Rescue Suck Mission

“I’ll write you a cheque if you like,” I said, not understanding his innuendo, “Or I’ll do a bank transfer if you’d rather.”

“How about a bit of body transfer instead?” Paul said, “We can soon arrange that!”

“What the hell are you on about?” I said from my watery position and Paul laughed.

“Ha – let’s wait until you’ve warmed up, then we’ll see,” he said, leaving me none the wiser.

But I’d finished my coffee now and the glow was warming me nicely all through as Paul looked me over.

“Ok – I reckon you’ll do,” he said, rising once more and still there was that long ridge of distended flesh before my eyes, “You coming out?”

“Yeah, ok,” I replied as I tore my eyes away and stood up too, “Got a towel handy, I want to cover up.”

“Let’s get you out of the bath first,” he suggested and as he spoke he extended his arms to me.

He held my bare hips as I stepped over the sill, still a little wobbly and then, once I’d landed on the bath mat, he sank to his knees before me.

And before I knew it he had his hand around my penis; my penis that once again quickly rose and grew in size.

“Hey – what the hell are you doing?” I gasped but Paul wasn’t to be distracted.

“Just making you feel even warmer!” he said.

His hand smoothly moved up and down my length before retracting my foreskin fully, then before I could think to move he leaned forward and allowed my cock to slide deep into his mouth!

“Ooooh fuck, hey, stop that,” I moaned, my voice quivering, “Ooo-ooo-oooh, that’s nice – you shouldn’t…”

The feeling was too enjoyable to even wonder about the gayness of his mouth; all I could do was to just let it happen.

Anyway, Paul wasn’t about to let up now; he had one hand around my shaft and the other was holding my ass with his fingers delving into my crack while his mouth devoured my cock. His tongue was swirling around my sensitive knob, sending shocking waves of pleasure all through me, frighteningly exciting in their intensity.

“Ooooh God!” I moaned, my hips now beginning to thrust my penis at him, “That’s lovely Paul!”

Paul removed my saliva-soaked cock from his mouth and looked at it.

“You’re right, it is,” he said, “Nice mouthful Chris – now, are you going to let me have a nice mouthful of spunk?”

His hand was sliding up and down my shaft steadily before he popped my cock back into his mouth, his eyes on mine.

“If you keep doing that I probably will!” I said, considerably shocked by this turn of events, “Ohhh my God – that’s feels so good – so sexy!”

He’d just done something with his tongue and I felt my cock jerk hard from the exciting sensation.

“Oooohh fuck – you’re really gonna make me cum!” I said, now feeling the sensations building up inside me, “You’d better take him out.”

Briefly Paul did so, his eyes still locked onto mine.

“You’re joking,” he said, “I’m not sucking you for nothing – come on, let it go!”

And then his prehensile lips and his probing tongue were once again at work, stirring things up – it felt too good to stop him. His busy mouth worked hard and steadily then more quickly now…

“Ooohh fuck, I’ll be cumming soon,” I moaned, “Yeahhhh, get ready, nearly there…”

While Paul’s mouth was busy, so was his hand, his fingers now exploring my asshole, his fingertip pushing into my tightly pursed flesh and sending ever more wild sensations to my brain and balls.

“Oooh yessss,” I heard myself moan as his fingertip briefly penetrated me, “Careful Paul – ahhhh – shit; that hurt.”

“Sorry” he muttered around my cock, “Tried two fingers. We need some lube.”

But the feeling he’d created had stirred other things to boiling point and I needed nothing more right now – his mouth was about to get flooded.

“Ooooh, get ready. It’s cumming, its cumming!” I cried, “Aaaahhhhh, here it cums!”

With a final strained grunt I felt my hips thrust my cock at Paul’s throat and my cock jerk hard.

“Uuuuhhhh!” I cried as I felt a large wad of spunk leave my penis, my straining, jerking, thrusting penis that was now well buried in his mouth.

“Oooooh, oooooh, yeahhhhh!” I moaned as more shots of hot cum fired into his mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” hummed Paul, his cheeks now puffed out to contain all my juices, “Oooooohh!”

I was breathing hard now; the effort of cumming so powerfully had almost exhausted me and I felt my knees trembling.

“Geeeez – that was good,” I said once I’d got my breath back, “Fuckin’ hell Paul, you’re good at that!”

Down below Paul let my cock slide from his mouth, his lips smeared with white cum. He looked up at me as he swallowed then smiled contentedly. Quickly and briefly he took hold of my penis and sucked it back into his mouth again, removing any last dribbles of cum. Then he kissed the tip of my cock, released it and stood up before me.

And before I could react his hands came up and held my head; his mouth closed on mine, his firm tongue pushing the flavour of my cum into my mouth.

