Seven Months To Live

I felt cool air on my exposed area before his warm tongue circled my sphincter and gently pushed inside. I almost screamed from the pure delight and agony.



“I need you to be my drummer.” Said my best friend, Alec, as we were walking to our dorms. I rolled my eyes. Alec and I had been best friends for roughly about five years and he was adamant about me being the drummer for his newly made band; The Death Munchers.

Yeah. I know. A truly ridiculous name for a very unserious band. Alec and I could not have been more different. Even though we were both 24, I was 5’2, with lightly defined muscles, brown hair and greenish eyes. I was also a complete science nerd and would gladly spend my weekends in the lab of the college we both went to in Georgia.

Alec, on the other hand, was taller than me at 5’11. He had spiked black hair, bright blue eyes, and wore more eyeliner than most girls we knew. He smoked pot and partied on weekday nights. Everyone found it a great surprise when he didn’t flunk out of college in the first trimester. Even though he tried to look super angry at the world all the time, and listened to absolutely gut-wrenching screamo music, I still loved him in my own way. We met freshman year in high school and became close over the shared fact that our fathers left us. Now we were like brothers.

Which is why when Alec came to me two weeks ago and asked if I would be the drummer of his new band, I quickly said no. I hadn’t played the drums in years, and playing the kind of music that Alec liked would probably leave me bleeding from the ears. Not quite my idea of being in a band. Alec took this opportunity to persistently bug me about being the drummer every moment he could. Today, I finally broke- just to shut him up.

“GOD ALEC! Fine, I will be your drummer! But if I don’t like it, I will quit and precede to tease you about how awful you are for the rest of your life!” I said, pushing my longish hair out of my eyes for the millionth time. I was really ready for a haircut.

“Thank you Sage! You have no idea what this means! WE HAVE A DRUMMER!” He screamed to the world and I pounced on him and covered his mouth with my hand. He struggled but I shushed him.

“The entire world does not need to know that you finally found a drummer for your crummy band.” I hissed at him, mocking furiousness. He laughed and we resumed walking as he chattered away about how exited he was.

“Ok, our first practice will be tomorrow! I’ll call everyone and let them know you finally relented. God, that took awhile! Sheesh, I was started to worry that my charm would never win you over.” He teased me. One thing I was nervous about was meeting Alec’s other friends. They were just like Alec, and I was rightly terrified that they would eat me alive.

That probably sounds mean. But people wearing all black, with more tattoos than bare skin, and a million piercings in places skin shouldn’t be pierced scared the shit out of me. Alec was like a tame kitty compared to his lion friends. Not to mention they had the most terrifying names. Hearing Alec talking about friends like Slash, Knifer, and Bat just creeped me out. Don’t people like their nice and normal names?

He let me know that practice would be at 5 at his friend’s apartment. He gave me the address and then we parted ways. His dorm was about half a mile away from mine.

I started up the stairs and unlocked my room. My roommate, Jeffery, was never there so I basically had the old place to myself. My room was pretty simple. I didn’t have a lot of pictures of my parents around. My dad left when I was 15 and my mom kinda fell apart after that. When I told her I was gay, she barely flinched and muttered something about yet another guy treating her wrong. I never understood what she meant by that.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the fact that I was gay. I have never tried to hide it and when I came out to Alec he laughed and told me he had known since freshman year. I guess I should be grateful that one of my only friends supports me.

I showered and brushed my teeth before getting in my boxers and climbing into bed.



I was exited for Alec. The band was a great idea and it had been awhile since I had been in one.

However, he took away all the value naming it the ‘Death Munchers.’ But then again, oh well, not like we will ever be popular or anything. It was just to get together and get the music out of our brains and into the world.

Today is the first rehearsal and it’s at my house. I told everyone 5:30 so I would have time to get ready after my final arts class of the day. I began straitening my soft blond hair to get it ready for the mohawk.

Yes. The mohawk. It’s kinda how I got my nickname of Hawk. My real name was less exiting being as boring as James Masis. I can be pretty scary when people first see me. I have white blond hair spiked in a serious mohawk that takes about an hour and a half to put up. I’m 6’2, have three tattoos and a lip piercing. It was as painful as it sounds, but I love it.

I began teasing my hair on my forehead with my teasing comb, working my way up to the back of my head. I grabbed my first product, which was a light setting gel. After running that through my head, I grabbed my hair dryer and hard setting gel. This was what took forever. I had to go small strands, rub the gel in them and hold them up while drying them. Then I would move on to the next small strands and stand them up. I was about halfway done with this process when the doorbell rang. I looked at the time and seeing it was only 5, cursed.

