Straight Man Has Gay Fantasy

I have been fantasizing about sucking a fat cock my entire life. I think about the way it would feel parting my lips and filling my mouth. The head is smooth, soft and warm. I suck that dick, massage his balls and let him use my mouth as a pleasure tunnel.


My heart is beating so rapidly it hurts. It thuds against my chest so powerfully it feels as though it could almost break loose.

I probably shouldn’t be here. No, I know I shouldn’t be here. A 35 year-old married man with wife, family, public job … Too much on the line to risk. And yet, here I am. Drawn by a craving as primal as it is powerful. I have to try it. Just this once.

And so I stand outside your door. Palms sweating, mind racing, body aching. As I raise my hand to knock I think briefly of how we met after I finally broke down and stopped just reading the male to male section of the online personals and started writing responses.

You weren’t the first to which I responded, but you were the first that I didn’t almost immediately regret emailing. Within a few lines of text it was pretty clear that you were experienced enough to be confident, but not so experienced as to be scary. I appreciated your supportive and patient tone and was constantly relieved by how you intuitively filled-in some of what I was to shy to say. And so, after many weeks of email and the exchange of a few pictures I felt could take you at your word when you invited me over “just to talk,” “no pressure,” “as much or as little as you want – leave whenever, no hard feelings.”

But now, knowing you and knowing how hard it was for me to get to this point, I knew as my hand made contact with the door, I wouldn’t be backing out. I wanted it and you deserved it.

You quickly open the door and I while my pulse didn’t slow and my knees were still shaky, I was hit with an immediate sense of ease. You looked just as you had described, just as I had pictured you, with a warm and friendly smile.

“Hey, how’s it going,” you asked as you stuck out your hand. “Good, good,” I responded and actually meant it.

You took a step back and gestured me inward. As I crossed in front of you in the narrow hallway our bodies briefly brushed against each other and that was all it took. I heard you start to say something as you closed the door, but you might as well have been 100 miles away for as little as I could make out of it. My mind was already elsewhere and with a burst of confidence I never would have expected I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on your lower thighs. I didn’t come here to talk.

Encouraged by your now widening smile, I reached up and ran my hand along your waistline, back and forth, finally pausing on the small silver buckle of your belt. “Go ahead,” you said and gently ran your fingers through my hair. “It’s okay to want to do this.”

That was all the encouragement I needed and I felt my fingers shake slightly as I slid your belt from its clasp. Not wanting to give myself time to chicken out, I immediately went for the buckle of your jeans which easily popped open.

The zipper was another matter. I realized that your cock was directly behind it and it would be impossible for me to open it without feeling that bulge. Surprising myself I paused just for a moment, just long enough to savor what was about to happen, then I grasped the zipper, tugged slightly, and pulled it down as I let the knuckles of my hand glide across your briefs and across their first cock.

As the zipper released, your pants fell to floor and bunched around your ankles. Immediately I began to caress your cock beneath that thin layer of cloth, marveling at how large it felt under my fingers. You reached out and pulled my right hand away as my left continued to trace your outline – “Let’s move into the living room. We can be more comfortable there.” As you say that you kneel down next to me and begin to take off your shoes. For that moment we are eye to eye and I can’t help but whisper, “Thank you.” Again you smile, then stand and turn to walk toward the other room stepping out of your pants as you do.

As you continue to walk you remove your shirt and I can’t help but think that you look exactly as you should, as any man like you should. No, you don’t look like an underwear model, yes, you are probably a little heavier than you’d like to be. But you look like a man should who has reached your point in life, who is able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and food, fun, and fellowship of friends and family. I wouldn’t change a thing at this point. And I haven’t even gotten to look at what I came to see.

I realize I’m not moving as I watch you and have to quickly kick off my own shoes and take a few hurried steps to catch you. As we enter your living room you turn and sit on the center of a nice couch. I stand at the door way, my confidence weaning slightly.

“Don’t be nervous,” you kindly suggest, “this is no pressure and we can go as slow, fast, or not at all, as you’re comfortable with.”

“Okay,” I reply.

“Would you like to get undressed, too?”

“Yeah, but…” I would, I really would. Oddly, I think under the circumstances (with you in your underwear) I would feel less awkward in my clothes than I would out of them. But it’s hard to start.

“Hey,” you respond, “think of the pictures you’ve sent. I’ve already seen most of you naked. Now I’ll just be seeing all of you that way at the same time.” It was true. And, on some level, thinking that did make my fear seem a little less justified, and so I started to undo my belt.

