Round Booty Freshman Gets Turned Out

I stood in the shower with a painfully erect cock, fully aware it was in this condition because a man just sodomized me.


When I was a freshman in college, there was a guy on my floor who made me very uncomfortable. His name was Simon and he was tall, burly, and looked 30. It turns out he’d actually repeated a grade for sports and was a year older, but it seemed more like 10.

The reason he made me nervous was two-fold. For starters, he had a habit of looking at me funny whenever we were together. Whether it be a floor activity, drinking with the boys, or simply hanging out, I’d always catch him eyeing me, making me blush with hot nerves. Which brings us to the second reason I was afraid of him: raw attraction.

I knew I was gay but it was the 80s and the closet was safe. That still couldn’t stop me from shivering with secret desire when I saw him on the first day. He was exactly my type: big, strong, always in his cowboy boots and hat like he was still in west Texas…. Damn, Simon was fine. But his big muscles only fueled my fear of getting caught drooling since he was a tough dude who could snap me like a twig! I tried to play it chill as we settled in but remained wary around him.

Our floor had a communal shower and one day me and the boys were having a rinse. Simon was there too, to my dismay, so I had to avoid spying his football-player body, lest I pop a boner in front of everyone.

While facing the nozzle and washing my hair, Simon called out, “yo, Matty, why’d you never tell us you have such a big ass!”

The boys all cracked up while I blushed profusely. Simon and I didn’t interact much on account of my fear and this was one of the first things he’d said to me. How humiliating for it to be a comment about my butt! And on top of it all, he wasn’t lying. I do have a big butt and it’s always been a source of shame. I’d been made fun of for it before but thought those days were over.

“I’m serious, Matty,” he continued, again calling me by a childhood nickname I was trying to drop. “It’s like a girl’s butt, all big and round. And barely a hair on there! Mine looks like a damn forest!”

He turned around to shake his thick, hirsute ass and everyone howled. I burned with humiliation but took it in stride, hoping to not look like a crybaby. My reaction seemed to work as everyone got over it; well, everyone but Simon. When we exited he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, an act that was quite intimate since we were both naked.

“I’m not kidding, man, that ass is something to be proud of. Matches that girly little dick of yours, too,” he added with a sly wink. I dropped my head in shame because he was again astute.

“Awww, cheer up, buttercup, I’m just payin’ you a compliment,” he said while holding my chin in a joking manner. “Well, see you around, girly butt!”


Before Simon walked away he spanked my ass harder than it ever had been, making it ripple like jello. The thunderous clap echoed through the bathroom and the stinging sensation remained for nearly two minutes. When I got to my room, I ran to the mirror and dropped my towel. Upon turning around I saw an enormous hand print painted across my entire milky buttcheek!

“Oh my god…” I shuddered while viewing it at different angles.

As I inspected Simon’s print, my dick began to rise… I couldn’t believe he’d marked me like that, branded his big hand on my naked flesh! It felt like it wasn’t even my skin anymore, like it was his, and his bizarre comments in the shower only made me hornier. Even though I knew he was just teasing me like he did with everyone, the spank made it so much more lewd. I jerked off in front of the mirror while tracing over the red, welted lines, then spewed on the floor.

The following days were normal, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my encounter with Simon; his big hands marking me… We still hung out in a group and they’d all forgotten about my fat ass–except Simon, of course.

“Those pants are a little tight, don’t ya think, girly butt?” he asked while sneaking up from behind one evening.

He planted his meaty paws right on my cheeks and I jumped.

“Shut up, man!” I whined with a weak punch, tacitly accepting my new nickname.

“Whatever you say, girly butt!”

Simon didn’t stop his teasing and actually ramped it up, finding ways to grope me whenever we were together. His constant touching was weird but it all felt like a running joke so I just let it happen. If he exited with a spank, which often occurred, I’d sprint to my room to check it in the mirror. Even through my jeans he would leave a faint handprint. I cherished them….

“Come on, man, quit it…” I begged at a party the next weekend.

“Just another second, Matty, not much longer.”

Simon and I were in the kitchen grabbing drinks when his roughhousing got more aggressive than usual. He pushed me up against the sink and his hands went straight to my buns, where he started squeezing and kneading.

“So big….” he muttered.

“Come on, dude, cut it out!” I pleaded.

We were both drunk and I didn’t know if this was just another one of his games.

“Don’t get all bitchy with me, girly butt. I’m just giving you the attention you deserve.”

“Duuuude, that’s enough. Pleeease….”

My dick swelled as Simon drunkenly humped and groped me. I got nervous someone would see and was also afraid of my own homosexuality, so I tried squirming away but he cut me off.

“Don’t ever pull away from me!” he ordered sternly in a tone I’d never heard. It scared me.

