Son Turns Dad Out

Callum wasn’t gay, but he loved how easy it was to fuck men, he also loved how dirty they all got when they saw his toned body and his big 7 inch cock.


Keith was happily married to his wife Susan, together they had two kids. Callum who was 18 and nearly finishing school, and Lisa who was 20 and was at university but still lived at home. Callum was tall, muscular and outgoing, not at all like his father. Where Lisa was small and beautiful, she looked like a younger version of her mother with long blond hair and slim body.

Keith and Susan have been married for 20 years, having accidentally gotten pregnant with Lisa at a young age, he did what he thought was right and proposed. Although they were young and didn’t have much money, they were happy.

Working in sales, Keith rose through the ranks to the point where he is now a manager making good money and Susan works as a nurse.

Keith was a regular guy, he was 6 foot, short brown hair, a little dad bob on the way even though he still tried to jog most days.

Although he was still very happy with his wife, their sex life was almost non-existent now. But that didn’t stop Keith from wanking nearly every day. The perks of working from home three days a week meant he gets a lot of time to himself.

It was one fateful day when this story begins.

After working from home all morning, Keith took a break to make himself some lunch and to tidy the house a little. Starting with his room, he put his clothes away and decided to put on jogging bottoms to be more comfortable.

Keith didn’t dare enter Lisa’s room, fearful of what he would find in his young girls’ room. But when he entered Callum’s, he sighed with disappointment by the mess.

Clothes were all over the floor, empty plates and glasses scattered around. Then what shocked Keith the most, was a half empty tub of lube on his night stand.

“For god’s sake Callum.” Keith moaned to himself.

As he picked up some of the clothes and formed a mountain out of them, he walked over to put the lube away. Opening the draw next to his bed, Keith saw inside I woman’s thong and a black dildo.

“What the fuck?” Keith said, putting the lube down and picking up the thong and dildo.

Callum doesn’t have a girlfriend, although Keith assumed he was good with the girls as he was a tall and muscular man who reeked confidence.

Looking at the dildo and the thong, Keith thought about the old times with Susan. They used to be kinky and adventurous, it has now been years since he has seen his wife in a thong.

Picturing his wife in a thong and the old days when he used to have a dildo he would put in his wife’s arse whilst he fucked her, Keith realized he was getting horny.

Well, I am alone. He thought.

Deciding he would have a quick wank whilst he was on his break and while no one was home. Keith pulled his jogging bottoms down and lay on Callum’s bed.

Grabbing the lube, he squirted some on his hand and began to rub his 4 inch cock. Not having used lube in a while, it was a nice change.

He quickly started to get hornier and hornier, slowly wanking his cock whilst thinking of Susan. Thinking of fucking her with a dildo before fucking her himself. His breathing got heavier and heavier.

It’s been too long since Susan and I have had sex. He thought, Maybe I should try something more adventurous and get the spark back with her?

Keith was picturing his wife riding on top of him, her firm tits bouncing around as he grabbed her arse. Susan always got really loud when they were having sex and Keith loved this.

Being so caught up in his own wank, Keith didn’t hear the front door open and close downstairs.

Callum had returned home, having missed school this morning because he had plans to fuck one of the older married men that live down the road. Callum wasn’t gay, but he loved how easy it was to fuck men, he also loved how dirty they all got when they saw his toned body and his big 7 inch cock.

Looking at his phone, he texted, “Don’t you ever fucking cancel on me again!”

The man he was supposed to fuck called it off last minute because his wife came home. Instead, he planned to come home and use Grindr to find a local guy he could use to suck his cock or to fuck.

When he got home, he saw his dad’s car outside and realized he must be working from home.

Shit, he’s going to kick off that I’m not at school. Callum thought.

Slowly going into the house, he had a quick look around and realized his dad wasn’t downstairs. He assumed that his dad must have gone out and if he was quick then he could get in and out without him realizing.

Then, as he slowly walked up the stairs, he began to hear some heavy breathing. His room was next to Lisa’s and he knew what her masturbating moans sounded like, but this wasn’t it. It was deeper, more manly.

At first, Callum that that maybe Lisa had snook home to have sex with her boyfriend. Although there was no sound of a woman at all.

As he got up the stairs, Callum quickly realized that the moaning was coming from his room.

What the fuck? Callum thought as he creeped closer, Is someone in my room?

