Sucking and Taking Black Dick Pt 2

I kept my mouth on Vinny’s shooting cock. His cum was squirting and spewing out inside my mouth. I definitely didn’t want to stop jerking it until he was completely done.

Part 1


The next day after sucking off Freeze and taking Dante’s huge black dick, I went back to my apartment thinking about that party and how exciting it had been to be around those large cocks. I am not sure but I believe it was two weeks later on a Saturday, I was at the next home game watching Dante play basketball and I remember he had a pretty good game even though I can’t remember how many points he scored. As soon as the game ended, one of the team managers came up to my seat in the cheer section and told me that Dante wanted me to come over that night around 12:00 pm and gave me a note with his phone extension. Dante lived in McKenzie Hall and I had never been there but I did know that is where there the athletes lived.

I was extremely nervous and excited to see Dante and his huge black dick on that 6’10 body. It took my ass two days to recuperate from that punishment his cock put on it the last time. I arrived at the front desk, called up to his room and he came down to get me. He was wearing long athletic shorts, a black wife beater tank top, and slippers. When I stood next to him, I really couldn’t believe how big he was.

We took the elevator to his room and it was really nice. It was almost like a condo with two bedrooms. I remember my freshman year, my dorm was a piece of shit. I guess it paid to be an athlete. We sat down and had a beer while making small talk about sports. He told me about his roommate named Vinny. Vin, as he called him, was a linebacker on the football team and his given name was Vincent Michael. Dante told me Vinny was also an amateur bodybuilder but on this evening he had went to his girlfriend’s house and he wouldn’t be back for a while or not at all.

A half hour and three beers later, I had my first bathroom break. When I returned, Dante was sitting on loveseat with his shorts laying on the floor. His soft black cock was sprawled out and laying quietly down his inner thigh like a black snake bathing on a log. That is when I realized Dante was uncircumcised. Just a couple of weeks ago when I was jerking, sucking and fucking that monster, I never noticed it. That big head of his cock was now completely covered with foreskin.

“It is now time so get over here and wake this dick up,” ordered Dante with a half smirk.

He didn’t have to tell me twice, so I walked over and knelt down between his legs. I lifted that heavy cock up and buried my face under the shaft so I could kiss and lick those saggy black balls. His dick smelled like laundry detergent and musky skin which motivated me to really bury my tongue under that sack. As I smooched and licked his bag, I slow stroked his growing cock. I could feel all his foreskin slide up and down across the hardening shaft.

“That’s it dog, get in there. Eat them nuts. Just like that. That’s what I’m talkin about,” sighed Dante as I nuzzled the skin where the shaft connects to the balls.

Dante leaned back and was fully relaxed. After having my face smashed into all that skin for so long, I needed to come up for air. When I raised my head, I could see and feel that Dante’s huge black cock had grown almost fully hard. I used my thumb and index finger to slide the remaining skin down exposing that pink head. Dante was leaking a copious amount of precum and I needed to taste it.

“Look at all that,” I said referring to the precum pooled and smeared all over his dick head and foreskin.

“Go on and getcha some of that protein. You’re gonna need all the energy you can get takin this big black dick in your ass!” replied Dante.

That was all the encouragement I needed as I leaned in and started licking his head and sucking up that precum. I remember it had a different taste but I still liked it. I was giving Dante’s huge cock a tongue bath at the same time I was jerking it. I then put my mouth over the head to suck out the remainder of precum as I slid that foreskin up to meet my lips with every stroke. I raised up again and noticed the precum was continuously running out of his piss hole like someone had barely left a hose running. I had never seen that before and to this day, I haven’t seen it since. Dante later told me he does that sometimes when he is really horny but not all the time.

I commented on it, “You’re flowing like a fountain. That is hot.”

Dante answered, “Yea, that’s what thinking about your tight white ass does to me. Now get back on it.”

Dante scooted himself down to the edge of the loveseat to give me better access. He then spread his legs a little further apart and straightened them out with his heels now the only part of his feet touching the floor. I took my hand and rubbed it round his head to get my hand lubed up with his precum. I alternated smearing his cock with precum and switching hands. Finally, when his dick was fully erect to its estimated 11 inch length, I was stroking it with his own precum while I proceeded to suck it. Of course with his length, I struggled with getting more than half of it in my throat which surprised me because I am pretty good at deepthroating.

I was getting lost in the blowjob I was giving Dante. I was stroking and sucking this magnificent cock of his while using all my tongue techniques. He would squirm on occasion or moan on occasion. He also would sometimes put his hand on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down. This went on for a good ten minutes and I fully expected him to blow his load in my mouth.

