Spitroasted By Two Husbands

The following is based on true events. Names, locations, etc have been updated for anonymity and privacy. Some details have been embellished to make a more compelling story and to reflect my personal preferences.


Hi, I’m Rob. Welcome to the first part of a series I like to think of as journal entries, or confessions, into my prior life as a total slut. I don’t mind breaking the fourth wall here, so let’s set the scene with our cast of characters.

-Rob: main character; age: 24; height: 5’9″; weight: 150lbs; features: brown hair, toned but not overly muscled, Caucasian, green eyes

-Jared: husband 1; age: 32; height: 5’11”; weight: 180; features: strawberry blonde hair, average body type but strong, Caucasian, brown eyes, bearded

-Curt: husband 2; age: 36; height: 6’3″; weight: 200lbs; features: curly black hair and mustache, slim, Caucasian, brown eyes

Now, let’s get into it…

Working as a customer service agent in a call center is about as exciting as it sounds. Customers weren’t overly difficult, so at least there’s that. When there are no calls to answer, no emails to respond to, and a finished task list, I’m fairly free to keep myself busy with other distractions.

Distractions were important that summer. The month of May saw a turbulent relationship come to a close. Sure I’d already watched my favorite break up movies, Pretty Woman, being the penultimate. But at 24, I was still in a more naïve place, and my undistracted mind hates being alone with my own thoughts.

That summer was also the very first time I’d owned an iPhone. I was a late adopter coming in with the fourth generation. It was also something I had never really been able to afford before. Anyway, with free wifi at work and free time on my hands, I found myself creating profiles on a handful of apps, I’m sure know the ones. Shocking, right?

I absolutely loved the convenience of hundreds of men at my fingertips. Figuratively, for now. I still have OKCupid a shot every now and then, but these other apps served more, carnal, purposes.

Grindr is the obvious choice. Or even Hornet, back then. My favorite, however, was Scruff. I enjoyed the international factor of it; being able to browse men literally all over the world. I even once found a catfish of myself located in Brazil. It was flattering, in the moment.

I set up my profile, added some cute pictures and tag lines about myself, and of course, a few extra saucy photos for private eyes only. I made my presence known and waited for the woofs to come in. And did they ever.

I like to think I’m reasonably attractive, and certainly know the right angles for a photo, but there’s still that wonderful sense of validation.

During those boredom periods of work, I was able to scroll through the locals. I lived in a big enough city to see several knew faces, but also plenty of familiar ones as well. Still feeling somewhat fragile from the breakup, I was never the first to reach out to a handsome profile.

One of those woods turned into chatting. His name was Jared, and he worked in landscaping. I totally dug that he was older, bearded, and a manual laborer. Someone who knew how to use his hands. I did notice, of course, that his profile showed him married, but open to fun. At that point in my life, it wasn’t bothersome at all.

I couldn’t tell you what we talked about. For certain, that polite and idle chatter lead to flirting and sharing our risqué private albums. Jared’s photos ticked all my boxes. Moderate body hair, broad chest, full bush, and a thick 7″ cut dick. Likewise he seemed interested in my perky bum, my 6.5″ cock, and brand new nipple piercings. With these conversations, more often than not, I was sporting a full woody under my desk waiting for work to come in.

Soon, he was begging to hook up. Well, maybe not begging, but certainly persistent. The only thing is, he wanted to include his husband. A threesome. My first threesome.

I was hesitant and downright nervous. Sure, in college, I was part of an, but I didn’t really know what I was doing back then. That can be a story for another day.

Jared seemed absolutely infatuated with his husband, which I truly admired. Curt was a painter, a little bit older than Jared. Both of them were older, and taller than me. Trust me, I certainly fantasized about being in the middle of that steamy man sandwich. I just didn’t have the courage, or the sexual confidence, to tackle something like this.

The other part, one I hate to admit, is the photo Jared shared of him didn’t exactly suit my likings. He wasn’t willing to share more, as he thought it wasn’t fair to Curt. Curt also didn’t use Scruff. So, I sort of let things fizzle.

Jared truly was persistent. He assured me they’d love to be my two forward, attentive tops. They had a house, so roommates making things awkward was out of the picture. Jared, with my permission, shared my photos with Curt, and the two of them were quite thirsty for me.

