Simple Rules To Being Gay

Rule: Don’t let opportunities slip by. You’re not getting any younger.

That was definitely rule #1. I live comfortably on the income from my AC repairman job, and ever since I’ve discovered online dating I’ve never been starved for sex, but I don’t want to get complacent. My life is barely halfway over; no reason to get fully comfortable.

That’s why I knew what I wanted to do when I first saw Gabe.

It was a normal call, just a vent in his apartment that wouldn’t blow air. I fully intended to do my job, but after seeing my client I had other things in mind, too.

This boy was absolutely gorgeous. Latino skin, thin beard, and an unbelievable femboy body. I knew I wanted him to be mine. But I had to follow protocol.

“Hello, Gabe. My name’s Rod, I’ll be helping you out.” I flashed him a grin.

He smiled sheepishly back at me and returned the greeting.

It was entirely possible that he was intimidated by me. I have the stereotypical bear build: thickly muscled arms, strong legs, a bit of a belly. I’m 6’1″ and covered with hair. Gabe was probably 5’8″ and couldn’t have been older than 25. I’m sure I could use that to my advantage.

“So, Gabe, where’s your problem vent?”

He blinked a few times before telling me to follow him.

I decided to begin small-talk, mostly to form a profile of the kid.

Rule: Always, ALWAYS make sure the guy is single, unless their significant other tells you themselves that they have an open relationship.

Cheating is a scummy thing to do, and allowing yourself to be the other woman (or man, in my case) is just as bad. I’ve heard the sob stories from closeted guys who simply had no choice but to cheat on their girlfriends, or were just caught up in the moment. Some of them are more sincere than others, but I’ve decided that I don’t want to deal with that guilt. If a guy wanted to cheat, that’s their choice, but I didn’t have to be a part of it.

“How long has that vent not been working?”

“Um…I don’t really know. I haven’t noticed it until a few days ago.”

“You know what the problem might be?”

“Not at all.”

I tried my best to act wise and professional.

“Well, how many people live here?” This was a question that was casual enough, and I could probably explain it away as me doing my due diligence.

His gaze went down. “Just me.”

“You don’t have any roommates?”

He shook his head.

“They don’t have to be permanent residents. Maybe a girlfriend that sleeps over a lot?”

His cheeks flushed red.

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” he mumbled.

I nodded calmly, but on the inside I was excited.

Okay, that’s that part.

“Alright, then. I’m gonna go and take a look. Let me get my ladder.”

On the short walk to my truck and back, I decided to gently start with the seduction. I’d see how he responded and decide if it was a good move to push further.

Rule: Don’t be an ass. If the guy isn’t interested, he’s not interested.

I smiled at him again when I got back.

“Would you mind staying? This won’t take long and I’d like you here to answer my questions.”

Once again, he nodded. God, his eyes were so dark and pretty!

I climbed up and started unscrewing the vent.

“Did you just move here recently, son?”

He noticed that word, but seemed mildly surprised instead of creeped out.

“Um, yeah. I moved here about a month ago.”

“Is this your first apartment?”

“Yep. I just got my first job and needed to relocate.”

“Well, good for you.” I looked down at him. “That’s quite an accomplishment, seeing that you’re, what? 21? 22?”

He chuckled. “I’m 24.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Really? You’re pretty cute for your age.”

He blushed slightly. Things were looking good so far.

Once I took off the grate I could see the problem immediately.

“Jesus, kid, the air filter is filthy!”

I showed him and he looked shocked.

“Wow…” he marveled. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Don’t worry about it, son,” I reassured him. “You haven’t been living here long enough to do this kind of damage. Clearly this was the last owner.”

I stepped down, careful to not shake loose a bunch of the dirt and dust.

“I’ll need to clean this off. I got the equipment in the truck. I’ll show you what to do so you can clean it yourself next time.”

He nodded and started following me.

“I remember my first apartment,” I told him. “It was so exciting for me and my boyfriend at the time to have a place of our own.”

I gauged his reaction. A little startled, but not in a bad way.