There was a small crack in the door and when Callum looked through, he saw his dad! Half naked, on his bed wanking!

Dad? What are you doing? He thought.

As Callum kept looking through, he spotted the lube next to him and then to his amazement, the dildo! The dildo he bought and used often on some of his school fuck friends. Then the thong, the thong that his friend Jamie would wear when Callum made him.

Callum knew he was dominant and loved telling other men what to do.

Why is dad wanking with my dildo and a thong? Callum thought.

At first, he was planning on bursting in and embarrassing his dad, then he felt his hard cock twitching in his pants. His dad had clearly gotten horny whilst seeing Callum’s sex toy and underwear and couldn’t stop himself from wanking.

Although Callum had plenty of men to fuck, he loved the idea of a in house slut to use. He would love it to be his sister, but his dad would work just as well.

He watched as his dad’s breathing got heavier and heavier.

Keith’s eyes were closed, getting so close to cumming.

When suddenly the door burst open.

“Dad what the fuck are you doing?” Callum said walking into the room.

Keith was right on the verge of cumming when he heard his son’s voice and quickly sat up, his cock still in his lubed up hand.

“Fuck! Callum get out!” He shouted in panic.

“This is my room!” Callum argued.

“I’m sorry son!” Keith quickly shouted, shuffling to the end of the bed. Attempting to grab onto his jogging bottoms but his lubed hands slipped.

“Why are you wanking in my room? With my dildo and a thong?” Callum asked, loving the awkwardness he was forcing onto his dad.

“It’s nothing, I will just go. Let’s never talk about this.” Keith stuttered out as he sat on the end of the bed. As he went to pull up his bottoms, Callum stepped forward and placed a foot onto them and forced them back down.

When Keith looked up at his son, Callum said, “Were you lubing up that dildo to use on yourself? Planning to fuck yourself in your son’s room?”

“Callum!” Keith shouted in shock, “Do not speak to your father like that!”

“I will speak to you however I want when you are in my room like this.” Callum said with a dominant tone.

Keith’s head was running wild, he was embarrassed and confused.

“I need to leave.” Keith said once more, attempting to pull his bottoms up but Callum’s foot kept them firmly down.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Callum said with a smirk, “It looked like you were close. Who am I to stop you.”

“Callum!” Keith shouted in shock.

A plan quickly formed in Callum’s head, he didn’t expect such resistance from his dad when he first saw him in this position. However, his mind was set on making his dad his slut now. And Callum always got what he wants.

Quickly, Callum pushed his father’s shoulders, he was much stronger than his dad and Keith easily fell back.

“What are you doing?!” Keith shouted in panic.

“Helping you out.” Callum said.

Then he did something he very rarely does.

Not giving his dad enough time to react, Callum bent down and took his dad’s hard cock into his mouth and wrapped his lips around it.

“Fuuuckk!” Keith moaned in both shock and pleasure!

Callum has sucked a few cocks, however his pleasure was dominating a man. But he knew he would have to do something to get his father to submit to him, and he was willing to suck his cock to get that.

His cock was only small and Callum was able to take most of it into his mouth and began to swirl his wet tongue around the head of the cock.

Keith felt like his head was about to explode, he knew he should push his son away. But he hasn’t had a blowjob in years and he had forgotten how amazing they felt.

Callum continued to bob up and down on his dad’s cock with ease, hearing his moaning getting louder and louder.

“Callum, stop.” Keith whispered, but Callum didn’t stop.

Instead, he carried on and Keith didn’t put any force in to stop him.

When his moaning got louder, Callum knew that his father was getting close to cumming so he pulled his mouth back away and looked at his dad’s hard, wet cock.

“Noooo.” Keith moaned out without meaning to, but he was so close to cumming.

Callum knew he had his dad right where he wanted him, on the edge of cumming, putty in his hand.

When Keith looked up, he saw his son smiling down at him.

“You can cum, after I have.” Callum suddenly said.

“What?” Keith asked, then in even more shock, he watched his son slowly pulling his trousers down.

“I just sucked your cock. Now it’s time to return the favor.” Callum said.

“I can’t do that.” Keith weakly argued.

Turning on his dominant side, Callum said firmly.

“You are going to suck my cock,” Then the pulled his boxers down and released his big, hard cock, “And you are going to take it down your throat like a good boy.”

