Secrete Crush On Best Friend Works Out

I eventually developed a crush on him, but I still consider myself straight. I still like girls and date regularly, so it’s really just a “singular-same-sex-attraction.”


Kevin and I have known each other since the beginning of middle school. We had nearly every hobby and interest in common and quickly became best friends. Throughout the seven years we were friends I eventually developed a crush on him, but I still consider myself straight. I still like girls and date regularly, so it’s really just a “singular-same-sex-attraction.” I’ve never been obvious about it and I never necessarily heard any rumors about us, but we do joke around as best friends often do. Once somebody did say we remind them of Turk and J.D. from ‘Scrubs,’ so take from that what you will.

We are both seniors in High School and I have been taking weight lifting class as an elective. One day as we’re hanging out in my room after school all I can focus on is a pinch in my back that I got from working out. It’s been bothering me a lot lately. I reach back and attempt to rub the spot, but of course it’s just out of my reach. Giving in, I decide to ask Kevin if he can help me out.

“Damn it. Hey Kev, do you think you can help crack my back real quick?”

“Sure, no problem. Go ahead and lay down” He agrees. As I settle myself face down on the bed I expect him to just stand next to me as he does it. Instead I unexpectedly feel the bed depress as he climbs on and sits on my butt, straddling me. “It’ll be easier from this angle.”

‘Interesting,’ I think to myself. ‘Straddling me like that is a bit unlike him but I guess he knows it’ll be a quick thing. Plus we both have clothes on, so I guess there’s nothing gay about it.’ He places his hands on either side of my back and I slowly breathe out as he pushes down, cracking my back multiple times as I gasp in a moment of relief.

“Dang, dude that was loud,” he says. “You okay?”

“Oh my god that feels so much better. I feel like I can actually breathe now.” I say as I inhale deeply.

“No problem. Do you think you could do me real quick?” Kevin asks.

“Oh, I’ll do you alright!” I shoot back playfully.

We switch places and I put my palms on his back, just between his shoulder blades. Giving him a few quick pushes, almost like doing CPR, I get some good pops out of him but not nearly as loud as mine.

“Ugh! Damn, dude that was great!” Kevin exclaims. “I see what you mean about being able to breathe better.”

“I know right? But hold on stay still, I do still feel a bunch of knots,” I say as I start pushing and prodding certain spots with my thumbs. I’ve been watching some massage videos online recently and learned about some common tight spots a lot of people have. As knotted as his back is, I don’t have to ask if I’m doing good.

“Mmmm, fuck man that’s amazing,” Kevin quietly moans as he seems to be enjoying it. After a minute he asks, “Could you go a little bit higher?” I comply and move my hands up until I feel a decent sized bundle of muscles around his shoulders.

I keep going for maybe five minutes, but I figure I should stop soon before he thinks it’s starting to get weird.

“Alright-,” I say as I stop rubbing and begin lifting myself off him, but I’m surprised by his reaction.

“NO!” he almost yells as he lifts his head out of his arms. I think he realizes how loud he was and says with an embarrassed whisper, “Don’t stop.”

This is by all accounts the hottest thing Kevin has ever said to me. Like I said, we joke around regularly, but I can tell this was genuine. Even from this angle I can see his cheeks blushing. It honestly makes me think of some cute anime girl “ashamed she’s begging for more.” I can tell he probably feels a little weird after this, so I just laugh it off and try to save him any awkwardness.

“Okay dude, no problem. I gotchu. I didn’t know you were enjoying it that much. Where does it hurt?” I say as I continue massaging his back.

“Uuuugh. Honestly I don’t care. Just do what you want, this feels amazing,” he groans as he lies his head back down into his arms, clearly relieved. I feel like the happiest little girl on earth, my man-crush just gave me free reign to rub his back. ‘OH, JOY!’ I take my time and enjoy myself, pleasuring Kevin in every way I can, short of actually doing anything sexual.

After massaging his strong back for a while I realize I haven’t been keeping any track of how long I’ve been going. Ten minutes? Twenty? Who fucking cares? I want to go just a little longer though, just to savor the moment. Eventually my hands start getting tired, but the main issue is that I need to get rid of my semi-hard dick before I stop. I can only assume Kevin can’t feel it pressing against his butt since he hasn’t said anything.

Eventually I’m able to make it go away so I stop rubbing and pat him on the back, “Okay, sorry man but I gotta stop. My hands are getting pretty tired by now.”

“Fair enough. You have been massaging me for a while now. I’m actually surprised you went for that long,” Kevin says thankfully as he stands then twists his torso side to side.

