Step Bro’s Hole Is Tight Pt 3

He gets right on top of my cock and spits right onto the head. I can feel his lips touching the tip of my cock and it is heaven. And “oh fuck!” escapes my full mouth as I double my efforts on his throbbing spike.

Part 2


Where we left off…

Mikey begrudgingly pulls his cock from me as we hear a pop, I plunge down into the hot water allowing the overly chlorinated water to rinse off a bit and get my whits about me. I stand up and pull myself out of the tub while trying to navigate myself with post-coital jelly legs. Mikey notices my struggle and reaches for me to help me on the last step out. I steady myself against him and then reach for our robes.

The robes help dry us and feel good as I hug Mikey again. He just smiles and holds me in no rush to pull away. Wow, this is nice.


We cuddled nearly all night until, at some point, we both rolled over onto our stomachs and slept in, as I think we both deserved that after the workout we had the night before.

As I start to come out of my deep sleep I could hear the toilet flush, frankly I just dug deeper into my pillow, hoping to just keep sleeping.

I realize there is something warm on my cheek, warm and a little wet. It starts tapping my face and as I lazily open my eyes. I can see two legs with near glow-in-the-dark red hair sparsely disbursed on these amazingly tight legs. My eyes venture up to his low-hanging egg-size balls and while I would love to go right back to sleep, Mikey has clearly decided he wants my attention.

“Good morning sexy!” I say to him in a groggy, sexy morning voice. See normally this early and without coffee I normally only grunt and grumble, but fuck if this man wasn’t bouncing his beautiful cock on my cheek. Who was I to turn him down?

“Morning, can you fix this for me?” he says with this cheeky giggle and I open up and allow him to feed me his beautiful cock slowly taking more and more of it as he gets into it. He starts taking some deep plunges with my head sorta sideways from how I have grown accustomed to sucking him. I know I am not doing my best work, so I pull back and then grab hold of his hands and pull him down on top of me. We just start giggling like kids and play wrestle a bit.

This is when he found the two most ticklish parts of me; right behind my knees. Touching me there and in the way he was playing send me into a giggle frenzy to which he took full advantage. Flipping himself around in a way that I think would make most performers for Cirque impressed I find that he has arranged it so his crotch was at perfect level to my mouth, and he announces the rules.

“You keep getting this,” as he tickles me with reckless abandon. “Or you take this!” as he slides back into my mouth. “It’s your choice big brother!”

At this angle I am in a great position to start showing him a great time with my oral skills. His cock still has some flavor of the chlorine from the night before and a faint taste of what I am assuming is a combination of each of our musk. Man, we should bottle and sell this that because it is electrifying.

I make solid work of bathing his cock and paying close attention to his beautiful nuts and in doing this I notice, somewhat surprisingly, that he is in the perfect position to play with my cock. Mind you he hasn’t ignored me or my dick at all, he just really hasn’t paid it a great bit of attention, but it seems now he is intrigued. I can feel him playing with it and taking a strong grasp of it to stroke it. He must have noticed that it was a bit dry and his hands were kind of rough so he spits on his hand and starts stroking me properly.

This new focus on my cock and the impressive stroking he was doing was distracting me from my main job which was a solid morning polish of his engorged cock. My cock starts to dry out, as we all know that is the drawback of saliva as lube, you have to keep replenishing. This time, however, he doesn’t spit on his hand, he spits on my cock head. I know this because I can feel his warm breath on the throbbing mushroom head of my cock. When I feel that, I moan… loudly. Sending vibrations through his cock and directly into his nuts to which I am rewarded by a solid belch of pre-cum coating my tongue.

“You liked that, did you?” he says to me, and since we were raised to never speak with our mouths full, I simply moaned my appreciation. Again things started to dry out and this time he gets right on top of my cock and spits right onto the head. I can feel his lips touching the tip of my cock and it is heaven. And “oh fuck!” escapes my full mouth as I double my efforts on his throbbing spike.

“Not too bad, my brother tastes kinda good.” he says as he licks the tip of my cock not once, but twice clearly lapping up two large drops of pre-cum that have escaped me. While not the first time he has tasted my pre-cum. This certainly was the most erotic for reasons that I am not even sure I understand.

Something stops for a second, and I can tell the energy changes in the room and then I hear Mikey.

