Real Love Cums Hard Pt 5

Jacob sucked Alex’s cock and drained him so that he was nice and relaxed. Then he rimmed him nice and slow, until Alex got comfortable with the feel of someone in his forbidden body space. Alex’s tight, pink rosebud began to open up for him.

Part 4


Jacob turned around to leave when Alex called out, “I thought I would sleep with him. It would make things a hell of a lot easier if I could. But I felt like I’d be cheating on you. So I didn’t go through with it. I slept on the couch. Then I came home.”

Jacob turned back around to face Alex. “Okay.”


Jacob walked out of the shop and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. He knew in his heart Alex was telling the truth. But it bothered him tremendously that Alex even attempted to be with someone else, to try to make his feelings go away.

Jacob turned back around and opened the door.

Alex was standing there with his eyes closed and head bowed as if in prayer. The sound of the bell on the door made him open his eyes.

“Don’t ever do that again,” said Jacob, angrily. “I don’t care what you do after I leave, but for the rest of my time here, I want all of you. You’re with me. So act like it. Okay?”

“Okay,” Alex said right away. “I’m with you.”

Jacob nodded. “I’ll see you tonight.” He left Alex standing there, feeling a lot bolder and braver than he ever felt in his life.


They didn’t talk about it again. Alex put steaks on the grill for dinner and they ate in the sunroom. They listened to David Bowie, Elton John and The Rolling Stones.

Alex told him that Marguerite had someone in her life that she was keeping from her children for now. And Jacob gave his own commentary on how hard it was to see his mother with another man, who was now her husband Mark. But her happiness made them happy for her.

They read together in bed, Alex picking up The Bourne Identity and quickly getting into it. Jacob decided to finally read The Covenant rather than leave it as a placeholder for his father’s list. Jacob fell asleep first, tired from staying up the night before.

When he awoke sometime in the middle of the night, all the lights were off and Alex was snuggled against him. Jacob caressed his skin gently and watched him sleep for a while before he fell back asleep.

In the morning they made love and went fishing, catching and releasing.

Jacob walked Alex to his car. “Gunther and Haley should be on their way already. If all goes well tomorrow, I’ll be homeless,” Jacob joked.

“But you’ll be a couple of thousands of dollars richer,” Alex reminded him. “Tell Gunther to come find me at the shop. I’d love to see him, hang out with him. And you come find me on Wednesday when it’s all said and done.”

“Are you going to tell him about us?” Jacob asked.

Alex shook his head. “That’s your job, sweetheart.” He gave Jacob a peck and hopped into his truck.


Jacob was out front sitting on the dock when Gunther’s burgundy Ford Granada came up. He stepped out and opened the door for their sister Haley, who was about six months pregnant with her second child.

Jacob hugged both of them, and helped them bring their overnight bags into the house. “Wow,” said Haley. “It looks so good. Like a brand new house.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” agreed Jacob. “They did a paint job and landscaping. And a power wash on the porch.”

Gunther again said, “Thank you for taking care of all this, Jacob. You’ve been a good son to him.”

Jacob walked them through what was left. “The sunroom stays the same. Angelica said she wanted all of grandma’s nick knacks, table and swing. I took all the books, Gunther, you and I can split them. And Haley, I set aside all of the curtains, quilts, small pillows and the handmade throws that Grandma Rose made.”

Haley let a few tears drop and hugged him again. “Thank you, Jacob.”

“Hey, I want all the records,” Gunther said, going through them.

Jacob cringed behind his back. “I promised a few of them to Alex. The dancing and disco ones.”

Gunther scoffed. “He doesn’t get the Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever or ABBA.”

“Donna Summer, the Bees Gees, yes. I didn’t ask about the other two.”

Gunther scoffed again. “Don’t worry, I’ll straighten him out. I’m headed into town later today.”

“Well how about I make us some breakfast and we’ll take a walk together?” Haley suggested.

“I’ll help, Hales,” said Jacob. “I don’t want you on your feet too long.”

“And I’m going for a swim,” Gunther said. He dug into his bag for his swim trunks and left his younger siblings in the kitchen.

As they began making pancakes, Jacob asked, “How are you, Haley? Really?”

“I’m doing fine. This one has been exhausting. I hope it’s a boy because Tony said we’re going to keep trying until he gets his Anthony junior.” A shadow crossed her face, but then she recovered. “But really, I’m fine.”

Jacob did not like that at all, but he let it go. “How is Amelia? You could have brought her along with you.”

“Oh it would have been too much, with the closing tomorrow. Her four-year-old brain couldn’t handle sitting for that long. So I sent her to Mother’s for the night.”

“Really?” Jacob was confused. “She’s not home with her father?”

“No, Tony couldn’t be bothered with watching her. She can be a handful.”