It was probably Alec, eager to set up and get ready. Grumbling to myself about not being able to finish my hair (I could be such a queen sometimes) I made my way down the hall and open the door.

“Listen Alec, I was just getting done with my hair and you are WAY TOO EARLY-” I said, not even looking at who was at the door. Some small guy cowered at me, his emerald green eyes staring at my face before slipping away. He was a good foot shorter than me and only came up to my mid chest.

“Um. Hi.” He said.

I rolled my eyes. This squirt must be the new drummer Alec was talking about. I grabbed his shirt, ignoring his squeak, and dragged him inside. One of my biggest pet peeves was my hair, and I wanted to have enough time to finish.

“Sit your ass down the hall to the right. It’s where everyone is meeting.” I said gruffly and stalked back to the bathroom.



I don’t know how large the stick that was obviously up this guys ass was but he was fucking pissed at me. Legit, I don’t understand how this guys hair could be so damn important to him. If he’s trying to be so badass with his hair then he should stop acting like such a damn princess about it.

He has now been rushing around the apartment for thirty minutes trying to fucking get his hair done before the rest of the band gets here. He’s totally muttering under his breath about me though and I can hear it.

“Fucking arrived early, damn hair.” He goes around teasing his fucking mohawk. I don’t even know this guys name and here I am sitting on his couch.

I hope he is just offering his apartment as a practice space and wasn’t a part of the band.

The doorbell rang and I looked up. The asshole cursed under his breath and ran to get it. I leaned back and tried to look as relaxed as possible, just to piss him off more. Do not get the wrong idea about me; even though I look like a submissive brat, I am pretty feisty.

Alec came bustling into the room. He looked around, nodding to himself. I could tell he was surveying the space.

“So tell me Alec, what is this little squirt doing here for? Is he your newest bitch of the week?” The douche came up behind Alec and slung his hand around his shoulders. I rolled my eyes.

“Who? SAGE? I don’t know where you got that idea Hawk, but Sage is the drummer I was telling you about.” Alec had the decency to look extremely exited. I rolled my eyes to the point that they were spending more time looking at my brain then focusing on Alec.

“Oh. Well. I didn’t expect him to be so…” ‘Hawk’ looked me up and down “…different.” He smirked and I could tell he was enjoying getting to me. UGH.

I could not believe that I let Alec talk me into doing this.


I met the guitarist next. Her name was Anna and she was barely a centimeter over 5 ft. She had her rain-bowed died hair spiked up and more metal on her face then skin. However, the second I met her I saw a friendly joking twinkle in her eye and I could tell she was a kind soul.

The bassist came in and I met him. His name was Jacob and he was less scary looking than the others. His hair was not in a mohawk and the only piercings he had were on his ears. Given, he still had half inch spacers on them and was wearing more eyeliner than Anna, but he was still less intimidating. I learned that Jacob and Anna were cousins and that they had been best friends since the third grade.

Hawk was the main singer. Alec would be backup and electric guitar and I would be drums. We got to work, warming up and tuning the instruments. Hawk kept his distance from me but seemed super close with Jacob and Alec. I felt a little out of place and awkward.

Hawk’s basement was nicely furnished. It had a lot of amps, and was decorated with guitars all over. He had the cliché pictures of cars and girls reaching themselves in inane ways all over the Alfa Romeos and Aston Martins. At least the guy had class when it came to cars.

I may be a geek, but I’m a complete car geek. Something about a V12 engine revving turns my sex drive on. I know, it’s pretty damn weird. My mouth literally waters when I see a Maserati driving by. I don’t like the overly popular zealous brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. I think they make sexy cars, but they are mainly bought by people who want to show their money off. Same with Bugattis. Though those have pure speed and strength.

Fingers snapped in front of my face and I jolted out of my daydream. Hawk stood in front of me with a cross expression on his face. His blond hair looked sharper than knives and one of his lip piercings glinted.

“We are starting.” He turned around and stalked to the wooden floor in one corner of the basement. I sighed and grabbed my drumsticks. We decided we would start with a song cover we all knew- which was Numb by Linkin Park. It was one of my personal favorites, so I was happy we decided to go with it.

I began a simple drum beat to lay the lines for the guitars and bass. The bass came in first, threading deep notes through my beat. The lighter guitar, Anna’s, snapped in with a crackling fire and Hawk stepped up to take the first note.

