Real Love Cums Hard Pt 4

He pounded Jacob, making sure he slid against his prostate to make Jacob climax first, his cum squirting out between them. Then Alex slammed into him roughly making Jacob holler his name, until Alex’s cock deposited cum deep inside of him.

Part 3


Jacob turned to him in disbelief. “It’s your birthday!?”

“The big 3-6.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t mention that to me the whole day! The whole week!”

Alex shrugged and pulled on a cigarette. “I had already planned to spend it on the yacht today and tomorrow. Maybe go dancing, meet up with some friends.”

“So you were going to spend your birthday fishing and fucking?” Jacob asked with a smile.

“Fucking, then fishing.” Alex corrected him and Jacob laughed. “But you’re here, so I figure you’d want to spend the time on the yacht with me. No dancing, no meeting up with anyone. Just you, Jarten.”

Jacob reached over and squeezed Alex’s thigh. “Thank you for taking me with you. Birthdays are special, so I’m honored that you wanted me to be with you for yours.”

Alex didn’t respond. He flicked his cigarette out of the window so he could drive with his left hand and hold onto Jacob’s hand with his right.


Jacob was excited. “This is a real yacht!” he exclaimed as he went through each corner of the boat. “There’s literally a whole mini kitchen in here: fridge, stove, sink, even a microwave!”

Jacob plopped down on the leather couch and said, “I could live here.”

Alex walked past him to put the groceries and alcohol that they brought along the way in the kitchen. “You’re like a kid in a candy store,” he teased. “Pack these, wilya? I’m going to get us out of the cove.”

Alex tried to walk past when Jacob stuck his foot out to stop him, and pulled him down by his shirt. Alex landed on top and their lips met. After a few soft kisses, Alex said, “I got you, sweetheart. Just let me get us all nice and settled on the river, then I’m all yours.” Alex kissed his lips again and went back outside.

Jacob heard him climb the ladder to the top and after a few minutes the motor started up. He decided to start the sloppy joes for dinner. Alex finally shut the boat off in the middle of the Providence River and came downstairs.

Jacob had set the table with a few sandwiches and his version of rum punch, which was a lot of rum and a little bit of fruit punch. He stared out of the window as they ate.

“This is so nice. So beautiful out here,” he said dreamily.

“Would you ever move to Rhode Island?” Alex asked casually.

Jacob slowly turned at him. “I would need a reason to.” He held his gaze.

Alex looked away first and took a sip of his drink. “Like a good paying teaching job.”

Jacob couldn’t help the feeling of disappointment that washed over him. “Yes. Like that.”

Alex nodded. He opened up his pack of Camels, but instead of pulling out a cigarette he took out the joint. “Care to join me, Professor?” Jacob grinned.

They shared a lounge chair at the front of the boat and smoked all four joints, drinking more rum and watching the sun dip lower and lower into the horizon. Jacob began touching Alex. He couldn’t help it. The sandy brown hairs on his body were wild and curly, but so soft.

They had changed into a pair of nylon shorts and Jacob ran his hands down Alex’s thighs and up Alex’s arms. Alex kept his hands folded behind his head as Jacob laid on his side and caressed him over and over again. His cock stayed semi-hard, the feel of Jacob’s hands more sensual than sexual.

“I wish you would have told me,” Jacob said groggily. “I would have gotten you a birthday present.”

“And what if I tell you that this right here is all I want?” Alex said back.

“I still can’t figure you out,” said Jacob. “You like men. But you don’t kiss men. You don’t date men. You don’t get all romantic with men. But you kiss me. And you hold my hand and take me on romantic boat rides and you’re perfectly fine laying next to me without fucking or fishing.

“I told you what I want. What is it that you want, Allie?”

Alex, who had been confusing himself with how easily he had fallen into wanting to be with Jacob all the time, didn’t answer his question. Instead he said, “I want to dance in all 50 states before I die.”


