Sissy Gets Used in Public

“Not now little girl.” He chuckled as I felt my caged cock twitch at his feminine reference. “Go to the car and wait, I will be right there.”


When i finished preparing for the evening, douching out my sissy cunt, shaving and lubing, i went out to the living room where Master was waiting and presented myself. Kneeling on the floor and putting my hands behind my back, i cast my eyes to the floor and waited.

After a moment, Master got up and i heard him approach. He looked me over and ran his big, rough hand over my cheek, down my side and gave my smooth ass a squeeze.

“Good job slut, are you ready to serve me?”

“Yes Master.” i replied.

“You are becoming such a good fuck toy and I am pleased. You did very well serving me and my friend last night. I have something planned for you, if you are a willing faggot.”

“Yes Master, as you wish.” was my submissive reply.

“You really became a little slut when I made you humiliate yourself last night. I plan to explore that more this evening.” Master said.

The pounding in my chest was nearly audible as i responded. “i am your slut Master, to use as you wish.”

Master pulled my head forward into his crotch as he chuckled, his scent filling my faggot brain with stimulation! i began to wrap my lips around his cock thru the material of his jeans.

“Not now little girl.” He chuckled as i felt my caged cock twitch at his feminine reference. “Go to the car and wait, I will be right there.”

Wearing nothing but my steel cock cage, my pink leather collar and the lube in my boi pussy, i went to the garage and knelt by the door to the car. The thought of not knowing what was coming next had me excited, horny and hungry for cock, especially Master’s large, thick member.

Master entered the garage and opened the door in his black Mercedes. Before i entered, he handed me some clothing and told me to put it on.

The bright pink and dark blue trimmed, sheer, panties were first. the material barely covered my caged cock, or “clit” as Master called it. As i pulled them on, i noticed the ass was open, leaving my smooth hole exposed. Almost immediately, a small wet spot appeared from my leaky clit.

The tiny half shirt was next, it was a very thin, stretchy material with string type shoulder straps and it only came down about half way between my chest and navel. When i looked down, i noticed it had glittery wording on it.

“Master’s Whore.”

Master then gave me a pair of pink wedge type sandals that were covered in a sparkly finish.

“You look like a proper whore now. I think its time to see if you can act like one now.” he stated as he ran his fingers thru my shoulder length blonde hair.

As i got in the car, enjoying the feel of the cold leather, Master fastened my seatbelt. He then got in, started the car and we were on our way. To where i didn’t know, but i was with my Master and i knew i was going to be in for an exciting evening!

Master spoke as we drove down the highway,

“You are going to be tested tonight. I need to know if you are committed to serving me completely. If you do well, you will be rewarded.”

The feeling of needing to be a good servant made me choose my words carefully.

“Sir, you are my Master and i will do anything you say. It is my privilege to be your inferior servant. If you are not pleased with my service, i deserve any punishment you deem necessary. Nothing you request will be denied.”

Master said nothing as we drove. The wet spot on the front of my tiny panties grew larger as my mind raced, thinking about what may be coming next.

Master pulled the car into the parking lot of a large sex shop/adult book store and parked at the far end of the lot, nearly 50 yards from the door. He got out and came around, opening my door and offering me his hand.

As i got out of the car, Master looked me over. The cool night air made my nipples harden and the chill of the air went right through my very minimal clothing and made my boi pussy tingle.

Master used his thumb and finger to squeeze a drop of liquid from the wet spot in my panties. He offered them to me and i dutifully sucked my juice from them. i felt like such a whore, sucking my Master’s masculine fingers in a public parking lot while dressed like a dirty slut!

Master pointed to the seat where i had been sitting. A small drop of liquid on the leather from my excited clit was visible.

“Clean it.” Master said.

Dutifully, i leaned over, leaving my exposed hole visible to anyone driving by, and licked up the evidence of my excitement.

As i did so, Master slipped his finger into my fuck hole. Sharply i inhaled with a gasp as he withdrew his finger.

As i stood, he offered his finger to me and i slowly sucked it clean as a man and woman walked from the shop to their car. The man said something i didn’t hear, but the woman laughed.

“Thats a man!” she blurted out. Her husband stopped and said nothing.

Master spoke, “She’s an excellent cock sucker if you want to watch your husband get a blow job.”

The woman responded indignantly, “What, right here?”

Master pointed to the ground and i knelt down, on my knees. “Yes, or wherever I say.”

