Rendezvous At Seattle Bathhouse

Having shared a one-bath house experience in Edmonton, Sunny and Pat decide to meet up in Seattle and to have another amazing tryst. This time the two decide on being total strangers to each other, like it was the first time. It proved not only hot for them, but for their many onlookers who got an eyeful.


Chapter 1

Navigating the airport, Seattle’s LRT and checking into the hotel was a breeze. That’s another great reason Seattle sits at the top of our list for great cities to visit. Sunny had arrived earlier and had checked into the room, but he wasn’t there when I came in, which was going exactly as planned.

I quickly took to work on my luggage and neatly organized my belongings into the drawers. Living out of a piece of luggage is no fun and having parts of my travel still feel like home keeps me grounded. I made quick work of it and put out some clothes to wear out. I stripped down, turned on the hot water and popped in for a nice hot relaxing shower before a superb night ahead of me.

In the shower, my thoughts went quickly to what was about to transpire this evening. I had been over so many scenarios of what a perfect hook up would look like over the past couple of weeks. On the plane I had a plan of attack for when I got to the bath house. Here I was in the shower now going over the plan in my head one more time, and it was getting me pretty excited.

I lathered up a wash cloth and applied a generous amount of body wash and started to wash my body. The soap lathered generously and I covered every inch. I spent a little longer on my penis as it was semi-erect and getting bigger with more of my dirty thoughts. The soap was amazing to glide my hand up and down my shaft. I closed my eyes thinking of how many men would be touching my cock and sucking on my cock in just the next hour or so. Mmmmmmm.

I gave a few vigorous strokes to my penis to bring myself close to cumming and stopped. Sunny has been teaching me to edge myself. He drives me crazy, edging me for hours before begging him to let me cum. Wow, what a gusher he gets when he lets me release. He makes sure to swallow every drop, which he’ll be doing a lot of this evening. I grab a towel to dry off and pop out of the shower. Another ten minutes and I’m walking out the door with the hotel key card, a bag with lube, shower shoes, some cash and my phone. The GPS has the Seattle Steamworks location locked and I have about a 20-minute walk. Checking my watch, Sunny will be walking through the door any minute to get ahead. This is going to be a fun night.

Chapter 2

I love walking through downtown Seattle. There’s a good vibe to the city and being so close to water brings a nice fresh breeze to the streets. It’s a perfect late afternoon and the streets are starting to pick up with activity as people head out for evening adventures. My adventure is largely non-eventful. Typical streetscapes, people milling about and I’m just following the directions on my phone. I stop to take a quick look to see where I’m at and it looks like I’m within 2 minutes of the bathhouse we picked.

I do a scan as I look up and a muscular, short-haired black man walks by me real close. As he continues walking, he does a quick glance back to me and our eyes lock briefly. He smiles, winks and continues to stride. My cell phone is telling me to cut through a side street, and I see that I am now following the gentleman. I see up ahead that he is looking for a sign on a side wall, he stops and opens a door. My cell phone has my end point right around that location. Nice. My heart starts to race.

I’ve only had one other experience with a bathhouse and it was with Sunny. We were both nervous and not sure what to expect. There were some creepy men that kept staring and following us around. That part was weird. There was some fun at the slurp ramp, but Sunny took a shine to the first douchebag that came along and invited him back to our room. Let’s just say, that won’t be happening ever again.

The black man who just entered the bathhouse ahead of me was good-looking, fit and I could definitely see a big bulge in his tight shorts. I’d love to get my hands, and mouth all over that. Mmmmmm.

By the time I got through the door and up the creaky stairs to the main reception the black man had already been processed and likely on his way to get undressed. Darn. I’ll be on the lookout for him over the course of the couple of hours we had planned to stick around.

I paid for a locker with cash, checked in under Barney Rubble and grabbed my towel and a couple of condoms that were sitting in a bowl on the front desk. I was hoping not to have to use them as fucking a guy bareback is the way I like it. Shooting my cum deep into guys is a major turn on for sure.

As I was entering the locker room, there were several men already there in various states of undress. You can tell the newbies because they are shy and all wrapped up in their towels. The old-timers usually have their towels around their necks and like showing off their hairy floppy cocks and like to get real close when they talk to you.

