Special Doctor Visit

I watched my boy suck on the doc’s big unit. He seemed eager to please, with his mouth and lips working up and down the shaft. Dylan continued to slide his lips downward until about half of the doctor’s big cock was inside his mouth.


It had been two hours since my son Dylan left for the doctor’s office. When he had departed, it was already past six o’clock, well past the office’s closing time. But Dylan said he had a special appointment. An “arrangement” he called it. He had had soccer practice earlier and was usually pretty tuckered out afterward, but seemed energetic as he hopped out the door. Dylan was eighteen, and I allowed him a generous amount of freedom in my house. I was curious about this arrangement with the doctor, but I figured it wasn’t any of my business. I was happy to extend to Dylan many adult privileges, as long as he obeyed a few rules. One of those rules was to let me know where he was and when to expect him home. He had been gone far too long for a doctor’s appointment and I was starting to worry.

Around eight o’clock, I decided to drive over to the office. On my drive, I reflected on what Dylan could possibly be doing at the doctor’s. Why didn’t I question him? Was I offering him too much leeway? I felt guilty for not giving him the fatherly attention he deserved. Not only discipline, but kindness, love. A teenager like him, taking his first steps into adulthood, needed guidance. I shook my head, not understanding why my thoughts had drifted in that direction.

I arrived at our family doctor’s office in good time and saw Dylan’s car parked out front. From the outside, the office lights appeared to be off, but the main door was unlocked. I stepped inside the empty waiting area. The lobby was dark, making it easier to see the sole lit-up exam room down the hallway. I stepped cautiously down the corridor and peeked into the open doorway.

My son was bent over the examination table, his pants and underwear around his ankles. The doctor, with his long white coat, crouched behind the boy, his face inserted between Dylan’s pale, round cheeks. The man’s jaw worked up and down. It sounded like he was french kissing Dylan’s asshole. From the sound of Dylan’s moans, my boy liked it. Down between the doctor’s legs, his big cock stood out rigidly from his pants. His red knob was shiny with pre-cum.

Shocked at the scene before me, I let out a whispered “Holy fuck!” It came out a little louder than I expected. I caught myself, clamping a hand over my mouth. But they hadn’t noticed me. Or, impossibly, they didn’t care. The doc kept his lips locked to my son’s rear hole and started stroking his own dick. Dylan dropped his head to the table then arched it back to utter a loud groan into the air.

The doc stood up, his cock looking pretty damn big jutting straight out from his open fly.

He reached under Dylan’s chest, pulling the young man up. They both stood, front-to-back, held tightly together. The doctor’s cock rested on Dylan’s lower-back and Dylan’s teen boner stood up at an angle, stiff as a board.

What the hell was going on? I had no idea that Dylan was gay, fucking around with a guy older than me. Should I have interrupted, or was this one of those things I should stay out of? After all, Dylan was legally an adult now. But what if this man was taking advantage? I was frozen. All I could do was continue staring at the perverse interactions playing out in front of me.

The doc was quite a bit taller than Dylan, who was short for his age. The doctor’s large hands explored up under Dylan’s T-shirt. Dylan squirmed, pushing himself back into the doc’s strong body as the man massaged him. The boy lifted his arms and the man peeled off the teenager’s T-shirt. Dylan’s long, fit body was exposed from head to ankles.

I studied my slender, youthful son. I was suddenly questioning why I had never paid attention to Dylan’s attractive form; I couldn’t look away now. His teen pole was long and hard, sprouting from a modest, dark bush of curly hair at his groin. It was hard for me to judge his exact size, but his fully-aroused cock sure looked big on his slight frame. Judging by Dylan’s erection, he sure seemed to be into this. God, was I really that clueless? How many days (weeks?) had this been happening, right under my nose, and I hadn’t noticed?

