I guess.”

“Also, don’t be worried about any physical response. A bit of fluid leakage and some odd sensations is quite normal. It’s just part of how your body works. Now, if you could just bring your feet up towards your backside there, and let your knees fall apart…”

I complied with his gentle instruction, letting him reposition me on the bed. The gown fell back, my pelvis completely exposed now. I went to fix it, but then gave up. He’d already seen everything anyway.

Legs spread, I bared myself to him, this well-dressed, handsome young doctor. I was completely at his mercy.

As if it was nothing, he wiped some more lube across my exposed hole, massaging it into the surrounding skin gently. My cock twitched involuntarily with each lap as he tickled the sensitive flesh of my most private area.

Soon I felt the now-familiar pressure of his finger against my sphincter. I concentrated briefly, relaxing the muscle. It felt like I was drawing him into me.

His finger slid easily inside this time. My body had learned how to accommodate. I lay there on my back as he probed me, advancing slowly, deep into my pelvis.

I felt his fist press up against my buttocks as he reached the limit. He stood beside me, looking down at my face, knuckle deep in my arse.

I looked away, unable to keep eye contact with him.

Suddenly I felt it again. His finger flexed, pressing up against my sensitive gland. I gasped involuntarily.

He kept still in that position as I slowed my breathing again. Finally, slowly, he drew his finger out again, stroking my gland with a firm pressure as he withdrew.

His finger wriggled slowly as it pumped in and out of my arse, stroking me with an expert touch.

I turned my face away from him; it was too weird to watch him as he finger fucked me. I closed my eyes for a second, trying to imagine being anywhere else, but then shot them open again in case I looked like I was enjoying it too much.

My mind reeled as the new sensation began to build again. This time it was a much slower burn. An intense pressure centred right in my pelvis, hard to locate. With each stroke of his finger, the pressure built and relaxed, never quite dropping down to the level it had been before.

Wave after wave rippled through me, slowly building and spreading.

A warmth spread through my pelvis, slowly working its way to my balls and the base of my cock. It felt amazing.

I stifled a moan the second it arrived at my lips. Gripping the sides of the couch, I tried to think of something else, but with every stroke my attention drew back to my arse.

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