Poker With Dad’s Gay Friends

I was on my knees engrossed in working this man’s cock in my mouth. Gaggingly deep thrusts, then sucking the head, some long slow strokes with my hand and even just licking the tip. I had forgotten there were two guys watching.


The COVID shut down really stuffed up my life. I’m just twenty years old, I lost of my job and moved back with my parents.

I’m not out to my parents, so for a few months there I had no social life, no sex life and no money. Pretty embarrassing having to go to your Dad cap in hand asking for money to fill up the car with petrol.

Don’t get me started how sexually frustrated I was. Before COVID hit, I was enjoying my promiscuity as all twenty year old gay guys should be.

Sitting around my parents house all day on my own I started jerking off on one of the video websites for amateurs. If I’m jerking off four times a day, I might as well get paid for it. Unfortunately, it didn’t pay very well, I’m guessing I wasn’t the only horny young guy who was jobless and horny.

A week or so after I started the webcam thing I was getting over it, the financial rewards were pitiful.

Just as I was about to delete my account, I received a message from one of my fans or followers or whatever that website calls them. As I read the message my heart dropped, the guy/fan said that he loved my videos and that he thinks he knows me, is my real name Troy? That is my real name but I had not disclosed it anywhere on my profile and I was furious that I was silly enough to put my real home town on there. I was panicking since I’m not out to my family or anyone in my home town. As if my life couldn’t be more over.

Gathering some composure, I continued reading the message.

If you are Troy then you went to school with my kids so you know me and live just around the corner. Don’t worry, I will keep your secret if you keep mine.

Let me tell you my secret, there are a few guys like myself (married and outwardly straight) who have a poker night each week and instead of playing poker, we fuck.

Your profile said you like older guys, and we like younger guys, would you like to come to our poker night?

Hope you get back to me Troy….

I do like older men, I am sex starved so I thought why not.

I replied back that I was Troy and I was given the address of the house for that nights ‘poker game’.

The guy didn’t give me his name but I knew the address and he was right, his son and I were in the same class at high school and I had even had a sleep over or two at their house. Of course I had no idea that the happily married ‘Dad’ was in to anything gay.

I arrived at the house right on time and The Dad opened the door, shook my hand and said he was very happy to see me.

He gave me a pretty stern talking to about being discrete and told me that if I couldn’t keep my mouth shut then I should leave now. I assured The Dad that I could keep a secret and told him that he better keep my secret as well since I’m not out to my parents.

With that agreed to, he invited me downstairs. The downstairs is a games room where I had played video games as a kid not that many years ago. Following The Dad down, he told me that he had only mentioned to the other guys that there was a fourth poker player joining them but hadn’t told them any more.

Walking in to the games room I thought they might at least be pretending to play poker and have a table setup but there was no signs of a card game. There was a fifty something year old guy sitting on the couch wearing a business shirt and tie, his pants around his ankles and another fifties something looking guy on his knees sucking his cock. The Suit Man turned his head towards The Dad and I as we entered the room, when he saw me he swore.

The guy sucking his cock tried to look up but his head was forced down on the cock that he was sucking.

I was introduced as the new poker player and the guy receiving the blowjob on the couch asked if I was really ready to play poker with the big boys? A real mans man, who was getting his cock sucked by another man. To his challenge I replied that he should give me a go sucking that fat cock of his.

He told me to give it a try, and called me boy.

Walking over he let the guy who was sucking his cock off it. When the guy turned to face me we both recognized each other. I had dated this guys daughter in high school!

Swapping places he said “Hello Troy” and all I could say in return was “Hello Mr. Jenkins”.

Then I was on my knees looking up at a fat cock. The guy was hairy but had trimmed his pubes at some point so it was masculine, but not gross. I grabbed this fat, man cock, in my right hand and just went to town on it. It was slippery from the previous guy but it still tasted like cock, a taste I had missed for the last eight weeks.

I love sucking cock and I was engrossed in working this mans cock in my mouth. Gaggingly deep thrusts, then sucking the head, some long slow strokes with my hand and even just licking the tip. My mind was completely focused on the blowjob at hand, I had forgotten there were two guys watching this.

The Suit Man brought me back to my surrounds by telling the other guys that I had pretty good cock sucking skills, for a beginner. I mumbled a rebuttal and he told me that he has been sucking cock before I even had one.

Popping my mouth off his cock I looked up at him and told him my arse wasn’t painted on and was someone ever going to fuck it? This made him smile was I was a little bit at the prospect of fucking my arse of course, but I think there was a little bit of a smirk at my cheekiness.

Suit Man started to move like he was getting up off the couch when The Dad said that since I was his poker guest, he had first dibs on fucking me.

Kneeling behind me he asked if I was clean. I replied that I was on PREP and was tested just as the COVID stuff started. I asked him the same question and he laughed and said that the three of them had been married for twenty years and only fuck each other. He double checked if I was OK with bareback and I said I was.

I got back to Suit Man’s cock. The Dad just pulled my shorts off, I helped him a little kicking them off. I was wearing a black speedo under my shorts and The Dad commented that he remembered that I was a swimmer in high school. He decided to work around the speedo so just pulled the back of it aside to gain access to my arsehole.