“Okay… sorry…” I whimpered in defeat, aware he could easily overpower me.

“Good boy.”

I stood pathetically and allowed Simon to fondle my butt for another minute before he grabbed us two beers. He then wrapped his arm around me and walked us back out to the party like nothing had happened.

My memories of his actions were hazy but I knew something weird had occurred. I wasn’t yet too afraid to be around him, but was now on guard whenever he was nearby. In the showers though, nothing could protect my naked butt from his greedy paws.

“Didn’t think I’d see you in here,” Simon smirked as he sauntered into the bathroom.

I’d been enjoying my privacy but now was completely on edge.

“Calm down, I’m not gonna hurt you,” he said genuinely, clearly noticing my nerves.

I appreciated his kindness and went back to washing myself. Forgetting who was across from me, I turned to rinse my hair. Big mistake.

“Ooooowee!!” Simon whistled when my rump was in full view. “Now that’s a peach right there!”

I blushed and quickly turned back so he couldn’t see.

“Oh come on now, baby, don’t be shy. Let me see that big ass of yours. There’s no harm.”

“Dude, cut it out….” I muttered, if only to put up my usual front.

“Come onnnn, just a peek,” he winked cheekily. It was sort of cute how badly he wanted to see it.

I was relishing in his compliments and they must’ve gone to my head. Craving more, I slowly turned for Simon. Once my rear was displayed he hooted and hollered like a soldier at a USO show.

“What a fuckin’ rump!” he smiled. “Now you’re not gonna let Ol’ Simon leave barehanded, are ya sweetheart?”

He gazed at me like a boy with a crush and my body turned scarlet. I looked over my shoulder at him with trepidation, my back still arched, but gave no response. I guess silence was better than “no” so Simon waltzed over to my shower head.

“Hey, girly butt,” he soothed as his hairy chest lined up with my back.

His paws of course went directly to my bare cheeks, his first encounter with my naked flesh since the initial spank. He began to gently manipulate my jiggly buns and it was intoxicating. I had to try not to melt back.

“Have you had enough…?” I asked nervously after a minute. Even though I loved his touch, the experience was petrifying.

“I’ll let you know when I’m done, sweet cheeks. I’m gonna touch this ass as long as I want to and you’re gonna stand here and let me. Don’t act like you don’t like this.”

He must’ve seen my dick, which was now rock solid and pointing up. His was evidently in a similar state and I could feel it grazing my spine.

“Mmmmm…” I moaned softly as he squeezed and smooshed my cheeks.

His finger got curious though, as all men’s do, and was soon tapping against my tight pucker.


I could hear him splashing against my wet hole.

“Mmmm… s-stop…” I whispered, trying desperately to pretend I didn’t love it. Each touch was electric.

“Shhhhh….” he hushed while pushing his nail in.

I gasped and started squirming but he just held my chest and kept burrowing. I was panting at the first knuckle, groaning through the second. By the third I was positively bucking as his long finger curled perfectly against my sensitive prostate, filling up my pink tunnel.

“Uhhh…. Mmmmm!!” I moaned as he dug deeper.

“I bet I’m touchin’ spots your little girly fingers can’t reach, huh?”

How did he know?!! I didn’t respond but we both knew it was true. I fingered myself often but had never come close to the heights of pleasure he was taking me. Each prostate scrape another crashing wave.

“Gonna be hittin’ all your spots once I get my thick rod up there, Matty boy. You’re gonna love it.”

He said it with such confidence, such absolute surety that he would eventually fuck me. It made me feel weak and owned, like I had no say in my own fate.

“C-come on, dude….” I stuttered through jittering teeth. “That’s enough.”

The excavation became too intense and my internalized homophobia couldn’t handle anymore. Though I still didn’t push him off, Simon finally pulled his finger out and held my butt.

“Such a sweet, tight ass,” he contended. “I want it smooth though next time, alright girly butt? No hair between those little cheeks.”

He slid his digits up my crack and pinched the few blonde hairs that grew there. I had no idea how to respond but Simon left the bathroom whistling before I could think of anything.

My mind was now a mess. I stood in the shower with a painfully erect cock, fully aware it was in this condition because a man just sodomized me. The guilt and shame of enjoying his pleasure ate away at me, but it didn’t stop me from jerking off the second he left. I tried to think of anything but Simon, but my thoughts raced back to his hands, his fingers, his sheer dominance. He was so hard to resist…..

As more days passed, I made an effort to avoid him. This wasn’t easy since the dorm was small, but if I knew he was gonna be somewhere I made other plans. My behavior became erratic and I couldn’t think straight, constantly pining for a man I feared. If I did see Simon, he’d smile at me like nothing happened and I’d scurry away like a frightened mouse. But I should’ve known I couldn’t hide forever. I should’ve known when a man wants something, he gets it.