“I’m tired of being what you want me to be.” He sang and I almost faltered in my beat. His voice was a deep, rich, bass and it went straight to my groin. By then, Alec stepped up.

“Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow.” Alec joined in, his lighter baritone going perfectly with Hawk’s low bass.



“I’m tired of being who you want me to be.” I sang softly into the mic. I took a moment to breath in and relax after the tension of the song. When I sing, I sing with my heart and everything I have. It’s always something I’ve loved doing. We sounded great! I was elevated into a good mood immediately and sang my heart into the mic.

I wasn’t about to admit it, but the new kid Sage was doing pretty well on drums. I heard him slightly falter when we begin singing but that was it. He was pretty cute, but I wasn’t about to admit it.

One thing about me is that I can hold grudges so damn easily. It’s always bothered my friends, because it can take me weeks to get over the slightest thing. Once, Alec messed up my hair and I didn’t talk to him for a month.

I don’t think I’m that easy to get along with. Alec slammed down his guitar and ran over to me. He looked slightly crazed with excitement.

“HOLY SHIT GUYS THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!” He jumped up and down and everybody laughed. There was an air of animosity in the room, though I still felt tension when it came to Sage.

“Guys, I already have some great ideas for some song lyrics and I know a guy that can get us a time spot at a bar.” Anna jumped in, her blue eyes twinkling. We all started blabbering like idiots, trying to figure out when we could do a set or if we could get any notes written down for a new song.

“Guys, we could start by playing bars and maybe starting a YouTube channel. That could work?” I suggested and everyone else jumped in with ideas.

This could really work out for us! I collapsed onto my leather couch and crossed my legs, throwing my hands behind my head.

I noticed Sage was just as excited as everyone else and it kind rubbed me the wrong way how hot he was. Even though he was shorter, his tousled brown hair was sticking up in an adorable fashion. I shook these thoughts out of my head and moved on.

“GUYS WE COULD BE BIG!” Said Alec excitedly and everyone laughed.


2 Years Later


“You guys are on in three….two….one…GO!” Screamed the on track guy. Madison Fucking Square Garden. The biggest stage in America. Bands thrived to preform and in two short years from our first performance together and we were here. People loved us. About three months after our first set at a bar we were scouted from some guy out of Atlanta. He said that we had potential and to meet him to set some recordings and that maybe it would catch on.

By then we had original songs and were working much better together. Hawk still treated me like an idiot and refused to let me get anywhere near his hair, but I barely notice his hostility anymore.

After we set some recordings and posted a couple songs to YouTube, we went viral. Our new manager put some of our stuff on iTunes and a ton of people bought them. Within 6 months a tour was planned and when our first album was released, Madison Square Garden contacted us, wondering if we could fit in one final performance at the end of our tour.

As if we would turn that down. A performance at Madison Square Garden was a dream come true for Alec. I was pretty exited about all of this. Even though my dream had never been part of a popular band known all over the world; some of the places we went were quite fun.

“GIVE ME A LIFEEEEEE, A HEAAAAARRT, A SOULLLLLLLL. Before you go….” Ended Hawk, going from a full voice to one of regret. He was as much of an actor as he was a singer. He would put everything into these songs and performances that he could.

We filtered off stage. My hands were slightly sore from gripping the sticks for such a long time. Hawk and Alec grabbed water bottles and we made our way to the meet and greet. Even though this life was fun, it was exhausting and I barely got enough sleep to fully function.

Luckily, our tour was over and we would have a quick, one week break before going into the studio to begin recording our new album. Another negative of this life was I could barely have any constant relationships. Being on the road so much left being able to go on dates difficult and the few flings I had barely lasted.

It also bothered me how attracted to Hawk I was. Even though I could tell he never forgave me for fucking up his hair that one time. He still thought I was a puny idiot that didn’t fit in with his group, but that was alright. I got over it.

Even if the few times I had time to jerk off it was to his face. God. I needed to shut the fuck up before I said something I was going to regret.

“Yo, Sage. Come on kid, time to go back to the hotel.” I snapped my head up and ran to catch up with Alec and Anna. We traveled in separate tour buses because, A; Hawk hated me, and B; it was less dangerous. Yeah, you heard me. About two months back, some crazy snuck into one of the buses posing as a hair person and completely fucked up our bus. It was either some kind of super fan or someone who hated us. Since then, we tried to travel in separate cars except for publicity arrivals.