The couple stood silent for a second while my heart raced. Was i going to give a stranger a public blow job while his wife watched? Of course i was, if my Master desired!

“Get in the car Dave, we are out of here!” she snapped. She began rushing toward her car. Dave stood silent and looked at me, then his wife and followed her to the car.

Master called out to them, “We will be here for a while if you change your mind!”

The woman muttered something as they got in the car. Dave looked back several times before they drove away quickly.

“Get up cocksucker!” Master laughed as he spoke.

Master led me across the parking lot, walking confidently as i steeled myself for what was to happen.

We entered the brightly lit store, with rows of shelves to the left lined with DVD’s, magazines and poster covered walls identifying the videos in each section. to the right were areas of sexy clothing, sex toys of different types, lubes, oils and a changing room. Right in the center of the store was a counter area with display cases and the like. At the back of the shop was a hallway with a half door and a sign above it that said “Arcade.”

The man behind the counter was a sight! About 35, with a large muscular build similar to Masters. His bald head shone under the lights.

Master greeted the man, “Hi Sam! hows everything going?”

Sam smiled, “Great now! is this the new slut you told about?” He looked me over and smiled. “Things are about to get a LOT better!”

Master walked up and shook Sam’s hand and Sam gestured for us to come into the counter area. As we entered, Master pointed to the floor and i assumed the position, on my knees, hands behind my back, looking at the floor.

Sam walked around me, running his hands thru my hair and over my chest. Electric current seemed to run thru my body and my clit throbbed in my cage at his touch.

“We may have ran off a couple customers Sam. That couple that just left seemed to get offended when I offered to let my bitch suck the guy off… at least she did!” Master said.

Sam laughed as he stood there, pinching my nipples. “Don’t worry, they come in on occasion. Actually he comes in here a lot by himself and spends time in the back, he seems to enjoy the men, but I’m sure the little wife has no idea.” Sam said as he gestured to the arcade.

Master and Sam laughed as Sam stood in front of me. He was only visible from the waist down, but he was wearing tight jeans over his muscular legs and the sizable bulge in his crotch gave away that he was a well hung man. i became fixated on his bulge, seeing the hint of his cock head.

“Well, heres the deal.” Sam said. “The big trade show at the convention center is ending in a few minutes, so we will get a bunch of guys trickling in here shortly. They all pretend not to notice each other, but they usually follow the same pattern, they look around a but, wind up in the video area, usually wind up spending time in the gay and bi video area, then they go to the arcade for an hour and leave. I don’t normally sell much but thought we could really crank things up with your bitch here.”

Sam stepped forward and pulled my head into his crotch, rubbing my face on his now growing bulge. Taking a deep breath, i filled my nostrils with his manly musk. The panties over my aching caged clit now dripping with excitement.

Master laughed, “Well my little cumdump, you have your work cut out for you tonight. you are going to entertain the customers and help Sam here drum up some sales! You are to do whatever is asked of you and not refuse anything. If I see something I don’t like, I will stop it… other than that, you are to suck, fuck, do whatever is asked of you. Do you understand that you dirty faggot?”

“Of course Master, i am you whore to use how you wish!”

Master looked at his watch, “Sam, I’m going across the street to grab a beer, do you want one?”

“Sure, while you do that, I’m going to get to know this little slut.” he said, as he stood back and began opening his pants.

Master walked out of the store as Sam fished out his beautiful cock with large Prince Albert piercing. As he let it fall from his hands, i slid forward and opened my mouth, wrapping my lips around his impressive cock.

Slowly, i began sucking the full length of his cock in up and down strokes, my hands behind my back. Sam let out an approving groan as he cock swelled to six, seven, then eight inches and became rock hard! his cock was clean, but musty and had a slight taste of urine… delicious!

Quickly, i began throating his cock while looking up at him. His hardness and length testing my gag reflex as his piercing and large cock head slipped into my throat on each down stroke.

Soon i found a slow but intense pace brought out the approving sighs of his pleasure. Like a true cock whore, i worked to please his cock, while my locked member oozed and dripped on the dirty tile floor.

After about two minutes of worshiping Sam’s beautiful manhood, a guy approached the front door. Before he entered, Sam told me, “Don’t stop bitch. You will do exactly what I tell you and keep going.”

There was no need to respond as i continued the slow fucking of my own throat on Sam’s cock.

The man entered the store and Sam asked if there was anything he could help him with the man asked about BDSM gear and was directed to that area.