It was a steamy July Saturday when I finally agreed. Jared and Curt even invited me for a swim at a nearby river. Quite the humorous oxymoron to break the ice in temps rescuing the high 90s. It was hot, Jared was sexy, and I was horny. Besides, if there was no chemistry, no harm no foul.

I finally agreed to meet up. I showered and made sure my body was fully prepared. I put on a tank top and a pair of skimpy black swim trunks. And twenty minutes later I’m walking a foot-worn path through a sparse patch of woods to the local swimming hole.

This must’ve been a secret spot they knew of, as only two other guys were there. I spotted Jared, shirtless and wearing a pair of cut off jeans, standing close to the river’s edge on a rocky beach. He smiled and waved me over. He was just as hunky in person compared to his photos.

“Rob!” he exclaimed. “So great to finally meet you.”

Jared pulled me in for a hug. His skin was damp with sweat from the heat of the day, and I could smell his ripe pits.

“You too!” I said, trying, and failing, to not sound so dweeby. “Where’s Curt?”

Jared turned and pointed to the middle of the river. There was a man submerged in the running water up to the neck.

“Curt!” Jared yelled. “Come meet our new friend.”

Curt turned, and smiled. The water must not have been too deep, and he must have been sitting on the river bed for he stood up and water was at waist height. I think my jaw dropped. Curt was a specimen of a man. Tall, with thick chest hair and mustache that didn’t overwhelm his face, which was a shockingly handsome face. The photo Jared shared with me had not done him any justice at all.

Curt started wading towards us, his ab muscles flexing with each stride. He exited the river and joined us, first giving a quick peck on the cheek to Jared before pulling in for a cold wet hug.

“Ah, yes,” he started. “The famous Rob I’ve been hearing about. Well? C’mon boys, let’s go swimming!”

I was instantly sold on this dashing couple. I hated myself for being so shallow, but now it was time for some fun.

I slipped the gym shorts I was wearing down over my thighs and pulled the tank top over my head.

“I heard about these as well,” said Curt, tweaking my pierced nipples.

I went rock hard. Both my nipples, and my dick. Curt reached down with his hand to cup my growing bulge.

“Don’t worry,” said Curt, seeing the distress in my face. “Those other guys over there are our neighbors, both queer.”

“Come with me,” he continued, pulling me by the arm and into the water.

Jared watched, a devilish grin on his face. He shirked the cut off jeans, revealing a turquoise speedy. The nylon fabric sported a hearty bulge and showed off his hairy thighs quite nicely. He quickly followed us into the water.

Working just a few steps we were all standing waist deep. Well, Curt was being so tall. The water for me was above my belly button, but it cut the heat of the day instantly.

We chatted aimlessly for about fifteen minutes, gently splashing water at each other. I felt immediately at ease with the both of them.

Curt sat down into the water again, as did Jared, motioning me to do the same.

“I dunno guys, I’m too short for that,” I said.

“Come over here,” said Curt.

I stood in front of him, still giddy from his handsome face and easy charm. Curt stood tall, spun me around, encircled my waist with his lanky arms, and sat back into the water. At this point, I was nearly fully submerged, but sitting in his lap. Curt had his arms wrapped around my chest now. The heat of his chest against my back was a strong contrast to the cooler water. Jared went behind his husband, sitting down into the water and wrapping his hairy legs around the two of us.

“See? Much better this way,” said Jared, now reaching his arms to also grab my chest. We looked like a water-logged luge team.

My hands under the surface held onto Jared’s big feet. Curt leaned his head forward, kissing my neck. Curt’s own sizable bulge was stirring against my asscheeks. We soaked in the river this way for another twenty minutes, complete with heavy petting and neck biting.

“So, Rob,” said Jared. “What do you think about coming back to our place?”

I couldn’t answer. I was still shocked, impressed, nervous, and downright speechless. All I could do was nod vigorously.

“I thought so,” said Curt, laughing softly in my ear and giving my torso a tight squeeze.

We untangled and made our way back to the river bank.

“Just follow us, it’s about a ten minute drive,” said Jared, not bothering to put his clothes back on.