“The 50 states. I’ve been dancing in eight: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. I got 42 more to go. I figure I’d start with the colder ones like Alaska and Minnesota during the summer months. Then head south for the winter months at some point. That was my plan before my Pop started getting tremors. But I still want to do it.”

Jacob was aware that Alex was avoiding the subject but he was also inebriated and couldn’t muster any effort to push the issue.

Instead he said, “So let’s go. Every summer on your birthday we take a trip to a different state.”

Alex chuckled. “At that rate I’ll be an old man before I get through the country.”

“Okay then…” Jacob was thoughtful. “Twice a year. My birthday is in the winter, December 7th. And yours is August 7th. So twice a year we go to a different state, the warm ones for my birthday, the cold ones for yours. Eat their local cuisine. I’ve always wanted to go to Louisiana and try alligator. We should go right now.”

Alex chuckled again at his enthusiasm. “That’s not a bad idea, Jarten. Not a bad idea at all.”

They laid quietly for a moment, Jacob still caressing Alex’s skin. Then Alex answered his question.

“It’s because you’re one of a kind, Jacob. The one you catch but don’t release so soon. You hold onto it, measure it, take a picture with it, so you can keep a hold of the memories, before you release it back into the water. You’re my 50 inch muskie.”

And Jacob thought that was the most romantic thing Alex had ever said to him.


Jacob woke up to the feel of Alex’s cock rubbing up and down his backside on the small bed in the yacht. After five intense minutes, Jacob moaned out, “Just put it in already.”

Alex chuckled. “I didn’t know you were awake yet.”

“Kinda hard to sleep with someone’s steel rod knocking at your back entrance.”

Alex laughed again. “You have a way with words, Professor.”

Jacob turned his face and Alex kissed him. Jacob was about to turn back when Alex held onto his face and kissed him with more passion. Jacob wanted to turn all the way around but Alex held him firm on his side.

Alex slid Jacob’s underwear to right below his cheeks, and pulled his own down enough to expose his genitals. He prepared them both with lube and entered Jacob, who immediately sighed in satisfaction.

They didn’t have sex the night before, but fell asleep on the lounge chairs, high and drunk. Jacob woke Alex up and brought him to bed, and they slept comfortably next to each other for the second night in a row.

But Alex woke up before the sun rose with an incredible hard on. And he needed to be inside of Jacob.

Alex always started off thinking he would pound Jacob’s ass, but he always ended up moving at a steady pace, wanting to prolong their physical connection as much as possible, and that morning was no different.

There was no more talking as Alex gently pushed Jacob onto his stomach and mounted him. It was relatively quiet. Only the gentle squeak of the mattress coils, the sound of the waves lapping against the boat and Jacob’s soft moans could be heard.

Jacob closed his eyes and disappeared into the feel of Alex inside of him, Alex’s kisses on his neck, Alex’s fingers entwined with his own. His orgasm rose and fell, getting higher as his own cock, still in his underwear, rubbed against the mattress.

Jacob cried out his name, “Allie!” right before his cock pumped out cum. Alex felt his body tense up and slowed down just enough for Jacob to come down from his orgasm. Then he resumed his steady pace.

Jacob’s body trembled slightly beneath him, his soft moans becoming whimpers of pleasure. Alex’s cock was rock hard, and he tried to push down his own orgasmic waves as much as he could, trying to stay present. But he had been at it too long and his body had other plans.

The center of his groin became so tight it was almost painful. His body spasmed as heat flushed through him and his brain shut down. His body spasmed again and his cock head exploded.

Jacob cried again out from the force of Alex’s ejaculation. His cock flexed and continuously shot out as Alex kept thrusting, unable to stop his body’s reaction as he grunted and groaned.

When his orgasm finally let him go, Alex gasped and collapsed onto Jacob’s back.

“Jeeeesus…” Alex breathed out. “I think we just made our own fireworks.” Jacob laughed below him.

