Sphincter Powered Prostate Massager


It has a long, finger-like part that goes into the user’s butt and is designed to rest against the prostate, but it tapers to quite a narrow width where the anus contracts around it, which makes it very comfortable to “wear”. There is also another, very thin “tab” that presses against the perineum and, through it, against the prostate. It has no vibrating mechanism but is, instead, “powered” by the user’s own muscles. The usual method is that the wearer tries to maintain a partial contraction of the sphincter. It’s basically impossible to maintain precisely that level of contraction and, as a result, the anus kind of quivers, quickly contracting and releasing around the base of the stimulator, which causes the “finger” to quiver inside the user’s butt and massage the prostate. (Watch Video and Read Story Below)

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