“Uuuummmm!” I mouthed around his cum-sticky tongue and lips.

Paul held our kiss for a few moments then allowed me to pull away, my eyes almost glaring at him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I asked, pushing him away, “I’m not into that kind of thing.”

Well, I had been – but I’d sworn off it…

But Paul didn’t answer; instead his hands were busy at his waist and moments later he was pushing his trousers and underpants down, his very stiff penis springing out before me.

I couldn’t help but look, realising immediately that his cock was perhaps the same diameter as mine but that he was a fair bit longer; he looked quite impressive.

His hand wrapped itself around his cock and he stropped it several times, before sliding back his foreskin. His shiny, smooth, purpled knob glowed at me, a small bubble of clear viscous precum visible at the tip.

“Come on then, help yourself,” he said to my shocked face.

“What? What the fuck?” I spluttered; memories of my past frightening me, “You’re kidding?”

“No I’m not – come on, your turn,” said Paul, his penis jerking up and down, “I’m waiting…”

“Tough,” I said firmly resisting the temptation, “You’re not getting me down there.”

But Paul had other ideas and before I knew it his strong hands were on my shoulders and were pushing me downwards. In my somewhat weakened state I had no option but to sink to my knees, Paul’s stiff penis now perhaps a foot from my face.

“Come on – time to pay up!” he said, “Or I could fuck you instead.”

My mouth fell open in shock, just as Paul thrust his cock towards me; the end of his penis actually lodging between my lips for a moment.

“Get off!” I yelled, perhaps a bit half-heartedly, but Paul was persistent.

“Come on,” he demanded, “You’ll enjoy it!”

“Huh – that’s what you think!” I said, trying to get up, but Paul’s hands held me in place and pulled me towards his cock.

“Won’t take you long,” he said as a small trickle of precum slid down his glowing knob, “I’m feeling really horny.”

“You might be, but I’m not,” I said firmly, “Now let go, I want to get up.”

“Not until you’ve sucked me off,” replied Paul, his penis now just a few inches from my mouth, “Come on, I’ll be nice to you. Anyway, you’ve had your fun, it’s my turn now.”

Ok yeah – I’d enjoyed the occasional cock or two (well more than the odd one or two, to be honest) and mainly some years ago, but Paul didn’t know that and I wasn’t really willing to repeat the action. But then, as my mind jumped around, the memories began flooding back and I felt unwanted thrills pulsing through my own penis; remembering that it had indeed felt good, especially when the guys had shot their loads down my throat.

But was I ready to take my brother’s cock? Could I really perform? But gradually my anti-gay vows were beginning to fade away.

My mind was still in turmoil though, until I suddenly realized how much I owed my brother; how good he’d been in helping me and, for that matter, how much I cared for him.

We’d always been close and now it seemed, we were about to get even closer…

“You’d better not shove it all the way in,” I finally answered, “I’ll do it this once, ok.”

“Yeah, just once,” said Paul, a big smile on his face now, “You owe me at least that much.”

“Ok – get it over with,” I said, closing my eyes and opening my mouth.

If he was going to put that thing in my mouth then I didn’t want to see it happen – I wanted the pleasure to be all his.

Moments later and I felt the firm flesh of his knob touching my lips and automatically my tongue swirled around his flesh, lubricating its passage into my mouth and tasting; more sensing perhaps, the feel of his slippery precum. I felt my lips being stretched apart by his bulbous head – then I found myself pulling away as his penis touched the back of my mouth.

“Oooops, sorry,” said Paul, as he pulled away, “Slid in so easily. I’ll try again.”

It had actually felt incredible; that deliciousness of hot soft yet hard tissue pushing in my mouth; the scent of his cock rising into my nostrils; the way it had jerked as it touched my lips – and I felt my mouth open willingly this time.

“Ready?” asked Paul and I nodded minutely.

Quickly he was there again, sliding smoothly through my wetted lips, finding my tongue, my busy enquiring, exploring tongue. I closed my lips tightly around his shaft, feeling the flesh sliding slowly in and out.

“Is that good?” asked Paul and I nodded again, quickly.

Yeah, it was – it was all flooding back to me and I just knew that my cock was already erect once more.

I found myself wondering how long it would take for Paul to explode; how big a load he’d be giving me; how hard he’d shoot. I felt my nostrils flare as a wave of warm sexually aroused penile scent enveloped me, my brain becoming more and more excited as I settled to my task.

No longer was it something to be horrified by; now I actually wanted him to cum; I wanted him to flood my mouth; I wanted to taste his warm sticky spunk.