I largely ignored the men there, not my type, got undressed, stashed my stuff and put the key ring around my wrist. I headed out down the dark hallways in search of Sunny. I’m also looking for a nice-looking man with a large penis to play with first. I want Sunny to watch me pleasuring another man, kissing him and generally get him uber jealous.

Walking through the maze-like hallways, you have rooms with mostly locked doors. Behind some of them you can hear the moans of men taking cocks in the ass and enjoying the moment. I love that sound. I wonder if Sunny is in any of these rooms with some guy’s cock inside of him. I won’t be happy if that’s the case. That wasn’t the plan. Sunny is quick to jump on the first guy that looks his way, so it is possible.

After a lap on the main level without luck on eyeing up a potential tryst or finding my Sunny, I see a set of stairs that lead down. Again, creaky and dark. Other men are coming up the stairs and we brush each other. One of the men feels for my cock, which is semi-erect. I stopped on the stairs and let him feel me some more. We have to carry on as more men are climbing the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, I look in and see a bit of a wet area. There are some creepy looking sauna doors and an area with a couple of open showers. I look over and see the hot tub, and to my delight see the man of my dreams.

He’s kind of nerdy, Asian and can suck cock like a world champion. We met up in a bathhouse chatroom. I went out on business and our couple hour tryst turned into overnight and another overnight stay a week later. A month later, we spent a week in Mexico and we both fell hard for each other. The long distance has been tough, but we finally managed to make a long-weekend trip to Seattle work.

There he was chatting up two other men in the hot tub. My Sunny, he loves an audience. I smiled and started to walk towards the hot tub area. Sunny’s back was to me, and the two men he was entertaining were in front of him. As I got closer, I saw that Sunny had his hands on both their erect cocks. They were pretty small. Every couple of strokes he would put one of the cocks in his mouth and one of the pasty white guys would close his eyes and concentrate on the feeling.

As I came right up behind Sunny, standing on the deck, I dropped my towel. The one white guy’s eye’s popped looking at my hung cock.

“Gentlemen, mind if I join the party.” I said.

I walked around to the right to enter the hot tub via the stairs. Both men eyeballed me while Sunny was still working the small penis in his mouth. As I descended, Sunny looked up. We made eye contact, he let the flaccid penis fall from his mouth and smiled at me.

“You’re a cute little fucker,” I said. “How would you like to take my thick uncut penis for a ride?”

Sunny was speechless, which is unusual. He stood up and pushed the two pasty white guys aside and lumbered through the water towards me. Without a word, he lowered himself into the hot water, grabbed my penis and opened his mouth, moving it towards the tip of my cock. My penis throbbed in his hand. I was super excited. Sunny looked up to me and then buried my cock in his mouth.

The two onlookers were slightly miffed at being immediately dropped, but as they saw my cock grow before their eyes, they knew they’re time with Sunny was over. I let Sunny have a couple of minutes of fun devouring my cock. I know how much he loves it.

I soon pulled him to his feet and grabbed his head with my two hands and aggressively started kissing him. Shoving my tongue in his mouth and exchanging saliva. A couple of more men had entered the spa area and were watching intently. Some of them stroking their semi-erect penises. I looked up, and grabbed Sunny by the hand and led him out of the hot tub towards the showers.

Chapter 3

While we’re both covered with soap and suds, I take a look around to make sure there are plenty of horny men watching just wishing they could join in. I plant a passionate kiss on your lips followed quickly by wildly probing your mouth with my tongue. I take your head in both my man-sized hands and kiss you slowly, deeply and passionately.

I make my way to your earlobes and gently suck and lick my tongue on the underside just the way you like. A little nibble or two before kissing your neck and making my way down to your chest and left nipple. Both my hands would be lightly resting on your shoulders while I explore your chest and nipples with my tongue. Your eyes are closed and I see you enjoying every sensation my tongue is giving you. Your excitement is clearly on display and your gentle moans tell me to go further.

I’m checking out the men gathering around watching this show we orchestrated. I’ve never been so turned on pleasuring a guy by having some random naked guys stroking their cocks. Each one of them is just hoping they’ll get a nod to join us. And one of them just might be that lucky.