Dante broke the silence with the exception of the slurping sounds of my lips when he said, “Damn dog, I’m gettin close. You better stop cause I’m about to cum. It’s now time for you to take this dick.”

Dante got up and went into his bedroom while I waited there on my knees in front of the loveseat. I heard him yell “fuck” from in the bedroom.

He came out with his hard black dick bobbing in front of him as he walked and said disgustedly, “I don’t have any fuckin lube.”

I was then very hesitant because that huge cock of his would not go into me dry, so I asked, “Do you have anything at all that we could use?

“I got some soft soap,” he offered.

“That just won’t last. We could try my saliva and your precum. I just hope that will be enough,” I added as I was taking off all my clothes.

Dante sat down on the loveseat with his long black cock sticking up well past his abs and white cum smudges all over the front of his black shirt. I cupped my hand over its head and smeared as much precum as I could on my palm, then spit on my hand. I spread the mixed juices up and down his huge dong in hopes that it would be enough. I stood up on the loveseat’s cushions while straddling Dante’s lap. I pulled his cock away from his abs and squatted until it was butted up against my entrance. I twisted back and forth as I sat down ever so slowly to try to fit Dante in me. Finally after working it around, the head plopped just inside my asshole. Oh the pain! I pulled it out and tried it a couple more times and that is when I realized it wasn’t going to work.

“Ain’t that a bitch,” Dante remarked.

“Don’t worry. I will give you a great blowjob. You can cum in mouth and I’ll swallow it. I’ll make you feel real good” I assured him proudly.

I added, “So just lay back and let me do my thing.”

Dante sat back down on the loveseat, sprawled out with his legs straight again, but this time he put his hands behind his head when he said, “Do a good job. I was really lookin forward to that ass but I got no problem nuttin in your mouth. I crawled over between his legs once again and started sucking and jerking that black pole of Dante’s.

“That does feel damn good,” moaned Dante.

“Ummm,” I would moan as I sucked. I also continued to stroke that dick in a spiral motion using a technique that I named “the twist and shout.” Sometimes I would also use both hands stacked on top of each other. I knew it wouldn’t be long until that delicious sperm would be spurting out of that cock. I don’t remember how long I sucked on that hog when Dante jumped up and almost knocked me over.

“Shit! I almost forgot” blurted Dante as he and his bouncing black erection once again went into his bedroom.

As he went into the room, I used that time to move my jaw muscles back and forth to relax them. Sucking on such a large dick causes your jaw muscles to cramp and your lips to get numb. Dante returned with a small jar of Vaseline that he kept in his night table for his lips in one hand and a towel in his other one.

“I can’t believe I forgot about this shit. We’re gonna use this lip balm on that ass,” Dante excitedly commented.

“Go slow until I get used to it,” I ordered Dante.

“Get over here and sit down on this couch (loveseat),” Dante ordered me, as he took the Vaseline and scooped out a big glob. He was standing there stroking the Vaseline all over his huge cock like he was preparing to breed his bride. Damn he was fucking tall. I walked over and sat down on the loveseat while Dante then stood directly in front of me whacking that pole hard enough that I could actually hear the slick Vaseline sloshing with every stroke. Dante got down on his knees in front of me and because he was so tall, his shinning black cock was right in front of me.

Dante directed me, “Scoot down and put your legs up on my shoulders.”

I slid to the edge of the seat and put my legs up on Dante’s shoulders as he wanted. When I put my legs up, it tilted my ass upward so Dante had great access to my hole. He held and guided his huge cock up against my puckered hole once again. He wiped his Vaseline covered hand on the towel and slowly crawled forward until that big head popped past my sphincter and into my rectum. Surprisingly it hurt but not near as bad as it did earlier because of the lube and because of me sitting on it. He didn’t even need to take it out and retry.

“That is one tight ass,” Dante whispered excitedly. “You ready? Open up cause big papa’s dick is comin on in,” he warned.

“Please go slow,” I begged.

Dante started moving forward once again as inch after black inch started disappearing inside me. I could feel it filling me up and as the pain increased a little, I started rhythmic breathing like a pregnant woman during childbirth. Dante’s teeth were clenched and you could see the pleasure in his eyes as my warm asshole was gripping his big black hard dong as it slid in me, almost reaching its destination. Dante paused allowing my ass to get acclimated to his size.

