Slave For Daddy Pt 2

He rubs his cock all over my face, I can feel his sticky precum on my face as he rubs it all over. He moves it further and I feel him right next to my lips. Oh god, it’s so close to my mouth. I can’t do this, can I?

Part 1


I can’t focus on anything other than his big, hard cock pressing against my arse. Oh god, what’s happening to me?

Without even realising what I’m doing, I can feel myself grinding my arse back around his cock. Rubbing it up and down me.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good boy.” Trevor whispers into my ear.

“Oooh god.” I pant rubbing my arse up and down his cock.

Am I really doing this? Am I grinding my bare arse back onto this older gay man’s massive cock?

The hot water is running off of the both of us and filling the shower up with steam.

Suddenly, Trevor grabs my shoulders and spins me around so I’m facing him. I’m only inches away from his body and his hard cock is rubbing against mine which is now fully hard once again.

“Touch it.” He tells me.

I look down and stare at his giant cock.

“I… I…” I stutter, not knowing what to say, feeling myself getting lost in the moment.

“Touch your Daddy’s cock.” He whispers in a firmer tone.

What am I doing?!

As if in a mind of their own, my hand reaches out and for the first time in my life I grab onto Trevor’s thick, hard cock. It’s so fucking big I can barely wrap my fingers around it.

“Good boy.” He whispers whilst staring at me.

Oh god, Harry what are you doing? This is cheating.

But I can’t let go of his cock.

Still not being able to stop myself, I feel my hand slowly moving up and down and wanking his big, hard cock.

“There we go.” He whispers.

I look up and see him staring at me with an animalistic look in his eyes as I wank his cock. Oh my god, I’m wanking his cock!

His hands return to my body and I start to wank him a little faster.

The warm water just helps spread his precum around my hand as I go faster and faster, my eyes darting from looking at him to looking at his giant dick.

“Oh yeah, I knew you’d be good at that son.” He whispers.

My hand goes faster and faster and now I’m properly wanking his big cock. My Daddy’s big cock. Oh god, this can’t be real.

His hands all over me just seem to turn me on more and I feel myself panting as I wank his cock.

“Oh yeah boy, you want to make your Daddy cum?” He moans.

“Y-yes.” I whisper without even thinking.

“Good boy, I’ve wanted to have you pleasing me since I first saw you.” He says to me, his words just turning me on more and more.

“It’s taken a while, but I knew I’d get you here.” He whispers, “I knew I’d turn you, show you who you really are.”

His words proving that he’s been planning on seducing me since we first met. For some reason though, I like it.

“That’s it boy, wank your Daddy faster.” He whispers.

“Y-yes Daddy.” I whisper back, not believing I just called him Daddy.

As I wank his big cock faster his moaning gets louder and louder.

“Yyyeesssssss!” He grunts and I feel his cum firing out of his cock and hitting my abs.

Shot after shot of his warm, thick cum hits me and I keep on wanking his cock as fast as possible, wanting to give him the pleasure he’s given me.

He eventually stops cumming and I pull my hand away. Now covered in not just my cum but his as well.

“That was great for a first time.” He moans to me.

“T-thank you.” I whisper.

Have I really just done that? Did I just wank him off until he came on me?

Standing perfectly still, I watch as Trevor gets out of the shower and leaves me to wash his cum off of me.

A few minutes later I step out and dry myself off.

“Thanks for that son.” He says to me, he’s sat on the sofa still completely naked.

“It’s… okay.” I whisper nervously.

I leave his apartment and go back to mine, my head feels like it’s about to explode.

“Where have you been?!” Jessica shouts as soon as I shut the door.

“I’ve just been the gym.” I tell her nervously, hoping to hide what I’ve just done.

“That’s all you do now!” She shouts marching to me, “It’s like you don’t even care about us anymore.”

“W-what?” I stutter, does she really feel like this?

“All you ever do is go the gym and hang out with Trevor! You pay no attention to me, we haven’t even had sex in months!!” She shouts at me.

“I’m…. I’m sorry.” I whisper.

What can I say? She’s right, I’ve been more focused on letting Trevor wank me off than on her.

“You’re sorry? Is that all you have to say?” She shouts.

“I… I… I don’t know.” I whisper and hang my head in shame.

“You can sleep on the sofa tonight!” She barks and marches back into our room before slamming the door.

Caught Out

A week later, Jessica is still barely speaking to me. I’ve not gone to the gym since I wanked Trevor’s cock, in fear of not being able to stop myself from doing it again. Although I’ve been trying to put more effort into Jessica, I find myself constantly day dreaming about Trevor, about his body, about his cock.

It’s Saturday and Jessica has gone out for the day, she didn’t even say bye, just left. Sitting there in silence. I hear a knock on the door.

Opening it, my heart skips a beat to see Trevor stood there smiling at me.