“Brother, I love you, but this has to all stay between us, OK? You know I am not gay, but well, if we are doing this I suppose I should try it all.” And like that he was down on my cock taking at least half of it into his mouth.

“Holy shit!! Oh fuck, watch the teeth!” I say to him and he mumbles a sorry and keeps sucking on me. Now I am sure in some porn story somewhere on Literotica or Nifty or some Reddit thread you would hear how amazing he was, a natural cocksucker. He wasn’t. Not even close. But my little brother, one I have watched grow up and become an amazing man, a hot man. He tried and that is all I needed to quadruple my efforts and go to town on him.

I brought him near shooting twice, each time taking him right up to the edge and then backing off to let him calm down. I was going to eat this load of his, and I wanted the biggest load I can get, so edging will ensure that. It also allows me to get horned up enough that I am getting close to shooting as well.

We are both bobbing up and down on each other, the sloppy suction sounds are echoing through my apartment and likely into my neighbor’s home as we both get so near our climax.

I warn him that i am getting close, pausing only for a second then back onto his cock where I can tell by his balls pulling up tight and his breathing that he is just as close as I am and the next thing I know I feel him start to shoot… the first two “pre shots” are these soft, thick drops of cum that coat my tongue. An amuse bouchée if you will, until the full meal hits me and he nearly drowns me. I take his cock as deep as I can so as to have it shoot down my throat and to give him the most pleasure. Doing this and having him moan with his mouth around my cock brings me over the edge. I tried to pull out of his mouth, worried that I would scare the boy, but he grabbed my hips with his one loose hand and keeping me secure. I unload into his mouth with a toe-curling orgasm of at least 7 shots of potent brother cum.

I heard him cough slightly, but he swallowed everything and the next thing I know he spins around and we are both kissing now swapping back and forth the leftovers of our nuts with each other. He then just collapses on top of me as we are both panting like we just ran a marathon.

Finally I feel him jiggling a bit and realize that he is laughing which causes me to laugh with him and we are both laughing and hugging at the same time.

“You know, I saw that in a porn once. This threesome where the girl made the guys blow each other to completion and then she made them swap loads in a hot kiss. It kinda turned me on, so I figured what the hell. While in Rome.”

“It was fucking hot, and I can’t believe you did that. Have any other porns you want to re-enact?” We both just laugh and relax for a hot minute.

I roll out from under him and I slap his ass and I go to make us some breakfast. Scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and some breakfast potatoes along with a pot of hot, black coffee as we both eat, fully naked sitting at the bar in my kitchen. Don’t panic, I cooked the bacon in the microwave – there was no way I was going to attempt cooking bacon on the stove whilst naked. I’m not a sadist.

I threw the dishes into the dishwasher and we took our coffee into the living room, deciding to watch some action movie that we both wanted to see. I sat down on the couch first while he used the bathroom, and he just came back and then curled up with me on the couch. We remained naked, and so I turned on the fireplace to take the chill off the room.

Remaining naked all day and cuddling under the same blanket we did very little but frequently pausing the movie to talk about old times, it was an amazing day.

Halfway into our second action movie, Mikey hopped up and grabbed both of our glasses to go and refill them. He took a bit longer in the kitchen, which I didn’t think too much about and the next thing I know he sets down the two glasses but then pulls me up and pushes me against the wall.

He starts kissing my neck and rubbing my back and I can feel he is hard as a rock and extremely slick. He reaches around me and grabs my cock, giving it several slippery strokes and then says, “I wondered if Olive Oil would be good lube, let’s see.” And he pushes directly into me, skewering me on his hard cock.

“Oh fuck Mikey!” I nearly scream as I really wasn’t ready for this, but I know many of you know this feeling and while surprising that hard push right into you from tip to balls deep in one push is something that hurts, sure, but it also is exhilarating and feels amazing if you have been stretched a bit recently.

Mikey is an animal this time. He is grunting in my ear, no words, just animal grunts as he pounds my ass like I haven’t been pounded before. He is slamming me so hard that my hips are slapping up against the wall frequently. While he is brutally fucking me he also is being soft and romantic by taking my arms and spreading them out with his and then takes to interlocking our fingers and holding hands with me.