The doctor used one hand to turn Dylan’s head to the side. The man lowered his head and his ass-licking tongue invaded Dylan’s mouth. As I watched them making out, I absent-mindedly groped at my growing cock through the front of my pants. Their mouths eventually parted and the doctor looked straight at me.

“Hello, Mr. Anders,” he said to me. I was startled and dropped my hand to my side, which inadvertently put my tenting slack on display.

“Oh, hi Dad,” Dylan chimed in, finally noticing me. He was chipper and casual, but with a touch of bashfulness on his cheeks and in his eyes. Was that all he could say, standing there naked with his teen boner jutting out while being molested by the older man? His mild embarrassment seemed under-sized for the situation.

The pair separated and they both turned to face me as I stepped fully into the exam room. “I’ve taken control of your son, Mr. Anders. I think you’ll agree that he’s a very attractive young man. After examining him last month for his annual checkup, I couldn’t let this fine specimen of youth slip away from me.” He continued to rub his hands across Dylan’s bare chest and abdomen.

Strangely, I did agree. I had been surveying Dylan for the past ten minutes and I thought he was the hottest person I had ever seen. I stepped closer. My son idled passively, waiting for instructions, his only remaining clothing pooled at his feet. His cock was still hard, jabbing out into the space in front of him. I drank in the sight of him. His long legs had some hair along the shins. His thighs were slender, but strong. His arms hung limply at his sides, and I suddenly imagined what those long fingers looked like wrapped around his teen member. His neat, trim bush marked the end of his apparent body hair until the top of his head. His smooth torso was lean and showed off more than a hint of muscle tone. He was fresh-faced with neatly maintained brown hair. That was my soccer boy; young, fit, and sexy.

“Dylan, would you like to suck my cock now?” the Doctor asked.

Dylan glanced at me shyly, then looked at his feet. “Yeah,” Dylan said. He clearly wanted to but was unsure of doing it with Dad watching. The doctor coaxed him to his knees. I stood close, watching the doc’s stiff sausage leaking long strings of precum onto the floor. Dylan’s tongue flicked out, catching a heavy drop of the man’s clear goo. The teenager then attended to the doctor’s swollen, red helmet. The tip of Dylan’s tongue circled the flared rim, eliciting a moan from the older man.

Dylan engulfed the cock-head with his mouth. I watched my boy suck on the doc’s big unit. He seemed eager to please, with his mouth and lips working up and down the shaft. Dylan continued to slide his lips downward until about half of the doctor’s big cock was inside his mouth. I wondered how much of it he could take. I imagined that the swollen helmet must be tickling the back of Dylan’s mouth, ready to enter the kid’s throat.

Dylan slipped back, then forward again. It was insane watching Dylan taking that thick meat into his mouth with such long strokes. He really seemed to love sucking off the doctor, taking in as much as he could before retreating, and trying again. With each forward motion, another inch of the man’s tool sank into Dylan. After emitting a strangled cry, the teenager locked himself in place, his lips stretched around the base of the doctor’s cock. Dylan’s face was red and his eyes, although squeezed shut, were watering. How much of that stiff pole was lodged down my boy’s throat? Dropping my gaze down his slim body, I saw his cock still standing up straight from his patch of dark hair. The plump helmet was shiny as clear boy-goo oozed out of his slit. The kid was really enjoying his task, if his boner was any indication.

After a few more moments, Dylan pulled off. The stiff tool, now free of Dylan’s sucking mouth, bounced upward and trailing thick strands of frothy saliva. Dylan moved his face under, attacking the doctor’s nuts. I was in awe. The man’s large cock was so hard that it stood up all on its own, the red head drooling pre-cum while my son mouthed his big, hairy nuts.

Meanwhile, the teenager had his hands on the doctor’s thighs, then his muscled abdomen, then up his shirt to grope at his chest. The young man explored every aspect of the doc that he could reach.