“Apologies if that’s too personal.”

“Oh, no, it’s fine, Rod,” he said, maybe a little quickly.

That’s another brick laid. I had a good feeling about this one.

Once we were down to my company truck I showed him how to vacuum the filter and rinse it off with water. I kept up the conversation with him, wanting the boy to be comfortable with me. It seemed to be working. He started calling me “Sir,” but it came off as a show of respect. I appreciated it.

After it was clean, we walked back up to his apartment. I made sure to stand a little bit closer to him on the elevator. Once we got back, I put down the filter and turned to Gabe.

“I gotta take a leak. You mind if I use your bathroom?”

“No, that’s fine, Sir.”

I had done work for the apartments in this building before, so I walked to where I knew the main bathroom was. In a second he suddenly got panicked.

“Oh, wait, uh, do you think you could use the other bathroom?”

I cocked an eyebrow and looked at him. He seemed so flustered.

“Why, exactly?”

His eyes were wide.

“Uh, no reason, I just—”

“No reason?”

Gabe looked so embarrassed.

“I, uh…”

“Well, if there’s no reason,” I teased, reaching for the door knob, “then it wouldn’t hurt if I took a little peek…”

“Sir, don’t!”

I opened the door and looked inside. The vanity was absolutely stocked full of bottles and tubes and jars. Stepping closer, I could see they were all personal grooming and skin care products. Moisturizers, masks, a Clarisonic, oils, trimmers. This guy took his face very seriously.

I turned back and saw the poor boy looking like he wanted to disappear.

“There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, son.”

His cheeks reddened.

“I know, I mean, it just seems so…I don’t know, girly.”

“Nonsense,” I said firmly. “That mindset is dumb and shouldn’t hold boys like you back from doing what makes them feel better.”

He smiled lightly. I decided to ramp things up.

“After all,” I said, reaching out and cupping his cheek with my hand. “I’m sure it takes a lot of work to keep your face this pretty.”

I could feel his skin heat up. I ruffled his hair and winked before going into the bathroom to do my business.

Once I was back out, I kept up the conversation with Gabe, my intentions now hopefully clear. When I was done replacing the filter and grate I took a step back.

“Alright, son, the air should be flowing nicely now. Stand under and check, would you?”

He nodded and stood beneath the grate.

“I can feel the air, Sir,” he told me.

“That’s good.”

The groundwork was laid. Now it was time to go in for the kill.

I got behind him and wrapped my arms around his body. I got really close to his ear.

“I’ve got other appointments today, but I’d really like to get to know you better, boy,” I whispered seductively. “If you want, I could come back tonight. Does that sound good, son?”

Gabe shuddered. I could feel his heart racing.

“That…that sounds great, Rod—I mean, Sir.”

I kissed his ear.

“You can call me Rod or Sir or Daddy or whatever you want, my beautiful boy.”

He let out a sigh.

“Get things ready. Clean yourself out, maybe use some of those products I saw in the bathroom. Relax and prepare yourself. I’ll be back at seven.”

He nodded slightly.

“Yes…Yes, D-Daddy…” his voice caught a bit.

I turned him around so I could look into his eyes and kiss his forehead. I didn’t trust myself to stop if I did anything more. I had places to be.

“I’ll be back soon, Gabe.”

He nodded and said goodbye as I grabbed my things and left.


Rule: Don’t show up late for shit. You’re an adult, so act like one.

I whistled happily as I rode the elevator to the floor Gabe lived on. Tonight was going to be fun.

It was hard to focus for the rest of the day; I kept thinking about Gabe and all the things we would do together. I thought about his soft curves, his small hands and feet, his wide hips. The kid had a body built for sex, even if he wasn’t aware of it.

I like being Papa Bear. I look the part and prefer being dominant in the bedroom, but I was open-minded if he wanted to try something else. I brought a packet of lube and two condoms.

Rule: Always use a condom. No exceptions.

I looked at my phone. 6:53. Not too early. Plus, I had a suspicion that he was eagerly waiting at his front door like a puppy waits for his owner, and had been for several minutes by then.

