Spit Roasted At Party

I was trolling craigslist for MM4M posts, because i wanted to be the middle of a hot manwich.


I had been messing around with dudes for a while after my divorce. I was loving the newfound freedom I had to explore my sexuality. I had discovered that I LOVED to suck cock, and to bottom. I had tried 3-ways a couple of times and dug it. Now I wanted to step it up a bit, I was trolling craigslist for MM4M posts, because i wanted to be the middle of a hot manwich.

I found a posting for a sex party, and it sounded fun and welcoming… wanted lots of guys and lots of different kinds of guys. So i went for it. You paid $15 and there was beer and snacks.

At the time i was in my early 40s, and spent some time at the gym. So i was pretty tight, and trim, but not like body builder or anything. I had salt and pepper hair, hazel eyes, a tight butt, and about 6 1/2 inch cut cock. On a good day I look a little like Tom Cruise. So I’m told.

I came in, took my clothes off and stashed them in the cubby provided. It was this dude’s apartment and he had it totally set up for this. There were probably about 20 guys. Big, small, hot, not, tops, bottoms, bears, daddies. Full range.

Each room had something different going on. In one room just a guy on his knees blowing dudes. In another a sex sling.

I grabbed a beer and went to the room where there was this guy on his back on a massage table with his legs spread. There were dudes taking turns fucking him, and he was sucking cocks at the same time. Moaning and squirming and begging for more, like he fucking loved it.

There were about 10 more guys just watching too. All of us just standing there with our hard cocks out. It was weird and hot both.

Dudes making eye contact to see if there was any attraction.

This guy had come in after me and stood very close next to me to watch. I could feel his body heat, but we weren’t touching. He was older. Just a little heavy. Dad bod. Not very good looking, but THICK cock. About 7 1/2 inches long… fat mushroom head. I mean, this was a really beautiful cock.

He turned and leaned into me after watching and listening to this guy get boned for a while and said ‘you’re cute. What’s up?’

I said ‘nothing.’ I glanced down at his dick, but then I couldn’t keep from staring at it. It was big and looked… heavy. He was wearing a cock ring. I started to get a tingle in my stomach and balls as I checked out his meat. My own cock twitched in anticipation.

He stepped closer and turned to face me. He was probably 6 feet tall, and I’m about 5’8″, so I had to look up at him now. He pressed me against the wall with his body and tilted his head down near my face. Our lips were close enough to brush against each other. I put my right hand behind his neck and pulled his mouth to mine. He parted his lips and shoved his tongue in my mouth.

I slid my hands down his hairy chest and torso, put my arms around his waist and pulled my body up against his. Oh goddamn, his huge, hard cock against my stomach. He put his weight into me and I just closed my eyes and surrendered my mouth to him. He was a surprisingly good kisser. Confident and firm. Warm mouth. Good with his tongue.

I reached down and took his cock in my hand. I could just barely get my hand around it. I started slowly, gently stroking him as we devoured each other.

‘You’re so fucking hot,’ he whispered in my ear. Hot breath.

‘Let me suck your cock,’ I whispered back. My voice was ragged now. I was REALLY turned on, and aching to put my mouth on his dick.

He stepped back. I looked down at his cock again and cupped it in my hand. He was so hard. I got down on my knees and licked all around the head, tasting his rich, salty precum.

I don’t usually like to swallow, but precum just gets me going.

Starting at the base, I licked the vein on the bottom of his cock. When I got to the tip, I put my lips around his huge head. Then I took as much of the shaft into my mouth as I could. It got slickery as I bobbed up and down a few times and listened to him moan.

After a few minutes he pushed my hungry mouth away from his cock and pulled me up against his body again and we made out some more. I had to arch my back a little and it pushed his cock into my chest. I noticed there were four or five guys watching us now. I got even more turned on.

‘You’re so sexy. I want to fuck you,’ he whispered again, then put his mouth on my neck and his hands all down my back and ass.


‘We can go to the couch in the main room.’

I turned and walked into the other room ahead of him, one of his huge, rough hands on my firm ass cheek the whole way, like he couldn’t keep his hands off me. There was a couch and a TV. It was just a regular living room, only with dudes on their knees blowing other dudes in the easy chairs.

He sat on the couch and I dropped to my knees between his legs and sucked him again. I couldn’t get enough of his cock. When he was good and hard again, he pulled me up so I could straddle him.

We kissed some more and I reached behind me to grab his cock, and let it slide between my ass cheeks. I lubed up from a bottle on the end table, and guided him to my twitching pussy.

He was breathing hard and stared up into my eyes with pure, intense lust.

I guided his cockhead until it was just touching my cunt. I knew it was going to hurt at first, but I needed it inside me. I was consumed with cock-lust. You couldn’t keep me off of this epic cock at this point.

I tried to relax and take my time. He grabbed both my ass cheeks and spread them to get at me better. It burned as the head started to slide in and I didn’t think I was gonna be able to take it. But then the burning eased off a little, and as I relaxed a bit more, the head popped through my tightness. I gasped and threw my head back. He was almost more than I could take.

As he slid more and more of his shaft into my slicked up ass, I’m pretty sure my eyes rolled back in my head. I leaned back so his head was pushing on my prostate and just reveled in how amazing it felt to have that thing all up in my guts. It still just almost hurt, but as I rocked back and forth, it started to feel better and better. I moved my hips in circles on top of him, working my way all the way down onto his dick, leaning forward to kiss him with my tongue and concentrated on his big rough hands on my back and ass.

I leaned forward and lifted off his cock until just the head was still inside me. This gave him a good angle to start pumping. And goddamn, he started slow, sliding his whole cock deep up inside me over and over while I moaned for him. He sped up. We kept up our deep, passionate kissing.

Now there were dudes watching us and beating off. Still guys getting blown staring at us from their chairs.

I was panting and moaning. So was he, as he pounded me in front of our little audience. He finally pulled out and grunted as he shot his cum onto my back. I just leaned on his chest for a minute to catch my breath.

Then we went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

He came to my place a few weeks later and this time, put me on my back.

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10 thoughts on “Spit Roasted At Party

    • Bucky says:

      I know. Felt let down, right ? Nothing out of the ordinary- in this story. SPIT ROASTED is truly THE BEST! …. to be in , participate or even watch .

  1. Bear says:

    Title has nothing to do with the story, but otherwise a good quick tale of getting fucked one time by a stranger.
    I don’t understand the need to use pussy and cunt, the man wasn’t in transition.

    • Jeff says:

      I don’t use “pussy” to refer to a man’s asshole, much less “cunt”. To me, those terms relate to women. When I fuck a guy, I’m fucking his hole which is part of a man. May be semantics to some, but I can sure tell the difference.

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