At that point i realized i was not visible behind the counter. Sam began thrusting into my throat as i went down each time. His balls began drawing up against his body and i felt them contacting my chin higher each time i took his beautiful cock into my silky, practiced throat. He was about to cum.

To intensify his sensation, i reached up to touch his tightening balls. Sam pushed my hand away at the same time the customer walked up to the counter.

“Hey I have a question about these handcuffs, do they… Holy shit!” the customer froze as Sams balls exploded, sending a shot of his hot salty thick cum deep into my throat!

As if showing off to the startled customer, Sam pulled his hefty cock from my mouth and shot the next three blasts onto my face. The first hitting my upper lip, nose and into my hair. the next hitting my forehead and left cheek and the last covering my lips.

Sam then put his cock back in my flooded mouth and telling me to clean him up. Following his direction, with his hot cum covering my face, i began sucking his slowly softening cock clean.

Turning back to the dumbstruck customer, Sam asked what the man wanted to know about the cuffs. The man found his voice and apologized for distracting Sam.

With a chuckle, Sam put his cock back in his pants and told the man not to worry, he was just enjoying a little distraction from the shop cock sucker.

The customer kept staring at me, kneeling on the floor, my face covered in cum and dressed like a whore on a porn set. With my wet, cum covered lips, i smiled at the man while he kept looking at me and talking to Sam. The man asked if the cuffs were fairly secure or if they would pop open.

“Well, i could tell you they are, or I can show you.” he walked out from around the counter and said to me, “Come her cocksucker.”

Quickly, i got up and walked around to where the men were standing. Sam turned me around and secured me in the cuffs with my hands behind my back. i stood in the middle of the store, handcuffed in front of a man i didn’t know, who had just watched me suck off a man i just met, as his cum slowly bathed and oozed down my face.

Sam explained to the customer that while this whore (me) was sucking his cock, it had tried to use it’s hand without permission. He further sated that with the stupid bitch now in cuffs, it couldn’t make that mistake with the next guy.

Sam then told the man to try it out and let the shop cocksucker give him a demonstration. The man hesitated and Sam told him, “Look, I own the place and nobody else is here. Go back behind a video rack if you want and use this little fag however you want, it’s the shops way of showing you we appreciate your business.

The man looked me over and looked at Sam a couple times. The mans eyes grew wide as a glob of Sams cum dripped from my chin onto my panty covered, locked cock, landing on the large wet spot at the front of my cage.

The man started to walk to the video section and motioned for me to follow him. We got to the back rack of videos and he stopped. Without saying anything, he pulled out his cock and i got on my knees with my hands securely locked behind my back.

“Suck my dick sweetheart.” he said as i moved forward and took his small soft cock in my mouth. i also noticed we were in the gay male video section!

His cock was small and tasted of skin lotion, obviously he had jerked off before coming into the store. It dawned on me it may be hard for him to cum again, but i was up for the challenge… or down on my knees for it in this case.

He turned out to be a grower and his disappointing dick turned into a six plus inch cock. Easy to handle for a cock whore like me!

I was also wrong about his ability to cum again as after about two minutes of sucking him like a starving cum junkie, he gasped that he was going to cum. Picking up my pace, i sucked feverishly as he went over the edge!

Following Sam’s lead, he shot a spurt of cum in my mouth, then pulled out and painted my face, telling me i was a beautiful girl as he covered my cheeks and forehead with his surprisingly large load of nut. When he finally finished, i took his cock back in my mouth and cleaned him off.

As his soft cock slipped from my mouth, i stated, “Thank you Sir!”

We walked to the counter and the man said he wanted to buy the cuffs i was wearing. Sam took them off and i noticed Master was sitting behind the counter, sipping on a beer. As the man added several items to his purchase, Master spoke to him.

“So did my little faggot do you good?”

“Yes, absolutely, he…she…uh, yes very good!”

Master laughed and looking at me said, “That paint job looks like a masterpiece!” he then told me i was not to wipe or remove anything from my body until told to. Nodding my understanding, i returned to kneel next to master.

After a minute, Master looked at me.

“Hey fag, why don’t you wander around and see where everything is at so you can show customers when they ask.

“Yes Master.” i said and got up and began to walk the aisles.

As i walked, i felt shame and excitement! i had the cum of two different men coating my tongue, my face was covered in drying cum that pulled at my skin as it dried. My locked clit was literally dripping and i couldn’t wait for my next chance to serve!