I knocked, and my suspicion was confirmed when it only took a few seconds for the door to open.

Damn, the boy was sexy. He had his long-on-top hair brushed over his face in a cute way, a tight T-shirt, and skinny jeans. I wanted to eat him right up.

“Hello, Gabe.”

“Hi, Sir.”

I smiled warmly before stepping inside and cupping his face.

“I’m about to kiss you, son. If you have misgivings, say them now.”

He nodded eagerly, and I dove in.

I ravaged his hot mouth, probing my tongue all around and lightly chewing on his lips. Under my fingers, his face was so soft, so smooth. Gabe was moaning, or at least moaning as best he could. I paused just long enough to shut the door behind me and went in for another round.

We made our way to the couch and he ended up sitting on my knee. I wrapped my muscled arms around his body.

“Tell me, Gabe,” I asked, “Have you been with men before?”

He shook his head.

“No, Daddy. I had a girlfriend in college, but that’s it.”

I grinned. It was always nice to pop a boy’s cherry. I stroked his face.

“Have you ever thought about it?”


I kissed the tip of his nose.

“I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing. Just let your Daddy take care of you tonight.”

He swallowed. “Yes, Sir.”

I picked him up and got him standing in front of me.

“Strip down, boy. I want to see everything.”

He complied, and holy shit, I hit the jackpot with this one! Smooth, hairless skin, tight buns, and a cute little uncut cock.

“I’ll need to inspect things a little bit closer, Gabe. I think your bedroom has better lighting.”

He nodded eagerly and scampered off, me not far behind.

I found my new boy sprawled out on his bed. He tried to pose sexily, but was a little clumsy about it. It made him all the more adorable.

“Oh, my baby boy,” I sighed. “I’m going to have so much fun playing with you tonight.”

I got on the bed and explored his body with my lips, hands, and tongue. My bearded, stubbly face scratched his smooth skin, sometimes tickling him. I handled him somewhat roughly, knowing he was willing to let me do what I wanted. He was out of breath before long. I bit his ass and he yelped. I kissed his neck and he moaned.

Once I was satisfied (for the moment, at least), I sat up and ruffled his hair.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said. “Take off my clothes and explore me all you want.”

Gabe didn’t hesitate. He took off every stitch of clothing I was wearing and went at my body with the hunger I had with his. He rubbed his cheek against my hairy belly. He licked and kissed my thick buns. But it wasn’t long before he stopped at my cock.

I’m not ridiculously big, about 6 and a half inches with decent girth, but I could tell that it was the longest, thickest cock he had ever seen up close.

“Give it a kiss, son,” I told him. “I know you want to.”

“Daddy, I’m nervous,” he told me. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

I ruffled his hair. “Just do what feels right. That’s a good place to start.”

He kissed my cock a few times before opening up and taking more of me in his mouth. Without needing to be told, he used his tongue to double the stimulation.

I moaned and ran my hands through his hair.

“That’s it, my boy,” I told him. “That’s Daddy’s little cocksucker.”

I had jerked off before I arrived, so if I wanted to, I could just lay back and let him blow me until he got tired, but I decided to easy on him. After maybe five minutes I pulled him off, noticing how his tongue stuck out to get one last taste. I kissed him.

“I really want to fuck you, Gabe,” I told him, my mouth almost touching his. “I could be rough, or I could make sweet, tender love to you. How do you want your first time to be, son?”

He rubbed his lips against mine, more nuzzling than kissing.

“Being made love to sounds really nice, Rod.”

I kissed him one more time getting him on his hands and knees. I looked at his little ass, just begging to be fucked. I leaned in and licked up and down the length of his crack.

“You taste so sweet, baby.”

I started to really eat out my little boy, nibbling and kissing and sticking my tongue in deep. He kept moaning and sighing. That didn’t bother me, but when he reached for his little dick I grabbed his hand to stop him.

“None of that, now. Your Daddy is going to make you come from the inside out. I’m going to have control over your orgasms.”