There is something about this angle that I am loving. The repeated near exits of his pistoning cock from my ass is just beating up my prostate in a way that is making me see stars. He pushes me over to the kitchen bar and has me lay over one of the bar stools and this time grabs hold of my hips to give me an exhilarating feeling with his hips clapping my ass cheeks echoing throughout the apartment. It’s at this moment I realize that even though we are on the third floor, I never closed the blinds on my glass balcony door and we are in full view of my neighbor’s apartment across the street. I realize this because I see his curtains shifting several times while I am being fucked within an inch of my life. I figure what the hell and just enjoy it.

Mikey pulls me back up to him and goes to move me and I push us to the sliding glass door of my balcony door. He pushes me up against the window which pushes my hard and leaking cock up onto the glass window where now anyone could see me getting railed.

I can tell Mikey is getting close as his strokes are getting more staccato, rapid-fire and this was getting me close as well. My cock keeps making contact with the glass and my pre-cum combined with the olive oil that he shared with me is making for an amazing sensation. This all made the entire thing hotter knowing that the straight guy who lives by himself across the street is clearly watching this debauchery and loving it.

Next thing I know Mikey is unloading both of his nuts deep inside of me and I can feel every shot being fired deep inside. I reach down and simply touch my cock and it fires up onto the glass in front of us then each of the 6 shots hits the glass and races each other to the bottom of the door.

Mikey headbutts my shoulder and then lightly punches my ass cheeks as he begins a slow withdrawal from me, exiting with a loud POP. He leans in and hugs me then pulls me around, so we are face to face, lightly kissed me and hugs me close for a solid minute or two. Pulls away and as he is turning he slaps my ass and says, “I’m coming back for more of that later!”

Fuck, this guy is hot. I have got to be careful here cause I could fall for this guy hard. Hell, I think I already am. I’ve always wanted a man who would just take me like that, not ask, just slam into me. That was one of the top 5 hottest fucks of my life. Whew, Happy New Year!

We cleaned up in the bathroom showering together a bit and getting the olive oil off of us as somehow we got it everywhere. My housekeeper was going to be pissed.

That night we ordered pizza and I dared Mikey to wear the blanket to the door and as he takes the pizza to drop the blanket in front of the guy. See the delivery guy I had the hots for, and while we always flirt, nothing has happened yet. We could give him a show and see how he reacts.

Mikey does exactly as we discussed, he goes to pay the guy and drops the blanket and he is clearly turned on by this because he is chubbed up. The delivery guy looks right at his cock and can’t help but stare at it, smiling the entire time.

“My eyes are up here, bro!” Mikey says to him and giggles.

The guy starts stammering and I say hi to him from across the living room, naked as well. He has no idea what to say at this point. Mikey hands him $40 cash for the $30 order and tells him to keep the change but adds on – “Yo, my brother thinks you are hot, so next time you deliver here, plan on staying around a bit to get to know him, ok? Trust me, he is a very good fuck! He has at least two of my loads in him right now! Say Hi, Logan!”

The kid’s mouth falls open as Mickey closes the door on him and we both start giggling. This is just too much fun but damn it. He may have just been the best wingman possible!

We had something to eat and kept laughing and talking, and finally, we agreed we should get a good night’s sleep, and we headed into bed. We snuggled together, and Mikey big spooned me for a while and finally slid into me and we had a nice, slow fuck that was amazing. Afterward, I got to big spoon him. My hard cock made a comfortable home between his muscular cheeks of his ass. My pre-cum was leaking all over his ass making it really slick as I humped him a bit as I kept him in a tight hug.

I knew better than to try to slide into him, but I did blatantly use his globes as a tight sleeve that ultimately got flooded with my third load of the day. We slept like babies that night.

Sleeping in was nice. We both hit the bathroom when the sun came up but then came right back to bed, realizing we would be up a very long time bringing in the New Year!

Around 11 am, I figured it was time to get up, so I rolled into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. Soon after I hear Mikey coming down the hallway, with his hard cock leading the way. Ahh morning wood, one of the best things about being a man, I think. “Put that thing away, you’re liable to hurt someone!” I cackle to him, and he just smiles back and comes and gives me a huge bone-crushing hug.

“Morning stud! So what is the plan for today?” Mikey says as he keeps hold of me and sways a bit as we hear the coffee making its labored final gasps signaling the coffee is ready.

