Submitting To Big-Dick Teen

I love feeling the warm cum. I was surprised at first at how warm cum actually was the moment it erupted from a throbbing cock to slide down my throat or be splattered onto my face, and I’ve never tired of that sensation.


I arrived home after being gone for five days at a summertime principals’ conference, since I’d just been promoted to vice-principal of the high school I’d been teaching at for the past twenty years. I was excited about my new professional opportunity, but also felt a little remorseful, since when school started up again in the fall I wouldn’t be in the classroom for the first time in two decades.

It was my first time travelling on my own in over a year and a half, and it was great for a few reasons.

1. Although I loved my wife and kids, it was great to have a few days of peace and quiet, with no drama.

2. It was great to participate in face to face meetings…like every other person on the planet, I was sick to death the Zoom variety.

3. I’d finally gotten to suck some cock after going a year and a half without any.

God, had I missed cock.

I’d been sucking cock for a few years before COVID, but only when I was on the road. So perhaps five or ten times a year… sucking at least one, and as many as five during a trip (three in a row at a hotel being my personal best for one night).

Otherwise I was completely straight.

Like many men, I’d learned, if online chats and erotica were to be believed, that I wasn’t gay, since I didn’t find men attractive. They didn’t turn me on. I didn’t want to fuck one, or to get fucked. (Okay, truth be told, I was curious what it would be like to get ass fucked, but that was far as I’d allowed myself to go… well, other than using some anal toys while I was alone in my hotel room watching porn (which always started with lesbian clips, would shift to some shemale porn, and always ended with gay clips from porn hub, watching guys ass fucking each other. I have no idea why the sound of a guy getting pounded always turned me on and made me shoot my load.)

I just love cock.

I love the look of a cock… always have… although I’d never considered sucking one until I was forty-two, but since then I’ve sucked at least thirty of them… of all sizes… and a variety of races.

I love the variety of cock. Like a snowflake, every cock is unique. Unique in length… girth… shape… and taste.

I love the feel of a cock hardening in my mouth.

I love the sensations of being on my knees.

I love those brief moments where I can set my manhood on the shelf and explore the thrill of my feminine side.

I love anticipating cock. Being on Grindr, connecting with someone, driving somewhere to meet him, dropping to my knees, seeing a brand new cock in front of me and, of course, sucking it.

I love being called names while I suck a stranger’s cock.

I love the feeling of a cock pulsing in my mouth, and the rush of adrenaline, which always sends a chill up my spine in anticipation of the load’s imminent extraction.

I love feeling the warm cum. I was surprised at first at how warm cum actually was the moment it erupted from a throbbing cock to slide down my throat or be splattered onto my face, and I’ve never tired of that sensation.

Yet I also hate my addiction to cock and cum. I crave it the same way I used to crave a cigarette, back when I was a smoker.

I hate that finding cocks to worship isn’t easy to do.

I hate the risk of being outed, which is why I never do it anywhere near my home. (Although I broke that rule once in a gas station bathroom, but afterwards I was terrified I might happen upon the chubby man again while I was out with my wife, or attending a hockey game with my kids.)

I hate how I can never talk to anyone about this addiction. I’d love to be able to tell someone about the big cock I sucked in a semi, or the time I was sucking a guy in his garage, and his wife came in and chatted with him across the hood, unaware that on the other side of the car, there I was with her husband’s cock in my mouth. Or the time I sucked a twenty-year-old while his girlfriend watched and fingered herself, or the time I sucked my first and only BBC. The point being no matter whether I’m excited or ashamed at a given time, I have nobody I can talk to about it.

I hated… yes, past tense this time, and you’ll soon see why… that I couldn’t simply have access to a reliable cock in town that was discreet, where it could give me the weekly fix I so badly craved.

And yet as you must have already guessed, that’s no longer the case, and it transpired because I forgot to log out of the app.

I arrived home from the trip I mentioned at the beginning, and found a note from my wife saying she and the kids were spending the day at the beach, and they wouldn’t be home until after dinner. She asked that I water the garden, so after changing into shorts and a t-shirt, I did.

I was doing the watering when Mike, an ex-student of mine who’d graduated a month ago and was also my next door neighbor, called out from his deck, “Hey, Mr. Waters, how’s it going?”

“Good,” I said, closing the hose nozzle and turning to him.

“Great day today,” he said, acting a bit strange.

“Yeah, all that smoke from the fires finally seems gone,” I said, it being a smoky summer from all the fires in the north and east.