Twenty minutes later, I’m standing in the living room of these two studs. Curt stands behind me, rubbing my shoulders while Jared puts their things away and pours some water glasses. When he’s done, Jared stands in front of me. He ever so slowly pulls my tank top up and over my head. With his right hand he keeps one of my arms raised, and buries his nose in my pit hair, inhaling deeply. With his left, he starts playing with my pierced nipple, sending shockwaves down to my hardening dick.

Curt bends at the waist slightly, just enough that he can lean his head down to kiss me neck. He starts softly, with gentle pecks that go up my neck and back down to my collar bone. Jared his shifted his attention, taking my right nipple into his mouth, licking and nibbling.

I’m now moaning and shuddering in pleasure. Two sets of big, strong hands are all over my torso. Two mouths are kissing, licking and biting.

“C’mon,” said Curt, once again leading me by the hand.

Curt leads me down a carpeted hallway to their bedroom. Jared follows, tugging at my swim trunks. At the doorway leading in, he manages to get the black fabric down over my ass and the trunks fall to the floor.

Curt ushers me onto their large king size bed. He and Jared lock their lips together in a passionate kiss, their hands working to take each other’s clothes offs. Their hairy chests run together, and soon, both their hard docks are free and sword fighting.

I’d already seen pictures of Jared, and his dick was perfect. Thick, 7″, cut, dribbling precum. Curt’s dick was equally as thick but had two more inches than Jared. For the second time today my jaw dropped. The two paused their passionate embrace, watching opening an arm in welcome. I hopped off the bed to join them.

First, Jared had his tongue in my mouth, exploring. Then, Curt got his turn. Soon all three of our tongues were wrestling together, swapping spit.

Without invitation, I sank to my knees to stroke their heavy cocks. I lapped at Jared’s precum while squeezing Curt’s shaft. Jared dropped to his knees as well. He kissed me, then guided his husband’s cock to my mouth. I took Curt’s monster as deep as I could with Jared’s occasional encouragement. Jared and I shared a sloppy kiss with Curt’s dickhead in the middle. Curt is moaning in pleasure, running his fingers through the hair on the back of our heads, keeping our wet mouths on his cocks. Jared and I each have the other’s cock in one hand, softly stroking.

“I want a turn,” said Curt, pulling each of us up from under arm, pulling us both to the bed.

We managed to get in a three way 69 position, a triangle of man flesh and body hair. Curt is deep throating my 6.5″ with ease. I’ve got Jared’s thick 7″ down my throat, my nose burning in his pubes. Jared has his husband’s massive 9″ halfway into his mouth. We’re all bobbing our heads up and down, slurping on each other’s cocks, grabbing onto hairy thighs. The room already smells of sweat and man musk.

The thrill, the passion, and the heat of the moment are all getting to me. There’s a build up of pressure on my cock. I lift off Jared’s cock and stop Curt from continuing to blow me.

“I’m sorry, but you’re gonna make me cum!”

Curt smiled, stroking my shaft before licking my balls.

“I’m not letting that happen,” said Curt. “Not before getting a piece of this ass.”

Curt squeezed my ass cheeks with his free hand before getting up the bed. He positioned Jared on his back, with his head at the end of the bed. Jared pulled me on top of him so my taint and balls were sitting right on top of his nose. I bent in half, gobbling down his cock. Curt stood behind me, kneading my smooth cheeks.

“I can’t wait to taste this hole,” he said, spreading my legs apart before diving in face first.

His mustache tickled my sensitive pink pucker, but that quickly turned to pleasure as his tongue darted around. Jared’s tongue eagerly explored my hairy balls and taint. The combination was pure ecstasy, evident by my steady trail of precum leaking onto Jared’s bearded chin and throat. I slobbered Jared’s cock with equal gusto.

The wetness of Curt’s tongue vanished, and was replaced by him tapping his big dick my my hole, hot dogging his shaft with my cheeks. I knew this was coming, but again I was hesitant. I’d never taken a dick so large.

I sat up and let Jared take over tongue fucking my hole while Curt held me from behind. He turned my chin to get his tongue into my mouth.

“I think I need to start with Jared,” I said, breaking our kiss. “I’m too tight to take you first.”

“Don’t worry, babe,” Curt whispered in my ear. “Jared will get you loosened up for me.”

I hopped off Jared’s face and he swung around to sit in an upright position. The mattress was low enough he could plant his feet on the floor. Curt had found a bottle of lube, squirting a glob in hand. He gently massaged the lube into my tight hole, pushing down of my back to keep servicing Jared with my mouth.