“No she’s not,” said Jacob. “She’s bright and inquisitive and asks good questions. A lot of questions, but all good and age appropriate. I mean, he’s her father, at the very least he could have watched her-“

“Stop,” Haley said, holding up her hand. “I know what you’re doing. Just stop.” She went back to mixing the bowl.

Jacob let a moment pass, then said, “So Dad has a message for you.” Haley looked up at him. “He wanted me to sell the house and split the profits three ways. But then he said specifically, ‘Tell Haley to be smart like her mother, and stash it for a rainy day.'” He waited for her reaction.

At first she didn’t respond. After she put some batter into the frying pan, she turned to her younger brother. “Tony is a good man. He takes good care of me and he loves our daughter.”

“But he doesn’t love you, Hales,” Jacob countered. “It’s a marriage of convenience.”

“And where has love gotten any of us? Except Gunther. He and Darlene are madly in love. But not you, not me, not mom.”

“Mark loves mom,” Jacob interjected.

“He does. Mom made sure that she had someone in her life that loved her more than she loved him. So she would never be hurt again.” Jacob was quiet at that, knowing what she said was true.

Her sister continued. “Now, Tony is financially well off and we have a family together. So that’s it.”

Jacob let a moment pass, then said, “Well, will you at least do what Dad said? Keep the money for yourself?”

“He’s my husband and he already suspects I will get something. If Tony knows I have it, then he’ll take it,” she said, focusing on making scrambled eggs.

“Then how about this,” Jacob said, already expecting that response. “I set up an account with both our names on it. I won’t touch it. If you ever need it, just take it. No questions asked.” He waited.

“Okay,” Haley said eventually. Jacob reached over and hugged his big sister tightly.

After breakfast, the three of them walked into town. Gunther, more familiar with Rockville and the community than the two of them, happily stopped in every shop to say hello. He was stopped by Owen McIntyre and they got into a deep political conversation about the war so Jacob and Haley moved on.

Gunther met up with them at McKinley’s Inn and practically jumped into Ian’s arms, excited to see each other again after so many years. They had lunch at the Inn, then Haley wanted to rest so Ian and Gunther stayed, while Roy drove Jacob and Haley home.

Haley went upstairs and Jacob fell asleep on the couch with his book on his chest when loud laughter and the opening of the front door startled him awake. He sat up and watched Gunther and Ian step in. And Alex. Jacob’s breath caught in his throat.

“Alex,” he spoke first.

“Hi yourself,” Alex responded and grinned at him, holding a bag of charcoal, his muscles bulging. Jacob felt himself blush.

“We’re grilling chicken and steaks tonight,” Gunther said happily, holding up the bags in his hand. Ian had three six packs of beer.

“We just grilled yesterday,” Jacob said.

“Did we now?” Alex teased, still smiling and winked.

Jacob turned away, growing pinker. But the three men went straight to the backyard, talking loudly and setting up the charcoal.

Jacob sat in the same spot, trying to decide if he should go out there or not. Haley came down the stairs. She had chained into a sundress that was inches shorter than the dress she wore earlier and had her hair down.

“Oh gosh, the boys are back. It’s just going to get rowdier from here on out now that Alex has joined them.” Haley slipped on her shoes and said, “I’m going to go find Darcy. Shelby said she was around for the summer.”

But she looked out into the backyard and sighed. “That Alex Lionel… Gorgeous, ain’t he? I had such a crush on him growing up.”

That caught Jacob’s attention. “You did?”

“Of course. All the girls did. But he never looked my way. He liked flasher girls, like he was trying to prove something. Shelby used to laugh at me, tell me he’s out of my league. I’ll go say hello before I head out.”

She grabbed the keys to the Ford and started walking toward the backyard but then she turned to Jacob. “What’s going with you?”


“Why are you just sitting there frozen? I thought you were hanging out with Ian and Alex these last few weeks.”

Jacob hated keeping things from Haley. She was the first person he came out to at 17 years old and had always been his biggest supporter. But he didn’t want to let her know just yet.

“We’ll talk about it later.” He stood up and followed her outside.

As soon as they crossed the sunroom into the backyard, Ian looked up and whistled. Alex grinned and said, “Look at Halley’s Comet, brightening up our orbit!”

“Oh stop it,” Haley said and blushed. She gave Alex a hug and said, “I’m leaving you boys to…whatever you all are doing tonight.”

She patted Jacob’s shoulder before walking through the backyard to the front of the house. Jacob grabbed a beer and sat in the corner to watch the three of them spend time together.

They reminisced a lot, discussed the trouble Alex used to get them into and where they were in their lives now. The trio talked about how Owen was a complete dick since he came back from the war, and that Ian nor Alex had any dealings with him. From their 40 minute conversation, Gunther agreed.