“It’s no problem man. You did have a ton of knots. Plus you seemed to be enjoying it, so, you know…” I say, trailing off. “You know I’d do anything for you, bud.”

“Hm, good to know,” He has an odd smirk on his face as I think I catch him looking down at my crotch for a second.

‘What was that? Does he know I had boner?’ I wonder to myself. ‘No, he definitely would’ve said something.’

Now that we’re both feeling refreshed and loosened up, we smoke a couple more bowls of weed and decide to finish off the night with some video games before we eventually get tired and go to bed.


Later in the week Kevin and I are having lunch with the rest of our friends at school. We’re having our own little side-conversation when he nonchalantly tells me, “Hey, Pat. So I’ve got off work again this weekend. I’m not sure if you’re down but I’d be able to stay at your place again if you want.”

As he looks at me and waits for my answer, I catch a strange look in his eyes. Almost like he’s silently screaming at me to say ‘yes.’ I’m not sure what it is, but it gives me a slight rush and I try to quickly calm myself before I agree. Unsuccessfully.

“Sure,” I squeak.

Kevin gives me a quick, knowing smile before continuing, “Cool, I’m looking forward to it. So anyway were you able to get the tickets for that concert next month? I know that’s right around your birthday.”

“Of course, as long as you’re going I wouldn’t miss it,” I smile back as the school bell rings and we get up to start making our way to our classes.

“Aww, that’s adorable,” Kevin teases, taking my arm.

“Well, you’re my ride. So…” we both laugh as we continue walking, arm in arm.


It’s Friday night and we’re smoking weed in my room as we chat and bullshit with the television on in the background. It’s starting to get pretty late, and I eventually hear my parents go to bed. I figure now’s a better time than any to ask Kevin if he wouldn’t mind popping my back again.

“Sure,” he says rather quickly, almost as if he had been waiting for me to ask.

After cracking my back like before I expect him to get off, but to my surprise I feel him place his thumbs at the base of my spine. Kevin begins running his thumbs up my spine in unison and in the position he’s in it feels amazing. He repeats this a few times and actually ends up getting out a few tiny pops in the process. After a few minutes his hands spread out to my shoulder blades and move up to rubbing my shoulders as well. I’ve had massages before, but always from girlfriends. Never from somebody with such strong hands.

Moving down to my lower back, at one point his palm passes over the top of my gluteus and it’s almost like a small shock of electricity that goes through my back and legs.

“Ugh, shit! That spot was really tender. Do you think you could rub there a little more?”

“Where, here?” Kevin asks as he rubs just at the top of my butt cheek. Having him focus there is a lot more intense than him just quickly passing over. As he rubs my head shoots up out of my arms as I wince a little.

“Ahhh-ha-ha, WOW! That’s a new sensation,” I say as we both laugh.

“Well I do know the glutes carry a lot of weight and we don’t even realize it, especially here,” Kevin says as he pushes the knuckles of his fingers deep into the dimples of my buttocks.

THIS straight up feels like Zeus is giving my ass electroshock therapy. I jump as I exclaim, “AHH! Damn dude, go a little lighter there. I’m a virgin for god’s sake,” I say with a laugh.

“Sorry, how’s this?” he asks as his fingers start to softly knead my ass cheeks like dough. This is a lot more bearable.

“Oooh that’s perfect,” I say as I close my eyes. Having my butt massaged is something new and incredible that I’ve never experience before. He was right, though. My tension seems to melt away as muscles I didn’t even know I have start to loosen. I notice my cock is starting to harden, but I’m beyond caring about that by now. I start getting lost in the sensations and eventually I can’t help but to grind my dick into the bed. I’m almost positive Kevin notices but I can’t stop. I slowly increase my pace until I’m humping the bed in tandem with his rubbing.

“Damn dude, you’re ass is bigger than my ex’s,” Kevin swoons as he cups my cheeks and jiggles them.

“Yeah I bet you’re enjoying yourself,” I laugh and look back as I wag my butt. He quickly lifts one of his hands and comes down with a loud, ‘SMACK,’ cupping as much of my cheek in his grip as possible. I audibly gasp as he catches me off guard, but I can’t help to notice my cock jump in my shorts. “Hmm do that again, that felt kinda good,” I say playfully.

Kevin doesn’t hesitate as another loud smack fills the room and I feel a hot sting of pain on the other cheek. My dick jumps again and stays stiff as a rod as he slowly massages the pain into my ass. He jiggles it a little more but then I try not to groan in disappointment as his hands leave my butt and he moves back up to my shoulders.

“Do you have any oil or lotion? That would make this a lot easier.”