The pleasure of blowing Jared allowed my hole to relax enough for Curt to insert one, then two fingers inside of me. He delved for my prostate, and I moaned when he hit the spot. Curt pulled me back up standing, turned me around the shoulders, and reached behind me to spread my cheeks. He slowly backed me up to his husband who aimed his spit shiny dick towards my hole.

I started to sit on Jared’s cock. The head breached my hole, and I winced in discomfort. Curt leaned in to kiss me. As my mouth opened to take his tongue, so did my hole. I was slick enough to gradually take all of Jared’s raw meat, down to the base.

“That’s a good boy,” said Jared, reaching around to play with my hard nipples.

“God your dick feels so good,” I moaned into Curt’s mouth while I impaled myself on his husband’s cock.

Gradually getting my bearing, I was able to start bouncing on Jared’s cock, thankful for my strong thighs strengthen by hiking. In front of my face, Curt’s dick swayed. Curt pulled in the back of my head, encouraging me to take him in my mouth.

His big dick stretched my lips and jaw, but I was determined. Jared was now holding onto my hips, bucking up into my fuck hole. I steadied myself to take his thrusts and focused on pushing Curt’s dick further down my throat. Curt was able to lean over my head and make out with his husband.

I felt a burning sensation in my thighs. They were strong, but not used to this position. I managed to extricate myself from between Curt and Jared. I climbed on their bed on all fours, eagerly waiting for them to fill me up again.

Jared sat in front of me, leaning against the headboard and pillows. He pulled me in for a kiss while Curt greased up his meat, getting on his knees behind me. He tongued my hole again, making me moan into Jared’s mouth. Curt held both my cheeks, sliding his slick pole over my pucker.

“You ready for this dick?” he asked, pushing the head into my hole. I looked back to him and nodded.

I was already loose from Jared’s girth and Curt’s cock head easily penetrated me. He had a similar thickness to Jared, and my insides accepted him. I wasn’t ready, however, for his length. I whimpered, feeling the pressure inside me turn to pain. Curt bent at the waist, holding my torso in his long arms.

“Deep breaths, baby,” he whispered in my ear. “Deep breaths, and push out.”

I did as he suggested, and Curt resumed pushing his dick inside of me. I pushed out against it, and felt my inner barrier relax to take him fully to the base. I gasped as the pain turned to pleasure, sending a squirt of thick precum from my dick. I’d never been so entirely penetrated, and I loved every inch of it.

Reinvigorated, I got down to my forearms and took Jared’s cock in my mouth. It was such a turn on tasting his dick knowing he had just been fucking me. Again the two husbands kissed passionately over my head while spit roasting me.

Curt could feel my hole getting looser with every thrust. His pace quickened. He had one leg up, keeping his opposite knee on the mattress. He held onto my hips to better pound my battered hole. With every slap of skin, a droplet of sweat fell from his nose or forehead onto my lower back.

I pulled off Jared’s dick to moan loudly, but he pushed my head back down onto his quivering member.

“Oh fuck, I’m getting close,” said Jared in between gasps. “Keep fucking his hole, babe!”

Curt, encouraged by his husband, increased his pace even more, slamming his hips into my ass.

“I’m cumming, oh I’m cumming!” exclaimed Jared, shooting his hot, salty load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop.

Jared pulled in for a kiss, tasting his load on my tongue.

“Ah I’m gonna shoot, too!” said Curt.

After three long, deep thrusts, he pulled out of just as his cock erupted, covering my back in his milky spunk. The thick ropes felt like hot candle wax. Jared quickly got to my side, lapping up my cum splattered back, taking his husband’s cum and our combined sweat into his mouth.

Curt flipped me over to my back, shoving two, then three fingers into my well used hole. His other hand started jerking my cock furiously. Jared shared his husband’s load with me, holding my head and kissing me. Within seconds I was blasting my own load over my stomach and chest. The three of us collapsed in a sweaty pile.

“Well, gentleman,” I said once I’d caught my breath. “Thank you for your hospitality.”

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  1. Micky says:

    An awesome spit roast described will always get me rock hard! (And usually stroking) great story, no wasted time, just right to it! Loved it!

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