Dante’s last push reached his target. I could tell he was now all the way in me because of how my ass and stomach felt so full and because my ass was angled upward, I could feel Dante’s saggy balls resting on it. With my legs on his shoulders, my feet were nearly dangling directly above my head. I really remember how white my legs and feet looked contrasted with Dante’s black skin. He gripped the top of my thighs and started pulling his cock out to start fucking me. Even though that huge black cock was heavily lubed with Vaseline, I could still feel his foreskin slide inside my snug rectum when it moved.

After nearly pulling his entire black cock out of me, Dante pushed it back in slowly at first and eventually speeding up his pace. With the proper friction, the Vaseline was really working well as I felt no pain with that huge pole thrusting in and out of my ass. Dante was grunting and loudly breathing as he fucked. My own cock was hard, touching my abs as it leaked precum all over.

“You like that big dick, don’t ya?” Dante asked as he pumped and continued to breathe heavily.

Even though larger cocks can sometimes be uncomfortable, I do remember it felt really good. I moaned, “Yes. It feels great. Keep pumping that black cock in me.”

I also asked, “Is it warm and tight enough for your dick? I want it to feel really good.”

“Fuck yea it is. It won’t be long. I’m gettin close,” Dante warned.

Dante continued to fuck my white ass. It went on for about 10 minutes and we were mostly silent only hearing the sound of the Vaseline sloshing and his thighs and balls slapping my thighs and ass with every thrust. Dante continued to grunt and make a variety of facial expressions while pumping. He was working so hard, I could see his forehead and neck start to sweat. Dante then stood up to get more leverage and his hard dong slipped out of my ass. As he stood there, his rock hard black dick stuck straight up in the air, glistening in the light from the Vaseline, and had a slight curve to the side. He squatted down, leaned in and guided his cock back to my asshole with one hand. He then placed his hands on top of the back of the loveseat, slid that huge thing back in me and in spite of its size, went back in without much problem. He was too tall for me to keep my feet on his shoulders, so I bent my knees and put them flat on him just below his chest onto his black wife beater tank top. With the bottom of my feet I could really feel just how warm and sweaty he really was from all his hard work even through the shirt.

Once we were both situated, Dante proceeded to fuck me once again. After a guy has fucked me for a little while, I send them over the edge with dirty talk and it was really time to help out Dante.

I started to really talk, “You played good tonight. All that pressure playing basketball for that scholarship. Now you need to release some tension. You need to empty those balls so you can relax and get a good night’s sleep. Go ahead Dante, cum for me. Fill my ass up with your sperm. Make that big cock cum for me. Shoot it Papa Bear. Shoot it!”

That was all he needed as he started violently shaking and yelling, “FUCK! Here it comes! Papa Bear’s cummin!”

Dante’s scrunched his eyes closed and his mouth was hanging open. He tilted his head upward while yelling loudly when his muscular ass and body completely tensed up. I couldn’t reach his ass cheeks but I did put my hands in the side indentions of his tensed up ass when I felt the first cum shot deep in my rectum. His whole body stayed locked up as he continued to erupt inside me while growling in pleasure for what seemed like 30 to 40 seconds. Every inch of that near foot long, black, twitching cock was buried and shooting all of Dante’s pent up sperm inside my bowels.

“Go ahead. Get it all out of there. Empty those balls and clean that pipe out,” I coaxed Dante.

After Dante had finished cumming so hard, he was breathing heavily and his body spent. I could still feel his large erection inside me as he somewhat collapsed on top of me to sneak some rest. To keep from scrunching my legs, I just spread them wide and straightened them out when Dante was on top of me.

After a few minutes, Dante stood back up and slowly pulled that black pole of his out of my ass. There had been such a suction build up from the pounding, combined with the tight fit, that it sounding like someone removing a stick from soupy wet concrete. I was able to put my legs down until my feet touched the floor. Dante stood there and because his cock was starting to deflate, the foreskin was now covering a portion of his head. His cock had white, frothy cum mixed with Vaseline smeared all around it and a glob of cum coagulated in his hole and running down about to drip from the head. I also could tell that he had put every inch in me because I could see clumps of Vaseline shimmering in his matted pubic hair. From the fucking, lubrication, and all the cum, his entire crotch area was quite simply a mess.

I sat up, reached out and took hold of Dante’s shaft and gave it a squeeze. Some excess cum leaked out of his hole and I leaned in and carefully sucked it up without getting any Vaseline in my mouth. I couldn’t resist, it was just too tempting. I also took the towel and cleaned up Dante’s cock.