“Uhh sure. There you go, use that,” I say as I point to a jar of coconut oil on my desk. Kevin gets off my back and walks across the room to get the jar, and as he turns around I see he has on obvious erection. I try not to think anything of it. I know shit happens sometimes, and I have no room to talk since I’m chubbed up too. Plus this massage feels too good to call him out and make things awkward for the both of us.

Looking up at Kevin, we lock eyes. “This is going to be difficult unless you take your shirt off,” he says with a smirk on his face. ‘Damnit. Did he catch me looking at his crotch?’

“Haha, right. Yeah that’s true,” I respond and stand up. As I take off my shirt and throw it to the floor there’s no hiding the bulge in my shorts, and I figure there’s no reason to at this point. He doesn’t mention anything but as I lay back down I notice there’s an odd look in his eyes. Almost like he’s admiring me.

After I’m settled he repositions himself on top of me and starts unscrewing the cap. “Be careful!” I warn him. “And only use a little bit, that shit gets everywhere.” I lie my head down into my arms as I close my eyes.

Dipping his fingers into the jar, Kevin scoops out a little bit of oil and rubs it in his palms. Placing his slick hands on my back he begins to spread the it all over. His strong hands feel amazing as they slide over my muscles.

“This oil really helps show off how toned your back is,” Kevin says.” I never really noticed before.”

Starting at the base, his hands glide up my back to my shoulders and down again. Each time he leans forward to reach my shoulders I can feel his dick pressing against my ass. I can tell he probably isn’t fully erect because it almost feels like a sock in his pants. As he continues working my back, I think I feel him beginning to slowly grind against me.

At one point as he leans in I can feel his hot breath against my neck and ear, instantly giving me goosbumps. Kevin definitely notices, and I hear him chuckle to himself. A second later he deeply exhales an inch away from my neck, clearly on purpose. It gives me shivers so bad that I cringe.”Oooo fuck dude! Stop, hahaha,” I say as I can’t help but giggle.

“Haha, sorry man I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s okay,” I laugh back, “it honestly felt good, too good. My ex used to do that sometimes to get me off. I just don’t want you to feel awkward.”

Kevin leans forward again and whispers breathily into my ear, “I don’t mind.”

“Mmmm.. fuck man,” is all I can moan as I settle my head into arms and decide to just accept the pleasure my best friend is giving me. Kevin continues slowly and deliberately rubbing my oiled back as I feel his warm, unsteady breath an inch away from my neck again.

“That’s it, just enjoy it,” he whispers. “It’s okay, I won’t tell anybody.”

“Mmhm,” I moan back in response. All these sensations are nearly driving me over the edge. As Kevin continues I can’t help it as I start slowly grinding my hard cock into the bed again. He definitely notices, because as I slowly thrust into the bed my ass is also grinding against his now-stiffening dick.

After a few minutes Kevin sits up and says, “Hey man, this stuff is kind of starting to get on your pants. You might want to take these off.”

“Ugh, yeah I told you not to use too much,” I say, feigning annoyance. As I stand up I think, ‘there’s no hiding anything now,’ and pull down my shorts by the waistband. My obvious hard-on stretches the material of my boxer briefs.

“I’m actually going to take mine off too just in case,” Kevin says with his eyes glued to my cock. As he reaches for his pants though he hesitates to touch them with the oil on his hands. “Aw damn, do you think you could help me out?” he asks with a laugh.

‘Did he seriously just ask me that?’ I think to myself.

I attempt to hide my excitement as I answer. “Oh, umm, sure,” I say as my voice shakes. I slowly drop to my knees and slide my fingers into Kevin’s waistband. I look up at him as if waiting for permission. He has a large grin on his face as he gives me an approving nod. I slowly try to pull down his pants, but they’re a little tight and I end up pulling down his boxers a little too, exposing his ‘dick root’.

My head feels like it’s in a fog as I’m staring at Kevin’s flat, muscular stomach within a foot from my face. A thin strip of hair leads from his belly button down to his monstrous cock, obscenely filling his briefs like a sausage. The outline of the large, bulbous crown is easily visible along with a dark stain of precum.

We are now both only in our underwear, shamelessly staring at each other’s throbbing erections. A silent understanding and trust between the two of us. Anybody else would think this is totally gay. But we’re just best friends helping each other out. It does all seem kind of surreal and odd, but Kevin was the one that proposed this, and I feel like he’s usually the one more worried about being seen as gay.

As soon as he lowers himself onto me I can feel the unmistakable pressure of his hard dick on my ass, only separated by the thin material of our underwear. I quickly push it out of my mind as I feel his strong hands begin working my muscles again and decide to just enjoy myself. I may never get this chance again. After a few minutes though Kevin sighs as if he’s struggling.