After studying late one night, I walked back to the dorm and arrived at my room. While unlocking, a hairy hand planted itself above my head. I turned around quickly and held my key like a weapon.

“Calm down, sweet cheeks, don’t get your panties in a twist. It’s just me.”

“Oh, Simon…. Hey…”

“You know you can’t avoid me forever, right?”

“I wasn’t avoiding you…” I lied, but he wasn’t listening and instead pulled us into my room, then shut the door and locked it.

“Ummm… Simon, I-“

“Shhhhhh, don’t get upset. It’s okay if you liked it.”

“Nooo, but I-“


Simon shushed me with a bear hug, paws instantly groping their favorite derrière. Over the pants wasn’t enough though so he began unbuckling my belt.

“Dude, wait, come on…” I whimpered, but it didn’t stop him.

Once the belt was gone he easily slipped off my jeans. Of course my tighty whities couldn’t stay, so he stripped those too, followed by a quick lift of my shirt.

“Aaahhh, much better,” he sighed when his hands returned. “Oh, what’s this?”

He’d inevitably traveled inward to find the source of my sexual heat and smiled when he felt around. To my utter embarrassment, I’d followed his instructions and shaved my ass crack. I did it alone in my room so no one could see then spent the night tracing my fingers around my porcelain snatch. How did he know I would love being smooth?!?

Simon tilted my chin up, concupiscence glowing in his eyes. “Did you shave for me, sweetheart?”

I could only look down in response but we both knew I did. Shivering in his arms, I felt so vulnerable and submissive. This guy who’d been molesting me for weeks was now in my room, fully clothed while I stood naked getting groped. The situation was so ego-shattering that I could only surrender; I melted into Simon’s hug and laid my cheek meekly on his white polo. My surrender was met with a lurch from his khaki’s which admittedly made me happy.

“W-what are you doing…?” I asked when he let go and started walking behind me.

Although I secretly loved his butt touches I was still wary of going too far. I simply wasn’t ready for that.

“I just wanna do something, sweetie, don’t worry…”

“Ummm… okay… Uhhh.. Simon…? S-Simon… Oooohhhh… Uh! UHH! S-Simon! Simon!! W-what are you doing? Ohhh, MMM! SIMON!!”

“Quiet down, babe, unless you want everyone to hear.”

I tried to muffle my wanton cries as my friend did something I’d never even imagined! I saw him crouch behind me and spread my cheeks. “Such a sweet hole,” he said. Then he blew on it a few times which sort of tickled and sent me on my toes. But when he leaned forward and his wet tongue touched my quivering hole, his coarse beard scraped my soft skin, I nearly lost it.

“UUHNNNGGG SIMON!” I squealed as he gave me a tongue lashing to remember.

Through ingenious manipulation he coaxed me forward until I was lying prone on the carpet. From here he had an all-access pass to my smooth taint, balls and hole. He licked up the whole zone, scratching his beard across it as he traveled, sending jolts of pure pleasure inside me. He deftly spread my legs while working, and as my hips opened I found my back arching, my ass grinding to meet him.

“What a delicious butt,” he whispered to himself while slipping a wet finger inside.


It was exactly what I’d needed. Since he’d started rimming, my butt felt a unique emptiness, a wanton desire to be filled. His finger was lovely and understood my needs, yet somehow I still craved more. When one digit became two I was briefly satisfied, but that deep, aching hunger still existed, and was growing!

“Look at your little hole chewin’ on my fat fingers. So cute.”

He spanked my bum to commend me for flexing my internal muscles. Each squeeze increased the pressure on my boy button and felt fantastic!

“Ummm… Simon…” I whispered cautiously when I heard his belt jingle a minute later. The sound shot me out of my reverie and I was back on guard.

“Shhh, baby, it’s okay. I’m just gettin’ more comfortable. You just lie down and let me take care of you.”

I laid my cheek back on the carpet and looked at the wall while Simon slid his pants down. My butt was clenched when he returned, but with tactical pinches and kisses he again coaxed my thighs open. My eyes shut in blissful joy when his beard returned.

“You’ve just got the nicest ass,” he complimented as his massive body moved up to cover mine. His mouth was now by my ear. “The nicest, tightest, girliest little ass….”

His neck kisses turned me to putty while I squirmed below. The passionate jerking caused my legs to spread so Simon took advantage. He locked his knees inside mine and continued to push until my legs were in a wide V. My hole was so exposed now and I could feel his enormous dick grinding up against it.

“Uhhh.. S-Simon…”

“Sshhhhh, baby, it’s okay. I’m not gonna put it in. I just like feelin’ you squirm under me.”