“Yeah, it’s nice to see some blue sky for a change,” he said.


“When you’re done watering, can you come over? I could use a hand with something,” Mike asked.

“Sure,” I said. “Be nice to help you for once.” His dad was in the trades, a handyman of many skills, while I was a teacher with almost no hands-on abilities, and thus it was almost always their family doing most of the neighborly helping over the years.

“Great, see you soon,” he said.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in five or so,” I said.

“Great,” he repeated and headed back into his house.

I finished watering, drank some water from the hose, it being surprisingly hot outside. I realized I’d need to do some more watering in the evening, since right now the hot sunlight was drying up the water before enough of it could sink into the ground. So instead of doing a thorough watering right now, I cut it short and headed over to join Mike.

I knocked on the door, and he yelled to come in.

I walked in and he said simply, “Follow me outside.”

“Sure,” I said, and I followed him through the house and out back.

“So,” he said, “what’s new?”

“Not much,” I shrugged, still thinking he was acting a bit odd.

“Nothing at all?” he asked.

“Well, I’m going to be vice-principal in the fall,” I said, the summer sunlight really pounding us.

“Cool,” he said, as we went down the stairs of his deck.

“I’m not sure whether it’s cool or not; I have mixed feelings so far,” I said.

Once we were on the patio, he turned to me and said, “I never fathomed you being one.”

“Pardon?” I asked, that not making much sense.

He went to a deck chair, sat down, pulled out his phone and typed something into it.

A moment later, I heard the distinct Grindr alert coming from mine.

My eyes went wide!

Fuck, I’d forgotten to log out of Grindr before I got home!


Had Mike just sent me a message on Grindr?

“Check your phone, married cocksucker,” Mike said.

My face went white. “Mike, I can explain.”

“There’s nothing to explain,” Mike said, as the sun continued beating down on us. “You like to suck cock, which I consider good news. You’d be astonished by how many older guys do.”

“Really?” I asked, trying to process what was happening.

“Yeah, this community is full of older dudes like you who secretly suck cock.”

“I can’t imagine,” I said, shocked to be outed not only by an ex-student, but my next door neighbor … and panicking over how to deal with the situation.

“The good news is that now you’ll always have a cock to suck whenever you get the craving, or whenever I need a blow job.”

“Mike, look. That just can’t happen,” I said, afraid of my marriage being destroyed and my career falling apart all at the same time.

“Oh, Mr. Waters,” he smirked, “it’s already happening. Now get over here and show me what you’re capable of.”

“Mike, please…” I began, but he cut me off.

“Begging,” he said, “I like that. Now hurry up, my Dad will be home in half an hour or so, and first I need to drop a load in your mouth.”

“Mike…” I tried again.

“Unless you prefer me to shoot my load all over your face,” he said. “I’m surprised by how many older men love getting plastered.”

“Mike…” I tried for a third time, and was again cut off.

“Look, I’ll even be generous and show you up front what I’m packing,” he said, pulling his swimming trunks down and revealing a massive cock that was already hard. “I know how all you cock suckers are size queens.”

I couldn’t hold back a gasp!. His cock was just so big. And as he’d just predicted with such accuracy, I loved a big cock. A big cock looked so majestic and inviting… which I know sounds gay, but still… I simply couldn’t resist a big cock.

“I thought you’d like it,” Mike said, catching me staring at his cock.

“It’s so big,” I said, sounding exactly like the cock size cock sucker I was; completely mesmerized by its sheer size.

“I know it is,” he said, slowly stroking his cock, his hand creating the same effect as a hypnotist’s watch.

“But I have my wife and kids to think of,” I protested weakly, while my own cock hardened and I couldn’t stop staring at the delicious looking specimen right in front of me.

“They’re at the beach and they’ll be back late,” he said. “I chatted with Mary while they were loading up the car.”

“But you’re my student,” I continued grasping for excuses, even while my mouth was watering to taste that nearby cock.

“Your ex-student,” he reminded me. “I’m starting college in the fall, and our high school relationship is in the past.”

“But…” I said, running out of excuses, as my hard cock, my watering mouth and my cock lust were all mentally clamouring for me to submit to this big, young cock.

“Now get over here, Mr. Waters,” he said firmly. “Or I’ll use Grindr to send for another cock sucker, and you’ll never get the chance to suck this big, fat cock.”

“I can’t believe you want me to suck you off,” I said, as I approached him and his cock.