The doctor cradled my son’s head, guiding him in this perverse exercise. “Mmmm, perfect kiddo,” he moaned before turning his attention to me. “I’ve spent the past six weeks teaching Dylan to appreciate the male body. I have a special serum, you see. It helps men to get in touch with their unfulfilled desires. It helps them to accept their attraction to other men. You can see Dylan’s enthusiasm for my body.”

“You… you made Dylan gay?” I asked. I was horrified, as I continued to gaze at my son working his mouth on an older man’s aroused genitalia. It was no problem if Dylan had been gay all on his own. But to be… I don’t know, “turned” gay? That seemed perverse!

“I prefer to think of it as… freeing up his mind to broader experiences. Oooooh!” he moaned as Dylan slipped that fat fucker back into his mouth. “I hate to see a beautiful young man waste his youth without fully exploring all the pleasures available to him. He’s taken quite well to his newly uncovered inclinations, wouldn’t you say?”

I couldn’t dispute that, seeing Dylan deep-throating the doc’s big man-cock, with Dylan’s own teen tool still very much hard and horny between his bare thighs. The tight little man gobbled on the big man-cock with more energy that I had ever seen Dylan expend on any project. He was enchanted.

My thoughts were in a state of turmoil. All at once, I was aghast, paralyzed, and very, very aroused. The doc reached over to me, his hand rubbing my crotch, grabbing at my confined erection. Jesus, I was so turned on by watching my eighteen year old son eagerly choking himself on this stranger’s big prick. What the fuck was wrong with me?!

As if reading my thoughts, the doctor explained, “I had Dylan add my serum to your food gradually, over these past few weeks. By now, after viewing our display of male physical affection, your own inner desire will have awakened. You’ll find yourself irresistibly attracted to young men like your son.”

He said all this while massaging my bulge. God, my head was so messed up. I stared at Dylan’s lips stretched obscenely around the man’s fat cock. I began pondering what it would be like for my son to suck my cock. I wanted to feed my boy and I wagered that he wanted to be fed.

The doctor must have noticed. “Dylan,” the doctor said. He waited for the teenager to slip his mouth off of the meaty pole. The red-faced boy looked up at his master. “Your father needs some attention.”

Once Dylan had reluctantly abandoned the doctor’s meat, he shifted over to me. He had a look of nervous excitement as he took his place at my feet. “Umm, hey Dad,” he said, staring up at me shyly. I couldn’t do anything but stand there as my own son worked his fingers at my fly, opening my pants. “Sorry I’ve been sneaking off to do this stuff with the doctor,” he continued. “I should have called you tonight. But, uh, I guess I got distracted.” He blushed fiercely, no doubt embarrassed at his display of eagerness with the doctor’s cock in front of his father. Panicked excitement coursed through my chest as my son worked his way into my pants. He shucked them down my thighs, his eyes growing wider as he took in the sight of my big bulge. The doctor had already worked me up really good, so my unit was pretty pronounced in my shorts. I knew it was wrong, that he was my own son, but… damn, staring down at Dylan’s cute face and his long fingers reaching towards my protruding pouch, I was awash with anxious anticipation of the impending sexual contact.

“Wow,” he breathed. His fingers danced along the curves of my mound, teasing my cock through the stretched fabric of my undies. I found myself pushing my bulge deeper into my son’s grip, gently humping his groping hand. I was getting bigger and harder as my boy fondled me through my underwear. The telltale wet spot appeared where my cock-head strained the fabric. He glanced up and me asked “Can I taste it?” I was shocked when Dylan, not waiting for my answer, moved his lips to my leaking precum.

“Holy shit,” I gasped. Dylan suckled on my oozing knob, mixing his saliva with my cock-juice, getting my undies quite wet. It was almost confusing to see his beautiful, angelic face engaged in such a lewd activity. It turned me on even more.

“Jesus,” I said. “Dylan…” He was practically sucking on my cock through the fabric.

“Let’s get a look at your dad’s dick,” the doc suggested.