The Dad was gentle with me, he softly probed my arse with his cock for a little while.

Then, he let it slide maybe half way in, it took my breath away.

While I had been playing with some butt toys my arse had not had anything even close to a cock in it for eight weeks and I felt it. The Dad felt it as well and told the other men that my arse was as tight as a vice.

After my little gasp when The Dad first slid inside me, I concentrated on relaxing and I pushed back towards him, taking more of his length. I had Suit Man’s cock in my hand and he said that watching my face in pleasure but also in agony was just the cutest thing ever. As I took as much of Dad’s cock inside me, I was looking up at Suit Man, biting my lip and rolling my eyes.

The Dad then started sliding back out of my arse and I could feel his size.

He paused, then he started sliding it back inside me. This time, a little deeper.

I was moaning and really trying to relax my arse muscles. That was obviously not The Dad’s first time and he took it slow and didn’t hurt me. Slowly, I was getting more comfortable and encouraged his rhythm to increase. I was even able to get back to work on Suit Man’s cock which had remained rock hard while he enjoyed the show. I started to really get in to it, rocking back and forth, cock in my arse and cock in my mouth. I had done this once before but then the guys were in their twenties instead of their fifties and it was a lot quicker and rushed. These guys were taking their time.

My rhythm gradually increased and The Dad was getting close, we were both getting close and our moans were pretty good indicators of that. I think I heard The Dad ask Mr. Jenkins if it was OK to cum inside me, the response was in the affirmative but I barely heard it because Suit Man had grabbed me by the jaw and was encouraging me to cum. He was telling me he wanted to see my cum face and I was lightly biting his thumb when my cock exploded in my speedos. I’m not sure if it was my orgasm moan, or my arse tightening as I came, but it was too much for The Dad and I felt him bury his cock with one deep thrust and he started filling my arse with his man seed.

Every orgasm feels good, but that was mind blowing!

Slowly, ever so slowly, The Dad slid is cock out of me. When the head popped out of my arse I had another gasp and it felt like my butt hole was gasping for breath.

Mr. Jenkins ask me if I was able to take another load? I told him I wanted another load in me and then I looked up at Suit Man and told him I wanted a load in my mouth as well.

This time things were more like my previous spit roast experience. Mr. Jenkins didn’t have the same patience The Dad did, but I was looser so he didn’t need to. Suit Man started really getting in to it as well and was thrusting in to my mouth.

My knees were getting sore, I felt cum from my orgasm pooling around my balls inside my speedo and I felt cum oozing down the back of my thighs as Mr. Jenkins was humping away. I thought I was getting slutty before the COVID shutdowns but in this position, I was sluttier than I had ever imagined and it was such a turn on. My cock was back to hard.

It was Suit Man who approached orgasm first and he was thrusting his cock into my mouth and ramming it in. As he got to the edge of his orgasm I was stroking him furiously and I popped his cock out of my mouth but left my tongue on the tip of his cock and looked up at him. Looking in to my eyes sent him over the edge and his first rope of cum got my nose and cheek, his second and subsequent pulses of cum I took on my tongue and let him watch it make a white puddle. It wasn’t until his cock was dry before I pulled my tongue in and swallowed his jizz.

Mr. Jenkins was grunting and fucking fast by now and like The Dad, he buried his cock deep and paused as he gave my arse its second full load of cum.

When he finally pulled out of me I stood up because my knees were pretty sore after all of that.

I pulled the bum of my speedos across so they fit like normal. Wow, I was a cum covered mess. Rope of cum on my nose and cheek, the front of my speedo was soaked, my arse was leaking cum and there was cum down my thighs to my knees.

The Dad told me that I should clean up at my house and indicated that I should grab my clothes. No post sex cuddling with these guys. Once I had picked up my clothes, The Dad handed me some cash. He said that the three of them would be telling their wives that they lost some money at poker tonight and that I could tell my folks I won at poker tonight.

He said that I was welcome to join their poker game in two weeks time. Then he told me I could let myself out.

I walked up stairs, put my clothes on and started the short walk back to my parents house. There was cum everywhere and I’m sure I was sloshing. Back at my folks house I snuck around the back and I quietly slipped in to the hottub we had in the backyard.

Not ten seconds after I had slipped in to the hottub, I heard the backdoor to the house open and my Dad started walking towards to hottub (my real Dad, not The Dad from poker). I made sure I didn’t have any cum on my face before he had crossed the yard. He was a little started when he noticed I was in the hottub but not a big deal. My Dad dropped his towel and got in to the hottub wearing a pair of black speedos as well (he always wears speedos and I used to think he was a dork because of it).

My Dad asked me how my night was and I said it was good hanging out with the guys. He asked me what we got up to and I said we played some poker. Did you take their money, he asked? Yeah I took their money and ran, that is why I’m home earlier than expected. My Dad was proud and said that is what he taught me. How much did you win son? I had to admit that I wasn’t sure, I jumped out of the hottub and went over to my shorts and standing there in my speedos I counted the money that The Dad had given me. It was $500.

My Dad said that if I can make $500 playing poker, I should be doing that more often.

Yeah, I think I would be attending poker night more often.

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