He looked disappointed, but nodded and put his hand back on the bed.

I ate his ass some more, feeling it get softer and looser around my tongue. I bit him and he gasped a little.

“Your pussy is blooming open like a flower, baby boy.”

I got lube all over my fingers so I could really work his hole, stretching him out and massaging his sweet spot. His little cock inflated to a modest length, probably 5 inches, and began leaking precome. After some more stimulation I knew it was time for the main event.

I put the condom on and loomed over my boy.

“What do you want your Daddy to do, son?”

He swallowed before answering.

“I want…I want you to fuck me,” he almost whispered.

“Say it louder!”

“Please fuck me,” he said.


“I want you to fuck me, Daddy!” He was almost yelling.

“Make me FEEL IT!”

“FUCK ME, DADDY!” he screamed, so loud he covered his mouth and turned red.

I ran my hand through his hair and kissed him on his forehead.

“If that’s what my little boy wants,” I told him. “That’s what I’ll do.”

I pushed my cock against the hole of my lovely femboy, and after some pressure his body gave way and let me in. He winced in pain.

“I know it hurts now, son,” I told him, “But the sooner you submit the sooner it’ll get better.”

I inched forward, making sure to stroke his prostate with my cock. Before I got all the way in, I began the fucking motion, hoping to loosen him up even more. As time passed, he began to subtly move to meet my thrusting. He spoke to me after I had been fucking him for several minutes.

“Daddy,” he told me, “I’m starting to feel funny. I feel like I’m about to pee.”

I grinned. “That’s what prostate stimulation feels like, son. Let it happen. You’ll be happy you did.”

A minute later started shaking. I got really close and sped up.

“You’re about to come from your pussy, boy. Let it go. Come for Daddy!”

He squealed and shot an impressive load all over his chest. He had tears in his eyes when it was over. The sight of it pushed me right up to the edge myself.

I pulled out, eliciting a whimper from Gabe, ripped off the condom, and pointed my cock right at his face.

“Get ready.”

A second later I came hard, my come splattering his face. Over and over again I pumped out my juices until my balls were empty and his face was covered. Both of us had to catch our breath. I spoke first.

“My baby boy is so dirty. Let me clean you up.”

I licked up all the come and kissed him, letting him taste both of us on my tongue.

“How do you feel, son?”

He hugged me. “I feel wonderful. Thank you so much, Daddy.”

I returned the hug and held his head in my hand.

“You need some rest, baby,” I told him. “Do you want Daddy to hold you all night?”

My boy nodded. “Yes, Sir!”

In a few minutes he was curled up in my embrace. I cuddled him in the dark, stroking him gently. It felt so perfect. He was asleep almost immediately, and before I knew it I followed after.


I opened my eyes, seeing the morning sun come in through the window. My first appointment was at 10 today, so I could tell there was no hurry to get up yet.

My little boy was snuggled in my arms. He looked so cute.

After a relaxing few minutes, he stirred. It was wonderful to see him wake up. He looked confused for a split second, but then remembered what happened the night before and smiled.

“Good morning, Gabe,” I told him.

“Good morning, Rod.” He looked so happy.

I was apprehensive, but knew what I had to say. I remembered my number one rule.

Rule: Don’t let opportunities slip by. You’re not getting any younger.

“We need to talk, son.”

He raised his eyebrows. “About what, Daddy?”

“We never really went over what we wanted to do after last night. But I’ll let you know this: if it were up to me, I’d never let you go. I’d stay and be your Daddy for real.”

Gabe looked stunned. “Really?”

I nodded. “But it should be something we both want. What do you want, son?”

He nuzzled my neck.

“I don’t just want to be your lover for one night, Rod. I want to keep this going.”

I kissed him and cupped his cheeks.

“God, I’ve always wanted a boy of my very own. Will you be all mine, Gabe?”

He nodded, grinning from ear to ear.

I kissed the lips of my new son.

“Come on, boy. Let’s get some breakfast.”

Rule: You’re never too old to find someone you can settle down with.

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