“W-what are you doing here?” I nervously ask.

“I haven’t seen you at the gym in a few days, I thought you’d want to go.” He said with a huge grin.

Oh god, what is it about him, why can’t I stop thinking about him!!

“So? Let’s go.” He says, not a question, more of an order.

“I… I’ll just get changed.” I say, feeling my cock growing hard in my shorts at the thought of him wanking me again… and of wanking his cock.

“Good boy.” He says as I turn around, hearing him say that just makes me even hornier.

We go down to the gym and start working out, however this time, Trevor’s hands are all over me.

I’m standing with two dumbbells in my hands doing my reps and Trevor is standing behind me supposedly helping, except his hands start to rub my body. I look around and can’t see anyone else in the gym luckily.

Suddenly, his hand goes underneath my baggy shorts and grabs onto my hard cock.

“W-what are you doing?” I whisper to him, having to struggle to keep hold of the weights.

“Just getting you ready.” He whispers in my ear.

Oh god, his hand is grabbing my cock, fuck I’m so horny!

He strokes my hard cock only a few times until his hand leaves and I feel him grabbing my arse cheeks from behind. I have to stop myself from moaning as I finish off my set.

The next one, I go onto the shoulder press machine and Trevor is stood in front of me smiling down on me.

My arms are extending high into the air with the highest weight I’ve ever done and suddenly he pulls his shorts down and his giant, hard cock is in front of my face. It’s so thick and beautiful. I can barely focus on my exercise as he just holds his cock inches away from my face. Inching closer and closer to me.

Oh god, he’s not going to put it near my mouth, is he? Do I want that?

In an instant, he puts his cock back away and weirdly I miss seeing it.

Not missing a beat, I extend my arms again and suddenly Trevor gets onto his knees and pulls my baggy shorts down so my own rock hard cock is out.

“Wwwwhaaaaaa…” I moan as suddenly this older gay man’s lips are wrapped around my cock.

Oh fuck, he’s sucking my cock!!! Oh, fuck it feels so good, I haven’t had a blowjob in so long!!!

Trevor starts to bob up and down on my cock quickly, I can feel his warm, wet tongue running all over my shaft and I really struggle to hold the weight.

I watch as his head moves up and down, his perfect lips tightly wrapped around my cock and I let out a loud moan.

“Mmmm, delicious.” He says standing back up, leaving my cock out.

I look around to make sure no one is here and thankfully it is still just us.

I finish my set and pull my shorts back up.

We go onto the bench press next and I support Trevor as he does his set, standing over him, I can see him staring at my hard cock through my shorts and I am desperate to feel his perfect mouth around it again.

Trevor stands up and I take his place lying down on the bench. Grabbing onto the bar, I lift it up as he stands over me.

Within a blink of an eye, Trevor pulls his shorts down and I’m looking up at his hard, thick cock. As I try and focus on the work out, Trevor lets go of his cock and I feel it resting on my face.

I can smell his scent, it’s so… intoxicating.

As I push the bar up and down, he rubs his cock all over my face, I can feel his sticky precum on my face as he rubs it all over. He moves it further and I feel him right next to my lips. Oh god, it’s so close to my mouth. I can’t do this, can I?

I have to finish off my set with his cock so close to my face, so heavy, so warm, so… delicious.

Sitting back up, I finally move away from his cock, just about managing to not take him in my mouth. Although I’m so fucking horny right now I don’t know how long I can stop myself for.

“That’s it, you’re coming with me.” Trevor says firmly as I stand up. He grabs my hand and drags me out of the gym.

I don’t say a word as I let him lead me back into his apartment, my hard cock swinging my shorts as we walk.

He closes the door to the apartment behind us and pushes me back up against it. Instantly his hands are all over my body and suddenly he leans forwards and plants his lips against mine.

As though in a trance, I close my eyes and kiss him back. Oh god, I’m kissing him! What am I doing.

“Mmmm.” I realise I suddenly moan as he forcefully pushes his tongue into my mouth.

My body is reacting immensely to this, rubbing my tongue against his as his hands explore my body. His hands land on my shoulders and roughly pushes me down onto my knees. My back is pressed against the door and suddenly Trevor’s shorts are down by his ankles and his cock is only inches away from my face.

“Go on son, suck your Daddy’s cock.” Trevor whispers.

I can’t take my eyes from it, his dick staring straight at me. It’s so smooth, so thick, so… perfect. I can see him slowly moving his cock closer and closer to me until it is less than an inch from my mouth. I know he’s waiting for me to do the final move, to take his cock in my mouth.

I wonder how long he has thought of this moment, how long has he been planning on having me on his knees with his cock in my mouth.

From here, I can smell his cock once again and I gasp at how seductive it smells. I give one final look up to this amazing man, he is just smiling back down at me with a huge grin, finally knowing he has conquered me.