Paul must have understood that my attitude had changed because his movements were more pronounced now; his penis was starting to drive at the back of my mouth, almost into my throat. I’d never acquired the skill of deep-throating a cock and it showed as I pulled away, coughing slightly.

“That was too deep,” I managed to say, “Take it easy.”

And now, as further proof that I was enjoying it, my hand lifted and wrapped around his shaft almost without me knowing that I’d done it, bringing forth a low moan from Paul.

“Oooohhh,” he groaned, “Yesssss! That’s good. You’re doing so well, please don’t stop.”

I wasn’t about to stop; I was getting well into this blow job now and I was even wanting him to speed things along. My hand began to move up and down Paul’s hard shaft while my lips and tongue danced around his knob and the first few inches of his pumping pulsating penis.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” moaned Paul as I worked harder, “Won’t be long now…”

“Give it to me!” I said, briefly lifting my mouth from his cock, “I want you to cum soon.”

I plunged his penis back into my mouth and sucked hard as if to vacuum his cum from him, causing Paul to moan constantly.

“Oooh Chris, yessss,” he moaned, “Keep going, keep sucking! Yeah, like that – ooooh, that’s lovely!”

For a while there were just the occasional moans from Paul as I further excited him; the occasional slap as his balls flopped against my chin and the sound of heavy breathing – panting almost.

“Come on Paul,” I mouthed around his erection, “I want you – please.”

“Ooooh fuck,” moaned Paul suddenly, “Oooooh – I’m nearly there! Nearly there! Oooooh fuuuuuck!”

His movements were jerky now, no longer was he fully in control of his body as his orgasm approached. His breathing was deeper and uneven while in my mouth his lovely penis felt as if it had grown another inch or two. There was suddenly a small flood of precum that slicked my tongue; then Paul stiffened all over.

“Aaaaahhhhh – yeahhhhh!” he yelled, “Oooooh fuck, fuck, fuck – aaaggghhh!”

A gush of warm fluid splashed against the roof of my mouth; another one followed moments later.

“Uuuuuughhhh!” grunted Paul as another flood anointed my throat – then he pulled his cock from my grasping, sucking mouth.

His hand quickly replaced mine and, jerking quickly up and down his shaft, he made two or three more sprays of hotly scented cum erupt all over my face. I felt it clinging to my forehead and covering one closed eye; I felt it sliding down my cheek and even felt it in my hair.

“Ah – ah – ah!” he gasped until he finished, his hand shaking the last vestiges of cum from his glowing penis.

“Oooh fuck – that was the best; fuckin’ brilliant!” he said between panted breaths as he leaned back against the wall.

I smiled up at him as I knelt there while I savoured the delicious mouthful I had before allowing it to slide down my throat. I used my fingers to clear the sticky stuff from my eye and my forehead before popping the small load into my mouth. It tasted delicious, even though it had already cooled a bit.

I stood up now, grasping and stroking his somewhat deflated tool; a final small trickle of cum oozing out into my palm. I held it out to Paul and his broad tongue swiped it from my hand, vanishing it into his mouth. We smiled together; both feeling contented it seemed. But we hadn’t finished…

“Thanks Chris – you were good,” said Paul, then suddenly he galvanised himself into action, “Hey – come on – this won’t do. You’ll get chilly if we don’t get you dried off properly.”

So saying he picked up the towel which had fallen to the ground amid our activity and wrapped it around me once more, his firm hands rubbing energetically and causing my skin to glow as my circulation continued to recover.

But that same circulation was sending a fresh supply of blood to my penis which quickly stiffened once more; a sight not lost on Paul who chuckled loudly.

“You’re a horny old so and so, aren’t you?” he said, pointing, “Look at you – stark naked; your cock all hard; your lips all shiny with spunk and you’ve got a big blob of cum on your cheek! You’ve even got some here, in your hair!”

“You did that!” I accused him as I felt around for the sticky remnants, “And not so much of the old. Let me see.”

I moved to the big mirror and there it was – a two inch streak in my hair and a quivering blob not far from my ear. I gathered the errant spunk with the towel before inspecting myself more carefully – I looked fine now and couldn’t see any other misplaced signs of Paul’s emission.

But as I stood before the mirror, Paul moved and came to stand close behind me, looking over my shoulder at our reflection.

“Not bad are we,” he commented, “Good looking pair of guys, eh?”

And we were; both tall, both fairly well built, although Paul was more muscular than I was and both now glowing with health. We were both blond and both had green eyes – we could have been twins, to be honest.

“We’ll pass,” I commented, “I’m still better looking than you though.”