They traded cigarettes and Ian smoked with them, something he rarely did, not even with Alex. Jacob could almost see their teenage selves, the way they teased each other one moment and would laugh and fall into hugs the next. Every now and then Alex would glance his way and smile and Jacob would smile back.

But they didn’t interact. Even at the table for dinner when Haley came back and squeezed between Ian and Alex, which put Alex closer to him. Or afterwards as they lit the tiki torches in the backyard and started up a game of Black Jack. Jacob yearned to be close to him, but kept his composure.

After Haley said goodnight and went upstairs to sleep, Gunther said, “Who’s up for midnight fishing?”

Jacob looked up in confusion. “Wait, you can do that?”

Gunther looked at his brother in disbelief. “That’s when Dad mostly did his fishing, Jake. After you all would go to bed he would be out on his boat, catching and releasing muskies.”

“I don’t remember that at all,” Jacob said with his face scrunched up.

“Yeah well, you hated fishing, so he never brought you out with us. But the two of us used to go out after dark all the time. It’s how we spent time together.”

“Fish actually bite better at night,” Alex confirmed.

“What!?” He turned to Alex. “You’ve been dragging me up at 5am for fishing when we could have done it at night!?”

Gunther and Ian laughed out loud. Alex smirked at him. “You had to learn the basics.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Jacob said feigning anger. Alex winked at him, making him blush again.

Gunther laughed and jumped up. “Let’s go.”

So the four of them got into Alex’s boat and took it a mile out into the lake. They each choose a spot on the boat and put their lines out. Ian and Gunther were on one side and Alex and Jacob were on the other.

Alex finished setting up, lit a cigarette and walked over to Jacob. “You okay, sweetheart? You’re real quiet tonight.”

“Yes. It’s just… I feel like I’m lying to Gunther. Everyone on this boat knows about us but him.”

“So tell him,” he said as he puffed.

Jacob looked at him in surprise. “I thought you wanted to keep it private. You’re not exactly out.”

“I’m not. But he’s your brother. So if it’s important to you, tell him.” He ran his hand through Jacob’s hair before he walked back to his spot.

They fished for about an hour and half, each catching many fish, including Jacob. Afterwards, Alex said, “This ain’t the Jarten’s dock any more, so time to take it home.” So they helped Alex hoist the boat out of the water and hook it back onto his Bronco.

Gunther gave Ian and Alex hugs. “It was so good to spend time with you both.”

“Don’t be a stranger, Gunther,” said Ian. “Come up anytime.”

“I will. I definitely will. Thanks for looking out for Jacob too, both of you. It means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to my father too.”

‘”Of course. Jacob is family to us McKinleys,” said Ian.

“He’s one of a kind, that’s for sure,” Alex said, smiling at him.

Gunther gave them handshakes and more hugs, then began to walk inside the house. When he realized Jacob wasn’t following him, he said, “You’re coming, Jake?”

“In a minute. I need to talk to Alex.”

“Oh. Okay.” Gunther went inside.

Alex tapped the box and opened up his Camels. He put a cigarette in his mouth. But Jacob quickly walked up, snatched it from between his lips and kissed him.

Alex let out a low growl and slipped his tongue inside of Jacob’s hungry mouth. Jacob grabbed Alex’s shirt with both hands and tongued him back. Alex put his hands on Jacob’s bottom and pulled him close.

Ian, who they both forgot was standing there, said, “Alrighty. I’ll start walking back. Pick me up along the way, Alex.” He turned around and headed down the path.

After a few minutes of kissing, Jacob moved his face into Alex’s neck and held onto him. Alex rubbed the back of his neck and said, “Gotta go, sweetheart. We got poor Ian walking home.”

“I know. I feel awful,” Jacob said as he kissed Alex’s neck.

“Nah. Don’t. He understands.” Alex lifted Jacob’s chin so their lips met again.

Jacob let Alex go and watched him climb into his truck. He began driving away but then looked into the side mirror at Jacob and smiled. Jacob smiled back.


Jacob thought he was the first up, but through his open window he saw that his brother was already at the base of the dock staring out into the water as the sun was rising. Jacob went outside to join him.

Gunther was smoking a cigarette when Jacob stood next to him. “I need to quit,” Gunther said.

“You will. When you’re ready,” said Jacob.

“Is it crazy that I feel so close to him here?” Gunther asked. “Closer than I’ve felt to him in the last 16 years?”

“You’re standing on the spot where I spread his ashes. So no. Not crazy.”

Gunther looked down, as if he expected to see dust at his feet. He gave his brother a sad smile. “He once told me that fishing brought him the greatest happiness, until he had me, his first born. That anytime we spent together, no matter where we were, it was his happiest place.”

Gunther wiped his eyes before the tears fell. Jacob had an epiphany. “Gunther? Do you want Dad’s ashes?”