It was comforting to know he wasn’t gonna fuck me so I relaxed and let him play with my body. After a few minutes though he went too far and started poking my tiny hole with his pole.

“C-come on, dude, seriously…” I whimpered futilely.

“Don’t worry, baby, you’re okay. I just like pokin’ it with my dick. You have to admit it feels good, huh?”

I guess he had a point… Every time his tip pushed against my wrinkles I experienced deep pangs of longing inside me–insatiable cravings. I relaxed again and allowed him to prod, though after a minute I noticed his tip was suspiciously slick.

“I just put a little lube on so I can slide around on your hole. It’s nothing, don’t worry,” he ensured.

“Okay….” I muttered nervously with re-clenched cheeks. A few lubey gropes pried them right back open.

“Fuuuuck this feels good,” Simon groaned once he’d gotten into a rhythm.

His cock was sufficiently slick and was now gliding between my buns like a hot dog. It also felt great for me since each time his head crossed my pucker he’d give it some love. He pushed against it gently and the pressure was exquisite, even if I was afraid to lose my cherry. I knew Simon wouldn’t fuck me unless I let him, though.

“Ow! Don’t put it in!” I complained when a playful poke went a bit too far.

His wet tip had almost punched through my barrier and I quickly clenched to expel him. This did little to deter Simon though. He immediately lined his head back up to my hole and held me tight.

“Relax, Matty, I’m not gonna put it in,” he persuaded.

All it took was a couple beard nuzzles for my muscles to relax again. His bulbous tip was prodding against my hole now, ever so slightly breaking through the air tight sphincter. I kept trying to clench to push him out but Simon’s manhandling made it hard to move.

“Just relax, Matty, just relax.”

He kept knocking against my door but was met with firm resistance.

“Come on, Matty, you know it’s gonna happen,” he whispered hypnotically. “Just relax…. Let me in, Matty, come on. Let me in…”

His constant pushing was hard to fend off and the simultaneous kissing and licking made it impossible. Slowly, I felt my walls give in as I could no longer hold back his battering ram.

“UHHH!!!” I cried when my sphincter finally loosened. Simon’s tip broke straight through.

“There we go,” he soothed while stroking my hair. “That wasn’t so hard, huh?”

“Come on, man, pleeeaaassseee!” I moaned.

His tip was fucking giant and really hard to accommodate. Fortunately he’d used a lot of lube and gotten me loose with the rimjob, so I was more in shock than pain. In fact, as my hole molded to his helmet, it actually felt pretty good….

“You like my tip in your sugar hole?”

When I didn’t respond he pulled out and reinserted. This elicited a loud squeal which I hoped couldn’t be heard by others. Gravity started to do its job and the head was followed by the first shaft inch of many.

“Hhhnnnngg!!! Duuude!!! Take it out, come on!” I pleaded. “It’s too big!!!”

I wasn’t actually in much pain but the whole situation had me rattled. I mean seriously, a dick was in my ass! I was getting buttfucked! Simon didn’t hear any of my pleas and just kept working his way in.

“God… I knew I was gonna fuck this ass,” he gloated. “The second I saw this thing in the showers I said to myself, ‘I’m gonna fuck that ass.’ And look at me now!”

I was both humiliated and flattered to know I’d been a conquest. I also felt terribly submissive to Simon, understanding that the reason I was here getting fucked was because he wanted it. Once he had his eyes on me, it was only a matter of time until it happened. There was nothing I could’ve done to stop him.

“Unnggghhh!” I moaned more passionately than before as my fate was becoming sealed.

“Listen to those cute little sounds. So girly and sweet. Gimme another, baby.”

Simon pulled his dick out and eased it back in slowly, drawing out a needy cry as his descent reached my throbbing prostate.

“There we go, that’s what I like to hear. Those soft little whimpers.”

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7 thoughts on “Round Booty Freshman Gets Turned Out

  1. Victor Evans says:

    I am getting impatient with Udatz for all these Dom/Sub thinly veiled BDSM stories. I’ve been gay for 75 years and I don’t have a pussy and I’m not some bitch! The inherent disrespect and abuse are not sexy or erotic!!

  2. Yergz says:

    I love the comments saying this is rape (which may or may not be true), yet everyone finished the story. Why? To make sure a fictional story was really about rape? Or maybe to read more about Simon’s big dick, or “Girly Butt’s” hungry hole?

  3. Alex says:

    When someone says stop or no and the other person continues, it’s rape, even if you enjoy it. Doing his laundry….fuck no! You want to fuck me, you do my laundry. And don’t use “girlfriend “ with me! My dick might not be as big and I might have a nice bubble butt, but I am a man! He needs to be stronger and lay down some rules!

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