As I spoke I felt something touch my ass from behind, something I hadn’t felt for simply ages but instinctively I knew what it was and what was soon going to happen. I felt my hips push back unbidden at the soft penis that was rubbing against my cheeks.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” I heard myself murmur to Paul’s reflection which smiled back at me, “You want some more, do you?”

“Why, are you offering?” Paul replied and as he did so I felt him pushing a bit harder, his rising cock sliding up and down my cleft between my cheeks.

“Could be…” I suggested, wriggling my butt around, “Why, what do you have in mind?”

The object that was sliding against my body was harder than it had been now and I found myself reaching behind me to grasp it. Paul’s penis was still relatively flaccid but as I slid my hand down his shaft so it began to harden inside my fist. I rubbed the end up and down before slotting it between my cheeks right where my asshole was. I tilted my hips back; the action splaying my cheeks and allowing his cock to come in contact with my hole itself.

“Oooooh,” Paul moaned, “You want me inside you, do you?”

Oh God, I thought I’d left this phase of my life behind. I thought I’d ‘gone straight’ now; managed to avoid the lure of the rampant flesh; managed to control my lusts and desires…but apparently not.

Then I heard myself suck in a quick breath as Paul’s eager penis pushed down between my cheeks, sliding almost to my balls, his hands smoothing over my cheeks.

“You’re gonna need some lube,” I husked, “And you’ll need to take things easy – it’s been a while…”

“Got some in the bedroom,” replied Paul, his cock questing near my asshole, “Come on – quick!”

Paul’s hand grasped my bicep and pulled me away from the mirror, across the landing and into a bedroom, an opulent king-sized bed taking pride of place. He pushed me toward it and I quickly clambered onto it, pushing aside the duvet as I arranged myself on my hands and knees to await his now rampant penis.

A few moments later and the mattress shifted as Paul joined me, his hands rubbing together as he warmed up some gel between them. And in just a few seconds his pleasantly warm fingers were at my ass once more but now they slid around easily as he spread gel on my tightly squeezed flesh.

“Hey, aren’t I kind – I warmed it up for you!” he chuckled as his finger pushed inside me.

I sucked in a quick sharp breath as his finger stung briefly; then remembered to push out to help his penetration and I felt his finger slide more freely now.

It was all coming flooding back to me now – that lovely feeling of being stuffed as a cock drove into me; that delicious slapping of thighs against cheeks; the caress of wiry pubes against my flesh; the hard pressure inside; the way my cock would rise and leak; the glow inside as warm cum exploded; the pleasure…

Suddenly I’d lost all my inhibitions; I really wanted Paul to fuck me now!

“I’ll try two fingers now,” said Paul and once again I sucked in a breath as he stretched me – but there was little or no pain even when I felt his fingers probing inside at my prostate.

“That was easy!” said Paul, his fingers now sliding out of me, “I think you’re ready for me now.”

“I’ll always be ready for you!” I heard myself say – my more logical and conservative mind immediately wishing I’d never said that!

Behind me Paul was adjusting himself, probably lubing his penis and moving closer and I must have been right as suddenly there was pressure once more at my asshole.

“Is that your cock?” I asked and Paul hummed by way of reply.

“Put it in then,” I said, almost hopefully, definitely eagerly, now.

I felt my fleshy indentation giving way and then there came the somewhat strange feeling of my sphincter muscles stretching to allow something to enter rather than leave my body. And then those muscles were gripping around a solid object that continued to slide into my body and into my dilated asshole.

“Ooooooh fuck,” I muttered as his penis bored its way into me, “So long…!”

“I’m not that long,” replied Paul, his penis sliding smoothly now, “But I’ve got it all inside you now.”

“No – I meant that it’s so long since I had a cock in me,” I said, “Bringing back all sorts of lovely memories.”

“Didn’t know you’d done it before,” Paul said, “But then again, the way you opened up for me, I should have guessed.”

“Ooooh yessss, I’m open for you Paul,” I replied, feeling him start to move more steadily now, “Come on then, fuck me!”

“Yeahhhhh,” moaned Paul, as his body slapped against mine, “Going to; going to fuck you properly now!”

As his penis drove into me and then withdrew I could feel my own cock bouncing up and down; my cock that was as stiff as a wooden post; as hard as nails. I put my hand around it, immediately feeling the sensation of Paul’s thrusts being transmitted down my length. I started to move my hand on my cock when I was interrupted by Paul’s hand which pushed mine aside.

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5 thoughts on “Rescue Suck Mission

  1. elwood says:

    And who don’t love a “Stormy Monday”! Cuz, Tuesday’s just as bad!
    Hot and Zesty story of brotherly love.

  2. Steve R says:

    Hot just like and my brother in high school he went to college and found God and that end are incest times but it fun times now we are married have kids I am still bi love cock

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