Gunther looked confused. “I thought you said-“

“He didn’t specify that it needed to be spread in Rockville. He said to spread them in his three happiest places. The pond, where he went fishing. The orchard, where he learned the value of hard work paying off. I think you’re his third happiest place. And I think he would want you to have a piece of him.”

“I don’t know… So I just have an urn sitting on my coffee table? That’s a little creepy, isn’t it?”

“Well, maybe not in an urn, maybe…” Jacob was thoughtful. “Camille makes hourglasses. She could mix the ashes with the sand from the pond and create one for you.”

Gunther considered the idea, then his face lit up. “I would love that.”

“So it’s settled. I’ll have Camille make you an hourglass from Dad’s ashes and bring it home to you.”

“Thanks, little brother.” They hugged. “Hey, do you mind if I stay out here a little while longer by myself? I have a couple more things I need to say to my father.”

“Sure, Gunny.” Jacob squeezed his shoulder and left him.

Jacob went to sit on the porch steps. A few minutes later Haley came out and sat with him. He smiled at her and she smiled back. “I meant to tell you, you seem happy here in Rockville. Really at peace.”

“I am,” Jacob confirmed with a nod. “This town is small but its heart is big. Such a wonderful community here.”

“Would you consider staying? Or would you visit every summer like Dad did?”

“I’m definitely visiting every summer,” Jacob said. “As far as moving here, it would take something really big to happen for me to do it. Like… like if Alex asked me to stay.” He waited for her reaction.

Haley looked up at him sharply. She began to smile at Jacob’s sly grin. “Start talking, little brother.”

Jacob laughed. But then he did, telling Haley everything from the moment he saw Alex at the first Mass service to last night’s kiss.

Haley listened without commentary, then said, “You care about him a lot. And now that I think of it, I can see that he has a thing for you too. He glanced at you all through dinner, looking at you when you weren’t looking at him. I can see it, you and Alex. He’s definitely smitten.”

“Well he made it clear that all we’re doing is fucking and fishing,” Jacob said and rolled his eyes.

“It sounds like you’ve been doing a whole lot more than that,” she said with her eyebrow raised. She patted his thigh. “Promise me you won’t leave here without telling him how you feel, Jacob.”

“Sure, I’ll welcome him breaking my heart. Why not?” Jacob said sarcastically.

“He might surprise you. Alex was always full of surprises.”

They watched Gunther walk over to them and Jacob stopped talking. He knew he would have to tell Gunther at some point that day, but not yet. Gunther had a look of grief on his face and needed the support of his siblings.

Gunther sat next to Jacob. Jacob reached over and took his hand, then Haley’s hand. Gunther began to cry first. Then Haley started sniffling. Jacob was last to let tears fall from his eyes.

They sat in silence listening to the gentle laps of the water against the rocks, missing their father, but knowing he was there with them as they said goodbye to their summer home.


After all the paperwork was signed, Frank’s assistant Millie wrote out three checks of equal amount to each of the Jarten children.

Haley slid hers over to Jacob and nodded. “For a rainy day,” she said quietly. Jacob nodded back.

Gunther stared at his check for a while, then neatly folded it and put it in his shirt pocket.

Frank handed Brian the keys and said, “Welcome home, McCulloughs.”

Brian gave all three Jarten siblings handshakes and thanked them profusely. Angelica gave them hugs and also thanked them, swearing they would do right by their family home and would always cherish it.

Millie brought out cake, even though it was only 10am. Jacob looked around the room at all the happy faces, also happy he was able to check a few more items off Mikel’s list. He decided to do one more.

Jacob went over to shake Frank’s hand again. “Thank you, Frank, for everything you’ve done.”

“It was my pleasure, Jacob,” he said, patting his shoulder.

“Yes but…” Jacob hesitated. “Frank, I know what my father did to you. What he did with… Janet.” Frank waited. “One of Mikel’s last wishes was to tell you that he’s sorry for what he did.”

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10 thoughts on “Real Love Cums Hard Pt 5

  1. Fr. Mark Schwarz says:

    Everybody just hush up and pass the Kleenex box! You know, it’s hard to read when the tears are running down the inside of your glasses. “Big Eden,” anybody? Cannot wait for the final chapters.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m such a sap! When. George had the heart to heart with Jacob, about knowing Alex is gay, I started crying. This story is so romantic. I was disappointed that Jacob and the family sold the house. I would love Jacob to move in with Alex, both admit their love for one another and be happy ever after!

  3. Bill says:

    A beautiful and poignant story….it took me awhile to get into it and realise what I was reading and how it was affecting me. The author has done a fantastic job of character development. Absolutely stunning writing – BRAVO!

  4. Jim Bell says:

    While I appreciate what all authors have done on this site, this has got to be the best story ever submitted here. Thank you.

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