I slid into the custom leather seats and put my ear buds in. I drifted off to sleep to soft sounds of music in my ears.

“Yo, Sage. Get up man, we are at the hotel.” Alec shook my shoulder and I mumbled into my very warm, very available pillow. It was hard for a pillow, but I was exhausted and with the tour over, I could afford to fall asleep.

“Hawk, get him up. He’s not going to move unless you move him.” I tightened my arms hearing Hawk’s name. But it was ok, because Hawk wasn’t on this bus.

My pillow moved. It shifted away from me and I angrily tried to pull it back, thinking that Alec was attempting to get me up by taking my pillow. Then my pillow fucking talked.

“Sage, I mean, I know I’m attractive, but this needs to stop. I think its inappropriate.” Rumbled my pillow in the voice of Hawk. It had a teasing lilt to it, but all my mind could process was what he said as taunting.

I darted up as fast as I could. Hawk’s mohawk was delightfully ruffled and I kinda wanted to run my hands through it and kiss his perfectly parted lips.

Fucker. Alec was trying not to crack up and everything suddenly came back to me. I had just fallen asleep when Jacob called, saying that their bus had broken down and that they had to join Anna, Alec and I. I fell back asleep after they got there and Hawk must have taken the seat next to me.

I am such an awful cuddler. I consider myself a serial cuddler because if someone sits next to me when I am asleep, I will glue myself to their side.

Hawk was trying not to laugh up on of his lungs, and Alec wasn’t being much help so I stormed out of the bus like a diva. We would make super sketch stops at our hotel at 3 AM so that fans wouldn’t bug us.

“Heeeeeeeeyyy Sage.” Called Anna at the check-in desk and Jacob wolf whistled. I made myself feel a little bit better by flipping both of them off.

They fucking deserved it. Anna skipped up to me and with a cheeky grin handed me my room card.

“Sorry Sagypie, but they fucked up our room numbers. Two of us would have to share and Jacob and I thought it would be lovely to put you and Hawk together. Maybe you guys would actually learn to talk to each other without testosterone filling the air.” She simpered and winked at me.

I angrily grabbed the room key and without another word stalked off to the elevators. When I got to the room, I saw two double beds (thank god), a mini fridge and a nicely sized TV. Management refused to spoil us by getting each of us our own suite, so we always got normal hotel rooms. That was ok though because none of us wanted our fame to go to our heads either.

I tugged my shirt off and collapsed onto the bed. It was super soft and I could feel myself starting to drift off again. Just as I was about to fall asleep, fucking Hawk came through the door.

“Already ready for me Sage? I mean, I’m flattered, but I think this is moving too fast.” He said teasingly and I promptly flipped him off and turned over.




Not gonna lie, having Sage laying almost on top of me for two hours turned me the fuck on. I had a boner for a good hour. My cock was literally aching.

Everyone was making fun of us and I could tell it was getting to Sage. We never really liked each other after I was a complete asshole to him about my hair, he just never talked to me. Not that I can blame him, but I have come a long way in these two years.

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  1. Mike says:

    To Udatz,

    Please don’t allow comments that are forwarding political propaganda to ruin the stories you post. I have my own opinions, I don’t want to read other peoples in a forum of physical or sexual pleasure.

  2. Steven. says:

    I definitely read this story before. Are we recycling them? Have I been reading udatz too long. Regardless. I love this story. It’s sweet and tender and feels real in a weird sort of a way.

  3. Robbie says:

    You know he was talking about animals and bugs🤣 but I also agree with you that here in America the government won’t change gun laws because they are being paid by the gun lobbies no matter how many dies as long as it’s not their families they don’t care. But when it does become about them and their families gun laws will definitely change.

  4. Aussie Robbie says:

    I would like to take offence at the paragraph in this story.
    “Jacob flew to Australia and I really have no idea what he does out there. He wanted to ‘find himself’ and just left. I don’t know how anyone could go to Australia to ‘find themselves’ after all, everything in Australia is trying to kill you.”

    Everything in Australia isn’t trying to kill us, unlike America where it would seem most men with two legs and a gun are trying to kill everybody they can?
    At least we have to go out of our way and physically look for some of our “killers”.

    • Steve says:

      Just so u know we are not all killer here what u here on the the news slight to show the bad as Hurst say if it bleads it leads it only happens when the DEMOCRAT are in power very few shooting when Trump was in office or Bush when Obama and now Binden is in office I have serval guns never have i ever thought of shooting another person but will if my families or friends need portecting I well

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