Keith couldn’t believe what he just heard, his son ordering him to suck his cock. It was so fucked up and wrong, but Keith was too horny to think straight.

“Come here.” Callum said and firmly gripped onto his dad’s shirt and pulled him up so he was face to face with his cock.

Keith couldn’t take his eyes off it, he had never before thought about another man in a sexual way. But here he was, staring at his son’s cock in amazement. How is his cock so big? Keith asked himself.

“Open your mouth.” Callum ordered.

Yet, Keith was still arguing in his head. Callum could see the argument in his fathers head, encouraging him, Callum moved his cock forward so it was only an inch from his mouth.

The warmth of the cock could be felt against Keith’s face, the smell of his son’s cock was almost intoxicating.

“Do it, open your mouth and take my cock.” Callum encouraged, knowing if he was too firm then he could risk scaring his father.

Keith still couldn’t wrap his head round it, keeping himself still he just stared at his sons big, juicy cock.

Pushing him further, Callum moved his cock and felt the head of it pressing against his dad’s lips. He slowly moved the head of his cock around his dad’s mouth. Keith could feel his son’s precum spreading around his mouth, his scent driving him crazy.

Without even realizing he was doing it, Keith slowly opened his mouth.

Callum smiled whilst watching his father submit to him like so many before. When he first felt the warmth of his dad’s breath on his cock, Callum let out a little moan.

Keith was in disbelief as he felt his son’s big cock go into his mouth, when the head of his cock pressed against Keith’s tongue, he instinctively wrapped his lips around it.

“There you go.” Callum moaned.

Keith couldn’t explain it, although he had never in his wildest dreams pictured this, something just felt right to him.

Although he remained still, Callum took the opportunity and slowly started to push his cock in and out of his father’s mouth.

Without thinking, Keith suddenly moved his tongue and rubbed it along the head of his son’s cock and accidentally let out a “Mmmmmm.”

When Keith realized, he just moaned around his son’s cock, he looked up and saw Callum smiling down at him.

“Good boy.” Callum moaned, loving having his own dad moaning around his cock.

Keith remained still, not believing he just moaned whilst sucking his son’s cock. Callum remained pushing his cock in and out of his father’s mouth that was tightly wrapped around it.

It took only a minute for Keith to start running his tongue once again around his son’s cock. When Callum stopped moving himself, Keith instinctively started to move his mouth and began to bob on his son’s dick.

Closing his eyes, he tightened his lips around the cock as started to rub his tongue all over the giant cock in his mouth. Then he realized how turned on he was. Moving his hand down, Keith grabbed onto his own rock hard cock when Callum suddenly ordered, “No! Do not touch your cock! You’re doing this for me!”

Keith instantly stopped touching his cock and carried on moving his mouth up and down his son’s cock.

“Take more into your mouth now.” Callum moaned.

He watched as his father, like so many before, was now in a trance, consumed with their desire to please the cock in their mouth.

Keith opened his mouth and pushed his head further to take more of the cock into his mouth. When he felt the cock hit his throat, it forced him to gag and spit out the cock. A trial of spit fell down his chin as he looked up at his son.

“That’s okay, you’ll get better.” Callum whispered and didn’t give his dad time to think before pushing his cock back into his mouth.

Callum took the lead now, placing his hands onto his dad’s head, he started to thrust faster into his dad’s mouth. Pushing his cock deeper down his throat at every thrust.

Although his dad kept gagging and more of his spit fell from his chin, Callum was not letting up on fucking his face.

“Gllg..glggg…gllgg!” Kept coming from Keith’s mouth as his son started to furiously fuck his mouth.

Keith’s head was going wild, loving being treated this way and having this delicious cock fucking his mouth and doing his best to keep his tongue running along the cock as it plunged deeper down his throat.

“Lick my balls now!” Callum ordered and pulled his cock out of his dad’s mouth.

This was the first time that Keith had the opportunity to speak since first taking Callum’s cock. He knew he should say no, he knew he should stand up for himself. But he didn’t, instead he whispered.

“Okay.” And then gripping onto his son’s cock, Keith realized it was too big to even fit his hand around it.

He lifted the cock and looked at his son’s big, hairless balls. Wasting no time, he dove in, pushing his tongue against the smooth skin. Gathering spit onto his tongue and running it all over them until they were covered and soaked.