After i had walked around a bit, i was in the dildo section looking at some big beautiful models that i would love for Master to use on me.

Suddenly the door bell chimed as someone walked in. A young guy, very young. Skinny, long hair and definitely a “twink” if i ever saw one. He walked to the counter and started talking to. Master and Sam.

Soon Master called out, “Get over here slut!”

Rushing to my Master, i was addressed by Sam.

“Hey bitch, this young man is getting ready to have sex with his girl for the first time and is asking about ways to not… finish to early. We told him you will help him out. He is shy, so take him in the back, to the last door and be nice to him.”

The young guy is standing there, his mouth hanging open at the sight of a smooth, hairless man in panties, a shirt that says “Master’s Whore” and seems unsure of whats going on.

“He’s 18.” Sam said, we checked his ID.

Excitedly, i take him by the hand and lead him into the back and find the last door. Inside a small cot and video monitor playing straight porn are waiting.

“What is it you are wanting to know?” i ask.

The kid seems very nervous, “I’m not sure, I have never had sex and we are planning to do it next weekend. I don’t know if I will be any good and i don’t want to let him down… her, not let her down!”

He blushed terribly at his miss step.

Attempting to reassure him, i say, “Look, your talking to a guy dressed like a whore, there is nothing to be shy about.”

He hesitates for a second and letting out a big sigh says, “His name us Brian, neither of us have had sex before. We have kissed and stroked each other, but never… you know.”

“Let me help you out, i will suck your dick so you can relax and we will see what you think. Is that ok?” i ask.

He seems unsure, so i reach out and start rubbing his cock thru his baggy shorts. He tenses up but immediately starts to relax and grow!

As he begins to relax, i have him sit and kneel on the floor in front of him. Reaching into his shorts i pull out his cock and am surprised to see a smooth, beautiful monster! Not fully hard and seven inches of uncut man meat!

“Brian is a luck guy!” i say as i wrap my lips around his beautiful tool. He immediately gasps and begins to breathe hard.

I begin my slow journey of making love to this boys large cock. Pausing every 30 seconds or so to not push him over the edge. He places his hands on my head and begins slowly fucking my throat. (This kid learns fast!)

Nearly as soon as it starts, he blurts out, “I’m cumming!” just as he unloads in my throat. he stops fucking my throat and drives his cock hard deep into my throat. he holds my head down on his cock as he unloads blast after blast of hot teenage spunk! Soon i struggle to breathe, but this boy won’t let up! He just keeps cumming!

In an attempt to breathe, i actually blow his hot cum out of my nose onto his smooth abs!

He finally finishes dumping his load and lets me up to breathe. After catching my breath, i begin sucking his cock clean and licking his toned abs.

To my surprise, he instantly gardens back up!

He is euphoric, thanking me profusely for giving him his first head. As his cock sprang back to life, i stand up, turn and bend over the cot.

“Fuck me stud! i want you to fill me up like that again! Put that big cock in my tight hole and fuck me!” i practically beg him.

He slides in behind me and i feel his large cockhead rub against my hungry hole. He has trouble getting lined up so i reach back and put his cock against my fuck tunnel.

“Slide it in me stud.” i say and he pushes past my sphincter.

As his cock penetrates my cunt, i moan loudly at the feeling of entry. He soon has me balls deep and begins slowly thrusting.

As his pounding of my boi pussy speeds up, i am lost in the feeling of being ridden by his large cock! Every inch of his hard tool is felt in my hungry hole. i completely fag out on this teenagers fuck rod!

His amazingly good fucking (for a first time or any time) has me begging for his thrusts!

“Give me that cock, fuck me hard stud, fuck meeee!” i beg as he increases to a rapid hammering assault of my cum chute.

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5 thoughts on “Sissy Gets Used in Public

  1. John says:

    I don’t mind bookstore trade but this was way too much master/whore domination.
    Didn’t enjoy it but I’m sure there’s a group that loved it…

  2. TomofNorway says:

    Sorry, but the fem picture was a turn-off to begin with, and I admit I had no interest in reading the story that followed. Judging from the cleft chin, that ‘person’ might be kind of handsome if he’d “butch it up”. Not my cup of tea either, ‘Steve’.

  3. Steve says:

    Not my cub of tea i stop reading half way though its not right to be abuse like this i know there are guys our there like this it just not to my taste

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