I start lowering myself in front of you until I’m facing your beautiful hard penis. You’re excited and bigger than usual. I grab your penis and slowly stroke it making sure everyone gets a good look. I’m really sending a message that this cock is mine to do what I want with. You’ve got your eyes closed and your back is against the shower stall waiting in anticipation. Again, your moans are urging me to go further.

I continue to stroke your penis, your moans grow louder. I’m looking to the horny men for their approval to put your cock in my mouth. Some of them are stroking themselves while watching, some are licking their lips and some are leaning in and taking steps forward.

I look around and spot one of the men with an 8-inch monster and he’s really working it with his hand. I motion for him to come closer. He starts moving slowly towards me and I start to open my mouth. Sunny is really moaning loudly and begging me to put your cock in my mouth.

This man and his giant penis are getting closer within reach of my hand. I turn towards your cock, open my mouth and take your cock all the way into my throat and you gasp with pleasure. I keep it there and take deep breaths to avoid gagging for as long as possible. When I finally come off of your penis, I look around and all the men are stroking themselves. Some start stroking each other, but all are watching me. I love the attention.

The 8-incher has now moved closer to my face and I take a hold of it with my hand and slowly draw back the foreskin. I take Sunny’s penis in my left hand and lightly stroke him. The look on his face says it all. He’s enjoying the attention, and wants me to continue pleasuring him. But he also recognizes the opportunity I have right in front of my face. This massive penis isn’t going to suck itself and I really want my first load of cum in my mouth. I look up to Sunny and our eyes lock.

Chapter 4

Sunny smiles, and then nods. His hands grab around my head as he comes face-to-face and burrows in with a passionate kiss. What an amazing moment. Sunny then uses his hands to guide my head towards the man’s throbbing, hard cock. “You want it, you go get it Patrick,” he said. “Make sure to share his sweet load with me.”

With that bit of encouragement, I madly began to pleasure this monster with my mouth and tongue. I was so into sliding my mouth along the man’s shaft, lifting it to lick and suck on his balls, and stroking him I didn’t see what was happening around me. First, Sunny was facing the man and making out with him. The two of them were really giving some nice tongue action.

Next thing I noticed, the crowd of horny men seemed to be forming around us and closing in. They were jerking their cocks, and touching each other. A couple would venture over and touch brush their penises up against my head and rub my back. Some are getting closer with their cocks hoping a line will form and my mouth will turn into a cum dump.

This is all adding the excitement and the guy I’m devouring has just increased the volume on his moaning which tells me he’s about to deliver me a mouthful of creamy goodness. I quicken my pace, bobbing my head on his cock faster and using my hand to stroke him so he’ll blow.

“I’m cumming buddy! Get ready! Ohhhhh, here it cums,” he grunts out.

I’m jerking him with my mouth wide open so the crowd can see the streams of cum coat my tongue and face. His moaning subsides, I slow my pace and instead of licking the man’s cock clean, I turn and get up to where Sunny is helping the man slow his breathing.

I’ve still got a full load of the man’s seed in my mouth, and I wrap my hands around Sunny’s face to guide his mouth to mine. Sunny’s tongue probes and swirls his tongue into mine and withdraws to swallow his cum. He comes back for more several time until the two of us have devoured the sweetness.

I take Sunny’s hand and guide him to the showers. A couple of the men looked dejected while several others decided to make a party on their own. One guy was working two cocks and was enjoying ever second of it. We turned on the hot water in the shower and you held each other and let our heartbeats snync again. I like to hold hands with Sunny and interlock our fingers. For one Sunny loves it, and two it tells the men that he belongs to me. I decide it is time to take Sunny to his room. It has been so long since we had one-on-one time with each other.

We had countless masturbation sessions by video chat these past six months. Sunny loved when I whipped out my cock and got hard and stroked until I came all over myself. He would really encourage me with his dirty talk, but it wasn’t the same as in the flesh. I wanted to taste his cock. I wanted to feel myself deep inside of him. I wanted to hold him, kiss him, love him like no other.