“Oh fuck yeah! Just like that my new slut.” Callum moaned, always loving having his balls licked.

Slut? Keith thought to himself, stopping and looking up at his son.

“Don’t fucking stop.” Callum quickly ordered taking back on his dominant role.

“Son, we shouldn’t…” Just as Keith continued to argue, Callum pushed his cock back into his open mouth and went back to fucking his face.

“That’s it, take my cock in your mouth my slut.” Callum moaned, not believing that he is talking to his dad this way, but when he was horny, he became a wild animal.

Keith still thought of protesting, but he didn’t nothing to stop his son from fucking his mouth and instead loved the feeling of someone being so dominant with him. Instead, he placed his hands onto Callum’s thighs for support as he tried to relax himself and let his son fuck his face.

“Oh fuck yeah! I’m going to use your mouth all the time now!” Callum moaned.

This panicked Keith, although he had always known this was incredibly wrong and fucked up, he never thought about it happening again. He tried to protest but with a cock fucking his mouth he just gave out a “Gllllgggggg!”

“That’s it, moan around my cock,” Callum said before smiling and saying, “My new Daddy slut!”

Fuuuuckkkk Keith moaned in his head at his son’s words, feeling like his cock could erupt right there by being treated this way.

Callum was loving his father moaning around his cock, sending vibrations through his body as he held Keith’s head still and fucked him faster and faster. Feeling his balls tensing up, Callum shouted.

“I’m about to cum soon! You better swallow it all down!”

Keith had almost forgot that he would be expected to take his son’s cum in his mouth, not that he could do anything about it now. Instead, he stayed still and took the face fucking, loving his cum pouring down his chin as his son’s moaning became animalistic.

Then Callum erupted.

“FUUUCKKKK!!” He grunted as he fired load after load of cum into his dad’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” Keith moaned accidentally as soon as the first load of cum hit his tongue, the delicious taste and texture sending him into overdrive as more and more cum poured down his throat.

He did the best he could to swallow it all down but there was too much, he felt it pouring out of his lips and down his chin as Callum held his cock buried down his dad’s throat.

After he had finished cumming, Callum pulled his cock out and watched as his dad wiped his chin.

“That was great, thanks dad.” Callum said with a laugh.

“I can’t believe that just happened.” Keith panted out, trying to catch his breath after not being able to breath very well whilst getting face fucked.

“Believe it Daddy slut.” Callum said pulling his trousers back up, his dad remaining sat there with his hard cock out. Looking down at it, Callum said, “You can sort yourself out.” And he quickly turned and left the room.

Leaving Keith sitting on his own, not believing what just happened, he could not argue with how horny he was right now, it was strange, he was actually disappointed that his son didn’t return to suck his cock.

Instead, Keith lay down and furiously began to wank. Running his tongue around in his mouth and savoring the delicious taste of cum.

It took only seconds for Keith to cover his stomach in his own cum.

After going to the bathroom for some toilet paper to clean up, his horniness high had gone and the realization of what just happened hit him.

I just sucked a cock! And worse, my son’s cock!! He screamed in his head. Keith had no desire to be with a man before and although he had to admit he sort of liked it, he now had no desire to do it again. Instead, he was in fear of what would happen. He needed to speak to his son and sort this out, it cannot happen again and Keith will make sure of that.

Going downstairs, he shouted, “Callum? We need to talk!”

But when he got down, he realized that Callum was gone. Sitting back down on the sofa where his laptop was, Keith knew he needed to get back to work, but his mind was a mess.


The next two days Keith was a wreck, he felt like he was frightened in his own home of seeing his son. Luckily for him, Callum has been out most of the time and only got home late so they haven’t crossed paths.

He couldn’t understand what came over him, to actually suck his son’s cock! Keith wasn’t gay, and he knew how wrong incest was!

Callum on the other hand, has spent the last two days thinking of his plans with his new conquest. The day after his dad’s first blowjob, he fucked one of his teachers at school. While his big cock fucked the teacher’s arsehole over his desk, Callum pictured what it would be like to fuck his own dad. Something about how sick it was and the incest seemed to turn him on even more.

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  1. Rob says:

    An Intense and Interesting story! I need to hear that Callum has developed emotional feelings for his Dad! Before he takes his ass!

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