“Hey, I don’t care who sucks my cock,” he said, as I dropped to my knees completely captivated by his cock, “But having a willing cock sucker living right next door will be mighty convenient.”

“We can only do this once,” I said, although the thought of having a big willing loaded cock right next door was pretty much a dream come true.

As he slid his cock into my mouth, he said, as if knowing exactly what I was thinking, “We both know you’ll be taking this cock very regularly.”

And, although I could pretend he was wrong, as I felt his hard dock slip between my lips, the hot sun still beating down on me as I began mindlessly bobbing on this eighteen-year-old’s huge cock, I knew in my heart that he was right: I’d be on my knees sucking his magnificent horse cock any time he required me to do so.

“There you go,” he moaned as I bobbed. “I knew you’d like it.”

Like a complete faggot, I responded by moaning on his cock.

“Yeah, you’ll be sucking me off all the time, Mr. Waters,” he said, his fat cock stretching my lips even though I was only taking just over half of it into my mouth.

Again, I moaned.

“Shit, imagine all the loads I could have dumped into you this past year at school,” he said.

Again, I moaned, taking a little more of his cock in my mouth. The idea of sucking cock in my classroom one of my biggest fantasies. The idea of a student using my mouth and dominating me… even bending me over my desk and taking my anal cherry.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get all the cock you need from now on, Mr. Waters,” he assured me.

Once again, I moaned.

“I can even set up a gloryhole in my basement, where you can suck cock after cock of your ex-students if you want,” he offered, that idea making my cock throb, and yet terrifying me at the same time,

“Would you like that, Mr. Waters?” he asked, pulling his delicious cock out of my mouth so I could reply.

“I don’t know,” I lied.

“Yes, you do,” he said, actually slapping my face with his cock, wet with my saliva.

“I just don’t want to get outed,” I said.

“That’s why the gloryhole, cock sucker,” he said, directing that derogatory label at me for the first time… a term that always turned me on even more than I already was. Whenever I was on my knees, whenever I had a cock in my mouth, being called a cock sucker, a faggot, a sissy, a cum slut, or any other dirty name, always enhanced my turn-ons.

When I didn’t say anything, he slid his cock back into my mouth, and this time he seized total control by starting to face fuck me. “Oh, you’re going to become the gang’s favorite cum dump, Mr. Waters.”

This time I couldn’t say anything, since he was pumping his cock in my mouth beyond my control. So instead, I just focused on being a good cock sucker and swallowing as much of his cock as I could… which I surmised was ten inches… tying for the biggest I’d ever had. I’d taken a ten-inch cock three times (although I’d chugged two loads the second and third times) over a weekend where a sixty-year-old Muslim man had trained me to take his huge cock. He coached me on how to focus on my breathing, how to deep throat without fighting it, how to hold a cock in my mouth for up to thirty seconds, how to control my gag reflex, and how to take a dick in a few different positions. Besides the obvious one of on my knees, I also sucked him while lying on my stomach and on my back… both of them where he fed me his cock from angles I hadn’t fathomed possible… especially the ones when I was on my back… and lying on my side, sitting on a chair, and a few other positions less easy to describe.

As I felt Mike’s balls slapping my chin, and thus he was literally balls deep in my mouth, he said, sounding mightily impressed as he pulled out of my mouth, “Shit, Mr. Waters, you’re just full of surprises! Only one other guy has ever been able to take my whole dick without gagging.”

I responded oddly, and just as oddly was flattered by his compliment, “Thanks.”

He laughed as he shook his head in wonder and said, “Now show me how badly you want my load.”

Like the pathetic cum craving cock sucker I was, I eagerly took his cock back into my mouth, taking him all the way into my throat, and wanting to impress him, held his cock tickling where my tonsils would have been if I still had any, for several seconds.

“Fuck,” he moaned.

Then I bobbed hungrily, deep throating him with ease.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop, cock sucker,” he moaned, clearly enjoying my considerable abilities. Of course I had no intention of stopping until I’d extracted a creamy load from his ball sac.

I knew he was close, so I sucked his cock as fast as I could, until he warned me he was about to come.

I didn’t slow down, and in just three more bobs I was rewarded with his sweet, salty load.

“Fuuuuck,” he grunted, as his cock and cum filled me right up.