“Not too bad,” I said to Dante, referring to the glob of slime I just slurped up.

“Dude, you’re a fuckin freak. I haven’t nutted like that in a long ass time,” was Dante’s response.

I went into the bathroom to wipe the cum and lube out of my ass. It took a few wipes to get the main mess out but I knew with Dante having such a large cock, it would be slowly leaking out of me the rest of the night. We both ended up getting dressed and watching an NBA game and I don’t know why but I do remember it was the Pacers against the Bulls. It wasn’t about 15 minutes later, Dante’s roommate came home. This was the first time I had ever met Vinny.

I had seen Vinny on the football field with all his pads and helmet but never without them. Because Vinny was an amateur body builder, you could imagine how big and muscular he was. He was 6’3 and weighed probably about 260 pounds and was solid muscle with very little body fat. He kept his head shaved bald and was really dark skinned even for a black man but had really straight, white teeth. He wore a thick gold chain with his number on it that hung down between his pecks on the outside of his hooded sweatshirt. He was also wearing sweatpants and Nike high top tennis shoes.

Dante introduced me as “the dude he was talkin about” to Vinny. Vinny smirked and acknowledged our meeting with a quick, “What’s up man.”

Dante then said to Vinny, “Why you home so early and why to do have your workout clothes on? I thought you went to Cherise’s crib tonight.”

“Fuck her,” Vinny answered in an agitated tone. “I went over, we was watching TV, I made my move, then she started bitchin about how it hurt like always and I just said fuck it. I got dressed and went and worked out for a couple of hours. I was behind anyway.”

As Vinny went to the bathroom to piss, Dante turned to me and said, “Cherise is Vinny’s woman and let’s just say that she has a hard time fittin my man in her pussy without it hurtin. When you see his dick, you will understand why. It’s like a damn tree.”

I could hear Vinny pissing in the bathroom and it sounding like a rhinoceros pissing in a pond. When Vinny came out, Dante told him that maybe he should let me take care of his problem. I didn’t say anything but I will admit, I was excited and wanted to see Vinny’s cock. There was an awkward silence because not all straight guys like the idea of another man pleasing them. Vinny said that he didn’t know and wanted to think about it.

All three of us just hung out, drinking a couple of beers, and watching the game. I would estimate about 30 minutes had went by and I believe Vinny’s buzz was starting to kick in when he stood up and said, “Let’s do this shit.”

Dante was laughing while I responded, “What do you want to do?”

“I want ya to suck my dick but don’t fuckin tell nobody and let’s go in my room,” replied Vinny.

We walked in Vinny’s room and he closed the door behind him. Vinny commanded me, “Alright, get down there.”

I took a pillow off his bed and put in on the floor in front of him. I was just a little hesitant because he had worked out for a couple of hours and he had not showered yet. I pulled his long, athletic shorts down by the legs until they dropped to the floor around his ankles and then did the same with his checkered boxers. Vinny was now standing there with only his athletic supporter holding what looked like a damn cantaloupe.

I mashed my face into his jock covered package worried it might smell bad. It smelled sweaty and musky but not like an all-day bad smell but more like a manly erotic scent because you could tell he had just showered before he left to go to his girlfriends. I was kissing the outline of his huge cock through that jock strap. I could feel his cock grow and shift as I nuzzled it while Vinny put his hand on top of my head to signal he liked what was happening.

“You want that big dick, don’t ya? Asked Vinny. “That’s it. Get on it!”

I took my face out of his jock and replied, “You just relax. I’m gonna make you feel real good. It is now time to put your big black dick in my mouth.”

I pulled down Vinny’s jock strap down around his knees and that’s when I gasp out loud. Let me just say, Dante is hung like a fucking horse but Vinny might be hung like an elephant. He was half hard and what took me back the most was the thickness of it. I found it strange because usually muscular guys do not have huge cocks (Not the next visit, but the one after that, I actually measured it with a ruler and it was 12 1/8 inches). This cock was not only very dark black, but it was circumcised and had one huge vein running directly on top and one running on the right side of it. I have often compared the girth of Vinny’s cock to that of a Pringles can even though it probably wasn’t that big but close. Vinny’s balls were also huge and close together while they hung very low away from his shaft. They looked like two tennis balls hanging in a mesh bag.

I immediately licked and kissed on this monster. I took hold of the base and started stroking it as I licked. As I licked from the base up to the head, I could smell Vinny’s girlfriend, Cherise’s pussy. He had said he tried to fuck her earlier and that smell was the proof. It also smelled manly and sexy which made me want to suck it all that much more. To put my mouth on the head, I literally had to open my mouth as wide as I could get it. I finally got my lips around the massive mushroom but with the size, I wanted to make sure my teeth didn’t scrape.