“You should take these off so I can get your glutes some more,” he suggests as he hooks a finger under my waistband, popping it against my skin playfully.

“Sure, if you don’t think that would be too weird,” I say.

“Nah man, I’m the one that suggested it.” Kevin retorts, “Plus we both know neither of us are gay, so it shouldn’t be awkward or anything. I just need to massage your glutes but I can’t now with your boxers on and this stuff on my hands.”

I agree and without a word, Kevin stands along with me and carefully removes his boxers with his thumbs. His thick, eight inch cock springs out like a mouse trap, nearly smacking himself in the stomach. The large, bulbous head looks red and intimidating. The feeling of THC buzzes in my head and I can’t help but stare at it as my mouth waters.

“If those aren’t fuck-eyes then I don’t know what are,” Kevin laughs. “You like what you see?” he asks teasingly as he holds the base of his dick with one hand, flopping it around obscenely.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m impressed. Ashley must’ve been one happy girl.” I say, my eyes glued to his dick.

“Well, actually I was too big for her. Half the time she couldn’t even handle it. That’s why we ended up breaking up,” Kevin recollects.

“Damn I’m sorry to hear that, man. It’s a blessing and a curse I guess, huh? Like every other guy I kinda wish I was bigger,” I say looking down and wagging my hips side to side, making my seven-inch hard-on swing and slap against my skin jokingly.

“Ehhh, I wouldn’t sell yourself short. I’m still impressed.” Kevin says as he blatantly looks down at my cock, his hand still on his own. “I’m sure Sammy had plenty of fun with that.”

“Well actually, yeah she did. She came plenty of times when we had sex. But the problem was she could never actually make me cum.”

“Bro, what the fuck? For real?” Kevin asks with a look of disgust. Like that seems to weird him out exponentially more than us being butt-naked together with raging hardons.

“Yeah,” I sigh, “I always told her it was just because I have good stamina. But honestly she was just kind of a prude.”

There’s a genuine look of sadness on Kevin’s face as he hears what I have to say. He seems to think to himself for a few moments before breaking into a grin. “You should lay back down.”

“Umm, yeah sure,” I respond nervously as I glance down at Kevin’s twitching cock.

‘Oh god, oh god, oh god. Is this for real?’ I think to myself as I take my place on the bed.

My body quivers as I feel Kevin straddle me, skin on skin, and his hard cock is positioned along the crack of my ass. He doesn’t even bother starting to massage my back again, instead reaching right for my butt, rubbing my cheeks as he spreads the coconut oil all over them. It’s odd having somebody else’s hands fondle my bare ass. Especially when their enormous member is nearly knocking at my hole.

As his hands explore my round butt, I begin to start feeling the tips of his fingers occasionally dip into my crack, only for a moment. Eventually he seems to feel more emboldened, as I feel his hands pass back and forth between my cheeks. They both slide over and under my hole, coming painfully close to touching my balls as one hand is pretty much massaging my taint. After a sufficient amount of torture one of his palms passes over the entirety of my asshole.

I take in a sharp breath as I gasp audibly in shock. He continues like nothing happened, until his hand passes over my sphincter again, more deliberately this time. Kevin continues this until suddenly his thumbs begin pushing in half-circles, circling back and forth around my entrance, essentially massaging the ring of my asshole. I know he sees it winking as he does this and I blush in embarrassment. I feel so vulnerable and I shudder in his grasp as he has his way with me. He stops and spreads me open with a tight grip on my buttcheeks, dropping a large glob of spit on my entrance. Using one thumb he lightly traces circles around my hole until I feel him slide the tip of his finger inside of me.

“Fu- ugh! Um, y-you’re getting a little close there.”

“Sorry, not sorry,” He laughs as he removes his thumbs and I feel his heavy cock drop into place between my spread cheeks.

I hear him opening the jar of coconut oil just before he begins dripping more of it all over my ass and his cock. “Man, you’ve already got plenty of oil on me. You really don’t need that much.”

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5 thoughts on “Secrete Crush On Best Friend Works Out

  1. William E Chappell III says:

    Sports, body aches and sprains , and massages ………… having one parent who is/was a doctor, I knew the body’s anatomy more than most. I lettered in cross country (captain) and track (captain), and football. It was known that I could ‘unknot’ and do therapeutic massage, and ‘no funny business’. I saw the varieties of male bodies, be it hairy, hairless, large, big, small, it wasn’t about ‘sex’, I treated massage as a MASSAGE first, learning the ‘clinical detachment’ from my doctor parent.
    This is a good story, and a personal experience, and a thoroughly enjoyed reading.

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