Dylan pulled his face away from my crotch and looked up at me again. His eyes were big and round and gorgeous. “Can I see it, Dad?” he asked tentatively. I just nodded and he wasted no more time, pulling down the front of my underwear. Finally, my stiff cock was fully exposed to my son’s eager attention. He pushed my undies down to my knees and grabbed my thing with both hands.

“Do you have something you want to express, Dylan?”

Looking back up at me, he started speaking. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad son, Dad. I’ve never really shown you the appreciation you deserve. You’ve been a great father to me…”

As Dyl went on, my dick was getting really stiff in his stroking fists.

“Well, ummm, I wanna make it up to you. I wanna show you how much I love you, Dad.”

“I love you, too, guy,” I said, confused. “What do you want to show me?”

“You’ve taken care of me all these years,” he said, then took a long swipe with his tongue up the length of my shaft.

“You helped me with my homework,” he continued, then slipped his tongue up the cleft of my cock-head.

“Driven me to all my soccer practices.” The tip of his tongue circled around the rim. His treatment was driving me wild.

“You’ve fed me and bought me clothes and given me a place to live for eighteen years.” He lowered his mouth over my dripping knob.

“Jesus Christ,” I said as Dylan’s hot moistness glided along my hard cock. I combed my fingers through Dylan’s lush, brown locks while he moved his head, slurping on Daddy’s dick. How long had it been since I’d had a blow job? Was it possible that my son was giving me the best blow job I’d ever had?

After a few slurps up and down, Dylan pulled off. “Can I show you how thankful I am?” he asked, rubbing this thumb over my sensitive helmet.

“Uuuuh,” I uttered. “Uhh, hh, yeah, Dyl. I think I’d like that.”

He moved in again and slipped down along the side of my shaft, allowing my stiff pole to lay across his face. He smiled up at me playfully for a moment before kissing and licking the hairy base. His attention moved to my fuzzy nuts, which he gently lapped at and sucked on while slowly jerking my raging rod.

“Fuck, Dylan” I said as I shivered. I looked over at the doc and said, “He’s fucking good! How the fuck did you do this? Why am I so fucking horny for my own son, you sick bastard?”

“A long-time goal of mine has been to create a new kind of father-son bond. I wanted to break down the mental barriers and allow you and Dylan to experience the most intimate physical partnership.”

Dylan’s mouth sucked on my balls. A clear bead of precum formed at the tip of my dick. As Dylan jerked me, the juice oozed down over his hand.

“I’ve always believed that the closest familial relations should not be devoid of adult sexual pleasure. Why should we take a loving connection like family and rob it of sensual, bodily interactions?”

Dylan held my cock, gazing at it while gliding his hand slowly along its length.

“Surely,” the doc continued, “such experiences will create an ever stronger, more loving relationship.”

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Dylan said with lust in his eyes. “I love you, Dad.”

“The serum is the culmination of my philosophy. Now that the serum has changed Dylan’s inner chemistry, his strongest desire is to express his love for you, physically. He wants to give his tight young body to you, for you two to discover ultimate pleasure together, as an expression of your shared love.”

Just like he had been doing with the doc a few minutes ago, Dylan started sliding his mouth onto my cock. I felt the tightness of his throat enveloping my cockhead, then more of my shaft as my son was literally swallowing my dick. He hummed and I felt a spectacular vibration through my stiff cock. His lips and nose were buried in my dark scruffy bush. I had my daddy dick shoved all the way into my boy. His cherry-red face, streaked with tears, really showed the strain he was putting himself through as he took me into his throat.

The kid held my rod there, staring up at me with his wide, tearful eyes while I felt his throat muscles flexing on my cock. I cradled the back of his head as I gazed back at him. His gorgeous face was twisted and strained from this perverted act, but he remained, keeping my length inside him.