Alex exited him but kept half his body on top of Jacob, holding his hand, kissing his shoulder blade. Jacob sighed, never wanting Alex to stop. But he asked, “Don’t you want to catch and release this morning? Best to go out now, right?”

Alex paused his kissing, then said, “I’d rather lay right here next to you.”

“Oh. Okay.” Jacob couldn’t think of anything else to say except, “Happy Birthday, Allie.”

Alex responded by kissing Jacob’s neck and moving his groin back and forth, waiting for his cock to become steel again.


“What time are the McColloughs looking at it tomorrow?” Alex asked as he drove up the driveway and parked in front of the Jarten house that Thursday afternoon.

“At 5pm.” Jacob asked, “Are you coming back tonight?”

Alex answered with, “I’m picking up the kids tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Jacob didn’t know what else to say. Alex didn’t mention it the whole time they had been together.

“Yeah. David and Sally are with me until Sunday. I take them home after Mass.”


Jacob began to leave the car when Alex called his name, “Jacob.”

Jacob had one foot out of the open door. He turned back to Alex. They stared at each other, then Alex said, “Fuck it. I’ll see you tonight.”

Jacob moved closer and kissed Alex’s lips hard.


Jacob pulled out his book, Firestarter, wanting to finish it since he was only a couple of pages to the end. He hadn’t really used The Covenant for anything but holding onto the list so he wanted to get started on it.

Jacob read and waited for Alexander. But as the time became later, he became restless. The air was humid so he decided to go swimming.

Jacob walked down to the dock barefooted. He was halfway to the water, taking off his shirt, when he saw the lights of the Bronco drive up. He dropped his shirt on the wood and watched Alex step out of his car, cigarette already in his mouth.

Alex walked up to him and said, “Getting ready for me?”

Jacob laughed. “I’m going swimming.”

Alex looked at him like he was crazy. “It’s pitch black out there.”

“You’ve never gone swimming in the dark?”

Alex took a puff and shook his head. “I don’t swim.”

“You’re a fisherman who doesn’t swim?” Jacob asked in disbelief.

“Those are two very different activities, Jarten.”

Jacob stepped closer to him. “Come swim with me.”

Alex puffed again. “No.”

“C’mon. It will be fun.”

“I don’t swim,” Alex repeated.

It dawned on him. “You don’t swim or you can’t swim?” Jacob asked.

“Tomato, tomahto.”

Jacob almost laughed but he held it together behind a smile. “Okay. Well I’m a very strong swimmer. I was a lifeguard at the local pool every summer as a teen and was on the swim team in college. So put on a life jacket and let’s go swimming.”



“We’re at an impasse,” said Alexander. “And I’m not breaking first.”

Jacob began to unbuckle his belt. Alex watched Jacob slowly zip down his zipper and take off his jeans. Once done Jacob commanded, “Take the life vest off the boat and get into the water with me, Alexander.”

Alex was focused on the outline of his cock, forgetting to take a puff as his cigarette burned. He hesitated, then said again, “I don’t swim.”

Jacob pulled down his underwear. Alex sucked in the air around him. It didn’t matter that they had sex twice that morning. Alex realized in that moment that he could never get enough of Jacob Jarten.

Jacob gave him another command. “Take off your clothes, grab the life vest and meet me at the edge of the water.”

Alex did not say no again. He watched Jacob’s naked body walk backwards until he was at the edge of the dock. Jacob smiled, stretched his arms out wide and fell backwards into the water.

Alex’s first instinct was to save him from danger. He ran to the edge and stopped abruptly. He couldn’t see a thing. “Jacob!” he called out.

Jacob came out of the water a few feet from the dock. “C’mon, scaredy cat. Feels good in here.”

Alex put the cigarette to his mouth only to find that it burned all the way down while he was watching Jacob get naked. He flicked it towards the rocks before he made his way to the fishing boat.

He sighed out, “Jeeeeesus. The things I do for this one….”