“Well, we will need to be ready to leave for dinner around 5:30 PM…” I say as I reluctantly extricate myself from his strong arms and pour us each a large mug of black coffee. “We have reservations with Mark and his date at 6:30. We will need to go and pick them up in Solon, have dinner and then head out as we have booked into the VIP section at the club to bring in the New Year. The boys are planning on crashing here tonight so we don’t have to drive an hour back to Solon after the fun night out.”

“Thanks, bro!” Mikey says taking the coffee from my hand and walking over to the fridge to grab two ice cubes, one for each of us as the coffee is liquid fire at this point. “I haven’t seen Mark in years. It will be good to see him. Who is his date?”

“Unclear, really. He says his name is Nick but I don’t have any additional details. Mark says he is a fun guy and that they have been fooling around together for a while, nothing serious he says.”

“Sounds fun! Let’s go watch a movie as this coffee kicks in” Mikey says as he plops down on the couch. He pulls the blanket up over his legs and hold one en up for me to come and join him.

We watch two of the Star Wars. Force Awakens and The Last of the Jedi were really good and we both were loving them.

The next thing we knew it was time to start getting ready. I went first by showering and soon as I exited the shower he had me leave on the water and just jumped in behind me. Soon we were both ready and looking hot. As planned, and as is tradition with my group of friends, we are all wearing sports coats tonight but Mikey and I happened to have the same black suits from a wedding we went to, so we wore those matching nearly identically!

We hop in my car and head out to get the boys. Upon arriving at Mark’s house we go inside and exchange some pleasantries. Nick seems like a really nice guy, though I notice he has a striking resemblance to me! He is 5’11”, 180 pounds, dark blond hair and blue eyes. That is a bit weird. When I get Mark alone in the kitchen I say “Wow, seems you have a type, big boy!”

“I’m sure I have no idea what you mean, kind sir.” Mark says with a Cheshire cat smile beaming from ear to ear. He has always carried a bit of a flame for me. I just don’t feel the same for him, though I do love him deeply. Just not in a romantic way.

We all hop back into my car, Mark and Nick with an overnight bag each, and head out to dinner. We arrive at this fancy place Mark picked out and have this outstanding 7-course dinner that hit all the right tones and flavors. Even with that many courses, we leave not too full, just perfect, actually.

We arrive at the club about 10 pm, perfect timing, and head into the club and are escorted over to our VIP section. Music at this place is always on point. They take all the popular songs of the last decade or so and play all the dance remixes put together by some really great local DJs, so the vibe is always perfect.

We have a lot of hot guys in the VIP section tonight and just below us on the dance floor a ton of guys stripped to the last stitch of clothes. In fact several guys only have on a jockstrap and one even only a GString. It’s wild how these guys roll. Mikey is just having a blast. “I can’t believe these guys are wearing next to nothing out there. Surprised they are not being groped.”

“Oh, they are,” Mark assures us. “Look closer and you can see that everyone on the dance floor is feeling them up. Look that guy is humping him right there. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has his cock out!” I give Mark a knowing nod of my head, knowing full well he is right. That dance floor tonight looks downright tame to what we are used to seeing on any random Thursday or Friday night.

About 11:15 Mikey decides he wants to go and dance. I don’t want to stand in his way, so we head down a level onto the dance floor but stay close to the VIP area. We are dancing rather close to each other, but the place is just packed and so we have a lot of guys that are bumping into and rubbing up against us, which normally is exhilarating but I am just nervous as to how Mikey is going to take this.

I am blown away by how much fun he is having. A guy approaches him and starts dancing with him. He leans into Mikey’s ear and says something, prompting a huge smile from Mikey as he points to me and responds to the guy. The guy’s mouth drops wide open and I swear I see a twitch in his pants. Mikey flags the guy away and then reaches for me and pulls me into a passionate kiss and full-body hug. Mickey pulls back and then says into my ear “I told him I was here with my brother and when that didn’t work I told him that I was also taken by my brother as well. He didn’t believe me. Maybe he does now!” We both start laughing and Mikey spins me around, so he is grinding up against my ass with his crotch and I can tell he is hard inside his jeans. Our voyeur doesn’t seem to be dissuaded yet so he comes up to me as I am being dry-humped by my brother and says, “I don’t suppose you guys would like a third to join you tonight, do you?”

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  1. Victor Evans says:

    I loved this story! I love all the Udatz stories, but I especially loved this one!! I wish someone at Udatz would make this one into a streaming TV series and stream it themselves!! Just another source of revenue for Udatz and sex fodder for us!!!

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