When a man is this well hung, it is very difficult to give him a proper blowjob. There is no way anyone could deepthroat him or even take more than a few inches in their mouth. I sucked and jerked on that massive piece of meat until Vinny was completely hard which I also found strange because usually cocks that huge have trouble getting completely erect. Vinny had no such trouble.

I stopped sucking and jerking on Vinny’s huge black dong long enough to have him step out of his pants and jock. This allowed him to spread his legs wider and stand more comfortably. As I was blowing Vinny, I used a couple of hand techniques. The first was the two hand stack. Dante and Vinny both had more than enough cock for me to use both hands by placing one hand on the cock and the other hand also on the cock directly above the first one. I used the two hand stack on Vinny because of the massive girth which meant I put one hand on the dick and put the second hand around the other side and connected my fingers like it was one giant hand. Vinny would really moan when I would use the two hand stack but got even louder when I jerked with one hand while cupping and jostling his huge nuts with the other one.

“Yea boy. Play with them nuts while you’re suckin that dick. That’s it. Don’t be shy. Suck on that dick, boy. You’re gonna make me cum,” Vinny would direct in his deep voice.

I stopped sucking long enough to ask Vinny, “Do you want to get more comfortable?”

I didn’t wait for the answer and led him over to the wall so he could lean against it. I then moved the pillow and once again got down on my knees in front of him. Vinny spread his legs to give me better access and I started working on that huge black cock once again.

“That’s it boy. Your mouth is stuffed full of this big dick. God damn that feels good. Don’t you fuckin dare quit, I’m about to nut. I like to have my nuts smacked when I cum,” directed Vinny.

I can usually sense when I guy is about to cum when I’m blowing him. Vinny kept shifting his weight and would give me short bursts of shivering. The main indication that told me he was about to cum was I could feel his monster pole pulsate with my tongue and the back of my throat. I was using my saliva as lube while I beat Vinny off with both hands. I just kept moaning and sucking that cock. Vinny was leaning against the wall and he then put both of his hands on the back of my head. He just held them there to help guide my mouth up and down on his hard dick.

“Oh fuck! Here it comes! Smack my balls but keep suckin that mother fucker! Smack em!” Vinny yelled.

I resorted to jerking with one hand and I put my other hand directly under his low hanging balls and playfully smacking them over and over. The first wad that shot out of Vinny’s black cock struck me in the back of the throat and had surprised me so much that my eyes were popped wide open when it hit. I was careful to not change my jerking and smacking speed so Vinny could cum really hard and enjoy it until he was completely finished. He held my head still with his hands as he continued to erupt his entire load into my mouth. He was grunting like a boar while he ejaculated.

While he was releasing all his frustration and pent up cum in my mouth, Vinny then was choking in pleasure when he demanded, “Eat that fuckin cum boy! Don’t move till I’m done.”

Vinny finished shooting his large wad, took his hands off my head, and then dropped them to his side. I slowly pulled my mouth of his cock head without letting any of his white sperm leak out. I remember how clean a break I performed because not only did none of Vinny’s cum leak out, he had no cum still on his head. My mouth was full and I swallowed it as usual. I remember it was tangy and pretty salty but not bad.

Vinny just stood there recovering for a few minutes while I got up. His fat black cock was about half hard and just hung there down to his mid-thigh. I squatted back down and squeezed it until the remaining cum oozed out. I slurped it and stood back up. His cock was clean as a whistle.

Vinny got dressed and I hung out with them for just a little while before heading back to my place with the taste of Vinny’s cum in my mouth and my ass slowly discharging Dante’s slime. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could jerk off to the events that just happened.

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    It’s just GETTIN STARTED … I’m fucking wet with PRE-CUM …. Thinking about the 2 of them FUCKIN SPIT ROASTING HIS 2 HOLES & luvin 2 BLACK HORSE & ELEPHANT COCKS for Life!!! And hope that one day they have SONS who can ENJOY their FUCK TOY too.

  2. Rob says:

    This really needs to go on. Until he can figure what it’s like to get several fill his asshole and want more. Maybe at the locker room or even the park.

  3. Alex GALAPON says:

    Wow I wish I can meet this guy too I love to get fuck with that huge cock yummy I love the story so real anyway I wish my dream come true to have this huge black man I would make love with Humm sll dsy n all night yummy

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