Alex stripped down to his underwear and put on the orange life vest. He looked out onto the darkness of the water and he could barely make Jacob out, only hearing his splashing around.

He said a prayer, crossed himself and stepped back onto the docks. He made his way to the edge and sat down, putting his feet in the water. “It’s cold,” he said grumpily.

Jacob swam up to him. “No it’s not. It’s cool. And your body will adjust. You just have to get right in and submerge yourself in it.”

“No thanks.”

Jacob hoisted himself onto the dock. He flipped himself over until he was straddling Alex with his arms around Alex’s neck.

Alex welcomed Jacob’s wet body against him. “For the record, this isn’t private at all,” said Alex, rubbing up his back.

Jacob kissed his lips. “It’s nearly midnight and all the neighbors are asleep by now. Besides, unless someone shines a flashlight down here, you can’t see anything.”

“So you’ve done this before?” Alex said slyly.

Jacob shook his head. “No, not me. Gunther used to bring girls down here all the time. I remember a Darcy somebody.”

“Robbins. Darcy Robbins. I’m pretty sure she was his first.”

Jacob giggled. “Now that’s news I can tease him with.”

Alex kissed him, pulling his butt closer against him. Jacob began to kiss his neck saying, “Come in the water, Allie. Please? You taught me to like fishing. Let me teach you to like something.”

Alex groaned. Jacob took that to mean yes. He locked his feet around Alex’s back and started leaning his body backwards, taking Alex with him.

“What are you doing, Jarten?” Alex asked nervously.

But Jacob didn’t answer. Instead he yanked Alex hard, knocking him off balance just enough to pull him into the water.

Alex landed on top of Jacob as the cold surrounded him. He had a moment of panic, especially since Jacob let him go, but the vest kept his upper body and head above water. He tried to relax but it was dark and he didn’t hear Jacob splashing around.

“Jacob…. Jacob! Jake-“

The water in front of him parted and Jacob came up. “God dammit, Jarten!” Alex said angrily. “I told you I don’t swim!”

“I’m sorry,” Jacob said. He put his arm around Alex’s neck again and Alex held him tight. Alex kissed all over Jacob’s lips, face and neck. “I’m sorry,” Jacob said again. “Are you really afraid?”

Alex looked into Jacob’s brown eyes. They stared at each other, feeling the love between them.

“Terrified,” said Alex softly.

It took Jacob a moment to respond. “Well don’t be. I’m here, Allie. I’m right here. I promise.”

Alex leaned into Jacob’s neck and held on.


Alex did not leave Jacob’s bed until he absolutely had to that Friday morning to open up the shop at 8am. They touched and kissed and made love half the night.

They didn’t talk about it. Alex didn’t tell Jacob to stay away, but Jacob was going to make himself scarce anyway. He didn’t want to intrude on Alex’s time with his children.

So instead Jacob took the morning to make phone calls, one to his brother letting him know that the McColloughs were going to see the house that evening. One to his mother to let her know that he would be back in Jersey in less than two weeks. One to the middle school to make sure they received his syllabus and he was set to start at the end of August.

Then Jacob went to McKinley’s Inn and found Ian doing repairs. “Hey, Ian. I was going to see if you wanted to hang out, but you look busy.”

Ian was on a ladder installing light fixtures. “You could always lend me a hand.”

So Jacob did. He helped Ian change out all the light fixtures in the main dining room, fix a couple of door knobs and mow the backyard. Camille brought over sandwiches, sweet tea mixed with lemonade, and homemade cookies.

Ian and Jacob sat outside to enjoy lunch. Ian asked, “So no Alex today?”

Jacob swallowed his drink and didn’t look at Ian as he responded. “He has David and Sally this weekend.”

“So I’m the backup plan,” Ian said amusingly. Jacob laughed. “You’re doing alright, Jacob? Fishing with Alex is certainly a distraction but I know all of this isn’t easy for you.”