This is it, I’m doing it, I want this.

I slowly open my mouth and look at his perfect cock. As though time has stopped, my mouth ever so slowly moves forward and I feel the warmth from his cock on my lips.

I close my mouth and I feel my lips wrap around his shaft. Oh my god, I have a cock in my mouth!

“Good boy, I’ve waited so long to see you being a good cocksucker for me.” Trevor moans.

I look up at him with his cock in my mouth, my own cock twitching in my shorts as I fucking love the feel of him in me.

I slowly move my tongue and drag it from the underneath of his cock head all the way to the top, tasting another man’s precum for the first time and it tastes fucking delicious.

“Mmmmm.” I moan around his cock, feeling totally natural in this position.

“I knew you’d love it.” Trevor whispers.

Oh god, I love this!

I close my eyes and savour the feeling of having a cock in my mouth. I keep running my tongue all over his cock, feeling every ridge as I taste more and more of his precum.

Opening my mouth, I take him a little deeper down and wrap my lips around his shaft again as I flick my tongue over the head.

Trevor doesn’t say anything as I slowly accept the position I’m in, slowly bobbing up and down just past his head. I can feel my wet lips dragging along his shaft as I bounce up and down on it.

“Mmmm.” I moan again. I can’t believe how good it feels to have a cock in my mouth, why haven’t I done this before!?!

“I love watching a young man accept that he’s just a hungry cocksucker.” Trevor moans as I bob up and down, “I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have such a hot, young gay boy living so close to me. But when I saw you, I knew I had to turn you.”

Oh god, his words are just making me even hornier. Has he been trying to turn me since day one? Is that’s what’s happened? Am I turned now?

I can’t help but love sucking on his cock. I start to bob up and down a little faster, trying to take him deeper into my mouth. I try to think of what I like when someone sucks my cock and do it back to him.

I gather spit onto my tongue and spread it all along his shaft and head as I move my lips up and down.

“You’re going to love being my slut son, you’re going to be sucking Daddy’s cock all the time now.” Trevor moans.

“Mmmm.” I moan back instinctively, already knowing that I don’t want this to just be a one time thing.

I keep lovingly bobbing up and down on his cock, savouring my first time sucking a dick and fucking loving it.

Trevor grabs onto my head and pulls me back and I instantly miss having his cock in my mouth.

“Do you love sucking on your Daddy’s cock?” He asks me.

Although I can’t take my eyes from his cock, I can feel his stare burning into me.

“Y-yes.” I whisper.

“Yes, what?” He asks again.

I don’t care, I want this!

“Yes, I love sucking your cock, Daddy.” I admit.

“Good boy.” Trevor moans and lets go of my head. I instantly take him back into my mouth and start sucking his properly now.

My horniness completely taking me over as I bob up and down on his cock like a cock hungry slut! I moan and spit all over his shaft as my take more and more into my mouth.

“Daddy’s going to fuck your face now son.” Trevor warns.

I look up at him and moan around his cock to let him know I’m ready.

Then, I feel him pushing his cock into my mouth, deeper and deeper. It goes past the point I’ve gotten to and I feel it hit my throat.

“Gllggg!!” I gag around his cock and instinctively pull away only to hit my head on the door that’s just behind me.

Daddy, I mean Trevor, moves closer to me and starts to push his cock deeper into my mouth.

Once again, he hits my throat and I gag but my head is on the door so I can’t pull away. He keeps pushing deeper and deeper. My throat is wrapping around his cock and I try to relax and stop gagging but I can feel a small amount of spit dripping down my chin.

“Oh yeeahh.” Trevor moans, “You nearly have my entire cock you slut.”

Oh fuuuckk! Hearing him call me a slut just turns me on even more!!!

Then I feel his big, smooth balls on my chin and I know I have all of Daddy’s, fuck, I mean Trevor’s, cock balls deep down my throat!

“Yeeeeesss!!” Trevor grunts and holds himself full in me.

“GGGLLLLLLLGGGGGGGGG!!!” I gag and moan around his thick meat and more and more spit drools down my chin. I feel so dirty, so slutty, I fucking love it!!

I feel him pulling back only to push all the way back into my again. He is slowly making love to my mouth that I’m tightly wrapping around his cock. Over and over, he bottoms out down my throat as he starts to pick up the pace.

“Gllg….gluggg..glgggg!” My throat keeps making noises as he fucks my face faster and faster.

I’m just in for the ride now as Trevor ruthlessly face fucks me. My spit is flying all over me as his balls hit my chin over and over.

“Fuck yes, take that cock you fucking slut!!” Trevor roars as he grips onto my head.

“Gllllllggggg!!” I moan around his cock, almost cumming in my shorts as he fucks my face like the slut I apparently am.