I open my belt and I pause for just a moment on the button of my pants. Changing my mind I go up to my shirt and work my way down the row of buttons in the front. Sliding it off comes easily as I’m wearing a grey undershirt and before I know it my pants too are undone and, with a deep breath, sliding down my legs.

Afraid to meet your gaze immediately I first look at my body as I raise up from pulling my pants off my legs. I am surprised to see that even though the black nylon fabric of my boxer-briefs a large wet spot is clearly visible. I am even more surprised to see that, without my realizing it, my cock has grown extremely hard and is not in the least hidden behind the fabric.

I then lift my eyes to you in time to see you grin and hear you say, “You look great,” as you pat the couch next to you clearly indicating for me to come sit down. I do and you say, “Why don’t you take off the shirt?” I comply and as soon as it is off I feel extremely exposed. Surprisingly, I want to end that exposure by having your reach out an wrap your arms around me, pull me into you, and let me feel your body rub against mine.

You don’t, of course, how could you know? And I don’t reach for you as I now feel fully in a foreign world where I have no sense of up or down and don’t trust that whatever my initial desire or intended action would be would be the right one. And so we sit quietly for a few moments looking at each other.

“How about we take these off at the same time,” you suggest. “On the count of three?”

I nod.

“Okay, one, two, three.”

Your briefs slide off easily and before I can stop to think I am suddenly staring at that cock I’ve been fantasizing about the last few weeks. It is large, certainly larger than mine. Even in its still quasi-flaccid state I can see that it is thicker and longer than mine has ever thought about being. My one biggest fear was that I would let you down and now that fear comes rushing at me from all sides. While I’ve never been embarrassed about the size of my cock, it’s plenty big not to draw jokes in the locker room, it’s also nothing to brag about. And next to yours, well, I just want this to be a good experience for you too and now I have my doubts.

You laugh a little and I realize that I’ve stopped moving, my boxer-briefs pulled only slightly down below my waist. I once more have to hurry to catch up with you, a fact made more difficult when the front of my boxers gets hung on my now incredibly hard cock and I have to pause to fish it out before sliding them off the rest of the way. As I do it loudly slaps against my stomach.

I quickly turn back to look at your face.

“You’ve got a great body,” you say and lay your hand on my shoulder. For the first time a naked man has touched me.

“No,” I reply, “You look amazing. That thing is so big.”

You laugh again and in your reassuring way tell me, “Not really. It only looks like it because it’s the first one you’ve really paid attention to in person. Your emotions and adrenaline right now probably make everything seem bigger, louder, more impactful than it really is. And you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. So what if your cock is a little shorter or not as wide as mine? It’s as hard as rock and I’ve never had an erection like that. Dicks are all different and it’s the person they’re attached to that really matters. Let’s just enjoy ourselves and our bodies together.”

You always know just what to say and I instantly relax and sink a little into your couch. As I do you squeeze my shoulder slightly and reach across my body with your other hand. I follow it with my eyes and see that it is headed toward my cock. A string of precum reaches from the head of my cock to my stomach and I involuntarily start to throb as I feel your fingers reach around my dick.

“Ugghhh.” A moan escapes my lips as you grip me and with only a few light strokes my whole body is thrusting against you and I shake and spasm as I erupt. Ropes of cum shoot from my dick across my stomach and chest a few landing on the couch between us. In a lust-filed, erotic haze I throw my arms around you and pull our bodies together. Without intending it our lips press as one, “Oh god, yes! Oh god!” I moan as I like your lips and taste your mouth.

“Oh my God,” I scream as my body falls limp and I drop against the couch as you untangle our arms.

“First timers always cum quickly, don’t feel badly about that,” you say. “It’s best to get it out of the way so we can enjoy a longer, more intimate time now.”

As you say that I look down at my cum covered body and try to catch my breath.

“That was amazing,” I gasp. “My whole body is on fire. I want more of you. I want to be in you, I want cum all over you, I want you to cum all over me…”

“Shhh,” you say again. “There will be plenty of time for all that. We are just getting started.”

With that, you squeeze my still hard dick one more time and out comes a large drop of cum. As I moan and once more reach my arms around your neck. You wipe that cum off the head of my cock with your finger and then raise it to my lips. I reach out my tongue and lick it off.

“More,” I say, “I want lots more.”

You don’t say anything but you gently ease my further down on my back, straddle me for a moment, and then lay on top of me squeezing our two hard cocks between our bodies. As you begin to grind them together you smile and repeat to me, “Lots more.”

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