I took his load smoothly, adrenaline coursing through my body like it always did when I extracted a big load, which always resulted in some pre-cum leaking into my underwear… and I kept sucking until every last drop had rained deep into my belly. Then I slowed down and nursed his cock until he pulled out… which I always did… never wanting the cock sucking experience to end… which is why I sometimes got two loads before backing away when I sucked someone.

He pulled out a minute or so after he’d finished coming and said, “Shit, Mr. Waters, that was impressive.”

“I can’t believe I just did that,” I said, which was true. I’d just sucked my eighteen-year-old ex-student’s cock. Which was the very first time I’d sucked someone I knew instead of a total stranger.

“I can’t believe how good you are,” he said as he pulled up his trunks.

“Shit, I really did just do that,” I said, the enormity of what I’d done now sinking in.

“And you’ll be doing it a lot from now on,” he said as he pulled his phone out and typed something into it. He then handed it to me and said, “Type in your cell number.”

“I can’t do that,” I said.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want any more of my cock,” he said. “We both know you’ll be on your knees sucking it again very soon.”

“But I need to keep this part of my life and my real life totally separate,” I said, getting off my knees.

“You’re a cock sucker, and that is your life,” he said. “And I have no intention of outing you, since this is the perfect setup for both of us. You get regular cock, and I get a very convenient cock sucker.”

I admitted, “I do often crave dick and can’t get any.”

“See? Now you can get it anytime you want,” he pointed out. “Now enter your number. I need to get you out of here before my Dad gets home.”

Mindlessly, I entered my number, seeing he’d called me CCS. I asked, as I handed the phone back, “What does CCS mean?”

“Convenient cock sucker.”

“Oh,” I said, as he headed into his house and I walked out the side gate… the taste of his cum still lingering in my mouth.

During the next two hours, I was a mess.

Mortified by what I’d done.

Yet craving more.

Mary and the kids got home around eight, and we watched a movie together.

We’d had sex and were just getting ready to call it a night, when I received the text I’d been both dreading and craving. Just a few words: Now, cock sucker. Backyard.

My cock hardened just from reading those words… even though I’d deposited a load in my wife’s pussy not even ten minutes ago.

I said to Mary, feeling so fucking guilty to be lying directly to her face (yes, I’d been sucking cock for a few years, but I’d technically never lied to her about it except by omission), but knowing I had to have Mike’s cock again, “Honey, I’m not really sleepy yet. I’m going to go and work in the garage for a bit.”

“Didn’t I wear you out enough?” she smiled saucily.

“Actually, you kind of woke me up,” I joked.

“Well, you wore me out,” she said, kissing my cheek.

I headed to the garage, then once I was inside went out the side door, and snuck into Mike’s backyard, seeing the light on in their basement.

Mike was waiting for me there and said, “I knew you couldn’t resist.”

“I just lied to my wife about where I was going,” I said, walking up to him.

“Just like all my married cock suckers, cock always trumps cunt.”

“I just finished having sex with her,” I blurted out for some reason.

“You just fucked your wife, and now you’re sneaking out to suck a teenager’s dick?”

“Yeah,” I admitted, now sounding even more pathetic.

“Shit, maybe you’re just a total faggot,” he said, pointing to his dick. “Do you take it in the ass too?”

“Where’s your Dad?” I asked, ignoring the question.

“In his bedroom watching TV,” he said. Then he snapped his fingers, pointed to his dick again and repeated the question, “But do you take it in the ass?”

As I dropped to my knees and fished out his cock, shamefully hungry for another helping of his cum, I said, “No, I’m just a cock sucker. And I like pussy too.”

“I see,” he said, as I pulled out his cock.

Not wanting to talk, only wanting to suck, swallow and leave, I took his semi-hard cock in my mouth and began bobbing.

As I did, I could feel the slight cool breeze. It was hot as fuck earlier, but now with the sun down, it was a little chilly… slightly depressing, since it was a hint that fall was on the horizon. I had only twice sucked a cock outdoors before today’s double duty (once in a park in the summer that had scared the shit out of me (getting caught or mugged) and once during the winter in a guy’s backyard (it was cold, and not much fun at all)).

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  1. Dick Sucker says:

    This is a fantasy of mine to be a cocksucker for a much younger Alfa male. You really need to write more about how he services all the kids friends and his dad. Please keep this storyline going!!!!

  2. Justjackinit says:

    Oh yes yes how much this reminds this sub Grandpa of being taught in Boy Scouts bi my scoutmaster how to serve all cocks of all ages and race and how much I love to be cockslapped and my face painted

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