“Oh yeah, I’m about to cum son. I’m going to fill your mouth with all of my hot cum!!” Trevor moans and I realise I want just that! I want to taste his delicious cum, to feel him erupting in my mouth.

He keeps fucking my face harder and harder, my throat fully accepting his cock now as I revel in the pleasure I’m giving this amazing man.

“Fuuuuuccckk yeesssss!!” Trevor roars and I feel the first hit of another man’s cum landing on my tongue.

Over and over, I feel more of his cum shooting into my mouth and down my throat. He doesn’t let up fucking my mouth as he cums. I can feel bits of his cum and my spit flying all over me and down my chin as he just uses me for pleasure.

As he slows down fucking my mouth and wrap my lips back around him and start to bob up and down, not wanting to lose the taste of his thick, warm cum.

“Mmmmm!!” I moan around his cock as I bob up and down.

“Oh yeah, you love my cock don’t you son?” He asks.

“Mhmmm.” I moan in agreement as I keep sucking his cock that slowly goes soft in my mouth.

He eventually moves away and I miss having his cock in my mouth, but I can still taste his delicious cum and swallow down the last few drops.

“That was great for a first time.” Trevor moans as he pulls his shorts back up.

My own cock is rock hard in my shorts and I’m hoping he will return the favour.

“You should get back to your apartment now.” He says, crushing those hopes.

“O-okay.” I say standing back up.

“What do you say to your Daddy?” He asks.

I stare at him in confusion for a moment until I realise what he means.

“T-thank you Daddy.” I whisper.

“Good boy, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He says and walks away from me.

Turning around, I wipe the spit and cum from my chin before leaving his apartment.

Oh my god, I just sucked his cock!! And I fucking loved it!! What’s happened to me? I’m not gay! Am I?

Walking across the hall back to my apartment I wonder what I’m going to say to Jessica. I just definitely cheated on her? What’s worse, it was with a man!!

I open the door and the first thing I hear is slapping sounds and suddenly.


What the fuck?! That’s Jessica! Is she cheating on me?!

I barge into our bedroom and can’t believe what I see! Jessica is on her hands and knees getting well and truly fucked by a huge black man!!!

“Harry?!!” She screams and jumps forward.

As she moves, I see his wet, massive black cock! Fuck it looks amazing!!

“I’m so sorry!” She shouts, grabbing a sheet and covering her naked body.

“W-what are you doing?” I ask her, suddenly feeling the hurt of having her cheat on me.

“I should go.” The black man says grabbing his clothes, I can’t keep my eyes off of his cock as he gets dressed and finally leaves our apartment.

“Harry, I’m so sorry.” Jessica says as tears start to fill her eyes.

“W-why?” I ask her, still in shock of what I’ve just seen.

“We… we haven’t had sex in so long. And you pay no attention to me. I’m so sorry.” She pleads, sitting on the bed and sobbing her eyes out.

It’s strange, although I’m so massively hurt at what I’ve just seen, I know I can’t get angry as I just cheated on her with a man.

For the next two hours we talk about everything and realise that neither of us are happy anymore. I don’t tell her about what I have done with Trevor, not wanting to hurt her further.

Eventually, she decides that she is going to move out and we’re broken up.

My New Daddy

It’s been two days since Jessica moved out. I have barely left my apartment since, deciding to work from home as I can’t stand to face anyone.

I’m sitting in the dark, wondering what I’m going to do with myself. I had a plan, Jessica was the rest of my life and now, I don’t even know who I am.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door.

Closing my laptop, I walk over and answer it to see Trevor smiling at me.

“Hey, where’ve you been?” He asks standing in the hall.

“Jessica and I broke up.” I tell him, hanging my head in shame.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” He says, although I’m sure he’s actually happy about it, “I didn’t think you two would’ve worked out anyway.”

“W-why’s that?” I ask.

“Can I come in?” He replies and I open the door to let him in.

“Well,” Trevor says walking into the living room area, “You love cock. It was never going to work.”

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7 thoughts on “Slave For Daddy Pt 2

  1. Crnivor says:

    A Great Story!! Please Continue! I would love read of his opening up and profecting his new found desires and skills. Trevor does need to move the boy to be comfortable and we need it written verbatim as everything else gifted! Thank You

  2. skyreader says:

    An amazing fantasy for anyone who dreams about sex with a straight guy. I’d love to see Trevor open up an BDSM door and push Harry inside.

    • Rob says:

      This be great venue to read! Great idea! I see Trevor taking to a special place, where satisfies many other. At the direct planning of Trevor. As a gift to not only his buddies, but to the young man himself!

  3. LPS says:

    Pure fantasy, yet still a great story with lots of hot sex! But come on, guys and gals, I’m tired of sounding like a broken record! Have a friend proof read your story before you submit it for publication. I’m surprised that UDATZ doesn’t do it, but they’re here to sell their products first and foremost!

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