“It’s hard but I am doing alright. I feel like I’m learning so much about my father and this town. The good and the bad. I can see why he loved it here so much. Why he called it home. So it’s hard to be without him, but I’m doing alright.”

“Yeah, there is something about this town. Even if you move away, you always find your way back home.”

They ate in silence for a little while. Then Jacob asked, “So how much do you know?”

“About what?” Ian said innocently.

Jacob smiled at him. “You’re a good friend.”

Ian smiled back. “I mean, you did disappear with him for two days. I haven’t seen or heard from my best friend since Wednesday. You’re not as subtle as you think you are.”

Jacob chuckled. “I do have a question. One that I probably shouldn’t ask.”


“Is it stupid of me to think that this could be something more than… fishing?”

“Stupid? Probably,” said Ian. Jacob nodded. He already knew the answer. But then Ian spoke again.

“But Alex, he pretends to lead with his head and almost always follows his heart. He’s always getting into stupid, impossible situations because of it. Why should this be any different?”

Jacob smiled at him. “Stupid and impossible situations. That sounds about right for the both of us.”


Frank showed up first to do a last minute inspection of the staging. He said to Jacob, “If the McColloughs want it, we’ll schedule the closing next week. No point in waiting if they have the money and don’t want any changes. If not, we’ll put the For Sale sign on it tomorrow.”

But the McColloughs were thrilled with it. Angelica gushed about everything from the fireplace to the sunroom. “I think I’m going to paint the kitchen yellow. Such a nice, happy color, isn’t it?”

Jacob smiled at that, although he had just painted the kitchen white a few weeks ago. “It’s the perfect color.”

Brian said, “It’s as great inside as we thought it was going to be. Brayden will be very happy here,” he said, holding onto his infant son. He held out his free hand to Jacob instead of Frank. “So? Is it ours?”

“If you can have the money before I’m set to leave the week after next, then yes.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” Brian responded. “I’m already pre-approved at the bank and Finn is sponsoring me and Henry because he wants us to stay in Rockville, help run the orchard. We’ll be ready to sign next week.”

“Then I’ll see you next week,” said Jacob and shook his hand. They both turned to Frank.

Frank clapped his hands once. “How does Wednesday morning sound, bright and early, for the two of you? 9am?” They agreed and shook on it again.

Jacob walked everyone out and watched the cars drive away. He stood on his porch, soon to be the McCollough’s home, and smiled. He felt happiness in his heart.

Jacob went into the house and looked at the list again and what he accomplished:

 ^Take me home.

Spread my ashes between my three happiest places: *Wincheck Pond. *Baisley’s Apple Farm. Pick the last one.

Sell my father’s house. Give the job to Frank Mullens with 30% off the top. Tell him I’m sorry.

Split the profits between you, Gunther and Haley.

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6 thoughts on “Real Love Cums Hard Pt 4

  1. darryl gupton says:

    I hate this story and where it is going. So much unnecessary drama and BS going on. Just stop it.

  2. Steve says:

    Jacob need to not sell the house and move up there get a teacher job get alex to commit the whole town knowing Alex has a problem with commitment ti.e will tell I don’t see these 2 not growing old this story is very well written and it draws you in

  3. Alex says:

    I agree. Great story. Alex is trying to pull away. Even though they are in love with one another, he realizes in 8 days it’s done. I didn’t think Jacob would go through with the sale of the house. And I thought he might, or would search out a teaching position. Especially in science, which is what he really wants to teach. The next chapter has to take a drastic turn. I cannot see these two giving up on each other and going their separate ways. But! Can Alex deal with an open relationship? Because people can tell.

  4. Paul Curtis says:

    This is one of the best stories I’ve read in a while. Its realistic, romantic, and full of the ups and downs of life in general. Great character development too. I can’t wait to read more.

  5. Monte MoosJenkins says:

    Damn! I absolutely LOVE this story. Written like a screen play. Great character development and very interesting people. It’s brilliant, it’s gay and it’s life. It’s really wonderful!

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