As I guided him through the maze of the bathhouse leaving the wet area, I noticed a play area with a couple of slings hanging from the rafter and a lone dim light shining down. I took one look at my man and he gave me a grin and a wink and made his way to a body sling. These slings are a little more complicated than they look. I helped Sunny navigate gravity and balancing on the black pvc sling until he was properly situated with easy access to his asshole. I was standing between his spread legs and leaned down to share an embrace. From there my tongue and hands slowly glided down his body where my mouth found his hard cock and my hand played with his balls. After a couple of minutes I decided to go further south with my tongue finding his sweet puckered asshole. Sunny gasped in delight. Nothing excites him more than one of my world famous rim jobs. I like to do a nice job wetting his hole and getting him prepared to take my huge cock.

While I’m making his hole wet, I’m rubbing my cock to get it to a full mast. It’s been so long since Sunny had my cock, I want the memories to rush back when he feels every inch of me inside of him. I can tell he is approaching the point where he’ll soon be begging me to fuck him. I always make him beg me. It’s such a turn on for both of us.

“Put it in me! Shove your big cock in me! I want it now! Pump me, fuck me dump your see in me,” he squealed in delight.

I’m more than ready to deliver. I stand up with my cock in hand, I approach his wet hole and guide the tip of my cock into his wet hole. I just like to start with the tip and let his asshole get adjusted. Sunny lightly moans. I push my cock in past the head and in about two inches. Sunny gasps and is holding his breath. No that I’m in and I can feel Sunny tightening his sphincter around my cock I grab onto the two support ropes holding the sling to the ceiling. Having a firm grasp of the ropes, I inch them towards me which sinks my cock deeper into Sunny. Another inch, and then another and then I pause. I’m still not all the way in, but I want Sunny’s ass to be ready. I’m being overly dramatic on the pause. Sunny is holding his breath. I finally slam the ropes as far forward brining Sunny’s body toward me and I thrust my hips towards him burying my cock deep inside him. Between the ropes and my hip movements I develop a good pace of driving my cock deep inside. This is our first time on a sling and the experience is pretty amazing. I’ve never been this deep inside and been able to keep up this rapid pace of pounding his ass. Gravity is definitely our friend in this moment.

In the heat of the moment once again, our activities in the playroom didn’t go unnoticed. This time it was a lone gentleman that was intently watching from the doorway. He had his towel wrapped around his waist and was stroking the growing bulge under his towel. I look over and our eyes meet. He is very interested in fucking Sunny’s sweet hole, and I’m feeling kind of curious of watching that happen.

Chapter 5

The swinging motion is perfectly timed with my cock gliding in and out of of Sunny’s ass. The zero-gravity feeling and suspension of weight makes it effortless to pound and pummel this sweet, still wet hole.

Pounding Sunny this way is unlike any pounding I’ve given him since we met. All I am thinking about is bringing my cock to the point of no return and unloading a large load of hot creamy cum deep inside of him. This is feeling oh so good. Something catches my eye across the room and as I glance over to the archway leading in the room I spot a mysterious looking gentleman.

The man’s big smile on his face wasn’t the only thing on this man that was plus size. The bulge beneath his towel was sporting a plus-size member. He was stroking its long length while watching me sinking more of myself into Sunny on the swing.

He slowly reached to his waist to undo and loosen his towel. It dropped to the floor and in the same motion slowly stroked his penis. He brought his hand up to his mouth and added some saliva which he liberally applied to his engorged cock head. He was preparing himself and licking his lips in anticipation. I scanned his face and saw a man with pure lust in his eyes. It was exciting. He kept looking to me, then to Sunny, but then back to me looking for permission to engage.

With my cock fully engorged and impaled balls deep, I stop myself swinging and lean in towards Sunny face. He is still immersed in pleasure and concentrating on the sensations my cock is giving his nether regions. Leaning across the front of his body, I find his mouth and probe my tongue inside in a passionate kiss. My cock is still inside of you twitching, and I can tell you don’t want me to pull out by the way your muscles are contracting on me. I take another look towards the doorway and his eyes follow me. Sunny’s eyes says it all. He clearly has zeroed in on this man’s 7-inch, thick girthy cock and is immediately thinking about how good that is going to feel.

“You’re make this gentleman happy now,” I whisper in his ear.

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