Finally, Dylan pulled back, allowing himself a breath before attacking me again. Too soon, the tightness of his throat closed around my cock again. I found myself pressing on the back of his head and pushing forward with my groin, locking the teenager in place as I uttered a deep groan. I finally released and Dylan pulled off, sputtering and coughing as frothy fluid drooled down his chin. After catching his breath, he returned right away, sinking my thick inches back into his throat. With both hands, I pulled his head to me tightly and mashed his face into my pubes.

“Fuuuck,” I groaned. “Damn, Dyl, you’re a fucking superstar!” I released him again and he “schlorped” off of my cock. He sat back, looking dazed as he caught his breath. His hand went to his own dick. Stroking it, he looked at me and smiled.

A little hoarsely, he said, “Force your dick down my throat, Dad.”

I leaned in and pulled him to me again. He opened up and I shoved my ragingly stiff flagpole down his throat again. I humped his face, gagging my boy on my fat cock. I eventually released him, relinquishing control. He moved his mouth up and down my cock, taking me all the way in with each downward stroke.

I was sure that I’d dump my load straight down his esophagus into his belly. I felt my balls churning, preparing to eject my seed out through my cock. It was all too intense. I stared down at my beautiful, sexy son, his smaller, slim body exposed completely to me, as he hungrily worked to satisfy his own father. His own cock was still rock-hard in his fist. It seemed he was turned on by my daddy dick. The physical sensations were amazing, but the taboo-breaking facts, the mere thought of my own son, my precious young man, sucking on my cock, that idea alone almost sent me over the edge.

“Dylan,” the Doctor called, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder. The physical and mental hurricane that was winding up inside me dissipated as my son pulled his mouth off my cock. As he withdrew, I gasped for breath, recovering from my near-orgasm. Strands of the frothy goo stretched from my cock to his lips and Dylan drew a forearm across his delicate face to wipe away the mess. His eyes were red and his face was burning. He had really put himself through the ringer.

“Did you like it?” Dylan asked me almost innocently.

“Ooof,” I breathed. “Uh, yeah, Dyl, I loved it!” I tousled his hair and he smiled widely at my approval. “You almost had me cumming down your throat.”

Dylan smiled broadly. “Really?” he asked excitedly.

“Yeah,” I said. “Sorry I got a little rough there. You’re just so damn sexy.”

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15 thoughts on “Special Doctor Visit

  1. Dale & Stacy says:

    I work shut down s in Baytown Texas Ive had to go to the same Doc for 10 yrs well the last 3 yrs when I go in he strips me totally naked bends me over and puts 4 fingers in My ass this last yr he stuck his fat long cock in me and fucked me so good Now I see him every day at lunch for the same

  2. Avery says:

    My dad was so religious. Whenever homosexuality came up, he’d quote the passage from Leviticus ( … the son shall not lie down with the well-hung and sexually-frustrated father blah blah blah). If I’d had some of this fantasy serum, my dad would have “sinned” frequently–and liked it! LOL

  3. Justjackinit says:

    When this 72 yr old grandpa reads any story about Dr./patient relations it automatically reminds me of when 50 and had my kidney exam bi medical staff. When in the exam room a yunger male he got a tube of lube and squirted in my cum slit and the RN inserted camera in my clitty hole and I immediately cum and he just smiled as he gripped my clitty harder as he slid camera and said it happens more than you think, but was worried about exam. After exam was over and he left the room the same RN started to slowly and I mean slowly remove the camera as his fist got tighter on my clitty. While I saw his boi hood getting rock hard in his scrubs and not giving a 2nd thought I started to rub his massive erection. During this he was slowly stroking my clitty but when camera got to my head he stopped removing and kept camera in my clitty hole while he made me cum. The hole time he was telling me he also inserted. After paying i met him in my car in parking lot gave him a bj.
    Like I said before each medical story makes my older clitty semi

  4. Alex says:

    My dick was hard and dripping through the entire story……because it was a story. In real life, it would have been totally sick to me. But aren’t we taught that way of thinking

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